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How To Move From New York To California

New York City And New York State: The Perfect Contrast

How to Move Cross Country (NYC to CA)

No matter how you slice it, most people will always assume New York City speaks for the entire state. It is easy to think that what applies to the city is also true across the state. This, however, is not necessarily the case.

For example, you often hear about how much more structured New York is compared to Los Angeles. Everything is where you expect it to be, and navigating through the city is kind of formulaic. On the other end of the spectrum, a lot of folks enjoy the fact that exploring L.A. feels like an adventure. Yet you can still get that adventure in New York, just not in the city!

In fact, New York State offers lots of excitement to contrast the structured city life. Here are a few notable examples:

If you are just about to leave the state and have not experienced anything of the above, consider fixing that. You may not have another opportunity any time soon. However, we should not forget that California does not fall behind with its scenery either!

Where Are The Best Places To Live In California

If youve been dreaming about California, but you know that a vacation to the West Coast doesnt offer nearly enough time to enjoy it, then it may be time to relocate. In addition to a healthy economy, booming job market, gorgeous year-round weather, and ample entertainment, this state also offers lots of charming towns and culturally-rich cities in which to settle down. Consider these six when choosing where to live in the Golden State:

Day 21/2: San Francisco California

Next stop on our New York to Los Angeles road trip is San Francisco. San Fran is one of the west coasts most popular cities, with over 25 million people visiting it each year :O

San Francisco is famous for its golden gate bridge, Alcatraz prison and its steep hill like terrain. Id recommend spending at least two days exploring San Fran, to really get a feel for the city. There is so much to see and do in San Francisco, like catching a famous cable car ride, walking up the world windiest street, Lombard Street or checking out San Frans street art scene. No matter what you choose to do, I promise you will have an amazing time. I know I cant wait for my next visit.

Where to stay in San Fran: HI Hostel San Francisco

Next Destination: California Coast

Travel Duration: 3/6 hours

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How To Make The Move Easier

Regardless of when youre moving or the practice you follow whenever moving, this task will require you to exert time and effort before, during and after the actual move. Youll have to thoroughly clean your old house, make sure that your valuables are transported in the best possible medium and unpack everything to make your new house feel like home. If you want to expedite the process, pay attention to the following tips when youre moving from New York to California:

  • Scout for credible and experienced long-distance movers. Most homeowners do everything on their own whenever theyre moving. They will clear their old home of any clutter and transport their valuables in their own car. Theres nothing really wrong if you still want to follow such practice when moving from New York to California but since these locations are far from each other, hiring long-distance movers might be a better option. Sure, you might be paying for their services, but because of their training and experience, you can guarantee that your upcoming move will become a breeze!
  • Day 2: The California Coastal Route

    Moving from New York to California

    The 23rd day of our US road trip brings us down the scenic California coastline. If you are looking a picture perfect way to drive from San Francisco to Los Angles then this is the route for you!

    There are amazing viewpoints at nearly every corner. This is most definitely a day for the car. Just make sure you get out and take as many pictures as possible. The views from the coastline reminds me of the first scene in the iconic movie Greece.

    Where to camp on the California Coast: Santa Margarita KOA

    Next Destination: Los Angles, California

    Travel Duration: 3.5 hours

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    New York To California Moving Costs

    A move from New York to California is an expensive affairand the cost falls in the range of $3,000 to $7,000 for full-service movers.The smaller the move, the lesser the cost will be. If you look at services suchas PODS or a U-Haul, overall costs could amount to around $4,000 to $5,000.

    The main cause for the expense is the vast distance and ground being covered to move all the way from the east coast to the western corner of the nation. To get an accurate estimate, it is necessary to share the zip code of your current location and the prospective place youre moving into. Keep in mind that it is absolutely necessary to dive into the teeny-weeny bits of your move with the moving company.

    Ask yourself if you need help with packing, loading, unloading, storage or anything else and convey this information to your mover so you have an accurate estimate.

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    Moving from New York to California is no small feat. It is a cross country move! These two states could hardly be farther from each other, both physically and metaphorically. You might be wondering how exactly do you prepare and execute a relocation from one to the other? The correct answer is you dont! Instead, you let us do it for you. Because there is no easier path to a successful relocation than with Movers 101 on your side! We make your relocation from NY to CA an easy and pleasant one through a combination of high-quality moving services provided by experienced moving professionals and affordable prices the likes of which you wont find anywhere else. So give us a call and learn what can we do for you!

