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How Much Is A Penthouse In New York

Elegant Penthouse At 740 Park Avenue $32500000

Inside $747,000,000 NYC’s Penthouses For Sale

Floor: 19

Location: Lenox Hill

This elegant eyrie is arguably one of New Yorks finest residences, with its wood-burning fireplaces in at least three rooms, a classic style staircase, Parquet de Versailles floors, and French doors. A large terrace with numerous seating areas wraps around the entire second floor of the penthouse and is perfectly fit for both cocktail parties and family gatherings. The apartment was completely renovated by the architect Oscar Shamamian and world-renowned designer Michael Smith but, luckily, has kept its old New York vibes.

Cheapest Place To Live Along The Pacific Ocean

You really know you’ve made it if you can afford to purchase a penthouse. Usually reserved for celebrities, business tycoons and the super rich, taking the elevator up to the very top floor is a mark of financial success. The privacy of having the entire floor to yourself, a slew of luxury amenities and, of course, jaw-dropping views of the city comes along with a pretty hefty price tag. Did you ever wonder, exactly how much does a penthouse cost?


The price of a penthouse depends on location and your personal preference, but prices can range from approximately $650,000 to about $300 million.

Corner Penthouse Duplex With Timeless Design At New Lincoln Square $64862507

Floor: 18

Location: Upper West Side

The classical floor plan with exposures on three sides carries on the traditions of the great apartment houses of yesteryear, with its suite of grandly proportioned public rooms and private floor of elegant bedroom suites. The 500 sq.m property enjoys an additional 100 sq.m of outdoor living space, thanks to park-facing terraces, including one that wraps around almost the entire 18th floor.

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How To Find A Penthouse For Rent

If you’ve decided that renting a penthouse apartment is right for you, then you can start your search immediately. Determine which city you want to live in, how much you can afford in monthly rent and what features the penthouse needs to include and you’re well on your way to renting a luxurious penthouse with amazing views.

A Peek Inside Penthousesthen And Now

Compare Dubai

Penthouse apartments were born in the 1920s, when a robust economy sparked a construction boom in New York City, in which luxury apartments with to-die-for views were established on the top floors of many buildings.

One of the earliest penthouses was owned by Condé Montrose Nast, the magazine magnate who inhabited a 5,000-square-foot duplex at 1040 Park Ave. complete with a ballroom, drawing room, library, and salonthe perfect perch for the publisher of such aspirational titles as Vanity Fair and Vogue. Another notable early penthouse was designed for Post cereal heiress , who created a 54-room triplex on Fifth Avenue in 1925.

Today, penthouses can be found all over the worldin Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, and other cities. Not surprisingly, many of the rich and famous inhabit penthouses, from comedian Amy Schumer to star NFL quarterback Tom Brady and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen. And lets not forget President Donald Trumps three-story penthouse in Trump Tower, which serves as his New York City crash pad when hes not slumming it in the White House.

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Ekaterina Rybolovleva’s Penthouse New York: $88 Million

Bought by Ekaterina Rybolovleva, a female Russian millionaire She bought it 2 years ago and only lives in the apartment part-time as her main residence is Monaco. Her father recently bought Donald Trumps 33,000 square foot Florida Estate for $95 million in cash. So he figured that buying his daughter a 6,700 square foot New York pad for cash is the least he could do to get her further onto the property ladder. Mr. Rybolovleva is currently in a spot of bother with his finances as he is locked into a nasty divorce with Mrs. Rybolovleva who wants $3.5 billion from him. Luckily this apartment is in his daughters name and will not affect the possession of this beautiful property. This is the fourth property on the list, and makes it the only known property owned by a female.

Sherry Netherland Penthouse New York: $95 Million

This $95 million dollar apartment is based in the Sherry Netherland complex in New York. The actual complex was built in 1927 and converted into residential suites in the 1950s. The lower end apartments inside the building start at $1,500 per month, which is a good price to pay for the views and location that you get with this complex. The maintenance fee to keep this apartment in good shape is $54,000 a month this is to receive daily housekeeping, 24 hour concierge and room service. The apartment includes a luxury library as well as a terrace with views of Central Park. Well known residents include Diana Ross and Charlie Rose. One thing to note with this apartment is that it has been slated as having terrible designs and interior features. People who have made publicly positive opinions about this apartment seem to be creative and be influenced by art. So if you are someone with artistic quality then this apartment would be a great investment for you.

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The 7 Most Expensive Penthouses In The Us

Across the world there are around 12.5 million millionaires. This means that there is high demand of expensive real estate. Not only for these millionaires to live there luxurious lives in, but also t

Across the world there are around 12.5 million millionaires. This means that there is high demand of expensive real estate. Not only for these millionaires to live there luxurious lives in, but also to create more wealth through renting their penthouses out and various other income streams.

