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Where To Fish In New York City

New York City Fishing & Tidal Impacts

Unbelievable Tuna Fishing in New York City

The tides are one of the factors that affect fishing in New York City. As an angler or a fishing enthusiast, you must know the best tidal movement that suits the fish species you want to catch. It is best to fish after a high tide as the water movement makes the fish active and ready to take a bite.

For a complete breakdown of the best times to fish Montauk, please check out this helpful article.

Best Fishing Spots Near New York City New York

When I go fishing I really enjoy having the peace, quiet and some space to myself. It can be stress free when you just go fishing for fun and not have a care in the world. Some the places I looked online and in person near New York City, New York to fish are:

  • Ice Fishing Guide

I first looked online for the best fishing spots to check out near New York City, New York and one of the top google searches was that listed 5 stops which I will share the information with you:

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Want the up-to-the-minute scoop on where the fish are biting and what types of fish you’ll find where in New York? Check out the .

Where to Go Fishing in Fairfield County, CT

Drop a line in one of the largest manmade lakes in the United States . Candlewood Lake, which is surrounded by Brookfield, New Milford, Sherman, New Fairfield, and the city of Danbury, houses a large variety of fish, including small- and largemouth bass, crappie, perch, trout, carp, catfish, and rock bass. If you opt not to release the fish you’ve caught, be sure that you are not in violation of Connecticut’s .

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Shore/ Surf Fishing: Best Times & Seasons

Shore fishing is one of the most common fishing practices in New York City. Many anglers, both amateurs, and professionals visit the shores of NYC to catch their desired fish species. You can also visit the shores in NYC and make a great catch. Surf fishing is available all through the year and seasons.

Louis Valentino Jr Pier

Fall Fly Fishing In New York City

Location: Brooklyn, NYC

Fish Species Available: Bluefish, weakfish, striped bass, flounder

Overview: This is a great place to see the Manhattan skyline, New York Harbor, and the statue of liberty. It has very good pier fishing. Some of the best pier fishing you can find near NYC. Anglers report the best fishing off this pier is from June through September for bluefish and flounder. Cut squid, herring, and crab meat have proven some of the best bottom baits for pier fishermen. You may find some smaller bluefish suspended in the water column here as well. Bigger fish will hold closer to the bottom.

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Best Places To Fish In New York City

NEW YORK CITY The piers and coastlines of New York City offer countless spots to cast a line and even bring home a fresh caught dinner.

Boat captains from Bay Ridge to Bronxville lead fishing trips in the bays and rivers. Park ponds, which enforce a strict catch-and-release policy, invite anglers of all ages to go fish.

Its incredible you can be in a metropolis like this and go fishing, said Jon Fisher, general manager of Urban Angler Fly Shop in the Flatiron District.

Most people dont understand theres lots of fish to be caught.

Roughly 326 species call the city’s waterways home, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation. More migrate through the waters.

Ive been all over the world to fish,” said Tony Gangone, of Midtown and a former executive director of the Fishermens Conservation Association.

“Wherever I go fishing, its just as good as here.

City fishermen say fishing is one of the few Big Apple activities to offer a direct connection to nature, and it requires little investment or travel. Between the required state license and a basic start-up kit, you can get started for less than $40.

Its relaxing, said Sunset Park resident and longtime city angler Tom Maschio, 54, who likes to fish below the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

I like connecting with the energy of the fish. The flash and the flight of hooking a fish. It connects you with their energy.

Fly fishing kits cost between $150 and $200.

Neversink River Smart Trout

The Neversink river is stocked with 5,000 brown trout on a yearly basis. It is both a tailwater and freestone fishery and stays fairly cold all year round. Located in Southeast New York in Sullivan County, it holds brown, brook and rainbow trout. Fish below the dam at the Neversink Reservoir. Its slower moving water that makes for awesome sight fishing.

Quill Gordon, BWO, Slate Drakes and Hendricksons are your best bet for flies. Be sure to use smaller flies ranging from size 18-26. Go ahead and try both nymping and dry fly fishing. Pay close attention to the water surface. Dont throw a dry if you dont see trout feeding. The opposite is true! Let the trout dictate what you throw.

Fly Fishing on the Neversink is tough. Use the maps HERE to find the best places to hook into these educated trout.

This is a classic trout stream, but dont be fooled. Youll need to be on your A game to catch the fish. See what you can do, but be patient and do your best to learn the water. Its best fished in late spring and early summer due to the amount of hatches.

For extremely accurate access points use this link.

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Broad Channel American Park

Location: Broad Channel Queens

Fish Species: striped bass, flounder, sea robin, bluefish

Overview: The use of live bait works well in this area. Try cut squid and cut herring here for flounder and sea robins during the summer months. Sea robins will also grab some curly tail grub soft plastics from time to time. If you want to target bigger gamefish like stripers and bluefish, I recommend moving baits like jigging spoons, large jerkbaits, and swimbaits. These fish will also hammer cut bait and dead whole squids if you can get your hands on them. Hit up local bait shops or fish markets for whole small squid.

