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What To Do In New York Alone

Walk Along Brooklyn Bridge

Top 10 Reasons to Travel to NYC Solo || Visit NYC Alone ?

Brooklyn Bridge is suspended over the East River in New York City, linking Brooklyn to Manhattan.

This unique bridge has gone down in history for being the first bridge to use steel for its cable wires. It is also a National Historic Landmark.

Brooklyn Bridge is an excellent example of classic 19th-century engineering. There are many aspects of this mesmerizing structure to be admired as you walk across, taking in the sweeping views of the cityscape.

What a great way to get some exercise without feeling like you are exercising, walking is my fave mode of transportation. With the beautiful views its a treat.

Check Out Some Cheesy Goodness At Murrays

If you dont like cheese, I dont think we can be friends.

No really, unless youre lactose intolerant, I just cannot fathom how any human CANNOT appreciate the salty, rich, and creamy goodness that is cheese.

Okay, Ill still be your friend but only because I can eat all of your cheese.

Trust me, this is a sacrifice that I am willing to make.

But on a mildly serious note:

This artisanal cheese shop and specialty food retailer is quite literally the holy grail of cheese shops for any and all cheese lovers in New York City.


Not only is their cheese some of the best in the world, but they have more types of cheese than I ever thought possible.

I mean:

I thought a store that sold Muenster, Swiss, and Cheddar had a great cheese selection. But this store sells so many cheese varieties that you feel like youve died and gone to cheese eutopia.

But I promise its real and Not some New York City-induced mirage!

So put on your comfy pants and try some fan faves like the truffle brie, Murrays Cavemaster Reserve Hollander Special Edition, Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor, the Fourmage Gouda, the Bleu Mont dairy bandaged cheddar, and like ten thousand more.

***With locations in Grand Central Terminal and Greenwich Village, its pretty easy to make any and all of your cheese fantasies come true.

Visit The Oculus And World Trade Center

As a New Yorker who lived through the turmoil of 9/11, this one is a tough subject for me.

Yeah, visiting the memorial is always emotional, and it took me YEARS to visit the 9/11 Museum amazing and extremely well done but definitely a difficult place to visit.

Therefore, although I do think visitors should experience both of these places, for me, its better for my emotional well-being if I head straight to the Oculus, a subterranean mall that is a true marvel of modern architecture.

FYI, this building is also a transportation hub for trains going into and out of the World Trade Center. Yup, probably one of my favorite buildings to visit and photograph.

I mean, even an incompetent photographer like me can somehow manage to take decent pictures of the Occulus. So head on over and visit this gorgeous building first hand as you solo travel NYC a poignant combination of beautiful architecture with the sorrow of 9/11.

Pro Tip: As you can imagine, this area can get rather crowded, so the earlier you visit, the better. But this building is huge so even when its crowded, you dont actually start feeling claustrophobic.

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Go For A Solo Bar Tour

When speaking of fun things to do alone in NYC, we cant forget about New Yorks vibrant nightlife. New York is home to hundreds of bars and there are many different types of bars that cater to different types of customers. Of course, many of them welcome solo travelers and even though we could write an entire post about the best bars in NYC for solo travelers, well try to briefly highlight our personal favorite choices.

Despite its name, Double Windsor with its laidback vibe and friendly staff is a great place for a drink, quick snack, or even dinner. Ode To Babel is a great place for solo travelers who like cocktails, froth-topped coffee, and grilled cheese and is beloved by digital nomads. DTUT also has a great selection of coffees for during the day and some amazing draught beers and cocktails for the night.

Attaboy is one of the best cocktail destinations in New York while the Library Bar is a great place for solo travelers who like reading with their morning coffee. Last but not least, if you want to meet some people, you can also check out Sweetwater Social, a bar famous for its wide section of bar games, ranging from foosball to board games.

Lastly, if youre feeling like doing something different, you may consider joining this New York Speakeasy Cocktail Tour.

Awesome Things To Do Alone In Nyc

NYC Solo Travel: 22 Things to do Alone in NYC
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The Big Apple or the City that never sleeps is a mecca for millions of tourists and one of the most visited cities in the world. Interesting experiences and hidden gems lurk around behind every corner waiting to be discovered. And if youre a solo traveler, youll be happy to hear that NYC is actually one of the best destinations for solo travelers. There are many interesting things to do alone in NYC and in this post, well cover some of my personal highlights.

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Read A Book At The Strand

If youre a person that likes enjoying a good book and discovering great reading spots while traveling, youll probably enjoy the Strand. With three floors and a collection of hundreds of used books from all genres, the Strand is one of the largest independent bookstores in America. If you choose to visit, make sure you check out the third floor where you can find some of the coolest, vintage, first edition books in the library.

