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Bronx Zoo List Of Animals

American Animals At The Bronx Zoo

4K Bronx Zoo Full Tour | Incredible animals. Lions, tigers, hyenas, sea lions, Komodo dragons.

Whats really unique about The Bronx Zoo is that theres a large selection of animals that are native to the United States. You not only see the classic zoo animals, like zebras and giraffes but theres also a herd of American bison, some grizzly bears and even bald eagles. If youre in doubt about which New York zoo to visit and youre looking for the most impressive animals, you should definitely choose The Bronx Zoo.

First Elephant To Pass Mirror Self

Happy is a female Asian elephant who was born in the wild in 1971. Captured as a baby, probably from Thailand, in the early 1970s, along with six other calves, possibly from the same herd, according to The New York Times, she was imported to the US and sold for $800 to the now defunct Lion Country Safari, Inc. in Laguna Hills, California, which named the calves after the dwarves in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. That same year, Sleepy died, and the corporation relocated Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Doc, Dopey, and Bashful to the still operational The Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee, Florida.

In 2002, the Bronx Zoo euthanized Grumpy after she was attacked by two other elephants held in captivity there. The zoo separated Happy from Patty and Maxine and introduced a younger female Asian elephant named Sammie to be Happys companion.

In 2005, Happy became the first elephant to pass the mirror self-recognition test, considered to be an indicator of self-awareness.

That same year, the Bronx Zoo euthanized Sammie after she suffered kidney failure. Shortly after, the zoo announced it would end its captive elephant program once one or more of the elephants had died: If two die, officials say it would be inhumane to sustain an exhibit with a single elephant.

A petition calling for an end to Happys solitary confinement has over 1.4 million signatures.

Read our Happy FAQ. Scroll down for a detailed court case timeline.

Bronx Zoo Admission Ticket Provided By Bronx Zoo

  • All sales are final and incur 100% cancellation penalties.
  • All sales are final and incur 100% cancellation penalties.
  • Camel rides are not included
  • Near public transportation
  • Infants must sit on laps
  • Last entry is 45 min prior to park closing. Animal exhibits close 30 min prior to park closing.
  • Most travelers can participate
  • Hand sanitizer available to travelers and staff

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The Bronx Zoos Loneliest Elephant

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On a gray day in mid-June, at the edge of a leafy enclosure in the Bronx Zoos Wild Asia habitat, an elephant named Happy stood very still, gazing over the fence. There were a few logs scattered around, some grass and shrubs, and a concrete-lined pool. A green ball was marooned at the waters edge.

Visitors snapped photos from the monorail that circles the exhibit, while a guide cheerfully reported Happys age and her weight . A recorded voice noted the plight of elephants in the wild. Then the monorail swept past, and the visitors turned their attention to the rhinos in the next yard, unaware of an increasingly heated dispute over Happys fate.

For close to a decade Happy has lived alone, separated from the zoos two other elephants. Her solitary existence is quite unlike the life of a wild elephant. In nature, elephants live in closely bonded matriarchal families, which cooperate to raise their young. Females never leave the herd, forming lifelong attachments with siblings, cousins and aunts as well as with their mothers.

The feud over Happy is awkward for the Bronx Zoo and really for every zoo because it opens up a larger and more volatile debate: Is it right to keep intelligent and behaviorally complex animals like elephants in captivity?

Exhibits Closed After The 1990s

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World of Darkness

World of Darkness opened in 1969 and was the worlds first major exhibit designed specifically to introduce the public to nocturnal animals such as the Chinese leopard cat , bay duiker, Pallass long-tongued bat, spiny mouse, lesser mouse lemur, small spotted genet, lesser spear-nosed bats, spotted skunk, fat-tailed lemursJamaican fruit bat, Mohol bushbaby, cloud rat, Hoffmans two-toed sloth, rock cavy, pygmy slow loris, short-tailed bats, striped skunk, grey-legged night monkey, sand cat, Rodriguez flying fox, brush-tailed porcupine, broad-snouted caiman, sand boa and . Built by Morris Ketchum Jr. & Associates, the house was built where the zoos Rocking Stone Restaurant stood until 1942. The exhibit used red-lights to dimly illuminate the enclosures within the windowless building. Like all nocturnal exhibits, the house ran on a reversed lighting schedule, which simulated night and day at opposite times to allow visitors to view nocturnal animals in a more naturalistic setting. Due to budget cuts and the high cost of running the exhibit, it was closed in 2009.

Rare Animal Range


Monkey House

Some of the primates that were in the now-closed exhibit have been moved to other parts of the zoo, such as the cotton-top tamarins now being found in World of Birds others were sent to other New York City zoos, such as the sakis being moved to the Central Park Zoo. White-headed capuchins can still be seen in an outdoor cage behind the building.

4-D Theater

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Where To Eat At The Bronx Zoo

Since once inside the zoo there is no limit to how long you can stay, you may lose track of time when youre busy watching the parks exhibits. If you skip lunchtime and suddenly your stomach is growling like a lions, dont worry because you wont have to go outside the zoo to eat there are plenty of options for snacks inside!