Delaware River The Best Fly Fishing River In The East

New York City Fishing – FLUSHING MEADOWS LAKE – Queens Park The WORLDS FAIR NYC NY

The Delaware is similar in fame to the Salmon River. Its widely considered the best trout stream in the Eastern United States. Stretching between New York and Pennsylvania, this river is full of wild trout. Most people break the Delaware into three sections. The first is the West Branch. Its below the Cannonsville Reservoir. Its about 20 miles long and consists of all the water a trout angler dreams about. It has riffles, pools and everything in between. The West Branch also is the most accessible of the three branches.

The East Branch starts below the Pepacton Reservoir. The Beaverkill also flows into this section. Above the Beaverkill is going to be your best fishing. The water is cooler and more calm. Fish are going to hang out here more than the rest of the 32 miles.

The final section is the main stem. This is located in Hancock, New York. This is the hardest portion of the river to access. Its 25 miles long with limited access along Pennsylvania Route #191. All three sections are great with a wide variety of water.

The Delaware is going to hold large Brown and Brook trout.

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New York Fish Species

New York fish species are as diverse as the states waterways. Saltwater, freshwater, brackish water its all here. Below, well highlight some of the most notable fish you can find in different places. Well kick it off with freshwater species before turning our attention to some saltwater monsters.

West Branch Of Delaware River

Divided into two sections by the Cannonsville Reservoir, the West Branch of the Delaware River is an optimal destination for snagging bass, rainbow trout, and brown trout. Upstream, the river is stocked with over 14,000 brown trout. Smallmouth bass and rainbow trout are just two types of fish that can be found in the warm waters of the Delaware.

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Going Fishing In New York City

Urban angling has been around in America as long as there have been cities. It’s time to stop treating it like fishing’s redheaded stepchild.

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A few weeks ago, Kimberly C. Lee tied on a rubber worm and sent a long cast sailing into the lake in her backyard. A pink sunset glittered on the water, and a heron swept by overhead. Lee reeled in the worm. For a moment, all was quiet.

An elderly man driving an electric golf cart puttered up the path behind her and braked. Caught anything? he asked.

Yeaha largemouth bass, Lee said.

Really? he said, eyes wide in amazement.

Before she could continue, the man drove away in his cart. Why so surprised? Lee muttered to herself. Youre the one who works here.

Still, Lee, president of the Manhattan chapter of the Brooklyn Fishing Club, could excuse the intrusion. Her backyard is technically a shared oneNew York Citys Central Parkand the cart driver was an oblivious Park employee. Shes used to the wonder in onlookers eyes. Theres something shocking about pulling a fish from a body of water when its flanked by concrete canyons and hordes of tourists.

I thought, how many of these 9 million people who live here are interested in fishing? Probably a lot, Lucia told me. But how many know about the fishing options? Not a lot.

Saranac River Landlocked Salmon

The Third Annual Great Fish Count in New York City  I AM ...

The Saranac River is located right near the AuSable and is often overlooked. Located near the Adirondacks, its one of the most beautiful rivers on the list. The upper portion of the river has rainbows and browns. It flows from Bloomingdale to Franklin County. Drive along River Road to find the access points. Go ahead and use a traditional trout setup for these.

The lower Saranac has landlocked salmon and steelhead. Its a great spot to hit in the late fall and winter. If youre fishing this section and targeting the salmon or steelhead, be sure to use nothing lighter than a 7-weight rod. Youll need the power.

Go ahead and use BWOs, Caddis and Stoneflies. Also, in mid-summer, the terrestrials will be active so keep a few in your box. Its a great streamer river so dont be afraid to throw some Wooly Buggers and see what you can get to strike.

There are numerous hydroelectric dams along the river so its an interesting mix of warm and cold water. The wide variety of fish also make this river extremely enticing!

Here is the NYD of Environmental Conservation pamphlet on the Saranac.

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Storms & New York City Fishing

The storm can affect fishing in New York City both positively and negatively. Fishing at the wrong time of the storm can bring less success in your fishing adventure, while fishing at the right storm time can bring you more positive effects.

You have to know the storm time that suits your fishing best. Fishing after a storm is advised as most fish species become active after the storm. They are also ready to take the bite, so you should leverage on this time and prepare your fishing gears to make a great catch.

