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How Is The Weather In New York

Summer In New York State

New York Weather: CBS2 Weather Forecast at 11 p.m.

Summer in New York can get very hot, with heat waves possible, and high humidity. The mountains, however, are cooler, with lower humidity. The days are longer in summer, and nights can be cooler in the mountains and in the northern parts of the state. Thunderstorms and rain showers sometimes occur during this season.

Summer also brings outdoor events and festivals throughout the state, from live music to theater to food and wine festivals. Summer is one of the most popular times to visit New York State, especially the beaches of Long Island, as well as the Catskill and Adirondack mountains, and the Finger Lakes region, with water sports and hiking popular pastimes.

What to pack: Since it gets pretty hot, shorts, T-shirts, and dresses are necessary. If youre headed to the shore or a lake, bring a bathing suit, sandals, sunscreen, and a hat. In the mountains, youll want a light jacket or sweatshirt and light pants for evenings and nighttime. If you plan on hiking, bring hiking boots or sneakers. Bring a raincoat and umbrella as well, just in case.

Things To Do In New York In May

Bryant Park

Make the most of the spring sunshine and spend a few hours at Bryant Park. Situated in Manhattan between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, this privately-owned park is home to gardens, monuments, open-air reading room, fairground carrousel, an art cart which provides visitors with free art materials, playing areas for petanque, ping pong, chess, backgammon and a putting green.

Throughout May, domino matches, scrabble competitions, card games, boggle matches, board games, party games, mah jong contests and kids’ games are held on specific days.

There is also the Bryant Park Café which serves American cuisine and doesn’t require a reservation, plus the Bryant Park Grill which offers a more sophisticated dining experience and accepts reservations.

New York Public Library

New York Public Library boasts more than 53 million items, making it the second largest library in the US. The most popular branch of the library is found in Manhattan and houses the largest circulating collections of the library, with books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, newspapers and online databases available.

One of the highlights of the New York Public Library for family is the children’s zone on the lower floor which features the original Winnie the Pooh toys that appeared in the first books.

Gran Central Terminal

How Cold Is Nyc In January

Well, it’s mostly winter-like with daily afternoon high temperatures mostly in the upper 30’s f to near 40 f , however, 2-3 days will still likely produce highs reaching into the low to mid-50’s f .

Overnight and early morning low temperatures tend to be in the mid to upper 20’s f .

However, a few of the colder mornings will likely see temperatures dipping down into the mid to lower teens .

The highest temperature recorded this month in NYC was 72 f while the coldest, -6 f . About 17 days this month will see sunny or at least partly sunny skies.

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New York Weather In December

The start of December can be fairly mild in New York, but by the end it will be very cold with temperatures struggling to get much above freezing, so plenty of winter gear is essential. On average temperatures will reach highs of 6.7°C. Some snow is likely at some point, with around 3 days of snowfall during the month.

Winds will start to pick up into December, though the buildings can provide some shelter. Normally there I around 87mm of cold rain throughout the month, but there will be decent sunny spells around at times with 5 hours of sunshine a month.

Summer Weather In New York

New York Weather and Climate

Summer Temperatures In New York

Summer is the hottest season of the year for New York. In , the average temperature for the city is around 22°C, which rises up to 25°C in then drops down to 24°C in .

Average daily highs and lows follow the same pattern, rising from 27°C/17°C in up to 29°C/20°C in before falling to 28°C/20°C in

Hottest and Coldest Summer Temperatures in New York

The hottest temperature ever recorded in New York in summer is 42°C, which was recorded in July 22 in 1926. And the coldest summer temperature registered is 9°C, which was recorded in June.

How Much Does It Rain In New York in Summer?

Compared to spring, rainfall in summer is fairly minimal, with an average of 93mm falling over 13 rainy days each month. On average, July tends to be the wettest month of the summer, when 101mm of rain falls.

Amount Of Sunshine Hours

Summer boasts the highest quantity of sunshine hours in New York, and is when the city enjoys an average of 10.5 hours of the stuff every day, falling from 11 daily hours in June and July down to ten daily hours in August.

Summer Humidity Levels In New York

The average humidity for the city in the summer is 71%, which can make the high temperatures seem a bit hotter than they actually are.

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Winter Weather In New York

How Cold Is New York In WInter?

Winter is always the coldest season of the year for New York. At the start of December, the average temperature for the city is 9°C, which drops down to 2°C in y.

Average daily highs and lows follow the same pattern, falling from 7°C/-0.5°C in December, down to 4°C/-3°C in January and rising up to 5°C/-0.5°C in .

On 12 January 2020 new record highs were set at Central Park , Newark , JFK , Islip , and Bridgeport , breaking records previously set in 2017 and 2018.

