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What Time Is Shabbos In New York

What Are My Rights If My Employer Wants To Reduce My Hours

Shabbos Hotplate Sold in Local New York Savings Stores

Your employer can only lay you off or require you to go on reduced hours if your contract of employment allows it. If not, your employer will have to negotiate a change to your contract. Typically, this will involve many members of staff and they or their union will have to agree to the new arrangement.

What Time Is Candle Lighting In New York Tonight

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Can A Job Deny You Time Off For Religious Reasons

There is no federal law that requires an employer to give employees days off for religious holidays; however, under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, employers may not treat employees differently because of their religion affiliations, and employees cannot be required to participate or not participate in

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New York State Supreme Court Rules That The Kedusha Of Shabbos Remains Intact Through Rabbeinu Tams Zman

Judge Johnny Lee Bainesa towering presence, both literally and figuratively, in the New York State Supreme Courthas ruled that the legal definition of Shabbos could extend until Rabbeinu Tams 72-minute-zman.

In a case titled Signature Bank NA v. Koschitzki, the Court discussed General Business Law Section 13, which states that whoever maliciously procures any process in a civil action to be served on Saturday, upon any person who keeps Saturday as holy time, and does not labor on that day . . . is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Though not Jewish, Judge Baines was tasked to determine whether the law would apply when service occurs when it is Shabbos only according to those who adhere to Rabbeinu Tams zman.

The Court noted that the Defendant asserted that although Jews who adhere to the group Chabad believe that the;Sabbath;ended at 5:15 pm on the date in question, it is the belief of the defendants and others of their fellow adherents that;Sabbath;ends 72 minutes after sunset, or 90 minutes after candle lighting time.

As a result of the Courts decision, the case against the defendant was dismissed.

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When The Sun Sets Early Its A Race To Prepare For Shabbat

» New York Times Shabbos
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By Karen Barrow

Its 4 p.m. on a cold December Friday. I type an email for work with one hand, stir a pot of zucchini lentil soup with the other and usher my two daughters out of the kitchen and into the playroom with my third, invisible hand.

My eyes are always on the clock, ticking down to my weekly deadline: sunset. Before the sun disappears below the horizon, I will stop whatever I am doing to light two white candles and recite a simple blessing in Hebrew to mark the beginning of the Jewish Sabbath.

My family lives according to traditional Jewish law, which includes observing the Sabbath, a weekly day of rest. Our Sabbath starts as the sun begins to set on Friday and continues until after nightfall Saturday.

Right now, at the winter solstice, sunset in New York comes around 4:30 and there are only nine hours and 15 minutes of daylight nearly six hours fewer than at the summer solstice in June. The early darkness is a mere inconvenience to many people, but to observant Jewish families the shorter days significantly change the rhythm of life.

Basically, we set aside one day every week as a day to turn off the outside worlds noise. And that means we have only six days to fit in a weeks worth of all of the normal errands and chores required of a modern home.

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Welcome To Ujas Listing Of Virtual Synagogue Services

In this time of unprecedented anxiety and uncertainty, staying connected to Jewish life can provide a solace and connection to our community that is more important than ever. To meet these growing needs, the following congregations have made services and other ritual observances available via livestream to all who would like to join in.Please check back often as we update this listing.

This Chef Born Next To A Minsk Matzah Factory Is Delivering Meals To Holocaust Survivors

Growing up, Passover was always a special time of year for David Teyf.

It wasnt just about the holiday. It was also the stories his family would tell about the matzah factory they used to operate behind his grandfathers house in Minsk before they left Soviet Belarus in 1979. Teyf, who was born in that house, was 5 when they left that capital city.

Now a successful chef, Teyf has few memories of the matzah factory. Yet he has found himself thinking about it more often lately as he cooks and delivers weekly Shabbat meals, and more recently Passover meals, for Holocaust survivors living in New York City. He started cooking the meals nearly a year ago, in part inspired by his own grandparents, all four of whom were Holocaust survivors.

If my grandparents were alive, who would take care of them? Teyf thought to himself. A Holocaust survivor whos 90 years old, whos taking care of them? Thats when I said to myself, I have to do something.

Teyf is one of many in the restaurant and events industries who found themselves unable to work when the pandemic began last spring. Manhattans Museum of Jewish Heritage-A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, where he runs LOX at Cafe Bergson, closed to visitors last March. So did the 2nd Ave Deli, where Teyf is the executive chef of the second-floor dining room. Soon the weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and other events he was set to cater for the rest of the year were canceled, too.

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What The New York Times Got Right About 2100

Mrs. Esther Sternberg tells of the Rebbes personal involvement in all aspects of the Shabbos Candle Campaign, and the prediction of the NY Times about the year 2100.

Mrs. Esther Sternberg is the director of the Shabbos Candle Campaign, a division of the Lubavitch Womens Organization. She was interviewed in July of 2012, and twice in August of 2017.

For the past forty-five years, I have directed Chabads Shabbat Candle Campaign, which the Rebbe started in 1974.

It was very important to the Rebbe that all Jewish women including young girls be lighting Shabbat candles to illuminate this dark world we live in. And he devoted a great deal of time and energy so that all aspects of the campaign had maximum impact.

Just how important this was to him was made crystal clear to me when the Rebbes wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, passed away. This happened in 1988 on Wednesday, February 10th more than a dozen years into the campaign.

That year, our main fund-raising event a Melave Malka dinner was to take place on Saturday night, February 13th, when the Rebbe was sitting shivah in mourning for his wife. Of course, we had planned it months in advance, not knowing that any of this would happen. At first, we thought to cancel, but then we decided to go ahead and dedicate it to her memory. So we issued an announcement that we were establishing a special fund in the Rebbetzins merit to further promote the campaign.

Why? I asked.


When Is Shabbat Over

How does the Motzei Shabbos Maariv time work?

Posted by: Yaakov Hoffman in Halachah, Halachah Category, Journal, PostsSep 12, 18

Determining when Shabbat concludes has always been a weekly necessity for observant Jews. Thus, one might assume that everyone ends Shabbat at more or less the same time. In actuality, there is a great deal of variation. Some people commence weekday activities on Saturday night 40 minutes after sunset, while others wait longersome as long as two hours after sunset. How could it be that there is such a range?

Compounding the question is the fact that the Talmud itself seems to rule that Shabbat is over quite early. Shabbat ends at halakhic nightfall, which is heralded by the appearance of three medium-sized stars . The Talmud states that nightfall occurs when the amount of time has passed after sunset that one could walk three-quarters of a mil . This is at most 18 minutes.This figure assumes that a mil is 24 minutes. According to the opinion that a mil is 18 minutes, three-quarters of a mil would be even less: 13.5 minutes.

Granted, some interpret the Talmuds conclusion to mean that tzeit ha-kokhavim actually occurs a bit later than three-quarters of a mil after sunset.In this interpretation, it is only R. Yehuda who holds that nightfall is three-quarters of a mil after sunset; according to R. Yose, tzeit ha-kokhavim occurs slightly later. However, many authorities;Continue reading But people nowadays wait much longer than 18 minutes after sunset to end Shabbat. Why?

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What Three Items Are Used During Havdalah

The primary symbols of havdalah are the braided candle, kiddush cup containing wine and spice box containing sweet-smelling spices. The lighted candle symbolizes the light of Shabbat and the strands of the braid have been interpreted as the many types of Jews in the world, all of whom are part of one unified people.

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