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Where Should I Go In New York

Dont Miss Seasonal Attractions

TOP 10 Reasons You SHOULD Move To New York City ? (From A Local)

Hot or cold, sunny or snowyall four seasons bring something different to NYC, and often for free. In fall and winter, youll find fun ways to warm up with draws like pop-up ice-skating rinks, food and holiday markets, the NYC Marathon, indoor train and light shows, Lunar New Year celebrations, restaurant week, and other special citywide discount weeks.

With spring comes mesmerizing botanical garden shows and other colorful events like the Easter Parade. Soon after, the city becomes an open-air wonderland of summer happenings with outdoor film screenings, concerts like SummerStage and Celebrate Brooklyn, NYC Pride, and loads more from sports, to family-fun in local parks, to boating and other recreational outings.

Best Hotel In Williamsburg Hotel Le Jolie

Colourful décor, spacious rooms, and an unbeatable location are just a few of the reasons we love Hotel Le Jolie.

Located in Brooklyn, this hotel is well-connected to the rest of the city, close to landmarks, restaurants, bars and public transit. Each room has a refrigerator, a private bathroom, and entertainment amenities.

What Is The Best Neighborhood To Stay In

The best area to stay in during your trip to New York depends on your interests and your budget. There are far too many interesting neighborhoods in New York to list, but these are a few to get you started. In Manhattan, art lovers will be delighted by all the galleries in Chelsea, while Chinatown is the best bet if cheap, tasty food is your top priority. The bohemian past of Greenwich Village is still evident today, and Harlem is more vibrant than ever. And of course, Midtown is home to most of the things that make you think of New York. Or, if you prefer to stay in one of the other boroughs, youll have plenty more amazing neighborhoods to choose from.

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Places In New York: Syracuse

Syracuse is New Yorks fourth largest city and is located in upstate New York. Visitors can learn about the history of the city, region, and the ingenious Erie Canal at the Erie Canal Museum. The Milton J. Rubinstein Museum of Science is perfect for families and features hands on exhibits and tours.

For outdoor fun, guests can go ice skating at Clinton Square or relax at one of the city parks such as Thornden and Elmwood Parks. Both Onondaga Lake Park and Hiawatha Lake offer opportunities to enjoy activities on and near the water while the nearby Clark Reservation State Park features impressive cliffs, a beautiful lake, and guided nature walks. Things to Do in Syracuse

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Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island

Since we moved to New York a few months ago we have ...

The top spot on this list may not be a surprise, but theres no doubt that both of these attractions are a must when youre in New York.

The Statue of Liberty is the symbol not just of New York but of America. And Ellis Island represents our nation, too after all, almost half of Americans can trace their ancestry back to this one island.

There are many options for viewing the statue from the harbor, but I recommend taking the time to go to Liberty Island to see it up-close. You can visit the Statue of Liberty Museum and climb the pedestal for incredible views. From there, its a quick ferry ride over to Ellis Island to explore the immigration museum and learn more about this gateway to America.

One of the world’s top 3 cultural experiences Tripadvisor

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The Boroughs of New York City: If you have time to tour areas outside of Manhattan, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find. Take a trip on the Staten Island Ferry and discover the sights of Staten Island. Hop on the subway and explore the attractions of Queens. Walk or bike over the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy the numerous attractions in Brooklyn. Lastly, home to the Yankee Stadium and the largest zoo in the United States, it’s worth taking some time to visit the Bronx

Where to Go near New York City: If you want a quick break from New York, have a look at our top day trips from New York City or our best weekend getaways. In summer, you might even want to consider heading out to explore the best beaches on Long Island.

Psaki Cites Reporting That Biden Did Drive Through Border Over 10 Years Ago

President Biden on Thursday said, I guess I should go to the US-Mexico border, but that he hasnt been able to find the time despite spending at least part of 70 days in office collecting some R& R at one of his Delaware homes.

Biden said during a CNN town hall that hes been to the border before, a claim for which Fox News recently reported it was unable to find evidence, and that he might go again.

