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St Patrick’s Nursing Home Bronx

Certification Survey Dated 9/23/2019 At St Patricks Home

Wake for NYPD Officer Rivera being held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

For one resident during this inspection survey, the facility determined that he had a serious mental illness upon admission but that was not reflected in the residents Minimum Data Set. When questioned, the MDS Coordinator states that he did not believe documentation had to be completed because such documents are only included in a residents MDS if there has been a significant change during the residents stay. Upon review, the MDS Coordinator conceded that the residents MDS had been coded incorrectly and that he would modify it.

The facility was also cited for restraining the same resident in a chair with a table in front of it, which prevented her from rising out of the chair. The staff stated that the resident would become agitated, scream and yell and slide down in the chair, and attempt to get out of the chair if not monitored. The Attending Physician stated that he was aware a table had been used to keep her from falling but did not consider it a use of a restraint.

In addition, staff criminal records were not kept confidential as one file contained a Conviction Report for a staff member in the personnel files.

In another residents case, he did not receive proper notification prior to being discharged. Notice of Medicaid Non-Coverage was provided prior to his discharge but no evidence of an ABN Form CMS was provided to the resident. The Residential Personal Accounts staff member was not aware that this form had to be provided to the resident.

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What Goes Into The Nursing Home’s 5

CMS has put a lot of effort into creating its very elaborate 5-Star Quality Rating System specifically to provide a quick way for residents and family members to easily understand how well a nursing home is performing and to make comparing nursing homes easier. The rating system allows people to easily compare facilities across numerous dimensions with the express purpose of identifying the best and best performing nursing homes. The rating system was initially developed in 2008 and the methodologies are regularly reviewed and updated.

The rating system has five separate ratings including:

  • RN Staffing rating
  • Quality Measures rating

Nursing homes are rated from 1-star to 5-stars with 1-star being the best rating and 5-star being the best rating. For the Health Inspection Rating the nursing homes in each state are ranked based on their weighted three year inspection score. The top 10 percent of nursing homes are awarded a 5-star rating the bottom 20 percent are awarded a 1-star rating. In between 1-star and 5-star, the remaining homes are divided equally into three tranches which correspond with the stars 2 to 4. The staff ratings and quality measure ratings follow a similar process but the divisions are based on a national ranking. The division between star ratings is called the âcut-rateâ. Cut-rates are redefined periodically and are published by CMS. See the latest cut rates on this table.

  • Begin with the Health Inspection Rating
  • About St Patrick’s Home

    Skilled Nursing Community Bronx NY

    St. Patrick’s Home is a 264 bed senior community located within the Bedford Park area of Bronx, New York. The facility is in a largely middle income area, with an average per-household income of $52,302. It is heavily populated, with about 69,000 residents in the zip code of 10463. Located nearby are retail shopping, churches, healthcare facilities, and other local conveniences. They’re located just 0.44 miles from North Central Bronx Hospital. There are dozens of drugstores within 1 mile of the facility. There are also many churches within 4 miles, including Panush C, Church of the Visitation, St Ann’s Church, and Bethel United Methodist Church.

    St. Patrick’s Home can provide many senior housing options, including Alzheimer’s care, assisted living, and nursing home care. The facility is a good option for those at any stage of dementia or memory loss who need assistance with common activities and monitoring to prevent wandering. Also, they can accommodate residents who are able to move around on their own but may require support with completing common tasks like personal hygiene, meal preparation, and house keeping. In addition, they can service those who are severely ill and require assistance with daily activities and who must have regular access to health care services.

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    Availability For St Patricks Home

    Nursing home facilities that receive funding from Medicaid & Medicare typically update their total beds available and residents currently occupying those beds. This information may not be up to date, and a nursing home does not have to give a bed to a Medicaid patient even if it is available. According to the website, St Patricks Home has 264 beds that are certified for either Medicare or Medicaid. The website also shares that there are currently 234 residents on Medicare or Medicaid. These numbers are not always kept up to date and you should check with St Patricks Home for accurate information.

    Show More

    Certification/complaint Survey Dated 2/28/2018 At St Patricks Home In The Bronx

    This inspection survey noted that doors to the soiled linen room in the basement and the door to the gift shop lacked latching devices that would keep the doors closed in their frames. Fire extinguishers were observed to be situated six feet above the floor instead of the five foot maximum, some areas of the facility lacked sprinkler coverage, and some sprinklers lacked cover plates.

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    About St Patricks Home

    Welcome to St Patricks Home, a large nursing home in Bronx, NY. St Patricks Home is located at 66 Van Cortlandt Park South, and offers 24/7 skilled medical care for older adults.

    We know that price is an important factor in choosing a skilled nursing home. Pricing can be complex, and Seniorly has resources to help families work through how to pay for skilled nursing services. To see how prices for senior living in Bronx vary by floor plan and care type, use Seniorlys Cost of Care Calculator.

    If youre assessing whether a nursing home or skilled nursing community is right for you, Seniorly Gerontologists have created a Care Needs Calculator to support families in their search for the right type of community. St Patricks Home nursing home residents receive 24-hour medical care, including administration of intravenous therapy, injections, wound care, catheter placement, and general medical treatment and monitoring. This is in addition to helping with patients’ activities of daily living . Many nursing homes also offer care services like physical therapy, occupational therapy, or even speech or respiratory therapy to help prepare short-term residents for their next step.

