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How Much Is A New York City Pass

New York Go Select Pass


The Go Select Pass is also known as New York Go Pass and a customized pass that lets you choose your attractions in advance. The pass offers reduced rates for the attractions. Overall, you can save up to 20% with the Go Select Pass, compared to regular admission fees. Once activated, you have 30 days to complete your New York sightseeing program.

What attractions and tours are included in the Go Select Pass?

The Go Select Pass includes all important attractions and tours in New York and allows you to totally customize your pass. However, you do need to decide what you want to see while booking. Once set, you cant make changes. You can find the full list of included attractions here.

How much does the Go Select Pass cost?

The price of your Go Select Pass is very dependent on the attractions and tours you choose. In general, you will save 10 to 20% with the pass.

Is the Go Select Pass worth it?

No! The Go Select Pass lacks flexibility. Once booked, you cannot change your mind if youd like to visit a different attraction. On top of that, the savings with the Go Select Pass are slimmer compared to other passes, like the Sightseeing Flex Pass or New York Explorer Pass.

Whitney Museum Of American Art

For some reason, fame has a tendency to find artists after death. Butthe Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City makes it theirmission to showcase and promote the work of living artists.

  • time-clock-circle 2 Hours

Which Is Better New York Pass Or New York Explorer Pass

Im confused with the difference between the two. We will be there for 12 days in April next year. The Explorer seems cheaper? Is the hop on hop off bus good or should we just buy all day subway passes? We want to do the usual touristy things eg


These passes are all heavily advertised to tourists, but really are not much of a bargain. Here is why:

First, much of what makes NYC great has nothing whatsoever to do with any of these passes. Places like the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, The Staten Island Ferry, wandering around Greenwich Village, Rockefeller Center. In addition, some of the tourist bargains on these cards have nothing to do with NYC places like Madame Tousauds.

Second These cards encourage racing around the City in a tourist marathon to make the card pay off. I would rather take my time. Unless this is something that you enjoy doing, I would take a pass at the pass.

There is an OPTION D as well, which will probably work well for first time tourists.

There is the Go Select Pass, which enables you, the tourist, to choose which of the major tourist attractions you wish to visit. You load them all up, get a decent discount, and then you have PLENTY of time to plan your vacation around NYC.

Plan what you want to see and buy a 7 day unlimited metro card for subway, great value $30 gets you everywhere all day..

The Go Select Pass sounds like its worth looking into,as well as the Metro pass. Thanks so much.

New York City

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Pick A Number Of Attractions

This kind of pass is good for someone who already knows what he or she wants to see and the number of days he or she will have in NYC.

Rather than being based on the number of days, these passes are based on the number of attractions you want to see.

Savings are dependent on the number of attractions you choose. The more you choose, the more you will save.

You are not obligated to choose which attractions you will go to in advance or what days you will visit them.

So these passes offer flexibility if you like to improvise. At many attractions, you will get fast-track entry and get to skip the line.

We included the average price per attraction in red so that you could more easily calculate your potential savings over retail price.

Be careful – if the retail price of your choices totals less than the average, then you will lose money. So be sure to read our breakdown of pricing to see if it is worth buying a pass or not.

Currently, there are 3 “pick” passes which we describe in detail below.

After we describe these passes below, we include a section with advice about which of these passes may be best for you.

The FlexPass offers the option to purchase 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 or 12 attractions chosen from an extensive list of 100+ top NYC attractions, tours, and museums.

You can save up to 50% by using the FlexPass instead of buying entry to each attraction individually.

You also get fast-track entry to several attractions.


  • 2 Attractions
  • Adults $99 | Children $70
  • Go New York Explorer Pass

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    The Go NY Explorer Pass is also known as New York City Explorer Pass and New York Go Pass and is a great option if you already know how many attractions you want to visit. Choosing between 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, or 11 attractions from the list of over 100, this tourist Pass gives you a 30-day window to go and redeem your tickets. For more details on the Go Explorer Pass, including a full list of attractions you can choose from, .

    The New York Go Explorer pass gives you the freedom to explore New York at your own pace, choosing from an extensive list of NYC attractions and tours.

    • Valid for 30 days
    • Mobile pass & print at home options
    • Choose to see as many NYC attractions as you wish
    • Saves you up to 50% on regular attraction tickets

    Is the New York Explorer Pass worth it?

    The NYC Explorer Pass comes in at a great value for money it not only allows you to save a serious amount of cash, but it also gives you the flexibility of deciding upon the attractions you want to see once you are in NYC. As the pass makes traveling and exploring NYC not only cheaper but also a lot less stressful we definitely think the Explorer Pass is worth it.

