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How To Move Furniture In New York City

Beware Of Fraudulent Movers In Nyc

How to Move Apartments In New York City Without Going Insane | C& C

As the number of newcomers to New York constantly grow, so does the number of professional NYC movers. Unfortunately, it also means more scammers. Its quite important to take this matter seriously. And we put it in the calculation of your moving cost New York on purpose. The reason is simple. If you care about the cost of NYC move, you will want to avoid moving companies scams in NY. If you dont, you will be paying a moving price multiplied by several times. Hence, here are some signs of a fraudulent mover:

Any Other Tips To Give To People Moving Here

The city is as overwhelming as you make it. Wherever you are, its about who you spend your time with and what you spend your time doing. Besides work, your pace of life is up to you. Esther & Jacob

I think living in NY is an experience that everyone should have at some point in their life. Its such a great place that caters something for everyone. Its a place youll learn about yourself and push yourself out of your comfort zone Caty & Ted

Come and enjoy everything this city has! It is a place for dreamers and believers to experience the worlds best of anything you love. The key is to keep your head up and trust that things will be ok. Charlene

If you have the interest and the means to move here, do it. When the opportunity came my way I was hesitant at first because I was intimidated by the city and wasnt sure how I like it, but now I am so glad I got over that fear and can honestly say that I love being a New Yorker! Julia

Start building your credit. If youre moving from overseas, apply for a Jasper Mastercard so you can start building your credit in the US right away. Many US credit card companies will not issue a credit card to a new arrival with no local credit history¹, but Jasper Mastercard is different. They evaluate applicants based on other factors like past and current employment, not just your credit score.

Any other questions or tips about living in NYC?

Celebrate Surviving Moving Day In Newyork

Once everything is in your new place and out of the old, join your pals in exploring your new neighborhood in New York City! One of the best things about living in New York is the unique character of each neighborhood. Even if youve only moved a mile or two, youll discover new people, experiences, and food around every corner. Get discovering!

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Can You Work Within These Rules And Timeframes

If you are moving into an apartment building, condo, or co-op, there are very likely rules about when people can move in, what elevators can be used, how things should be protected. You should make your moving company aware of these policies.

“Customers and movers need to be very aware of the building’s rules and restrictions before the actual move…and need to plan accordingly,” says Sharone Ben-Harosh, founder and CEO of FlatRate Moving.

“For example, for a large and complicated move we advise not to move on a Friday or before a holiday as most freight elevators close at 5:00 p.m. and are likely closed during weekends and holidays.”

So if the move isn’t completed by Friday at 5:00 p.m., you may have to wait for following business day to finish, a huge headache for all involved.

And Lastly If You’re Moving To Nyc From Elsewhere Prepare Yourself For The Hunt

move to new york Archives

“Having a good real estate agent, or at least a knowledgeable person to educate and assist you in finding housing, is key, especially if you’re moving to NYC from some other area. Personally, having moved within the city six times , I’d say that hiring a moving company to handle the heavy lifting has made the whole process a lot more tolerable.”Shira Rosenhaft, manager, relocations and referrals, Halstead

“Like moving to any city, do a little research about where you want to live. Take your commute to work and distance to the nearest subway station into account. Contact a real estate agent, like me, to help you find a place. You want someone who is going to listen to your wants, needs, budget, and timeline. If what you’re looking for doesn’t seem realistic, a good agent will help guide your search and expectations. Without an unlimited budget, you may have to do away with the doorman, dishwasher, and laundry in-unit to be in a prime location.”Bailey Gladysz, agent, Triplemint

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How To Move Furniture

NYC is infamous for tiny apartments, a population who mostly do not own vehicles, and walk-up only residential buildings. Moving furniture around that kind of a city can be a nightmare. These conditions make hiring furniture movers that know the ins and outs of how to move furniture in nyc vital. A few tried and true methods make transporting this citys fine furnishings much less of a hassle for us.

  • Use moving blankets

Furniture is too large to be packed inside of a box. In order to add the same kind of cushioning when transporting furniture, furniture movers will instead wrap them in moving blankets, specially designed blankets with a combination of polyester & cotton. These not only help prevent furniture from being damaged by adding cushioning, they also prevent dents, scratches or stains from contact with outside sources.

  • Rent or Buy a Dolly

A dolly is a wheeled platform that furniture can be placed on to be rolled around in flat areas of the home. For moves within elevator buildings, dollys can be used for almost all transportation of furniture items, taking away much of the physical stress of moving bulky furniture. Most furniture movers will provide their own dollys, but they can be rented from most moving supply shops as well.

  • For walk-ups, hire a professional.

