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What Plays Are On Broadway In New York City

List Of The Best Broadway Theatres

Off-Broadway Show Marks A Comeback For Musicals In New York City

Top 10 list: Best Broadway Theatres in New York City. Theatre ranking based on size, history, design and audience experience

There are 46 Broadway theatres in NYC and each one is impressive in its own way. Any one of them could probably be considered the best theatre in any other part of the world, but this is NYC and the standards are high. This article ranks the best Broadway theatres with No.1 being the best and No.10 as the tenth best. The ranking takes into account a number of factors including; the size of the theatre, the design, the history, seat size, comfort, the bar, what kind of shows appear and who the landlord is.

Performances Beginning In October

The Show: Thoughts of a Colored Man

The Premise:;Set over the course of 24 hours in Brooklyn, this daring new play by Keenan Scott II combines slam poetry, spoken word, humor, dance and music to shed a light on the diverse experiences of Black men in America. Through a series of vignettes, the show tackles such subjects as racism, gentrification and sexual identity.

Why You Should Book a Ticket:;The ensemble includes three-time Emmy winner Keith David, 65, who you might recognize from his roles in;Platoon,;Requiem for a Dream;and the OWN TV series;Greenleaf.

The Details:;John Golden Theatre, from Oct. 1

The Show: Dana H.

The Premise:;The risk-taking playwright Lucas Hnath has had two shows on Broadway in the past five seasons:;A Doll’s House, Part 2; and;Hillary and Clinton;. His third, which will be staged in repertory alongside;Is This a Room, is undoubtedly his most experimental. The concept: Hnath’s dramatic collaborator Steve Cosson interviewed Hnath’s mother, Dana Higginbotham, a psychiatric ward chaplain who was kidnapped by an ex-convict, and then acclaimed actress Deirdre O’Connell, 68, dons a headset and lip-syncs to a recording of Dana’s voice as she tells her own story.

Why You Should Book a Ticket:;This incredibly intimate form of documentary theater will scratch an itch for fans of true-crime podcasts.

The Details:;Lyceum Theatre, from Oct. 1

The Show: Caroline, or Change

The Details:;Studio 54, from Oct. 8

The Show: Girl from the North Country

Whats Currently Playing On Broadway

See below to find out what’s playing on Broadwayand when previously opened shows are planning their return. For a list of all Broadway-related COVID-19 updates, please .


Running time: 2 hours and 30 minutes, including intermissionOpened March 20, 2014To purchase tickets, . New Amsterdam Theatre: 214 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036

Running time: 2 hours and 30 minutes minutes, including intermissionOpened November 14, 1996To purchase tickets, . Ambassador Theatre: 219 W 49th St, New York, NY 10019

Chicken & Biscuits

Running time: 100 minutes, no intermissionOpened March 12, 2017To purchase tickets, . Schoenfeld Theatre:;236 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036

To purchase tickets, .St. James Theatre: 246 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036

Running time: 2 hours and 25 minutes, including intermissionOpened April 17, 2019To buy tickets, .Walter Kerr Theatre: 219 W 48th St, New York, NY 10036

Running time: 175 minutes, including intermissionOpened August 6, 2015To purchase tickets, . Richard Rodgers Theatre: 226 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

Is This A RoomTo purchase tickets, . Lyceum Theatre: 149 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036

Lackawanna BluesRunning time: 90 minutes, no intermissionOpens October 7

To purchase tickets, . Nederlander Theatre: 208 W 41st St, New York, NY 10036

Running time: 2 hours and 30 minutes, including intermissionOpened November 13, 1997To purchase tickets, .Minskoff Theatre: 200 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036

Currently Empty Theatres

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What Is To Kill A Mockingbird About

Told through the eyes of 13-year-old Scout, Mockingbird is set in the pre-civil rights era Deep South of the 1930s. When local black man Tom Robinson is accused of raping a white girl, Scout’s lawyer father Atticus Finch takes on the case, determined to try and give Tom a fair trial. With his decision to defend Tom, Atticus finds himself ostracised from the community, and the lives of his family put into danger. As the trial approaches, Atticus must choose whether to buckle under the mounting pressure or to stand his ground and fight for what is right.