Getting A Fishing License In Ny & Ct

New York State Fishing Licenses

There are two types of licenses for fishing in New York:

Freshwater Anglers: Fishers ages 16 and older need a sporting license for freshwater fishing. Cost for NY residents are $5 for a 1-day fishing license $12 for a 7-day fishing license $25 for an annual fishing license ($5 if youre 70 and older. Lifetime fishing licenses in New York, which are only available to residents, are $380 for children younger than 5 $525 for children ages 5-11 $765 for ages 12-69 and $65 for ages 70 and older.

Saltwater Anglers: Recreational marine fishing licenses are not needed in New York. Instead, those who wish to fish in salt water need to register for free at a Sporting License Issuing Agent.

For frequently asked questions, regularly updated info about fishing conditions, and license fees for nonresidents, visit the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website.

Connecticut Fishing Licenses

For fishing in Connecticut, three different licenses exist depending upon location .

Inland: Purchase an inland license if you’ll be dropping a line in freshwater only. For residents, inland licenses are $14 ages 16-17 $28 ages 18-64 and free for anyone ages 65 and older.

All Waters: This is the one to buy if youll be fishing in both fresh and salt water . For Connecticut residents, all water licenses are $16 ages 16-17 and $32 ages 18-64.

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Where To Fish The Salmon River

There are two fly fishing only areas on the Salmon River. The first is called the Lower Fly Zone. It starts at the Beaverdam Brook and flows downstream to the County 52 Bridge in Altmar. This zone is open from September 15 to May 15. Its an ideal spot for salmon and steelhead. The Upper Fly Zone starts near the Light House Hill Reservoir and goes upstream to the Salmon River Fish Hatchery. This is open from April 1 to November 30.

Here is the Fish Hatchery. Go downstream from here to the Light House Hill Reservoir for the fly fishing only section of the river.

What You Need To Know


In the state of New York, anyone 16 years or older has to have a freshwater fishing license, which you have to keep on you. When freshwater fishing in New York City, youll find that most areas are only catch-and-release, as well as only allowing barbless hooks.

Most spots will also have specific fishing trash cans for you to dispose of fishing line or old hooks.

Check the regulations regularly for any changes and updates to license information, on the .

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Recommended Gear For Fly Fishing On The Salmon River

First of all, the fly fishing only section of the river require that your leader is no longer than 15 feet and the gap in hooks cant exceed a half inch.

As far as rods are concerned, a single handed between a 7 and 10 weight is sufficient. Be sure your reel matches your fly rod. Weight Forward floating line is going to be your best all around option. If possible, carry a sinking tip to allow you to swing streamers through the pools.

Fly choices can be debated all day long. Youre likely targeting larger fish that like to sit in slower moving water. Therefore you want heavier flies that are large and create aggression. Find all of these flies in size 4-8:

  • The Eggstacy egg
  • Wooly Bugger
  • What Fly Fishing Gear To Use On The Beaverkill:

    The Beaverkill is a traditional trout stream. Use anything from a 4 to 6 weight rod. Youll want floating line so youre able to get the full dry fly experience. Using 9 and 12 foot leaders with 5 or 6x tippet is going to hide your identity.

    Blue Winged Olives, Black Caddis Flies, Blue Quills and Mayflies are going to be your best bet. By June, the terrestrial flies will make their way on to the water so pay close attention.

    People love fly fishing New York so the resources are plentiful!

    GUIDE RECOMMENDED TIP: New York weather can be unpredictable, but changes in weather can make all the difference in catch rate. Stay on the water longer by having a light packable rain jacket with you.

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    I Fish Ny Guide To Freshwater Fishing In New York State

    This recently updated guide/map provides in-depth fishing, boating and local information for 158 streams and rivers and 320 lakes, ponds and reservoirs from Montauk to Buffalo. The waters included in the publication were selected by DEC staff as the best fishing locations in New York State. . Be sure to include your name and address.

    Match The Hatch And Join Fly Flishing History At The Beaverkill And Willowemoc Rivers

    Salmon FIshing Downtown In A New York City in 2020 ...

    The birthplace of American fly fishing, this is where it all started. Cairns Pool, Barnhards Pool, Hendricksons Pool. Hardcore fly addicts travel from all country to fish these hallowed waters. Take the skills you learned on the Ramapo and up your etymology game, cause if you want to catch fish, youd better match the hatch. This is about a 2.5 hour drive from NYC.

    Difficulty Level: Intermediate/Advanced

    Equipment: 9 5 Weight Rod, Weight Forward floating line, waders, boots

    Flies: Streamers, nymphs, dry flies

    Fish: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout

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    Booking Charters In New York City

    Booking charters is one of the things you can do to spice up the fun in your fishing trip. It will also provide you with convenience and comfort throughout your fishing trip. Booking charters can also provide you with the needed resources for your fishing activities in New York City.

    You need to book a charter in New York City to help you on your fishing adventure. There are several charter agencies you will find in New York City. Choose your preferred charter agency and create a memorable fishing adventure for yourself.

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