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What Is A City Pass In New York

All Nyc Sightseeing Passes Listed

New York City® Explorer Pass – Things to Do in NYC on Vacation

Find the most important information on all NYC Passes below. In terms of popularity, the Sightseeing Day Pass, New York Pass, Sightseeing Flex Pass, and Explorer Pass lead the list. Other available passes include CityPass, FreeSyle, Go Select, Turbopass, and C3 Pass. Just because some passes are more popular than others, however, does not necessarily mean that these are the best passes for you, too. Each pass has different strengths and weaknesses.

Per Day Cost Analysis

As you can see, the New York Pass provides a huge amount of value for sightseeing in New York. By checking out just a few attractions a day, you are sure to get your moneys worth. The longer passes build in even more value, allowing you to slow down and see the city at your own pace.

For example, the 4-day pass costs just $57.25 per day. The price of the pass can easily be covered by visiting 2-3 covered attractions or tours per day.

The 10-day pass costs only $33.90 per day. So, enjoying 1-2 attractions or tours per day will provide you with your moneys worth, plus some.

To extract even more value, be sure to buy the pass when it is on sale. The additional savings lowers the per day cost of the pass even more, increasing the value and saving you gobs of money! Follow the link below to find the latest sale.

Save BIG in the Big Apple Save money in NYC with the New York Pass! Visit just 2-3 attractions a day and you could easily save well over $100 per person on regular admission costs. Save more with New York Pass here.

How The New York Pass Works

Simply buy your chosen pass for one flat rate and download your pass instantly on your smartphone using their App . Then scan your pass to enter any of the 100+ attractions.

No cash or tickets are needed. And theres no limit on how many attractions you can visit with your New York Pass.

This tourism pass is the most popular with visitors to New York City because it has the potential to save you A LOT of money. By visiting just three attractions per day, you can save 70% vs. paying at the gate. Visiting two attractions per day can save you nearly 50% off the regular ticket price.

Many of the top-rated attractions in NYC cost $25-$40 per person to visit, which can get pretty expensive for travelers. If youre already planning to visit some of these popular attractions, buying the New York Pass can easily save you 50% to 70% off the regular ticket price. Who wouldnt want to save extra money?

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Most Hunted New York City Pass Promo Code

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New York City Pass Discounts

New York CityPASS

Sightseeing Pass, New York Pass, Go New York Card, CityPASS Compared

In MOST cases, the New York City Pass discounts can help you save money. We review the New York Pass, New York Sightseeing Pass, Go New York and New York CityPASS . Find out the best New York Attractions Pass, if you can buy the New York Pass in New York, how to buy a New York Pass @ Costco and more.

NY Sightseeing Pass

  • Choose 1-10 days or # of Attractions
  • Unlimited Hop On Hop Off Bus
  • Includes 100 tours and attractions
  • Choose 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Days
  • Digital or Physical Pass
  • 30 Days Unlimited or # of Attractions
  • Smartphone, print or physical card
  • Go New York

You can also download the NYC Pass Discounts Comparison for a side by side comparison with attraction prices. Please read the tips below on comparing the passes to help evaluate the right New York City Attractions Passes for you and your family. Hidden marketing behind the each discount pass is revealed and please read the Full Disclosure below.

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Where The New York Citypass Falls Short

Your CityPASS tickets include one or more options that let you choose between two attractions. You dont need to decide upfront what you want to see, which means you can choose when you get there.

I guess this is the only drawback of the New York CityPASS. Some visitors may wish to see both attractions rather than picking one of the two. If you want to see both, many of the option attractions offer exclusive admission discounts for CityPASS holders.

If youre interested in visiting more than just the six attractions included on the CityPASS, then you may want to consider getting the New York Pass instead. This pass includes free access to over 100 NYC attractions and tours.

What Are Current Mask Rules In Nyc

Optional for some areas and required for others.

Most of the places I went in NYC had signs that said Masks are mandatory for unvaccinated people and optional for fully vaccinated individuals, however, I saw about 80%-90% of people wearing masks at all times indoors anyway. There were a few shops and businesses that required them to be worn for entry, but the majority said optional providing you are fully vaccinated.