Why It Is Great

  • Instead of playing the stereotype that all witches are wicked, this show takes the class movie and gives it a cool twist, a message not to judge people by their look or the first impressions. You will walk out of the theatre, appreciating this evil character more.

  • The music is entertaining and catchy. Some of my favorites are;Defying Gravity,;Popular, Dancing Through Life, and;For Good.

  • The stage is incredibly beautiful and detailed, which creates an immersive experience to make you feel like being part of the show, not to mention the gorgeous costumes, magical lighting, sound design, and choreography.

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What Is The Lehman Trilogy About

Whilst it can be seen as a historical saga about the fortunes and eventual failure of a powerful Jewish immigrant family, or even a searing study/warning about the shifting nature and fragility of the American Dream, The Lehman Trilogy shies away from lecturing the audience, and uses a minimalist style and elegant set design to keep its focus on adroit story-telling. Highlighting three distinct periods from the Lehman’s illustrious lineage, the production begins in Alabama, where the original brothers begin their rapid ascent into the annals of American history. The drama then moves to the 1960s, where a shift in the family dynamic to include a trading division of outsiders causes a rift that leads to an explosive demise that still echoes throughout the present day.

Girl From The North Country

Director: Conor McPherson Why it’s great: Jukebox musicals are typically seen as crowd-pleasing affairs, but that is not Girl from the North Country. Sure, it uses the music of Bob Dylan, but it’s not encouraging any singalongs. Instead, the Irish playwright Conor McPherson, who also directs, uses the folk rock legend’s music to punctuate a tale of sorrow at a boarding house in Depression-era Minnesota. The songs are deep cuts for the most part, though Mare Winningham does deliver a stirring rendition of “Like a Rolling Stone.” It’s a chilly affair with a bleakness that can turn overwhelming.;;

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Broadway Audiences Will Need Proof Of Vaccination And Masks

Children under 12, who cannot be vaccinated, can show a negative test to attend. But the Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall plan to bar them for now.

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By Michael Paulson

Broadways theater owners and operators, citing the ongoing dangers of the coronavirus pandemic, said Friday that they have decided to require that theatergoers be vaccinated against Covid-19 and wear masks in order to attend performances.

The policy, announced just days before the first Broadway play in more than 16 months is to start performances, allows children ineligible for vaccination to attend shows if tested for the virus. Some performing arts venues in New York say they will go even further: the Metropolitan Opera, which hopes to reopen in late September, and Carnegie Hall, which is planning to reopen in October, are not only planning to require vaccinations, but also to bar children under 12 who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated.

The new vaccination requirements for visitors to New Yorks most prominent performing arts venues were imposed as the highly contagious Delta variant has caused Covid-19 cases to rise, leading the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to recommend that vaccinated Americans in virus hot spots resume wearing masks indoors. Several major businesses, local governments and the federal government have recently decided to require their employees to get vaccinated or submit to frequent testing.

Javier C. Hernández contributed reporting.

List Of Broadway Theaters

Broadway shuts down temporarily over COVID-19

Jump to navigationJump to searchBroadway theatreBroadway Theatre Minskoff TheatreBooth TheatreGerald Schoenfeld TheatreBernard B. Jacobs TheatreJohn Golden TheatreManhattanTheater District

There are 41 active Broadway theaters listed by The Broadway League in New York City, as well as nine existing structures that previously hosted Broadway theatre. Beginning with the first large long-term theater in the city, the Park Theatre built in 1798 on Park Row just off Broadway, the definition of what constitutes a Broadway theater has changed multiple times. The current legal definition is based on a 1949 Actors’ Equity agreement with smaller theaters in New York to allow union members to perform, dividing theater spaces in the city into the system of Broadway and Off-Broadway seen today. Current union contracts clearly spell out if a production is “Broadway” or not, but the general rule is that any venue that mostly hosts legitimate theater productions, is generally within Manhattan‘s Theater District, and has a capacity over 500 seats is considered a Broadway theater. Previous to this legal demarcation a Broadway production simply referred to a professional theatrical production performed in a theater in Manhattan, and the theaters that housed them were called Broadway theaters.