    Review Of St Patricks Home Ratings And Inspection Scores

    Funeral for NYPD Detective Wilbert Mora at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

    CMS regularly inspects every skilled nursing facility. The results of the multi-day inspection is reduced to a series of scores which are then translated into the star ratings. The health inspection scores are an absolute value, so you can compare one facility’s score directly to another. The Overall Star rating is based on the facility’s performance as compared to other facilities in the same state, so you cannot easily compare one facility’s Overall star rating to a facility in another state.


    It has been 25 months since the most recent inspection.

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    Minimizes Urinary Tract Infections

    In St Patricks Home, 2.08% of Patients had UTIs

    This indicates the percent of residents that sustained a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections are considered to be a measure of nursing care at a nursing home. UTI’s are often caused by a facility with worst hygiene practices. However, this statistic could also be skewed for certain facilities due to different reporting standards for UTI’s.

    Now More Than Ever The Right Care

    After COVID-19, care for the elderly will never be quite the same. The Carmelite Sisters and the Carmelite System are prepared to embrace the changes necessary to move our homes into a future of challenges. We choose to see these changes as potentially transformational rather than a stumbling block. Mother Angeline urged us to meet the needs of the times in our care for the aged and infirm. Her words ring true now more than ever. We pray to her for the faith, determination and vision necessary to move forward while remaining rooted in our mission and values.

    Call today at or use the form on this page to learn more or to schedule a call with our Health Care Navigator.

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    Complaint Survey Dated 11/14/2016 At St Patricks Home For The Aged And Infirm

    The surveyor noted that the facility did not respond to a door alarm and as a result, a resident suffered a fall down the stairs, resulting in multiple fractures, lacerations, and hematomas. The resident had wheeled herself past the stairwell door, and passed through to the stairwell landing. Although it took approximately 10-11 seconds for the door to close, no one saw the resident in the landing. A Certified Nursing Assistant walked in the direction of the stairwell but did not look into the stairwell. A security guard was alerted and he was observed peering into the stairwell but did not open the door to the landing. An aide found the resident lying on the stairwell landing with her wheelchair beside her. She suffered several injuries as a result and the surveyor noted that this was due to the negligence of the facility.

    Owner And Operator Information For St Patricks Home

    St. Patricks Home Honors Centenarians  Bronx Times

    Our database of owners and operators shows all directo owners of the nursing nurse, any managers and directors, and the most adjacent indirect owners of the facility Lists of nursing home owners are available and you can search for nursing home owners and operators on our site.

    Business Entity Name:

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    At St Patrick’s Home We Offer Many Ways To Grow Professionally And Personally

    Our growth as a community cannot be accomplished without your growth as an individual, and thats why St. Patrick’s Home offers benefits and training, including retirement plans to protect your future, professional training opportunities to foster your growth, and insurance coverage options to provide answers for the what-ifs.

    Join A Team That Makes A Difference

    Here at St. Patrick’s Home, high-quality, professional care and compassionate hospitality allow our residents to live with dignity, self-esteem, and inner peace. When you join our community as an employee, you join a team guided by a common purpose and mission: to provide loving, compassionate care to our residents. This is summed up in the Carmelite Sisters’ slogan, “The difference is love,” and their core values of Hospitality, Compassion, Sanctity of Life, and Shared Commitment.

    From wait staff and sales professionals, to nurses and housekeepers, if your ideal job is serving the community and helping others, look no further. Careers at St. Patrick’s Home lead to growth as individuals and creates the ideal work-life balance. To learn more about our job opportunities or volunteer opportunities, inquire below.

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    Facility Information For St Patricks Home

    Below are some of the more important statistics for St Patricks Home in Bronx. For more information you can also visit the website.

    Nursing Home Information

    • Changed Ownership In Last 2 Years

    Safety & Health Information

    • 2.33 staff hours per resident per day
    • 5.00 nurse hours per resident per day

    Other Information

    Legal Issues At St Patricks Nursing Home In The Bronx

    Memorial mass held on 5th anniversary of NYPD Detective Miosotis Familia’s murder

    Given an impressive overall five-star rating, St. Patricks Home offers 264 beds at a large nursing home located at 66 Van Cortlandt Park South, Bronx, NY 10463. The nursing home has received four-star or three-star ratings for all categories and appears on the surface to provide adequate care to its residents.

    However, St. Patricks Home has received 35 complaints in the past three years, which led to 7 on-site inspections and 1 citation related to the facilitys Quality of Care. In addition, the facility has received a total of 24 standard health and life safety code citations in the past three years. While St. Patricks Home has received very high ratings, an examination of the three most recent certification surveys shows that there are significant issues at this particular facility.

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    What Is This Page All About

    Below is everything shred of information that we can find about ST PATRICKS HOME, along with our best effort to make sense of the data. Our purpose here is to help you to make good decisions when picking a nursing home and to keep you informed once you have chosen a home. We know from personal experience that choosing a nursing home is not something you do once and then you forget about it. In fact, it gets worse. Once you select a nursing home and get through the initial steps of figuring out how to pay for it, then the real worries start. Are they taking good care of me or my loved one? This is the question that will keep you up at night: Can I really trust these people? We wish we could answer this question, we can’t. What he can do is churn through the tons of data and try and help you to make sense of it. We hope it helps.

    Reviews For St Patricks Home From Around The Web

    We pull review data from around the web and calculate a review weighted score that takes into account number of reviews, when the reviews were left and the overall score of the reviews. The review data we have for St Patricks Home comes from:

    4.30 average score on other platforms from 14 total reviews

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