    How to use the NY Go Explorer Pass?

    Does the NYC Explorer Pass include the NY Sightseeing Bus Tours?

    Yes! The NYC Explorer Pass includes a 1-day hop-on-hop-off tour bus ticket, which can be used as one of the attractions on your pass.

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    Lets Do The Math Is The New York Pass Worth The Money

    Obviously, there are hundreds of combinations when it comes to choosing what attractions to visit. However, were going to list out the most popular but youll have to do some of your own planning based on what interests you.

    Note: You get to skip the lines at most attractions which is certainly a bonus.

    Is The New York Citypass Really Worth It

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    Im all about finding great travel deals which is why I want to share about New York CityPASS. So many fantastic readers have emailed me and left comments telling how helpful the NYC info on the blog has been and how it has helped them plan a successful trip. Yay!

    An NYC question that keeps coming up, though, is about the New York CityPASS.

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    Nyc Subway Fare History:

    The New York Subway fare has increased precipitously in recent years, well ahead of the rate of inflation. The fares listed below track the price history for single fares on the New York subway since 1904. Since 1997 other changes that have impacted directed comparison have included the ability to transfer from subway to subway, subway to bus and bus to subway. Also discounts for multiple purchases have been introduced. According to the MTA only 2.1% of all fares are for single rides. The price to ride the New York Subway has stayed ahead of inflation, but many of the services have been reduced. The cost of some of the major projects including Second Avenue line construction weighed heavily on the MTA Budget, sending it into the red.

    Before Purchasing A New York Citypass

    New York City rolls out Fair Fares transit program

    Too much information! I know: choosing your New York sightseeing pass is not easy. In case you’re not entirely clear, here’s the rundown to help you make a decision. The New York CityPass is for you if:

    • You will be in New York for a week
    • You want to see the most “typical” of New York City
    • You have little time to organize your trip
    • You like to explore a new city at your own pace
    • You have a tight budget for your trip

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    How Many Nyc Subway Stations Have Elevators

    Only a quarter out of 472 subway stations have elevators which is a problem for people in wheelschairs or Moms with their strollers. Taking the subway in NYC can be a workout itself with all the stairs you have to climb to get to your final destination. Here you can check the accessible subway stations in New York City.

    New York Pass Review: How It Works

    When it comes to sightseeing passes, the New York Pass ranks at the top of the value scale. Quite frankly, the New York Pass may be the best sightseeing pass Ive reviewed and from a sightseeing pass connoisseur like me, thats saying something!

    But, I dont just take my word for it. Heres how it works:

    The New York Pass offers free entry to over 100 of New York Citys top attractions and tours. It is activated upon the first use, and your unlimited use of the pass remains valid for the entire length of purchase. Passes come in a variety of lengths, with 10 days being the longest option available.

    To use the pass, simply present it at the gate of the included attraction and walk right in for free. No cash or tickets are needed.

    Although you can only visit each included attraction once, you may visit an unlimited amount of attractions that are included with the pass. Since Day 1 starts when the pass is activated, its best to start using it early in the morning. That way, you get a full days worth of sightseeing on your first day.

    Keep in mind that the length of the pass is calculated in consecutive days. Therefore, its best to use it several days in a row.

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    Citypass New York Vs New York Pass: How Are The Tickets Bought

    Gone are the days when you have to physically line up for tickets. Buying both CityPASS New York and New York Pass is extremely easy. Just take note of the following:

    CityPASS New York

    Can you buy CityPASS in New York?

    Of course!

    You can buy it wherever you are in the world. Just visit their official site and click on the Cart link. Enter how many tickets you want to buy, enter your payment details, and youre done.

    After registration, you will be sent a copy of your New York pass through email. You can print this or just simply present the pass on your phone at any of the New York City attractions.

    New York City Pass

    The best place to buy New York City Pass is on their official site. Once there, click on the pricing link. That will take you to a page where you choose the validity. Then, choose the number of days and the number of passes you buy, enter your payment details, and youre done.

    All you need to do now is to download their official mobile app and youre ready to go. You can then present your New York pass on the phone app at any of the included attractions to gain access.

    Buying both is extremely easy, which means comparing New York City Pass vs CityPASS in terms of purchase ease isnt an issue.

    Also, as weve mentioned, you can get access to attractions just by using your phone.

    Just have your app or e-ticket loaded, and youre ready to go. Its that convenient.

