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Which New York Pass Is Best

Nyc Sightseeing Flex Pass

The New York Pass – Top Attractions in NYC

The NYC Sightseeing FLEX Pass can be used as a pass to visit 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, or 12 attractions from a list of over 100. It is a great option for visitors to NYC who are looking to spend non-consecutive days sightseeing in NYC. The NYC Sightseeing Pass is a great option if you are interested in visiting Edge or taking the Hop-On Hop-Off buses.

The NYC Sightseeing Pass also gives you a large amount of flexibility due to the fact that you do not need to decide on which attractions to visit beforehand. Just show your Sightseeing Pass at the first included attraction you want to visit.

  • Valid for 30 days after first use
  • Pick from over 100 NYC attractions
  • Visit 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 or 12 Attractions
  • 72-hour Hop-On Hop-Off bus ticket counts as only 1 attraction

Is the New York Sightseeing FLEX Pass worth it?

How to use the NYC Sightseeing FLEX Pass?

The NYC Sightseeing Flex Pass is super simple to use. Once you have purchased the pass you will receive an email with a QR code , which you can then scan at attractions to gain free entry.

Does the NY Sightseeing FLEX Pass include the NY Sightseeing Bus Tours?

Yes! The NYC Sightseeing Flex Pass includes the Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tours which count as just one choice and are valid for 72 hours.

New York Pass Quick Review

In a hurry? Here are the broad strokes.

The New York City Pass is a GOOD deal if:

  • You want to see a lot and you dont mind packing your day with activities.
  • Youre only in NYC for a few days.
  • Youre a first-time visitor.
  • Youre already planning on visiting most of the expensive attractions.
  • You want to use the Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour.
  • You want to skip the ticket lines at multiple attractions.

The New York City Pass is NOT A GOOD deal if:

  • Youre on a super tight budget.
  • You only want to see a few paid attractions.
  • Youre in NYC for an extended period of time so you can spread out the sightseeing.
  • You have a valid student ID many museums have student prices but youll want to double-check.

What New York Passes Are There

In most cities theres only a single City Card. In New York, five of these offers exist. There are actually six really, since one of the passes is available in two very different variations.

That doesnt make it any less difficult, but thats what our New York pass comparison is for.

In the following table, youll find an initial overview of the available passes. Following the table, youll find more detailed information about every pass, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.


Beware of supposed rebate codes for the New York Pass: rebate codes for the New York Pass circulate on some websites that allow you to get a 20% rebate off the pass, for example. This rebate is only on the original price of the pass though. Because the prices on the site are always reduced anyways, sometimes youll pay more with a rebate code than without.

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What Are The Top Attractions In New York City

According to TripAdvisor, here are the top 10 attractions that you must see in New York City:

  • The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Central Park
  • The High Line
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • The good news is that 5 of the top 10 attractions in New York City are free to do. YAY!

    The bad news is that the combined cost of visiting the top 5 paid attractions in New York City comes to a whopping $183.89 per person. Ouch!

    But since ALL these attractions are worth visiting, lets find the cheapest way to see them so you can make the most of your trip to New York City.

    Lets Do The Math Is The New York Pass Worth The Money

    New York City Passes

    Obviously, there are hundreds of combinations when it comes to choosing what attractions to visit. However, were going to list out the most popular but youll have to do some of your own planning based on what interests you.

    Note: You get to skip the lines at most attractions which is certainly a bonus.

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    Where The New York Pass Falls Short

    Ill be honest, its pretty hard to come up with a bunch of disadvantages to the New York Pass. I think its one of the best sightseeing passes available in any city. But there is one glaring omission I have to mention.

    Unlike some of my other favorite sightseeing passes, like the Paris Passand the Vatican & Rome Card, the New York Pass does not have an option for using the public transportation system.

    In my opinion, using the subway and bus system is the best way to get around NYC. Sure, taxi rides are faster, but they can cost a fortune. While you can certainly purchase your own MetroCard here, adding a transportation option would be a nice addition to this pass.

    Another thing some may find disappointing is that the New York Pass does not include access to the pedestal or crown at the Statue of Liberty. But trust me, when it comes to the crown, you arent missing anything.

    I spent about 4 hours climbing stairs inside the statue to reach the crown. It wasnt worth it. In fact, the view is far better from the observation deck although tickets for the observation deck on the pedestal are no longer included either.