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    Lastly A Few More Moving Tips

    Apart from creating a moving plan and sticking to it, here are a few more things you should keep in mind when moving to Los Angeles:

    • In California, you have to register for a new drivers license within 10 days of moving. And, if you have a car, California has air quality standards each car has to meet. so it might be a good idea to take it to a mechanic and make sure it is West Coast-ready before you make the drive.
    • Tell your bank and the;post office youre moving. This way, New York wont hit you with jury duty, and all of your bank statements will be shipped to the right address.
    • Log all of your moving expenses. Come tax time, depending on the reason for your move, your moving expenses might be tax-deductible.

    If after a few years you decide you miss the Big Apple, no worries! We will help you return to the East Coast with the same efficiency and flat rates.

    What Does Moving From Nyc To California Mean

    Moving to California from NYC (Vlog)

    A lot of people are moving from California to New York, and no one even blinks. However, when the relocation is reversed it is a completely different story. You are now probably asking yourself: Why is this? Is it not possible for New Yorkers to be happy in a casual beachfront atmosphere?;Well, the reason why no one questions moving from California to New York is that people from around the globe flock to New York City to pursue their dream.;However, if you are moving to the West Coast, people cant help but ask Why? And this is a question you need to ask yourself. This is a huge move and a really big lifestyle adjustment. So, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. You will want to make sure you start a courageous move with the right moving company.

    This is the ultimate cross-country metropolitan move. When migrating from New York City to California, youre not just making the leap from the Big Apple to the West Coast. It is a whole different feel, a whole different mode of operation, and a whole lot of sunshine. Lets see what does moving from NYC to California actually mean.

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    Take A Fun Route On Your Trip Across The Country

    If youre driving from New York to California, make the most out of the experience, whether you have a passenger or are going solo. There may not be another time in your life when you drive across the country, and youll regret it if you dont take every opportunity available to you. By stopping along the way, youll see parts of the country you may have gone your whole life without experiencing.

    Heres an excellent tip for driving across the country: try only to fill your gas tank in small towns. Gas prices here are usually lower. Plus, youll avoid traffic jams in bigger towns and cities, because youll only have to get off the highway in less populated towns.

    Do The Packing Yourself

    It is very convenient and easy to hire the services of your moving company to pack and unpack your stuff as well. However, if you are on a tight budget, it is also a good idea to forego additional services like packing and unpacking stuff and do it all by yourself.

    Start packing your stuff at least one month in advance so that you dont have to rush and risk forgetting to pack important items. By packing all the boxes yourself, you will be paying less to a professional relocation service.

    You can also save money through packing by stocking up on boxes every time you visit a department store. Some of the best-sized boxes are ones that hold diapers. They are large enough to hold a lot of your stuff but also small enough that they can be carried.

    You can also load up on newspapers which are a good way to pad up your boxes and wrapping your fragile things in. Towels and linens can also be used to wrap items in and keep them secure.

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    While Were Moving Your Stuff Relax And Take The Scenic Route

    Yes, its easier and faster to simply fly from New York to Los Angeles than drive6 hours and 15 minutes compared to 42 hours is no laughing mannerbut thats like reading the first chapter of a novel and jumping ahead to the last. We highly recommend you drive the distance. Yes, you read that right. The US has some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. Its a road trip like no other, and we promise youll never forget it.

    If you decide to take our advice, we further advise you to map out an itinerary before you go. The sky is big and the lands are clear, but you wont find many hotels along the way. Thats not such a bad thing, though, because who really likes the view of a hotel chain while theyre driving?;Airbnbs are the way to go. You wont get a cookie-cutter room, youll get personalized attention, youll likely get a stocked fridge, and, if you have a pet, youll be able to easily bring them along.

    *One last tidbit: Fuel up in small towns. Gas is cheaper, youll avoid the traffic of major cities, and youll get to see more of what makes this country great. Each town is unique and has its own eccentric, loveable culture.

    Cost Of Moving From New York City To California

    How much does it cost to move from New York to California ...