What Are The Hottest And Coldest Winter Temperatures In New York?

The warmest temperature ever recorded in New York in winter is 22°C, which was registered in December. And the coldest in New York in winter is a staggering -47°C, set at Stillwater Reservoir in February 1934 and at Old Forge in February 1979.

How Rain Does New Yor Get In Winter?

Surprisingly, winter is the driest season of the year for New York. During this season, each month experiences an average of 71mm of precipitation divided between ten rainy days.

How Much Snow Does New York Get In WInter?

Snow is very common during this season, with December receiving five snowy days, January eight snowy days and February six snowy days.

Sunshine Hours In New York In Winter

Across winter, New York receives an average of 5.5 hours of sunshine each day that’s a major decrease compared to autumn. Daily sunshine hours begin at five in December and rise up to six in January and February.

How Humid Is New York In WInter?

What To Wear In The Summer In New York

Even if the heat makes you feel like wearing shorts and flip-flops, there are a few things to remember: Flip-flops are not the most comfortable choice for walking around the city. Not all restaurants allow you to enter wearing shorts. Also, the air conditioning can feel really cold so you might need a jacket. Heading to Financial District? Itll always be cooler in that area due to the high rises.

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Things To Do In New York In December

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

If the weather is cold and wet, seek shelter at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Open Monday to Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday to Sunday 10am-6pm, this museum is home to the Intrepid aircraft carrier, the Enterprise space shuttle, a guided missile submarine and the world’s fastest jets.

Through displays, interactive-exhibits and a vast collection of groundbreaking aircraft and vessels, this museum teaches visitors all about American innovation and bravery.

Some of the most popular parts of the museum include the Space Shuttle Pavilion, the display of 28 authentically restored aircraft and the Exploreum an interactive hall which looks at water, space, air and life at sea.

There is also the Au Bon Pain café on the Mess Deck which serves snacks, sandwiches and soups, as well as the Museum Gift Shop which sells souvenirs.

The Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building is one of the most iconic structures in New York, stretching 77 storeys high. Open to the public Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, this building is completely free to enter, although since it is a functioning office building, visitors can only explore the Art Deco lobby.

The majority of people visit the building to see the ceiling mural created by Edward Trumbull, which was the largest in the world when completed and features paintings of buildings, aeroplanes and images of the Chrysler assembly line.

Department Stores

Style Room

Nyc Weather In February

New York Weather: CBS2 11 p.m. Forecast

I’m coming to New York for the first time next February. I know it will be very cold as it is the middle of winter, and being from the uk I am used to the cold .

I’m wondering what it’s like sightseeing in the cold, and how much the weather can affect the city? What is the temperature usually and is it likely to snow much?

Thank you!

Sightseeing in the cold is the same as it is shopping, walking around, etc in the cold. You basically see the sights and it is cold. Not sure how to explain this.

Dress for the weather and go out and do/see exactly what you want to do/see.

The weather rarely affects NYC. People will be out and about working, shopping, eating, running errands, etc.

**What is the temperature usually and is it likely to snow much?**

It can be anywhere from 10 degrees to the 30’s

Just dress appropriately and don’t worry about it.

Edited: 6 years ago

The average for February is -2 to 5 C. However, there can be periods that are much warmer or colder. The last two winters were rather severe, but the strong El Nino this year may point to a warmer season. Snow would be a possibility in February more so than in say December. The weather is more extreme in NYC than in the UK with the summers being hotter and the winters colder. You will not find the green landscapes you are used to at home.

The last two February’s have been brutally cold, windy, snowy, and downright miserable. With that said, people still have to live and go to work, shop, eat, entertain, etc.

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Fall In New York State

Expect gorgeous red, yellow, and orange leaves around late September and October the further north you are the earlier the leaves will change. Early September is usually still hot, with temperatures dropping into the 60s Fahrenheit later in the month and into October. Although sometimes a surprise warm day will still occur in October and November, by the end of November the average temperatures drop into the low 50s and 40s Fahrenheit. Rain is also possible in the fall.

Outdoor events still occur into September and October and hiking is popular in the Hudson Valley, Catskills, and Adirondacks. The beaches of Long Island are still fairly full in September, although the ocean might be too cold for some. Early fall also means harvest season in the wine regions of Long Island, Hudson Valley, and the Finger Lakes, and apple picking season in the Hudson Valley and the Catskills.

What to pack: Layers are key in the fall bring things like jeans, T-shirts, light jackets, and sweatshirts. And be prepared for possible rain with raincoats and umbrellas.

What’s The Weather Like In New York In December

What’s The Weather Like at Christmas in New York?