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Daniel Craig And Ruth Negga To Star In Macbeth Broadway Adaption

Its official: Broadway is coming back. The 41 storied theaters from Midtown to Lincoln Center have been shuttered since March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Thats 525,600 minutes and some change but, barring unforeseen problems, they will reopen at full, glorious capacity starting Sept. 14.

The shows scheduling announcements are coming fast and furious, so here is a guide to when each play and musical will reopen, and how to snag tickets.

The Origins Of Broadway Theater

While the English theater industry was well established by the time colonists began venturing to the New World, building settlements was rigorous work with little time for entertainment of this scale. No record of an organized theater production in America is available until 1732. On Dec. 6, 1732, a troupe of actors described as Londoners performed George Farquhar’s;The Recruiting Officer;in what was known as the New Theater, a building owned by the governor, Rip Van Dam. Later, the Nassau Street Theater, also owned by Van Dam, would host productions like;Richard III;as well as John Gay’s;The Beggar’s Opera, the first musical production to be performed in New York, in 1750.;Many of the early New York theaters were little more than wooden houses painted red, and though they would serve their purpose as a venue for stage productions, it would not be until the construction of the Park Theater in 1798 that theater venues in New York would resemble those in England.

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David Byrne’s American Utopia Tickets

David Byrne’s American Utopia;is at St. James Theatre from September 17.;David Byrne’s American Utopia;tickets are on sale soon.

David Byrne’s American Utopia;originally landed;on Broadway for a strictly limited engagement at the Hudson Theatre from;October 4, 2019.;

American Utopia is the seventh solo studio album by celebrated singer-songwriter David Byrne, which was released on March 9, 2018, hitting #3 in the US Billboard charts and featuring the single “Everybody’s Coming to My House.” Since the albums release, Byrne has been touring internationally with a show that NME describes as “the most ambitious and impressive live show of all time.” The production, which blurs the lines “between gig and theatre, poetry and dance,” has now found a home on Broadway in the heart of New York City, offering fans a unique evening at the theatre in celebration of not only American Utopia, but also of Byrnes extensive back catalogue of hits.

He is, of course, perhaps best known for his days as the frontman and guitarist of the American new wave band Talking Heads, who were active from 1975 through 1991 and spawned such hits as Psycho Killer, Life During Wartime, and Once in a Lifetime. To theatre fans, however, Byrne is probably most admired for his work on Here Lies Love a disco opera charting the life of former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos, that played to great acclaim at New Yorks Public Theater and Londons National Theatre .

Other Popular Broadway Shows

Tickets for Events and Shows in New York City

In addition to these classics above, there is also a variety of new musicals and revivals of older ones coming to New York broadway theaters, which may not have the hypes, but are equally good and deserve your visit.

  • Ticket Prices: $80 – $400, buy tickets
  • Ages: Recommended for ages 12+. Children under 4 are not permitted in the theater.

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The Tina Turner Musical

The musical Tina shows the exciting life of the world-famous singer Tina Turner, who grew up in Tennessee and then conquered the world. The result is a fascinating musical full of emotions and world hits, which can be seen and experienced on the legendary Broadway, the cradle of the modern musical. ;All fans of Tina Turners music and people who love to be carried away by a gripping storyline on stage will be thrilled by the Tina Turner musical on Broadway in New York.;

In The Tina Turner Musical you will be captivated for almost 3 hours and songs like Private Dancer and Whats love got to do with that are of course not to be missed. At the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in the heart of the Theatre District you can experience this great Broadway show.