NYCs official health authority states this for current mask rules:

If you are unvaccinated, you must wear a mask covering:

Whenever you are in a public space, indoors or outdoors, and cannot maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others. Examples include walking on a busy street, shopping in stores, going to the doctor, dining at a restaurant , going to your place of worship, being in a shared office or attending a gathering.

When riding public transportation .

When around someone who is sick, or if you need to leave home while sick.

Once you are fully vaccinated , you do not need to wear a mask outdoors or when gathering with friends and family at home or in other private settings. However, masks are still required:

When riding public transportation .

When in a school or health care setting.

In certain group residential facilities, such as nursing homes and homeless shelters.

When in a store, restaurant or other public space where the owner or operator requires masks.

At work, if required by your employer.

In Conclusion:

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Pick An Attractions Pass

This pass is for the visitors who have already made up their minds to visit certain tourist attractions and tours. You will have a plethora of options to choose from in a set of 3, 5 or more as per your preference. Whats the best part about this pass, you may ask? The answer: you will straightaway save 50% on the retail cost of each attraction.

Furthermore, with convenient flexibility to enjoy you can make the sets as per the attractions that have always lured you. Also, with this pass, you will be successful in saving more if you purchase the pass with more number of hotspots to visit. New York Explorer Pass and Sightseeing Flex Pass are the prevalent pick your attraction passes that let you enjoy the crème de la crème of New York City.

P.S. You will enjoy the fast track entry by skipping the lines at the chosen attractions that will save you a lot of your invaluable time and energy.

Buying And Using The New York Citypass

The New York City Multi-Attraction Explorer Pass

To help you determine if the New York CityPASS is worth buying, we used our experience to put together this guide. In it we answer some frequently asked questions about the New York CityPASS, break down what we spent and saved, and share our review of the New York CityPASS.

We hope this New York CityPASS guide helps you decided if the New York CityPASS is worth buying for your trip.

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Did We Save Money With The New York Citypass

In our experience, the New York CityPASS was worth buying because it did save us a lot of money. We were extra happy to have got it on sale- a good benefit of visiting at the end of January when its low-season.

Since not everyone will be able to buy the pass when its on sale, were going to use the regular price when calculating how much we saved using the CityPASS in New York. Heres a breakdown of what we spent and saved with the New York CityPASS.

New York CityPASS Purchase Price= $126

Empire State Building AM/PM Experience= $54.85 value

American Museum of Natural History= $28.00 value

Top of the Rock Observation Deck= $39.20 value

Circle Line Sightseeing Landmark Cruise= $37.00 value

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum= $33 value

Total Savings: If we were to pay for all those entrance fees, it would have cost us $192.50 each. Subtract the $126 to buy the pass and we saved $66.50 each, or 35% off the regular box office price.

This is a significant amount of savings considering we only used the pass to visit 5 of the 6 possible attractions .

However, it is worth noting that the American Museum of Natural History has a pay-what-you-wish option, so the $23 general admission fee is just a suggestion . Even without the pass, we probably would have paid the full amount anyways, since we dont mind supporting such a fantastic museum.

Differences Of The New York Passes

Weve now introduced to you the different New York passes. Since thats a lot of info to take in all at once, in this section, wed like to concisely show you again the significant differences, as well as the similarities, of all the New York passes.

That way youll get a better impression of which New York pass you should buy and which ones arent worth it for you.

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What New York Passes Are There

In most cities theres only a single City Card. In New York, five of these offers exist. There are actually six really, since one of the passes is available in two very different variations.

That doesnt make it any less difficult, but thats what our New York pass comparison is for.

In the following table, youll find an initial overview of the available passes. Following the table, youll find more detailed information about every pass, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.


Beware of supposed rebate codes for the New York Pass: rebate codes for the New York Pass circulate on some websites that allow you to get a 20% rebate off the pass, for example. This rebate is only on the original price of the pass though. Because the prices on the site are always reduced anyways, sometimes youll pay more with a rebate code than without.

My Reviews About The New York City Attraction Passes

Visiting New York City with the New York Pass (With images ...

Alongside the 3 main passes which are most frequently bought by people looking for an NYC attraction pass, there are 4 others that shouldnt be overlooked. Around 95% of people go for one of the big 3 but in order for you to make an informed decision and save the most money, we have included a quick comparison below.

This way you can pick the one that is most fitting to your needs, which in turn means that you will also be able to save more money.