    With that said, if youve got your heart set visiting the crown or the pedestal, youll need join the waiting list and purchase your tickets separately.

    How The New York Pass Works

    Simply buy your chosen pass for one flat rate and download your pass instantly on your smartphone using their App . Then scan your pass to enter any of the 100+ attractions.

    No cash or tickets are needed. And theres no limit on how many attractions you can visit with your New York Pass.

    This tourism pass is the most popular with visitors to New York City because it has the potential to save you A LOT of money. By visiting just three attractions per day, you can save 70% vs. paying at the gate. Visiting two attractions per day can save you nearly 50% off the regular ticket price.

    Many of the top-rated attractions in NYC cost $25-$40 per person to visit, which can get pretty expensive for travelers. If youre already planning to visit some of these popular attractions, buying the New York Pass can easily save you 50% to 70% off the regular ticket price. Who wouldnt want to save extra money?

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    Traveller #: Calmly See The Most Important Sights

    We like to see all of the important attractions in a city, but we dont like to do it in a rush.

    We also sometimes enjoy just wandering through the streets and neighborhoods of a city, instead of rushing from one attraction to the next. Just the same, we of course want to see the major highlights.

    So we would rather distribute the attractions mentioned above across a longer time period, for example, 5 or 7 days.

    For this scenario, weve also created two tables in which we show you which pass is the best solution for you then.

    Savings without Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus and bike rental:

    Note: the Freestyle Pass is always good for only 3 days. We therefore havent included it in these two tables.

    With the unhurried options, the savings arent so huge, like with the fully packed 3 day itinerary. The Citypass, the Sightseeing Flex Pass and the Explorer Pass are very close to one another here.

    Buy the pass

    Savings with Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus and bike rental:

    Note: besides the Freestyle Pass, the Citypass isnt taken into account in this table, since it doesnt include busses or bicycles.

    Because the Hop-on-Hop-off-Tours and bike rentals are relatively expensive, the savings are higher again. The Sightseeing Flex Pass or the Explorer Pass are once again the most lucrative here.

    With both passes, you can save between 59 and 84 dollars and can use the Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus for two days. You could, for example, ride through Manhattan one day and along the Brooklyn route on another day.

    Buy the pass

    How Does The New York Attraction Passes Work

    New York Passes America’s Best Paid Family Leave Law

    The New York Sightseeing passes work like a discount card where you get to buy one ticket instead of a lot of single ones. By doing so, youll save a lot of money in comparison to buying every single ticket on each own.

    When heading to the attraction, have your New York Pass ready and present it to the ticket counter. You will receive a ticket in exchange.

    There are two groups of New York Passes

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    The Great New York Pass Comparison: Which Pass Should You Get

    The search for the right New York pass is really not so easy. In total, there are five different passes that can help save you time and money. Well show you the advantages and disadvantages of each provider and tell you which pass is the best for you.

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    When you start with the planning of your New York trip, youll quickly come across the many offerings for New York passes.

    With these passes, you can save some time and money, which is why its worth taking a closer look here.

    Well answer these questions in this article.

    Featured Deal: Save 20% Extra Per Person

    The New York Sightseeing Pass is one of the best deals you can find out there! If you want to visit NYC attractions on a budget, look no further. The pass allows you to visit as many NYC attractions as you want for a daily flat rate, giving you the opportunity to explore freely without having to worry about the costs of individual attractions!

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    Final Thoughts: New York Pass Review

    Overall, I think the New York Pass can be a really good deal for travelers.

    Its especially good for first-time visitors to New York, families with kids, and people who love doing sightseeing/tourist activities. The New York Pass is a great way to see some of the best attractions the city has to offer while saving a ton of money.

    I hope you found this New York Pass review helpful!

    Usa Sightseeing Pass 11+ Us Cities

    New York Pass Vergleich 2021: TOP aktuell

    The USA Sighteeing Pass is a great deal for those traveling through America on their trip. You get to see the top New York City attractions and also save on the best of Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Miami , New Orleans, Orlando, Los Angeles, Key West, Nashville, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Puerto Rico. Choose from over 300 Attractions in 12 USA destinations over 30 days.