List Of Plays And Musicals Set In New York City

This article lists plays and musicals set in New York City.

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Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Nov 16

Get your wands ready! The magic of the wizarding world is back for one night only. The Potterverse is returning to the city for a single, reimagined performance of the Tony-winning Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Nov. 16. Tickets go on sale July 12 and a special fan pre-sale starts July 8.

Its time to believe in magic again! #CursedChildNYC is returning to Broadway as one singular performance! Performances begin at the on Broadway on November 16. Sign up for our newsletter to get first access to tickets:

Lyric Theatre

Broadway Shows Opening Soon

Broadway Targets May 30th Reopening in New York City

Be one of the first people to see an anticipated production by getting tickets to upcoming Broadway shows. Browse our listings of Broadway shows opening soon, and discover plenty of new Broadway shows in NYC. Get your tickets on New York Theatre Guide and secure the best seats before the theatre even opens. Explore future Off-Broadway productions with our Off-Broadway Opening Soon page, or check out all the current musicals or plays running on Broadway this season.

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The Origins Of Broadway

Before “Broadway” became synonymous with the theater industry, it was simply a means of transportation. When Native Americans lived on the island called Mannahatta, their name for Broadway was the Wickquasgeck Trail. The trail naturally stretched the length of Mannahatta, and when Dutch colonists arrived to create New Amsterdam, they began using this thoroughfare, too, calling it;de Heere Straat, or “Gentleman’s Street.” The road stretched from Fort Amsterdam through the settlement to a fortification against the English along what is now Wall Street. When the English took over New Amsterdam, renaming it New York, they renamed Broadway as well.

Performances Beginning In September

The Show: Lackawanna Blues

The Premise:;Playwright Ruben Santiago-Hudson, 64, stars in the Manhattan Theatre Club revival of his 2001 one-man show about his childhood in 1950s Lackawanna, New York, just outside of Buffalo. You may be familiar with the 2005 HBO movie version of the play, starring S. Epatha Merkerson, 68, as his surrogate mother at a neighborhood boardinghouse; she won an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a SAG Award for the role.

Why You Should Book a Ticket:;Santiago-Hudson will be accompanied onstage by Blues Hall of Fame guitarist and Grammy nominee Junior Mack, 61.

The Details:;Samuel J. Friedman Theatre, from Sept. 14

The Show: Six

The Premise:;If you can’t get enough of British history and radio-friendly pop singles, you’ll love this concert-style musical, which recasts the six wives of Henry VIII as contemporary pop divas. Catherine of Aragon, for instance, is inspired by Jennifer Lopez, 52, and Beyoncé, while Anne Boleyn draws on the likes of Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus.

Why You Should Book a Ticket:;The whip-smart lyrics by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss reference everything from dating apps to the Protestant Reformation.

The Details:;Brooks Atkinson Theatre, from Sept. 17

The Show:;Chicken and Biscuits

Why You Should Book a Ticket:;Musical powerhouse Norm Lewis, 58 who played Porgy in;Porgy and Bess;and Javert in;Les Misérables;and was the first Black actor to don the Phantom of the Opera’s mask and cape is making his nonmusical Broadway debut.

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What It Is About

Everyone knows Dorothy Gale, a ten-year girl from Kansas best known for the red slippers and her adventures in the Land of Oz, but none of us knows the history of her emerald green enemy, the Witch of the West, and how she became so wicked, until 2003 when;Wicked;came to Broadway.

With incredible stage sets, music, and dance, the show reveals an untold story of an unlikely but profound friendship between two young women: the blonde and very popular;Glinda;and a misunderstood green girl named;Elphaba. They struggle through opposing personalities and viewpoints, rivalry over the same love-interest, reactions to the;Wizards corrupt government, and, ultimately, Elphabas public fall from grace.

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