Best Value

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New York Go Select Pass

The Go Select Pass is also known as New York Go Pass and a customized pass that lets you choose your attractions in advance. The pass offers reduced rates for the attractions. Overall, you can save up to 20% with the Go Select Pass, compared to regular admission fees. Once activated, you have 30 days to complete your New York sightseeing program.

What attractions and tours are included in the Go Select Pass?

The Go Select Pass includes all important attractions and tours in New York and allows you to totally customize your pass. However, you do need to decide what you want to see while booking. Once set, you cant make changes. You can find the full list of included attractions here.

How much does the Go Select Pass cost?

The price of your Go Select Pass is very dependent on the attractions and tours you choose. In general, you will save 10 to 20% with the pass.

Is the Go Select Pass worth it?

No! The Go Select Pass lacks flexibility. Once booked, you cannot change your mind if youd like to visit a different attraction. On top of that, the savings with the Go Select Pass are slimmer compared to other passes, like the Sightseeing Flex Pass or New York Explorer Pass.

Sightseeing Pass Nyc Review

The list of attractions included in the New York Sightseeing Pass is impressive which is why I personally recommend this pass to people who really want to see a lot of attractions during their trip. With over 90+ attractions on the list, the Sightseeing Pass allows you to see all of the most popular attractions in NYC and more.

The pass also one of the only ones to include admission to Edge on its list of attractions, making it especially great for those who want to visit the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. The only attraction it does not include is Top of the Rock. Check out the full list of attractions here.

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What Does The New York Citypass Offer

9 attractions are included in the Citypass, of which you can visit 6.

Three of those are fixed and then for the other three attractions, you have a choice between two options for each:

  • Empire State Building
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Top of the Rock OR Guggenheim Museum
  • The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island OR boat ride with the Circle Line
  • 9/11 Museum OR Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
  • Difference #: Included Attractions

    New York City Pass – Build Your Own New York City Tourist Pass

    The New York passes dont all include the same sights and attractions.

    For most travelers, the most important difference is surely the tickets for the famous lookout points in New York.

    With the Sightseeing Pass, the Empire State Building is missing unfortunately. But it is the only pass containing the One World Trade Center.

    When youd like to see very specific museums or do specific activities, its worth checking beforehand whether these activities are included in each of the New York passes.

    So that you dont have to do the strenuous work of searching for all this information, we show you which attractions are included in which passes in the following table. Alongside the must-sees, weve also included other very popular attractions, so you can get a good overview.

    As you can see, Sightseeing Pass is something like the all-around worry-free package. Really all of the important attractions are included in it and it also offers unlimited use of the Hop-on-Hop-off-Busses at the same time.

    Buy the pass

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    Top Attractions Included On The New York Pass

    The New York Pass provides entry to over 100 of the citys best attractions and tours, including:

    • Empire State Building Observatory: $45.73
    • 9/11 Memorial & Museum: $28
    • and many more

    Editors Note: Do to the continuing coronavirus pandemic, some attractions may be closed or have limited availability at this time. Additionally, some attractions may require reservations.

    Remember, these are just 16 of the top attractions included on the New York Pass. As you can see by their regular entrance fees, they arent cheap. Luckily, entry for each is covered through the New York Pass.

    Our Take On The New York Freestyle Pass

    The New York Freestyle Pass is a really good choice if youd like to use the Hop-on-Hop-off-Busses in New York and want to visit the most important attractions in as short a time as possible.

    The 72 hour ticket for the busses normally costs $84 alone already, which is why its financially worth it in most cases.

    If you dont want to use the busses, the Freestyle Pass isnt the right pass for you though.

    The Freestyle Pass is unfortunately also the only New York pass where you have to exchange your online voucher on site for an actual pass. The office is indeed found centrally in Times Square, but its still not optimal.

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    Passes Based On The Days

    The second group of NYC sightseeing passes is the ones that are focussing on the days you will be able to use them. These passes are the New York Pass and the popular Sightseeing Pass NYC. You can visit as many attractions as you want within the time frame you purchase. This may be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 10 days.

    • There is a time limit. You can use your pass for 10 days in a row max.
    • The number of attractions is unlimited.

    You are not sure yet, which NYC attractions you would want to visit? Head over to the best attractions in New York City that you shouldnt miss when traveling to the Big Apple.

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