From stalls and carts where you can buy some snacks to satisfy your appetite quickly to restaurants where you can take a long break and enjoy a delicious meal a la carte . There are even picnic areas where you can have a small picnic inside the zoo if you bring your own food. You choose what you feel like!

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Tickets For Bronx Zoo

  • No pets allowed in, except for service dogs
  • No lockers available
  • Baby carriers available to borrow onsite
  • Harbor Terrace including Moon Jellies Touchpool
  • Shark Lagoon including touchpools

1-Day Pass â Any Day Online offer only advance purchase required.

Includes: One visit to the Bronx Zoo®, Guided Bus Tour, Kangaroo Express Bus, Skyfari Aerial Tram, and all regularly scheduled experiences. Experiences above subject to availability.

1-Day Pass Any Day tickets valid any day within one year from date of purchase. Cannot be exchanged for Value Days ticket. No reservation required.

ADULT $42.70 …SAVE $6.79 …ONLY $36.00 KIDS $32.02 …SAVE $4.02 …ONLY $28.00 * Plus tax. Prices are subject to change without notice.

The Bronx Zoo is teeming with wildlife including alligators, baboons and camels â and the rest of the animal alphabet too!

More than 6,000 creatures live among its 265 acres, so grab your Bronx Zoo tickets, come with snacks, wear good walking shoes, and take your time wandering around its wonderful wilderness.

A day at Bronx Zoo will let you see everything from lions and zebras on the African Plains to the eagles and owls of the Birds of Prey exhibit. Looking for something less fearsome? The Children’s Zoo is a great place for your kids to encounter some unfamiliar creatures, like anteaters and sloths â as well as perennial petting zoo faves like the mini goat. It’s all included with your Bronx Zoo tickets.

Opening Hours

Terms and Conditions:

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The Bronx Zoo: Everything To Know + Tips

It was Juneteenth , and we were lucky to have Monday off, which invariably leaves the question we ask ourselves every weekend: what should we do?

At some point, I even thought of renaming the site as what to do. I have been thinking about Bronx Zoo, but two adults going to a zoo? It turns out that I was wrong the zoo was awesome.

In this article, we will share everything about this 265-acre zoo, including highlights to see, tips for a great experience, and more!

How Much Do Tickets To The Bronx Zoo Cost

Woman Climbs Into Lion Enclosure at Bronx Zoo

The best way to visit the Bronx Zoo is to buy a Bronx Zoo Admission ticket from 25 Euros for adults and from 20 Euros for children , since with it you will have access to the zoo and unlimited admission to the attractions available on the day of the visit.

However, there are other options to visit the park. If you want to know more about ticket prices, I recommend you to read the post Bronx Zoo ticket prices. In it I also explain when you can get in for free and how the reduced rates are so you can save a little bit on your visit.

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Hvac Technicians Are The Unsung Heroes Of Zoos

The giraffes were still out when I visited, but theyre an example of an animal that does not acclimate and must be indoors during winter. The U.S. Department of Agriculture warns that its critical for these tall creatures to be entirely warm enough: One giraffe became hypothermic and died inside a heated, albeit drafty, barn where the upper level of the barn was nearly 70 degrees but the lower area was only 45 degrees. Likewise, many continue to debate whether elephants should be kept at cold-weather zoos.

These arent the only sensitive souls at The Bronx Zoo. If the staff doesnt keep the temperature of a mole rats cage within five degrees of its comfort zone, it could suffer. Hope Pickney, a zookeeper there, said: We have tons of heating systems for their colonies.

It seems to me that HVAC technicians may be the unsung heroes of zoos. Jim Morley, director of purchasing for The Wildlife Conservation Society of New York, headquartered at The Bronx Zoo, said: One minute an air handler in a public facility requires work, the next minute something needs attention at the elephant shelter building and youve got to remember to stay behind the yellow line so you dont get caught under foot.

Headed to The Bronx Zoo? If you have your heart set on seeing animals that might be indoors if its a bit chilly, you can always check out the app to find out which attractions are opened and closed.

Zoo And Botanical Garden

The is located on the northern side of Bronx Park, west of the Bronx River Parkway. It was founded by the New York Botanical Society in 1891.:147 The botanical garden covers 250 acres in total.:147 Much of this is the former grounds of the Lorillard estate,:147 although the garden also includes a parcel that was formerly the easternmost portion of the campus of St. John’s College .:147 The Botanical Garden contains more than a million living plants on its grounds, as well as the and the . Since 1967, the Botanical Garden has been a National Historic Landmark.

The is located on the southern side of Bronx Park, west of the Bronx River Parkway. Founded by the New York Zoological Society, it first opened on November 8, 1899. The zoo covers 265 acres , making it among the United States’ largest urban zoos. The zoo contains about 4,000 animals from 600 species. The Bronx Zoo has several landmarked features, including the at the Fordham Road entrance, which is a New York City designated landmark and a listing.