As we take a look at these wonderful penthouses, take note of the value between asset purchased and asset worth. You may find that some of these penthouses are just on this list due to location rather than their real valued worth.

Most foreign investors are buying U.S. real estate in either Florida or California. Only one of these states appears in this list. However, the average price of U.S. real estate bought by a foreigner is around $450,000. So although there is more chance of these penthouses being owned by U.S. investors, we cant rule out that some of these penthouses have been snapped up by worldwide investors.

The U.S. is in debt by around $17 trillion. So these small transactions may not affect the economy too much, but when you look at the big picture, these penthouses could be sold to American citizens, which in the long term will help the U.S. economy out.

What Is A Penthouse


A penthouse is a unit located on the top floor of the building. It’s usually the most luxurious, spacious and expensive unit in the building with the most amenities. A penthouse apartment can have vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and striking city views.

In addition to these features, penthouses will also have more square footage, top-of-the-line appliances and other features that are not included in other units in the building. Penthouses are generally the nicest rental available and include everything you could ever imagine yourself wanting or needing in a home.

Before penthouses became the most expensive type of rental units, they were originally the space that live-in servants occupied. The word penthouse” refers to a smaller house located on the roof of a building. Nowadays, penthouses are a symbol of status and prestige. If you can afford to live in the penthouse apartment, you’re part of a select crowd of people.

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Next Stop: The Top Or Not

Originally, the term penthouse referred to a smaller house constructed on the roof of an existing apartment building, set back to offer an outdoor areaall surrounded, of course, by an incredible view. But today, penthouse has been broadened generously to mean the top floor of any tall building.

The word penthouse is now used purely for marketing to draw the attention of more buyers or renters, says Eric Prigot of TripleMint Real Estate in New York City.

Today, a penthouse can even be on the ground floor, if its all tricked out and boasts luxury amenities not found in the buildings other units. These might include upgraded appliances, increased security, fancier finishes, a larger balcony, oversize windows, a breathtaking view, a larger floor plan, and a private entrance.

Penthouse Atop The Legendary Nyc Hotel $60000000

Floor: 44

Location: Upper East Side

This spectacular, 14-room duplex apartment is situated atop the historic Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue. Featuring meticulous renovation and boasting extraordinary 360 degree views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline, this elegant trophy residence is absolute perfection. The Pierre Hotel was founded in 1930 and is a truly legendary location that can be spotted in 17 movies including Meet Joe Black , The Sopranos, Mad Men, and Oceans 8.

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Penthouse In The Crown Building $60089503

Floor: 26

This Fifth Avenue penthouse is located at the pinnacle of the Aman Hotel which opened its doors in 2020. One of 22 private Aman residences designed by Jean-Michel Gathy, it offers unlimited access to all of the hotels amenities, such as a double-height, 14th floor piano bar, wraparound garden terrace with tranquil water areas, wine library, jazz club, and a three-level spa center. The penthouses immense living and dining areas boast picturesque views of Central Park and the Upper East Side.

Dream Penthouse With An Outdoor Pool And Jacuzzi $75749374

New York City Luxury Manhattan Penthouses: The Gartner ...

Floor: 33

Location: Midtown Nomad

Le Penthouse is a five-story, 1,800 sq. m apartment at 172 Madison Avenue. Each of the five floors boasts more than 325 sq. m of glass-walled living spaces with 6-8 m ceilings and outdoor terraces boasting river-to-river views. The contemporary interior design benefits from massive amounts of air and natural light.

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Tips From New York Locals

Get advice about the city from the people who know it best. Local hosts share their tips and recommendations for travelers like you.

What should I pack?

Bring comfortable shoes! Most of the tourists’ attractions are walking distance from each other. so expect to walk a lot!

If you are going to visit nyc wear comfortable shoes. Take you camera or cellular phone for pictures to remember. if you are going to nyc to see shows on broadway check ticket master for time and dates. also check to save money on shows, restaurant, massages and more check

What’s the best way to get around?

Subway is fastest to get around There are many subway maps you can download for your phone. i like “roadify” and “mymta” – once installed, you don’t need wifi to see the maps if you are down in the station without service

Subway riding Getting around on the subway seems intimidating but it’s rather easy. once you get into every station, you’ll see uptown signs and downtown signs . google maps has a public transit tab that looks like a train. this will guide you to the right subway station. when getting around, it’s important to know there are often local and express trains .

Subways are quickest & cheapest We recommend you use an app like google maps on your smartphone to navigate the subway system. it is very intuitive and simple to learn.

What’s the local culture like?

Acqualina Penthouse Miami: $55 Million

The Acqualina Penthouse is situated on the coastline of Miami. It is the top floor apartment of a two story complex and is currently under construction but listed on the market. Great features include 24 hour private concierge service, general housekeeping and fantastic views! You also receive exclusive access to the Sky Garden on the roof of the building that hosts a live green wall, full of exotic flora. The roof also has a 25ft waterfall that runs into the infinity pool which looks out over the ocean. Equally as important is the 100ft outdoor cinema screen, so you can swim or sit under the stars and watch your favourite films with some fantastic views.