    Moving across the country doesnt mean you have to break the bank. North American works to provide customers with a customizable moving package to fit any budget. The cost of a coast to coast move is dependent upon many variables but the average moving cost from New York City to California with North American is $3,861.58. Many factors play a part in determining the cost such as exact distance of the move, the number of rooms being moved, and additional services such as packing and unpacking. The best way to get an accurate quote is by using our Quote on Demand tool listed above or call today to schedule your free estimate.

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    Dont Worry: With Flatrate You Get A Guaranteed Delivery Date

    While youre exploring or getting to know your city, you wont have to stress about when your belongings are going to arrive. Weve done this trip so many times we know what to expect and when to expect it, which is how we can state with perfect confidence when your possessions will arrive at your new home.

    It wont happen overnight, so make sure you take everything you need while youre waiting. Clothes, shoes, toiletries, important documents, and your favorite pre-bedtime read are just a few things that we recommend.

    Reflect On What You Need

    Moving to California is a huge decision, but its also an opportunity to mix up your life in exciting new ways. Taking a careful inventory of what you own isnt just an excellent way to save money on your moving expenses. It also provides you with the means to reevaluate your priorities. While California is a large state reflecting a lot of different climates, its bound to be notably warmer than life in New York, so you can donate or sell a good portion of your winter wardrobe. But also look at your furniture, appliances, and anything else you might want to reconsider keeping. Do they reflect the future you see for yourself? Just as importantly, could you potentially save money by buying a replacement once you reach California? Taking a minimalist approach can help you more easily integrate into Cali life and leave you with more space to fill your home with things you fall in love with in your new city. Read this article for tips on what to get rid of before your move.

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    Day 1: Devils Tower & Cody Wyoming

    Today is another early rise. Wake up and drive towards the Devils Tower for a closer look. Take one hour to an hour and a half to hike around the monument and snap a few picks.

    After spending the early morning hiking, hop back in the car and head towards Cody, Wyoming. Cody is an old cowboy town otherwise known as the rodeo capital of the world. This day is mostly dedicated to travel and some well-needed rest because guess what?! Cody is the gateway town to YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK one of the highlights of the whole trip. So head to bed early and start getting excited for Yellowstone.

    *The weather changed significantly once we reached Cody, make sure to your review my road trip packing list to ensure you have packed the right things*

    Where to stay in Cody: Cody KOA campsite

    Next Destination: YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK <3

    Travel duration: 1-hour beautiful drive

    Going To War Vs Going To The Country Club

    Californians explain why so many are moving to Texas

    The truth about NYC is that;even on days when you arrive at the station right as the subway is pulling up,;and it’s not raining or snowing, or so hot you can’t breathe,;and a crazy driver doesn’t yell at you out their window for being in their way as you are legally crossing the intersection, it still feels like you just completed basic training bootcamp every single day.

    In LA, everything just always feels so much easier and less of a hassle. The shopping carts fit down the aisles in the supermarket, and if you can’t find a parking spot there’s probably a valet. You get to sit outside all the time at restaurants, and your dog is welcome more often than not. Your pants don’t get wet up to your knees on rainy days, because on the rare occasion it is raining, you’re sitting pretty in your hybrid car. There are reserved seats in all the movie theaters, and none of the floors are sticky.

    A really bad day for me now is having to skip the car wash because it was too crowded and I was in a rush.

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    Tips For Moving Cross Country From Ny To California

    Moving across the country is never a straightforward affair. There are myriad details and logistics to coordinate, all while sticking to a workable relocation budget. Given the complexity of this type of move, several things can go wrong. Here are some tips for planning your move from New York to California that will help you avoid common mistakes, while streamlining the process.

    How Would Moving To California From Nyc Look Like With Professional Movers

    Whilst the majority of short distance moves are quite forgiving when it comes to mistakes, long distance ones need all the attention and attentiveness in order to be of a successful outcome. A professional and reliable moving company will be able to take care of every part of your move in the greatest efficiency and safety. You wont have to worry about looking for movers to pack your belongings, and hiring pool table movers separately. Proper movers will know how to handle everything your relocation carries. They will be meticulous when planning and carrying out every task. No matter what you what to ship, and where you desire to ship it, quality movers will know exactly how to pack, organize and unpack it in a safe and sound manner.

    It ought to be clear right from the get-go how professional the moving company of your choice is. They will be thorough yet professional with their questions, conscientious and efficient with their work, and pleasant and caring when providing service.

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