Christmas is a popular, buzzing time in the Big Apple when the city transforms into a winter wonderland. But you’ll need to wrap up warmly if you plan to take in the city’s dazzling lights, tempting window displays, and unforgettable Christmas markets

Does it snow in New York at Christmas?

The chances of snow in December begin at 10% on 1 December and rises to 22% by December 31st.

How Cold Is New York At Christmas?

The average temperature in December is 9°C with highs of 13°C and lows of 4°C.

How Wet Is New York At Christmas?

Throughout December, New York has an average of 87mm of rainfall which is spread out between 11 rainy days and five snowy days.

Is New York Windy At Christmas?

You can check the NYC forecast here.

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Sevenday Forecast For New York

Feels like temperature indegrees Celsius 18°
Wind direction and speedmphChoose wind speed units
Wind direction and speed in miles per hour E9
Wind gust in miles per hour 20
Feels like temperature indegrees Celsius 11°
Wind direction and speedmphChoose wind speed units
Wind direction and speed in miles per hour N20
Wind gust in miles per hour 43
Feels like temperature indegrees Celsius
Wind direction and speedmphChoose wind speed units
Wind direction and speed in miles per hour N10
Wind gust in miles per hour 21
Feels like temperature indegrees Celsius
Wind direction and speedmphChoose wind speed units
Wind direction and speed in miles per hour ENE7
Wind gust in miles per hour 15
Feels like temperature indegrees Celsius 12°
Wind direction and speedmphChoose wind speed units
Wind direction and speed in miles per hour ESE11
Wind gust in miles per hour 23
Feels like temperature indegrees Celsius 13°
Wind direction and speedmphChoose wind speed units
Wind direction and speed in miles per hour W5
Wind gust in miles per hour 11
Feels like temperature indegrees Celsius 10°
Wind direction and speedmphChoose wind speed units
Wind direction and speed in miles per hour WNW8
Wind gust in miles per hour 16

What To Wear In New York In January

January in New York City Weather and Event Guide

New York City tends to be windy in January. Layering your clothing will leave you feeling warm while outdoors, with the option to remove the layers while indoors.

We’ve made a list below of what to pack for your trip to New York in January:

1. Winter Jacket

Winter in New York City requires at least one warm winter jacket or coat.

If you plan on being outdoors sightseeing, a waterproof jacket will go a long way in keeping you dry in case of rain, sleet, or snow conditions.

A coat like this down parka coat by BGSD will keep you warm and dry. Pair with a hat, gloves, and a scarf!

2. Layers

You may even want to invest in a few pairs of thermal tops and bottoms to wear underneath your clothing, especially if you live in a warmer climate and not used to the colder weather.

These by ViCherub are great for wearing underpants and sweaters.

Long, warm pants are recommended, and if you wear a skirt we recommend pairing them with thick stockings.

3. Warm Footwear

Warm, waterproof boots or shoes will keep your feet warm and dry.

If you decide to wear fashion over comfort on a sunny day, be sure to wear thick socks to keep your feet warm.

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What To See In November

  • New York Marathon like every year, is held on the first Sunday of November. To see it, just find a spot along the streets, choose the best spot and have fun cheering for the runners.
  • The fourth Thursday of November, we celebrate Thanksgiving, you might be interested in reading more on, How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in New York.
  • Do you love Shopping? Then, Black Friday is your day in New York, the day after Thanksgiving we have Black Friday, the stores are super crowded and discounts reach up to 70% OFF!
  • On November, the magic of Christmas comes to town with the famous Tree Lighting Celebrations at Rockefeller Center that will take place like every year in the famous Plaza. The event starts at 7pm, but if you want to attend, try to arrive early on in the afternoon.

New York Weather In January

Deep in winter, January is the coldest month of the year in New York thanks to its continental climate. Daily highs will average at 4°C, though this can vary quite widely day by day so plenty of warm layers are essential. Overnight temperatures will usually dip below 0°C. The cold means that January is the most likely month to see snow and ice, with an average 6 days of snowfall during the month. At other times there is a risk of cold or even freezing rain, with 81mm recorded during January.

The snow can make the city quite beautiful during January, especially in Central Park. It may be a bit of a biting wind too, but the tall buildings of Manhattan may provide some shelter. There is often a fair amount of cloud around, but there are usually a handful of sunny days over the course of January, averaging at 5 hours of sunshine a day.

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New York Weather In April

Spring has taken over New York in April, and temperatures will usually reach highs of 16°C on average. Temperatures can vary widely day to day, so layers are key to being comfortable in April. The weather can also be unpredictable, with 99mm of rain on average through the month, so an umbrella may be needed.

There is a greater chance of seeing sunshine than March with 8 hours expected each day. Snow is fairy infrequent in April, with less than a day of snowfall on average. It is often fairly windy, but less so than in the winter months.

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