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How Much Is A New York Times Crossword Subscription

New York Times Games Subscription

Speeding Through a Saturday Crossword! – 3 September 2022 New York Times Crossword

The New York Times Games subscription gives you access to the sites online games, including favorites like Crosswords, Sudoku, and Word Ladder.


New games are added every month and some of them are updated every day, so theres always something new to play. And with a subscription, youll never have to worry about ads or pay-to-play features.

Alternatives To The New York Times Games Subscription

Its no secret that the New York Times games section can be a bit hit or miss. If youre looking for alternatives to the NYT games subscription, here are a few options.

One option is to check out some of the other online gaming news sites. Gamespot, IGN, and Kotaku are all great places to start. They offer a mix of news, previews, and reviews, and theyre sure to have something for everyone.

Another option is to find a good gaming forum like Infrexa Games and join in on the discussion. There are plenty of forums out there dedicated to gaming, and youre bound to find one that suits your interests. Youll be able to talk about all the latest games, share tips and tricks, and meet other like-minded gamers from all over the world.

Finally, dont forget about YouTube. There are tons of great gaming channels out there, and you can find everything from Lets Plays to game reviews. You might even find some walkthroughs if youre stuck on a particular game. So if youre looking for alternatives to the New York Times games section, be sure to check out some of these other great options.

Readers Try To Predict How Much The New York Times Will Charge For An Online Subscription

Sometime next month, the New York Times will try again to do online what it does offline: Make readers pay. Media pundits are already speculating about whether this experiment will workâthe newspaper abandoned its last attempt at charging readers after two yearsâand the Times itself has released very little information about the plan. About all thats certain is that visitors will get to read a set number of articles for free, and will have to pay a monthly fee for unlimited access . The most prominent newspaper to date with a similar system is probably the Financial Times of London, which allows readers 10 articles a month for free and charges $4.25 per week for unlimited access in the United States.

Question: How much will the Times charge per month for unlimited access to its Web site? Please choose an amount between $5 and $25.

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Houston Chronicle Subscription Deal: 99 For 12 Weeks

The Houston Chronicle has a 12-week digital subscription for 99¢. For more details or to subscribe visit:

This subscription gives you unlimited access to the Houston Chronicle website, eEdition, and app for Apple or Android.

After the introductory period, unless you cancel youll be automatically renewed for $4.99 per week until you cancel. *All subscriptions will automatically renew and your account will be charged at the start of each billing period unless canceled. Subscription rates are subject to change upon renewal. You may contact Houston Chronicle to cancel your subscription at any time.

La Times Subscription Deal: $1 For 6 Months

The New York Times Crossword in Gothic: 06.06.13  OUT

The Los Angeles Times has a one-year digital subscription special for $98, which is 53% off the regular rate. Or get 6 months for $1. For more details or to subscribe visit:

This subscription gives you unlimited access to the LA Times website, eEdition, and app for Apple or Android.

*Terms & Conditions: By accepting this offer you are agreeing to a CONTINUOUS SUBSCRIPTION, which will automatically renew until you cancel by calling 1-213-283-2274, emailing or you can also manage your subscription online at https://membership.latimes.com.

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Does Nyt Offer Home Delivery Of Senior Discount Subscriptions

The New York Times does provide home delivery, but not in all locations. To know about NY Times home delivery in your area, please visit the site.

When you subscribe for Home Delivery, you can get access to articles, podcasts, videos on NYTimes.com and their NYT app as well. You also get access to New York Times Games and NYT Cooking. To connect a home delivery subscription to a digital account, visit myaccount.nytimes.com/link/homedelivery. Also, you can buy a Basic Digital Access Subscription.

How Much Does A Sunday Ny Times Cost

Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy says the big Sunday newspaper still costs the same: $5 in the New York area and $6 in the rest of the country. And the cost of digital subscriptions remains the same. The price of home delivery is up by about 4 percent. Its the newspapers first price increase in more than two years.

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New York Times Games Subscription And Discount

New York Times Games Subscription: Games are a great way to pass the time, but they can also be expensive. If youre looking for a way to save money on your gaming habits, you might consider subscribing to the New York Times Games section.

NY Times Games subscription service launched on March 3rd, 2020, and it currently has a library of over 100 titles.

The subscription also includes a monthly bonus game, which is unlocked for everyone at the same time. You can cancel anytime.

In this article, we will take a look at everything you need to know about the New York Times Games Subscription!