While youre in the area, you can also check out the Flat Iron Building and Washington Square Park which are located only a few minutes away.

How to get there?

The two nearest bus stops are Park Row & Spruce and the one between Broadway & Murray St. while the nearest subway station is the City Hall Station.

Hours: 9 AM- 10:30 PM

Entry: Free

Catch A Broadway Show

As long as you are not expecting to find tickets for Hamilton , you can probably catch a good deal at the TKTS booths. They sell discounted last-minute tickets for Broadway shows, and youll never know what you might find!

A post shared by Comedy Cellar on Sep 18, 2019 at 2:00pm PDT

There are actually two locations for this iconic comedy joint: the original one at MacDougal Str, and a larger venue called Village Underground. If at all possible, go for the shows on the first one for the authentic experience.

If you are a fan of stand up comedy, expect to recognize several names on the show schedule. After all, this is the place that first gave the spotlight to the likes of Jon Stewart, Aziz Ansar, and Sarah Silverman. Other notable comedians who have famously performed there include Amy Schumer, Robin Williams, Patton Oswalt, Kevin Hart, and Chris Rock. Just remember to book your tickets well ahead of time. Also, there is a 2-item minimum per person , so keep that in mind.

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Live Like A Local In New York City

  • Go to the Chess Forum. Chess lovers must go to The Chess Forum. If you want to learn chess you must go. If you want to see a Greenwich Village institution, go. The Chess Forum is located at the original site of Grandmaster Nicolas Rossolimo’s Chess Studio. Bobby Fischer was a frequent visitor to the studio and so were art and film greats Marcel Duchamp and Stanley Kubrick.
  • Go to local art galleries. On the recommendation of Imid from The Chess Forum, I went to the Pomegranate Gallery where I had the great fortune of meeting Oded Halahmy, the artist and gallery owner. Oded Halahmy was born in Iraq, moved with his family to Israel in the 1950s, was educated at St. Martin’s School of Art in London, taught sculpture, and is in the collection of the Guggenheim Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum, and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, as well as many other public and private collections worldwide.
  • Join a local running group. The North Brooklyn Runners is just one of the groups you can join for a run and a coffee afterwards. Here’s a list of running groups in NYC.
  • A calendar of free events. You can see what’s free at DoNYC.com and Free NYC events on eventbrite. There are plenty of entertainment options to be found when you’re traveling solo on a budget in New York City.
  • Check out Meetup.com. Hiking, architecture, technology, wine: there are groups for people interested in every subject imaginable. Find a Meetup in New York City and go to meet locals who have similar interests as you.
  • When New York Was Ours Alone


    The city was glorious without tourists. But that time must come to an end.

    Room to spare in the citys parks last year helped alleviate the pandemics miseries.Credit…Juan Arredondo for The New York Times

    Supported by

    By Adam Sternbergh

    If you stayed in New York through the duration of the pandemic, you may remember the past year unfolding not in months but in chapters. There was the Incessant Sirens chapter. The Banging Pots and Pans Out the Window at 7 p.m. chapter. The Fireworks Every Night chapter. And, of course, the Strolling the Boulevard With a To-Go Cocktail chapter.

    Theres also a bewildering, magical chapter that began sometime last summer. After the initial terrifying pandemic wave had crested, New York was left eerily quiet, nearly emptied of tourists, and re-emerging residents could experience our city in a way that most of us have never been able to before and probably never will again.

    For an all-too-brief window, New York belonged to New Yorkers.

    That chapter, too, is coming to an end. Last week, NYC & Co., the citys tourism promotion agency, announced a $30 million ad campaign to lure tourists back. In 2019, tourism to New York hit a record high with over 66 million visits by domestic and international tourists. For context, thats double the numbers of tourists in the early 2000s, when the city attracted only 30 million visitors a year.

    And it was glorious.

    A City Stirs

    Tell me about it.

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    Affix With Others To Comedy Tennis In Nyc: Absolute Affair To Do Abandoned In New York Burghal To Accommodated Others

    If you like arena tennis, you can accompany the “BKMN Tennis” Meetup group.

    This is a accumulation of bodies that accommodated to comedy tennis together.

    They generally host contest area you can get alive with added people.

    Besides that, they accept amusing activities as able-bodied area you can associate with others! And they additionally go to tennis contest together.

    This makes it abundant during abandoned biking if you are into tennis!

    Hire A Bike And Bout New York Burghal On Your Own

    Renting a bike is addition one of the best things to do abandoned in New York City.

    You can hire a bike at assorted places. For example, you can do it at Axial Park.

    Besides that, you can use the bike allotment arrangement of the burghal to get a bike as well. The name of this arrangement is Citi Bike.