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Wcs’s Run For The Wild

In April 2008, the zoo hosted the first Run for the Wild event. The event is a 5k run long) organized by the Wildlife Conservation Society with the goal of raising money and awareness for their conservation programs of endangered species. Each year, there is a set entry fee for participants with varying prices depending on age child , adult, and senior . WCS Members get a discounted fee. Along with the entry fee, there is a $35 minimum donation per adult/senior participant. The event offers free prizes for donors, based on donation size, ranging from a Run for the Wild T-shirt to a special animal experience at the zoo. All donations are tax-deductible. All participants are also offered free all-day entry to the zoo and its paid exhibits/attractions. The yearly event takes place at the end of April and originally began at 8 am for those wishing to actually run, and 8:45 for those who wish to simply walk or jog the start times were changed to 7 am and 7:45 am in later years.

In 2011, another WCS institute, the New York Aquarium, held its own Run for the Wild event for sea turtles in early October. The 5k run began at the aquarium and led down the Riegelmann Boardwalk on Coney Island. The aquarium held a second run the following year for walruses. The event has not returned to the aquarium since.

Aquatic Bird House & Sea Bird Aviary

Five animals that are loving the weather
  • Open year-round

The Sea Bird Aviary is another exhibit not to miss, even if you just spent an hour at the House of Birds. Here, you will see more than 40 Inca terns soaring over the Aviarys cliffs and pools, along with Caribbean flamingos, supreme fishers Spoonbills, and Magellanic penguins, a species native to southern Chile, Argentina, and the Falkland Islands.

Just note that the indoor exhibits can get smelly in the summer months!

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When Is The Bronx Zoo Closed

Bronx Zoo is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, and Martin Luther King Jr.

The Bronx Zoo in New York is amongst the oldest, largest, and most popular zoos in the United States.

It tends to draw large crowds, especially during peak season.

The best time to reach Bronx Zoo is as soon as they open for the day at 10 am.

When you start early, you can beat the crowds and queues at the exhibits.

The animals are more visible during the early morning and may recede to shaded areas as the day gets hotter.

Weekends and Public holidays tend to draw a larger crowd to the Bronx Zoo since it is easily accessible from the tri-state area.

Buying the tickets in advance helps avoid the crowd.

Paid Exhibits And Attractions

One admission to a premium exhibit costs between $12 to 14 per person per exhibit if paid separately. The fee for unlimited admission grants the ticket holder free access to all attractions for that day. Family memberships include full access.

There are nine premium exhibit attractions:

The Treetop Adventure Climb and Zipline requires a different fee and is not part of the admission fee online. Thus, it is not included in the park ticket or in any membership.

Bug Carousel

The Bug Carousel has seats shaped like insects. Installed in 2005, it has an annual ridership of 540,000 as of 2014.

Butterfly Garden

This permanent structure is an indoor butterfly conservatory which lets visitors walk through gardens and meadows and watch the butterflies up close. Built and inaugurated in mid-1996, the attraction is a 170-foot-long maze, where “visitors can walk through the stages of a monarch‘s metamorphosis” with a greenhouse in the middle hosting 44 species and over 1,000 butterflies the greenhouse is really “a plastic tent on an aluminum frame”. The structure, costing $500,000, is the precursor for a future permanent House of Invertebrates in the Monkey House near the Fordham Road entrance. Many species come from the New York metropolitan area, and all species of butterflies and moths are from around the continent.If not successful, the Oklahoma City Zoo would have purchased it in September 1997.

Congo Gorilla Forest

Wild Asia Monorail

Nature Trek

Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure

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The Preserve Fredericksburg Texas

Notorious California Elephant Abusers Rebranded in Texas

Elephants are forced to do circus-like tricks for audiences at sham sanctuary, The Preserve. Photo: In Defense of Animals

The Preserve in Fredericksburg, Texas, touts itself as a sanctuary-type environment, a preserve where elephants have the opportunity to live peacefully on remote land. However, the true picture is very different. The Preserve is owned by the proprietors of now-defunct Have Trunk Will Travel, a company notorious for exploiting and abusing elephants to rent out for rides, events and films in the entertainment industry. This switch to sanctuary, which functions like a zoo where visitors are allowed to have direct contact with elephants, qualifies The Preserve to be on the 10 Worst Zoos for Elephants list for the first time. And along with all zoos, The Preserve is contributing to elephant brain damage, as explained in this new study.

When the bullhook was banned in California in January 2018, owners Gary and Kari Johnson moved their operation to a remote area of Texas and renamed it The Preserve. They had five elephants, but two of them Dixie and Tai died just three months apart, in February and May 2021, respectively.

After the company moved to Texas and started The Preserve, Dixie and the other elephants were still under the threat of punishment with a bullhook during public interactions and displays such as bathing, painting, and tricks.

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