To inquire about our furniture moving services

Call for furniture moving in New York

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Call for furniture moving in Los Angeles

Moving To New York City

Here are some of the top neighborhoods to consider in each of the boroughs. Click the links below to learn more about the neighborhoods:

  • Manhattan: Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, Yorkville, Central Harlem, Hudson Heights, Upper East Side, East Village, Times Square
  • Brooklyn: Fort Greene, Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Cobble Hill, Williamsburg
  • The Bronx: Riverdale, Spuyten Duyvil, South Bronx, Mott Haven, Belmont, Norwood, Jerome Park
  • Queens: Long Island City, Astoria, Ridgewood, Flushing, Rockaway Beach
  • Staten Island: St. George, Tompkinsville, New Brighton, West Brighton, Todt Hill, Lighthouse Hill, New Dorp, Midland Beach

Another option to consider is spots across the Hudson in New Jersey. Jersey City and Hoboken, for example offer easy commuter access to all New York has to offer.

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Nyc Moving Flat Rates

Some moving companies would offer you a flat rate fee for your move for some popular destinations. For example your Boston to NYC moving rates can start from about $1200. The price includes loading, transporting and delivery of all belongings.

Finally you are moving, and in case you need more things to know before moving to New York City, check out the rest of our Moving Resources section and dont forget to write a review on your cross country moving company and share your experience.

Can I Donate Any Furniture In Nyc

moving into my new nyc apartment – more furniture building cooking~

There are organizations that only accept specific furniture and others that accept a broad range of items. For instance, J-CAP provides assistance to at-risk groups and accepts bedroom furniture and air conditioners for windows. The websites of many organizations will provide a list of acceptable donations. There may be times when a certain location declines your donation due to damages or because it exceeds a certain weight. This varies from one location to another. However, most organization encourage individuals in NYC to donate furniture that are in good condition.

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Do You Mostly Dine Out Order In Or Cook At Home

We cook at home the most to save up and eat at places we really want to try rather than eating out more often at places that might be mediocre. There are so many delivery services and you can almost always find a promotion for them. Seamless is by far used the most by anyone we know. We tried many of them once with their promotional codes. Overall, we dont use it much unless were at a friends place. We would seamless it more often if we lived in an area with better food. Esther & Jacob

Its not even ordered in. The word is Seamless. Caty & Ted

I dine out for a majority of my meals because there are endless delicious things to eat in NY and frequent new restaurant openings for every craving . When I do cook, it is together with my friends. Charlene

Id say my split is cook at home 70% of the time and dine out 30%, and order Seamless just 2-3 times a month. I love to cook so Ive kept that up since moving, but not as much as I used to. Julia

More: The Ultimate NYC Food Bucket List

Great Reasons For Choosing Flatrate

As an industry-leading moving company, we provide you with one guaranteed price with no hidden fees, based on what you are moving and the distance you’re traveling. We maintain a quote accuracy of over 99% from estimate to final cost.

Our weekly training programs ensures that our NYC movers know the ins and outs of moving. We provide our movers with the tools they need to be the best crews in the industry including top facilities, on site massage services, and daily breakfast meals.

FlatRate is the first moving company that uses top-notch technology to deliver quality service to every NYC mover. With the FlatRate mobile app, you can stay connected throughout your move, create a photo inventory of your items, locate your truck, and review your movers. Customers can also use the app to view items in storage and request delivery.

We have a thorough planning process and an unmatched commitment to timely delivery. With Long Distance moves, we offer guaranteed delivery dates to make sure your move is completed safely and efficiently.

Our 30 years experience as professional NYC movers mean that we know all the local parking rules, traffic patterns, and building regulations in the city, allowing us to deliver superior service every time.

As a high-quality moving company, we only use top-tier blankets and materials to protect your furniture as well as double-layered boxes to provide extra protection and prevent any possible damage to your items.

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Why Should You Hire Us The Cost Of Nyc Relocation With Us Fits Your Moving Budget

Since the moment Big Apple Movers NYC was established, we have worked hard to keep our customers satisfied. In both ways- with the quality moving services we provide, and with the cost of NYC move. We will do our best to make your New York City moving cost fit your planned NY relocation expense. We can do that by making a package of the most important services for you from our basic package. Or we can combine the different services with some you would like to do yourself. No matter what you decide, we are here to make you happy. Conducting your NYC relocation not breaking your moving budget, and keeping the top-quality standards and doing everything as fast as possible. The moving cost NYC hiring us is nothing comparing to what you get!