    How To Buy A Nyc Subway Ticket

    Printable Ticket to New York Boarding Pass Customizable

    1. Select Language

    2. Select your MetroCard type

    You have the choice between Single Ride, MetroCard and Fast $9 MetroCard.

    Select Single Ride if you only need one ticket for one trip and pay $3.To purchase a Pay-Per-Ride Card or a 7-Days-Unlimited Card press MetroCard.

    • Select $9 MetroCard, if you want to buy a Pay-Per-Ride Card and you want to get done quick. During the following step youll pay for the fee and receive the MetroCard. Youre good to go.

    3. Refill your card or Get new card

    In case you already own a MetroCard you can either select new MetroCard or refill your card

    • In case you do not have a card yet select Get new card.

    4. Regular MetroCard or Unlimited Ride

    If you want to purchase a 7-Days-Unlimited Card select Unlimited Ride and then 7-Day-Unlimited.

    If you want to get Pay-Per-Ride credit on your MetroCard select Regular MetroCard.

    5. Cash or Credit Card

    Most machines take Cash, ATM Cards and Credit Cards. Not every machine excepts Cash. Always have your credit card handy.

    Paying with your credit card works most of the times. Insert your credit card and remove the card as soon as remove your Credit Card is shown on the display.

    6. Enter your ZIP-Code

    Follow the instructions to please enter your ZIP code and press ENTER on the keypad below.

    • You dont know the ZIP-Code for the card? Enter 00000

    Thats it. In the end you have the option to have your receipt printed out for you.

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    Who Should Buy A New York C3 Pass

    We think the New York C3 pass is an excellent alternative option to the full CityPASS. It wont save you as much but it is perfect for those with less time available in the city.

    The lighter New York C3 Pass featuring a pick of any 3 NYC attractions is for the following travelers:

    • Those who only have 1 or 2 days to spend in NYC.
    • Travelers who prefer to spend longer at each attraction.
    • Visitors who prefer not to be tied into a 6 attraction pass.

    Single Ride Ticket 3 $

    The Single Ride Ticket is a ticket that is only valid for one ride for 2 hoursYou can only buy it at a MetroCard New York vending machine and is valid for one person.

    You cannot transfer from the subway to the bus with the single ride ticket.wiederverwendbar.

    • A Single Ride Ticket only makes sense when you wont ride more than three times in total during your stay.

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    What Is The Best New York Pass And Why You Should Get One

    The simple answer: They save you a ton of money. There are 6 main Sightseeing Passes which are all slightly different, meaning that you can find one that suits your specific needs. As the New York pass reviews show, they can make your NYC trip much easier and help you save money & time!

    We have traveled to NYC over 20 times, each time using one of the many passes to save us money and see both the top attractions as well as some hidden gems. As we often found it hard to know beforehand how much we would save with each of the passes and whether they would really be worth it, we have set up this page to share our and others New York pass reviews with you.

    How to save the most money? Easy! All you have to do is find the right pass for you. We have tried to make your life a little bit easier with this article because we truly believe that exploring a city shouldnt be as expensive as it is without a pass. Find everything you need to know about the 5 passes below, including our and other peoples comprehensive New York pass reviews.

    We saved an average of $160 with the pass and thats per person!

    Where Can I Use The New York Citypass

    How To Dispute A New York City Parking Ticket | NYC App Pay Parking Ticket

    The New York CityPASS includes 3 preset tickets and 3 option tickets . The tourist attractions included in the New York CityPASS are:

    The Empire State Building – Includes general admission for the AM/PM Experience. You can visit the 86th floor during the daytime, then return that same night to admire the city lights.

    The American Museum of Natural History – Includes general admission to the museum, Rose Center for Earth and Space, plus the Space Show or giant screen film.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Includes admission to the Met exhibitions, the Met Breuer, and Met Cloisters.

    Top of the Rock Observation Deck OR Guggenheim Museum – Choose between general admission to the Top of the Rock or the Guggenheims collection and special exhibits.

    Ferry Access to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island OR Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise – Choose between visiting Liberty Island and Ellis Island or taking a Landmark Cruise, Harbour Lights Cruise, or Liberty Cruise with Circle Line Sightseeing.

    9/11 Memorial and Museum OR Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum – Choose to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum, or the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum which includes the Space Shuttle Pavilion, the Growler submarine, and the film Story of Intrepid.

    If you want to visit both places on the option tickets, you can use the included coupons to get a few dollars off admission at some of the optional attractions.

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