    Traveling by bike is a lot of fun for abandoned biking in New York City! You can adjudge area to go and back to go there. And you can generally do that in a quick way, which is great!

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    Ride The Seaglass Carousel

    If you like activities that feed your inner child, youll absolutely love the SeaGlass Carousel. For only $5, you can jump on a giant, illuminated fish that swirls its way around the Nautilus-shaped building, amusing people of all ages in the process. The creators of the ride chose the fish design because of the fact that Battery Park was home to the first aquarium in NYC.

    While youre in the area, you can also visit Elis Island, catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, or check out the Irish Hunger Memorial.

    How to get there?

    You can get to the SeaGlass Carousel by bus or subway . The nearest subway stations are the South Ferry Station and Whitehall Street while the nearest bus stations are South Ferry/Terminal and Staten Island.

    Hours: 11 AM- 9 PM

    Entry: $5

    See The City On Two Wheels


    Thanks to the city’s bike share program, Citi Bike, it’s easy to grab a bike for the day and explore. Bikes are situated at docking stations through Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Jersey City, and you can check one out with just a swipe of your credit card. If you want a guided experience, Bike The Big Apple offers small group tours with friendly guides. It’s an excellent choice if you’re going to dig a little deeper into New York City’s neighborhoods.

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    Join A Food Tasting Tour Of Little Italy

    One of the best things to do alone in New York City is doing a food tour of Little Italy.

    This area in New York City is great to visit because of all the Italian venues you find there.

    The highlight of this is the large number of Italian restaurants that you can find there.

    During a 2-hour food tour of Little Italy, you can get to know the food of this area. A local guide takes you to make places in this area where you can sample food. There is pizza, pasta, and much more!

    These tastings are enough to replace your lunch, which is great!

    What’s great as well is that you do this activity with a group of other people.

    That way, you can have food with others. This is great during solo travel in New York City, as you then don’t need to have food on your own. This social aspect makes the tour awesome!

    Where To Eat Alone In Nyc

    Unlike many other cities in the world, it is totally, 110% normal to eat alone in NYC. Yup, people here really do dine solo all the time. So, if you ask for a table for a party of one, nobody will bat an eyelash.

    However, if you feel at all weird about eating alone while you solo travel NYC then you could always try eating in a cafe or sitting at the bar. Both are great options for anyone who is new to eating alone and feels a little awkward about it.

    I also prefer quiet, low-key places when I dine alone so that I can actually hear myself think, embrace the solitude, and fully appreciate the experience Im having.

    Therefore, here are some of my fave places to eat alone in NYC:

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    Discover The Street Art Of Brooklyn During A Tour

    You can find street art at a lot of places in Brooklyn.

    Seeing this is one of the best things to do alone in New York City.

    What’s great is that you can do a Brooklyn street art walking tour.

    During this experience, you see several amazing murals, which is awesome! Besides that, a local guide tells you all about the artists that make this art.

    Another lovely aspect of this activity is that it takes place in small groups. Because of that, it still feels like a personal experience, but you can also socialize, which is fun!

    Spend A Relaxing Day At The Spa

    Do I live ALONE in New York City?!

    New York City has tons of high-quality day spas that offer flat rates for admission. While there are luxurious hotel spas where you can enjoy a pricey massage or facial followed by a flute of champagne, the city also has plenty of more “casual” options, like the authentic Russian Brooklyn Banya and the East Village’s Russian and Turkish Baths. If you head further afield, Spa Castle, in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens, has giant, warm outdoor pools where you can languish for a whole day if you like.

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    Explore The City On Your Own Through A Self

    Another great way to explore the city is by doing it on your own!

    There are so many amazing places in the city that are wonderful to explore on your own.

    You can do this through a self-guided tour. A self-guided tour is definitely one of the best things to do alone in New York City.

    The self-guided tours of NYC by Free Tours by Foot are great! There is a tour of a lot of different places in the city.

    For example, there is a tour where you can discover the High Line. Moreover, there is a tour that goes to Midtown Manhattan. And there is a tour of the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Each tour is awesome! And these tours allow you to stay in control of your explorations of NYC. You can decide on how long to stay everywhere, which is great!

    Youre A Celebrity As In New York Kind Of

    In New York City, you will feel like youre starring in a popular TV show.

    A lot of people visit New York City due to its presence in popular culture. Shows such as Seinfeld, Sex and the City, and Friends all take place in New York City.

    Not gonna lie, even walking around New York City makes me feel like an actress or model, especially if I throw on a pair of oversized designer sunglasses, haha.

    You can even take tours about these shows and go to the exact spots the most memorable scenes were filmed! Pretty cool.

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