Ive been there before and I havent I mean, I know it well. I guess I should go down. But the whole point of it is I havent had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down, he said.

Ive been spending time going around looking at $900 billion worth of damage done by hurricanes and floods and weather and traveling around the world. But I plan on now my wife Jill has been down. Shes been on both sides of the river, shes seen the circumstances there, shes looked into those places.

Its unclear when Biden, who is a former senator and vice president, may have visited the border in the past and he gave no indication of timing.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki last month was asked at a press briefing for information on whether Biden had ever visited the border. She said, I will have to look back in my history books and check the times hes been to the southern border.

In August and July, apprehensions of people who illegally crossed the border exceeded 200,000 even more than when the crisis began earlier this year.

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How Much Does It Cost To Stay In New York

Again, it is a bit difficult to give you a very precise cost.

New York City attracts a lot of tourists, the rates vary from month to month.

You can find a room at $150 off-season, and pay $250- $300 for the same room during the high season!

In addition, you have to take into account where you would like to stay, the number of travelers, comfort and services.

Tight Budget$45 to $50 per person per nightAverage budget$130 to $200 per nightLarge Budget$250 to $400 per night

Best Homestay In New York Bed

What To Expect If You Go To College in NYC

This comfortable private room has its own entrance and two huge windows that let in plenty of light! This warm and characterful homestay is packed with vintage decor, giving an intimate feel. You can choose between preparing a meal in the kitchen or making food with the microwave and mini-fridge in your room. Look out for the cats in the communal areas!

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Visit The Morgan Library

Not too far from the Empire State Building, the Morgan Library was once the private library on JP Morgan.

After his death, he wrote it into his will that he wanted it opened to the public to enjoy, which is why, almost one-hundred years later, you can explore it.

Now, you do need to pay a small fee for entrance, but its totally worth if for a stroll around the reading room and library itself.

A visit here might take about fifty minutes, so its easily one of the best things to do in Manhattan if you need a little break from the hustle and bustle of the streets.

It really is worth a visit and its so grand.

College Walk Columbia University

I’m lucky to live in a neighborhood sandwiched between Morningside and Riverside parks, two great expansive green spaces. But when Im too lazy to commit to a proper park outing I head to College Walk, on the Columbia University campus, for a quick breath of fresh air. The wide, greenery-lined pathway cuts through the campus at 116th Street and is fairly serene, but also a little buzzy. Its a well-loved local spot, so youll rarely ever be there alone, but theres plenty of room to spread out and ample benches on which to perch with a coffee or book. Ive always used the pathway as a convenient neighborhood cut-through, but have really appreciated this local bit of public space more than ever this year. Skye Senterfeit, Photo Editor

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Catch A View Of The Skyline

Many choose to go to the top of the Empire State Building for its views of the city. Alternatively, you’ll get the iconic Empire State Building actually in all your photos if you go to the top of the Rockefeller Center instead!

Or hop on a subway to view the entire iconic skyline of New York from one of these two locations:

Roosevelt Island

Historically used to quarantine criminals, the mentally ill, or physically ill, you won’t find many tourists here . Roosevelt Island is a part of Manhattan, once removed.

It’s far enough for an excellent skyline view, but not too far to get there, as it only takes a quick air tram ride across the East River or one stop on the F train toward Queens.

Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge Park

Another quick ride to Brooklyn on the F or A/C trains will get you to the area known to New Yorkers and Brooklynites as “DUMBO” or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

The city has been putting a lot of work into the area stretching along the river to Brooklyn Bridge Park recently. Pathways and seating have opened up, artistic installations have sprouted, and lots of greenery has been planted along the walkways.

Construction is ongoing, but that doesn’t diminish the views. You will spot the Statue of Liberty from here as well as the downtown Manhattan skyline.

While you’re in the area, you might as well walk across Brooklyn Bridge!