Finding A Place To Live

moving to new york Archives

The biggest challenge youll face when moving to NYC is finding a place to live. The city is as diverse as it is massive, and if you arent already familiar with the various neighborhoods, its a good idea to start your New York house hunt by getting to know each of the citys five boroughs:

1. Manhattan The smallest, but most expensive borough. Home to NYCs most famous sites, including Times Square, Broadway, Central Park, Chinatown, the Empire State Building, and more.
2. The Bronx Typically offers the cheapest housing, and is less accessible via public transit. Home to the Bronx Zoo and Bronx Museum of the Arts.
3. Brooklyn The largest borough by population. Home to Coney Island, as well as a wide variety of markets, parks, restaurants, and more.
4. Queens The largest borough by area, and easily accessible by public transit. Known for its selection of food, music, and art.
5. Staten Island Accessible by ferry, Staten Island offers a more suburban alternative to the bustle of the city. Offers incredible panoramic views of the city skyline, and a close up of the Statue of Liberty.

Once you know where to focus your search, you can get down to business. When youre apartment hunting, ask yourself these questions:

PRO TIP: Once youve narrowed down your choices, check Address Report for information about commute times, nearby parks, noise complaints, and more.

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How Do You Move Large Pieces Of Furniture

Moving large furniture can be done with help from the best movers in your area and careful planning. First, get an idea of how much the furniture weighs and how much each mover can manage. The next step is figuring out the path the furniture will take as it exits its point of origin and makes its way to its new home. Professional movers then use dollies, furniture protectors and personal safety gear for a safe, smooth move.

Move Out During The Off

If you want to reduce moving cost in NYC, you shouldnt move on the last day or try last-minute DIY relocation tips. And definitely, dont move during the season because that may cause extra costs. If you want to save money, then plan your relocation ahead of time and move during the off-season. Sometimes, when its about changing the job, for example, its not possible to plan ahead on time. But if you still have time, take that as an advantage.

When it comes to moving to NYC and reducing relocation costs. Then you should do the first-minute booking of moving services and move during the off-peak season. Usually for a weekday between September and May. The moving companies offer up to 20-30% lower moving rates, which means you will save money!

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Communal Living Is Tricky

This city, especially real estate, is EXPENSIVE. Most young people come here expecting to share an apartment or loft with several other aspiring New Yorkers at the same time. This can be harrowing or awesome depending on how reliable you are with monthly rent and how respectful you are of chores/cleanliness/property . Nothing will ruin your stay faster than being loathed at home. And heads up, prepare yourself for the infamous brokers fees as well.

Bite The Bullet And Hire Real Movers

MOVING TO NYC!!! (furniture arrives setting up the apartment!)

Its the easiest way to move — you likely wont get away with spending less than $400, plus tip. Just keep in mind, most companies require you to submit a detailed inventory or even schedule a call to get an idea of your space and how much theyre moving before giving you a quote. Make sure you check to see that each of the moving companies youre considering are taking sanitary precautions for COVID-19 . Check out Rabbit Movers, Dumbo Moving, Clean Cut Moving, Intense Movers, or Dyno Moving for more info and estimates.

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Dump Your Unwanted Furniture

The most convenient option for getting rid of furniture is dumping it. But dumping furniture correctly and legally and without repercussions in NYC isnt always simple. For example, mattresses and box springs need to be covered with a mattress bag to prevent the spread of bed bugs. Most buildings will have stipulations on getting rid of large trash items. People cant just dump their stuff anywhere NYC building managers specify these larger items have to go in a certain place. Plus, these managers may only permit these items to be disposed of on certain days, to prevent overcrowding whatever area these large items would be placed in for too long. If you dont have enough time to dump your items yourself, a junk removal service like 1-800-GOT-JUNK could be very helpful. These services also offer professional furniture removal, which can be good for bulk items you do not understand what to do with. You might get lucky and find that whoever is supplying your new furniture is willing to dump your old furniture The NYC.govs Sanitation website has great tips for Furniture Disposal. For more information on New Yorks regulations on disposing your furniture, check out their How to Get Rid Of resource.

WHAT TO DO: Ask the supervisor of your apartment building when & where you are allowed to dump your furniture.

How Much Do Movers In New York City Cost

The relocation is much easier conducted with the help of professional movers. But what an average person moving to NYC asks first is: What is the cost of moving in NYC? The fact is that the cost of NYC movers is not too cheap. On the contrary, it is commonly at least a little more expensive than the average for the USA. I mean, there is a difference between the cost for Manhattan movers and the price Brooklyn moving companies charge. But we are talking here about the average cost of NY moving companies. And you certainly should prepare a budget in accordance with the life standard in the Big Apple.

Nevertheless, if you want to save some money on moving cost NYC, you can do that. Do the research about the cost of moving professionals in New York. And you should be able to find the New York moving company costing the affordable amount, but providing you with high-quality moving services. In case you still consider your options, Big Apple Movers NYC cost is among the most affordable in the city offering moving services of top quality!

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