Structure of Contents

Pros And Cons Of The New York Times Games Subscription

Saturday: A Crossword All For Me!? – 10 September 2022 New York Times Crossword

The New York Times Games section is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest in the world of video games. It offers previews, reviews, and articles on all the hottest games out there.

However, there is a subscription fee for this service. Is it worth it? Lets take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Youll always be up-to-date on the high-quality latest games and news.
  • It is ad-free, you will not see any popup or unwanted ad that may distract your focus from the game.
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime when you want.
  • You can access exclusive articles that you cant find anywhere else.


  • There is a monthly subscription fee for the service.

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Wordle Continues To Be Free On The New York Times Website Though

Remember Wordle? The five-letter word-guessing game that had the world revolving around green and yellow squares for months? Youd mistake the simple puzzle app for one that would eventually fade away like most online fads, especially after The New York Times acquired the game. However, while the infatuation has somewhat been toned down, Wordle is still played by many across the globe, and NYT has just made accessing the daily game a little easier.

Wordle is now available to play on the New York Times Crossword app, which may come as good news who already use the app for playing other games. However, free players looking to switch from a desktop/phone browser to the app may want to reconsider. This is because while the New York Times Crossword app is free, users need a subscription to use it.

New York Times V Sullivan

The papers involvement in a 1964 libel case helped bring one of the key United States Supreme Court decisions supporting freedom of the press, New York Times Co. v. Sullivan. In it, the United States Supreme Court established the actual malice standard for press reports about public officials or public figures to be considered defamatory or libelous. The malice standard requires the plaintiff in a defamation or libel case to prove the publisher of the statement knew the statement was false or acted in reckless disregard of its truth or falsity. Because of the high burden of proof on the plaintiff, and difficulty proving malicious intent, such cases by public figures rarely succeed.

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Help Solving The Crossword

The New York Times offers many resources to help Crossword players solve puzzles and get better at solving puzzles:

  • The How to Solve The New York Times Crossword guide includes various ways to tackle a puzzle and includes 13 free Mini puzzles to help you learn each concept.
  • If you are stuck on a Crossword, select the information icon at the top of the puzzle in The Crossword app.
  • Connect with other puzzle solvers in the Comments section of the Wordplay column.
  • Interact with Wordplay on Twitter for encouragement.
  • View a live solve of the Thursday puzzle on the Wordplay Twitter at 1 p.m. EST on most Thursdays.
  • Read the Wordplay FAQ.
  • The New York Times Crossword Puzzle increases in difficulty from Monday to Saturday.
  • The Sunday puzzle is approximately on the same difficulty level as the Wednesday or Thursday puzzle, and is larger than other daily puzzles.

Crossword Solutions

On the web version of Crossword, when a player solves the puzzle correctly, music will play and a congratulatory message will appear on the screen. However, if the board is completely filled in but you dont receive a message, this means there is at least one incorrectly filled square.

If you are stuck on a word, there are helpful tools at the top of the puzzle that you can use to check or reveal a square, an answer, or the entire puzzle.

To access these tools in The Crossword app, select the life raft icon at the top of the puzzle.

Accusations Of Liberal Bias

The New York Times Crossword in Gothic: 07.16.13  Pros and Cons

In mid-2004, the newspapers then-public editor Daniel Okrent, wrote an opinion piece in which he said that The New York Times did have a liberal bias in news coverage of certain social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. He stated that this bias reflected the papers cosmopolitanism, which arose naturally from its roots as a hometown paper of New York City, writing that the coverage of the Timess Arts & Leisure Culture and the Sunday Times Magazine trend to the left.

If youre examining the papers coverage of these subjects from a perspective that is neither urban nor Northeastern nor culturally seen-it-all if you are among the groups The Times treats as strange objects to be examined on a laboratory slide if your value system wouldnt wear well on a composite New York Times journalist, then a walk through this paper can make you feel youre traveling in a strange and forbidding world.

Times public editor Arthur Brisbane wrote in 2012:

When The Times covers a national presidential campaign, I have found that the lead editors and reporters are disciplined about enforcing fairness and balance, and usually succeed in doing so. Across the papers many departments, though, so many share a kind of political and cultural progressivism for lack of a better term that this worldview virtually bleeds through the fabric of The Times.

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Use The Nytclean Bookmarklet

Another way to beat the system involves utilizing the NYTClean bookmarklet. Sure, it will require an extra click for every article, but youll accomplish your ultimate goal of reading the New York Times for free online. To get started, point your browser to this page on the Euri.ca Blog and then click and hold on the NYTClean link located in the middle of the page and drag it to your bookmarks toolbar. Anytime you hit a page on the NY Times website asking you to cough up some cash to continue reading, simply hit the NYTClean bookmark in your toolbar. Magically, it works and youre redirected to a free version of the article.