    Back to Topof NYC Attractions Passes

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    Important Advice: Start Early And Plan Ahead

    Once in a while Ill get a message from someone who bought the New York Pass and didnt feel like it was good value. Ive noticed that these unfortunate visitors tend to make two major mistakes, and if you can avoid them you should be very happy with your purchase.

    1. Start early in the day, around 9am if possible

    Believe it or not, even New York Citys top attractions tend to be somewhat uncrowded in the morning, so getting an early start is essential. If you can leave your hotel by around 9am youll have time for two popular attractions before lunch, and then time for two or three more before dinner. Youll still have the whole evening open for dinner and other fun, or you can visit the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock observation decks for amazing views. But if you dont get out until almost noon, youll feel rushed and behind schedule all day because every place you go will be crowded.

    2. Plan your route ahead of time

    Many of NYCs top attractions are clustered together, so if you plan ahead you can see a few things in a short time on foot. The New York Pass comes with a free and handy smart phone app , and it has all the included attractions on one map, with the hours and description for each just one click away. If you plan your route before you leave in the morning you can see a lot, but if you only plan one thing at a time youll quickly get frustrated.

    New York Pass Review: Is It Worth The Price

    New York City is known for several things to experience and various monuments to see.

    NYC is expensive and every museum or attractions cost anywhere between $18 to $35.

    If you visit two to three places in a day, it can cost you $75+ straightaway. Exploring the free sights is equally exciting and fun but if you want to check out every nook and corner of the city, you need to think of a better way to travel.

    First and foremost, the pass is for those who are keen on exploring the top attractions, taking the guided tour or using the hop-on-hop-off bus.

    If you have already been to the attractions and are not interested in visiting them again, the pass is not for you. It is an ideal solution for a first-time visitor who wants to explore everything possible in the time they have.

    The New York Pass can help you see the best of the city. However, is the pass a good deal or is it a waste of your money?

    The answer depends on how you like to travel. There are some people who managed to save a lot of money with the pass while many others think it is too restrictive.

    Here is my New York Pass Review.

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    Whats Included In The New York Pass

    The New York Pass includes over 100 different attractions

    Here are just a few of the best attractions you get access to with the New York Pass. Ive included the cost of admission if you were to purchase tickets for each attraction individually so you can get an idea of how much you would save with the New York Pass.

    Passes Based On Attractions

    “There’s Plenty To Like” | Best Pass Rushers In The 2022 NFL Draft | The New York Jets | NFL

    Group one forms out of the New York attraction passes that are based on the attractions you can visit with the pass. Those are the Sightseeing Flex Pass, CityPASS, Explorer Pass . These passes exist for either 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 12 attractions. This is the amount of NYC attractions you will be able to visit with the pass within 30 days of time.

    • There is a limit of attractions you can visit. Its up to 12 attractions only.
    • You are very flexible when it comes to time. You have 30 days to visit the attractions.

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    What Does The New York Citypass Offer

    9 attractions are included in the Citypass, of which you can visit 6.

    Three of those are fixed and then for the other three attractions, you have a choice between two options for each:

  • Empire State Building
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Top of the Rock OR Guggenheim Museum
  • The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island OR boat ride with the Circle Line
  • 9/11 Museum OR Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
  • What Is The New York Citypass

    The New York CityPASS allows you to save money on admissions to New Yorks main attractions. In fact, with the CityPASS, you can save up to 44% on entry tickets. The City Pass NYC is valid for 9 consecutive days following the first day of use, meaning you can visit the 6 attractions at your own leisure. You do not need to nail down your attraction choices beforehand. Instead, you can choose your next spot as you go!

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    New York Pass Verdict

    • FREE entry to top 90 attractions
    • FREE 130 page
    • Hop-on Hop-off tours including for bus tours plus 50 + Hop-on Hop-off steps
    • Fast Tracks entry at the busiest New York attractions
    • Has Discounts on a variety of restaurants, shops and other attractions that are not included in the Pass
    • Saves up to 50%
    • Has a free pocket guide available in 5 languages
    • Its flexible and convenient
    • One World Sightseeing New York Twilight & Sunset Cruise
    • Top of the Rock Observation Deck
    • Gray Line City Sightseeing Double Decker Tour
    • Reply’s Believe it or Not
    • Radio City Music Hall Stage

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