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Penthouse Atop The New Baccarat Hotel & Residences $39853613

Floor: 49

Location: Midtown West

Baccarat Hotel & Residences is an innovative development opposite the Museum of Modern Art. Dedicated to top-notch services, it offers the in-house La Mer Spa, a swimming pool with heated marble flooring and lounging, a five-star restaurant, private meeting rooms and cabanas, and a 24-hour concierge. The penthouse is a contemporary masterpiece boasting high class materials, from wide, ebony floors and a SieMatic kitchen with ebonized walnut cabinetry to Lido white marble and Siberian polished marble walls as well as custom details made of Fantini polished chrome.

Penthouses For Sale Around Central Park New York

Inside Jeff Bezos’ $80 Million Penthouse in New York

The most desirable streets surrounding Central Park are Central Park West, Central Park South and Fifth Avenue. In general the more South, the better. These rare scarce apartments offer stunning views that add to a classy, wealthy breed of inhabitants. The Museum of Natural History on the west side and the Museum Mile on the east make sure there is something new to see every day. Central Park at your doorstep clearly has advantages when owning a dog or if you like to run in the park a couple times a week. Also have a look at the Upper West Side or Upper East Side that are great neighborhoods to live and where some of the higher buildings share the amazing park views.

To get more detailed information about this neighborhood please contact us.

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East 110th St #ph8c East Harlem

This 725-square-foot one-bedroom, one-bath penthouse apartment has unobstructed city views, floor-to-ceiling windows, an open kitchen with quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances, in-unit laundry, and lots of closets. Its listed for $735,000, and is in the Conrad Condominium, which has a gym, a landscaped garden with a basketball court, a hot tub, a spa area, and a barbecue deck. Common charges are $525 a month. Taxes are $297 a month.

What Do You Get For Your Money

If you are paying a premium you should expect to receive a superior product. Penthouses do cost more than regular apartments and therefore they come with a variety of upgrades. You can expect to have more space, more privacy, less noise from neighbors, higher ceilings, private entrances and unobstructed views of the city below.

For those in the public eye or who need a tight security detail, the extras provided by some penthouses can literally save a life. High-end features like bulletproof glass and complex security systems including special-forces-trained bodyguards can help to keep the ultra-rich safe from would-be assassins or kidnappers.

You’ll usually pay a premium for a penthouse apartment but it may just be worth the extra money.

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The 10 Most Expensive Penthouses In New York City

Everyone knows that real estate in New York City is pretty much insane. The tiniest studio apartment costs what a sprawling, updated home would cost in another part of the world, and New Yorkers are o

Everyone knows that real estate in New York City is pretty much insane. The tiniest studio apartment costs what a sprawling, updated home would cost in another part of the world, and New Yorkers are often associated with sacrificing a ton in their living space in order to afford to be in one of the biggest, liveliest cities in the world. In Manhattan, it can be nearly impossible to find the perfect apartment on an average size budget.

However, if you have some serious cash to spend, and if you can afford to snag a penthouse? The real estate options become truly jaw dropping. Floor to ceiling windows on the highest levels offering panoramic views of one of the most beautiful urban landscapes in the world. Luxurious kitchens that chefs in the best restaurants in the world would envy. Space galore were talking thousands of square feet, bigger than the average house. If you have a limitless budget, you can snag some pretty insane penthouses in the Big Apple.

Here are 10 of the most expensive penthouses in New York City. Start saving up your pocket change now!

Top 50 Nyc Penthouses For Sale

Hereâs how much the Millennium Tower penthouse cost ...

In Manhattan, owning a Penthouse apartment has long indicated a level of superior wealth. Owning a penthouse can be the ultimate status symbol, but it is also a way for the very rich to preserve their wealth by stashing $20, $50 or $100 million in a vertical bank of sorts outside traditional financial institutions.

Prior to the 1920s, before the widespread adoption of elevators in residential buildings, the top floor of apartment buildings were relegated to staff quarters. The staff would have to walk up 12 stories to get to their homes. How times have changed! The first Penthouse was thought to be at 1107 Fifth Avenue in the Upper East Side. With 54 rooms over the top 3 floors of this 14-story building, New York City had never seen such a thing.

With all the technological advancements over the last 100 years, now some penthouses reach to 1,500 feet in the air, such as at Central Park Tower, which has a triplex penthouse on the 129th floor. Elevator advancements allow owners to get to their top floor apartment in 90 seconds. Quite a feat.

While most people consider the Penthouse to be solely the top floor of the building, today, the term is used more generally denoting a special apartment in a residential building that is unlike the others.

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