The New York Times Launches The Android App For Crosswords

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    As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Anyone can read what you share.

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By Deb Amlen

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2016 The New York Times is happy to announce the launch of The New York Times Crossword app for Android users, .

The daily Mini Crossword Puzzle is available for free in The New York Times Crossword apps for Android and iOS.

An annual subscription the the Crossword costs $39.95 per year and a monthly is $6.95 per month. New York Times digital and home delivery subscribers get a 50 percent discount on Crossword subscriptions.

And, as always, The New York Times also offers a Crossword app for iOS available to download on the App Store.

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Wall Street Journal Subscription Deal: $48 For 1 Year

The Wall Street Journal has a great digital subscription deal from time to time: $4 per month, good for up to one year.

This deal comes and goes if you do not see it, you might try again later. At times it is raised to $8 per month. For more details or to subscribe visit:

A digital subscription gives you unlimited access to the Wall Street Journal website, eEdition, and app for Apple or Android.

Also available during special sale times is a bundle of the Wall Street Journal, Barrons and MarkeWatch digital editions for $6 a month for your first year.

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Sf Chronicle 99 Cents For 26 Weeks

Friday: There’s a Game in My Crossword! – 9 September 2022 New York Times Crossword

The San Francisco Chronicle has a 26-week digital subscription for $0.99. For more details or to subscribe visit:

After the trial period youll be renewed at $4.99 per week.

This subscription gives you unlimited access to the SF Chronicle website, eEdition, and app for Apple or Android.

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New York Times Cooking Subscription

If you have an All Access NY Times digital subscription, the NY Times Cooking Section is available to you at no extra charge. Otherwise, you can purchase it separately for $5 a month or $40 a year.

NOTE: A few times a year, The NY Times Cooking Subscription goes on sale for $2.50 / month or $30 / Year. To find out if you do have access, visit the Cooking Section at:

Barrons Subscription Deal: $52 For 1 Year

New subscribers can get the Barrons digital edition for $1 per week for up to two years during the Barrons New Years special. For more details or to subscribe. visit:

Get one year for $52 or two years for $100 . This subscription gives you unlimited access to the Barrons website and app for Apple or Android.

*Introductory pricing is only available to households or customers at a business address who have not been subscribers to Barrons within the last 180 days.

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Price Of Sunday New York Times At A Newsstand

Ive googled and can only find outdated data from 2012. How much is it today. Also what hours do those stands operate?


Great question, and I was embarrassed that I didnt know!

Youre correct, it wasnt easy to find the prices on line. Took several searches. I finally found a pdf scan of the front page of last Sundays paper, I blew it up and can see that its $6.00

And I would imagine the stand times vary, depending on the requirements of the owner

You can generally buy the Sunday paper on Sat. night.

Sorry, yes, stand times vary depending on where they are. Some stands will have the NY Times on Saturday night.

There was a time decades aqo when the Sunday NYT was a massive publication, perhaps 5 inches thick folded in half, with special department store advertising magazines, etc. Of course, everything has changed and many of the department stores have disappeared. In this period there was a cartoon of a man emerging from his apartment to pick up his Sunday NYT using a small fork lift truck.

Plenty of newsstands are open 24/7.

Thanks Risa I was going bonkers trying to find it. Good to know my jet lagged odd hours wont be that odd in NY!

The last time I was in NYC, I had a really hard time finding a hard copy of the Times & I was at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square. I ended up downloading it onto my Kindle which cost me less but I prefer reading in hard copy

Duane Reade usually has the Sunday Times, but go early to get it.

New York City

How To Get New York Times Senior Discount A Complete Step

The New York Times Crossword in Gothic: 08.11.13  AH...!

The New York Times senior discount can easily be availed if you are already a subscriber to the newspaper. If you subscribe, then you get to read the esteemed daily for just $0.25 per week. This subscription comes not just for senior citizens, but for others as well. You also get a bonus allowing free access to the New York Times apps and numerous other discounts. The icing on the cake goes to the bonus of a 1+ Bonus with the New York Times for senior citizens.

There are many other ways of saving with the New York Times. You can save on money with promo codes that you can get while shopping for the newspaper. For this, you will have to visit its Promo Code Page so that you can easily save on more money.

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