Best Hostel In Midtown Vanderbilt Ymca

One Perfect Day in Brooklyn, New York

Conveniently located on Manhattans East Side, the Vanderbilt YMCA is one of our top recommendations for where to stay in Midtown, New York. Offering shared and private accommodations, this hostel has wifi, cable TV, a fitness centre and two swimming pools. It is close to bars, restaurants and New Yorks top attractions.

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Best Apartments In Nyc

Apartments are a great choice for all travelers that want to feel at home and enjoy some space and a different kind of vibe compared to hotel rooms. Booking an Airbnb while you travel is also a great choice for people that want to save some money or for families or groups of friends that want to stay together.

The good news is that New York City is anything but short on apartment options for all budgets, that is! I have selected the best ones I could find for you below and I grouped them by budget for your convenience. By the way, theyre all in the Midtown area of Manhattan, also known as the best neighborhood for travelers who are coming to New York for the first time:

Cheap Accommodation In Queens

Queens is the right district to stay for you if youre looking for cheap accommodation in New York. Youll get a lot more value for your money and wont have to spend upwards of 200 euros for your room.

Weve deliberately chosen Queens as our sole recommended district outside of Manhattan because its just a short ride from there to Midtown by subway . And it has some really nice hotels at a fair price.

If you dont mind taking the subway from Queens to Manhattan every day and you want more for bang for your buck, then Queens is the right place for you.

Pros of staying in Queens:

  • Better value for money than in Manhattan
  • Cheaper, but still fairly close to the most important sights
  • Queens offers a beautiful panoramic view of the New York skyline

Cons of staying in Queens:

  • Located outside of Manhattan
  • You always have to take the subway to go sightseeing

Our personal hotel recommendations for Queens:

The BoroMake sure to book a room with a view of Manhattan!

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New York City Is Tough For Solo Female Travelers

NYC is not a cakewalk for solo female travelers. I love New York, but Ive experienced some of the worst sexual harassment that Ive ever endured anywherein New York.

Even after traveling to almost 30 countries, Im still shocked by how many patronizing comments youll hear as a young woman just walking down a street by passing dudes. Why dont you smile? You look so sexy

I once got harassed by a passing truck driver while I was wearing a puffy down jacket, baggy pants, and winter boots!? I take a strong stance that women should be able to travel without harassment, but this is a reality for many women here. Its gotten better as Ive gotten older, but it can get to you.

If youre uncomfortable, dont feel like you need to be nice. I find just walking away is very effective although putting in your headphones works too. For the record, it does NOT matter what you wear. If anything happens, find a nearby cop or call 911. If youre worried that youre being followed, work at trying to step into an open shop and losing your tail by a series of quick turns if possible. Also, consider finding another woman to recognize on the street before explaining your situation.

What Are The Other Expenses That Can Be Spent In New York

10 Places in NEW YORK You Should NEVER Move To

Within these expenses I include going to a bar at the end of the day, passing by a bakery during the afternoon expenses that are not necessary but are part of the vacations.

A cupcake, muffin or cookie, can cost at least 3 to 4 dollars, a beer costs $6-10, a cocktail is from 9 to 13 dollars, if it is on a rooftop it is at least $ 13

In this category you can count the administrative expenses , the passport , and are required to enter the American territory.

Tight Budgetcount $50 to $65Average budget$130 to $200Large Budget$250 to $330

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Broadway And The Theater District

Attending a Broadway show is one of the top things to do in New York City. Considered the pinnacle of American theater, this is the place to see the latest shows and the long-running classics.

Broadway usually refers simply to Broadway theater, which encompasses a large number of theater venues in the Theater District and along the street of Broadway. For the most popular shows, tickets should be purchased well in advance.

Shubert Alley is a famous pedestrian-only alley in the Theater District and home to two well-known playhouses: the Shubert on 221 West 44th Street and the Booth at 22 West 45th Street. Historically, aspiring actors would frequent Shubert Alley looking for opportunities to perform in a play sponsored by theater baron, Sam S. Shubert.

A Chorus Lineplayed at The Shubert for a record 6,137 shows. The musical Oklahomadebuted in 1941 at the St. James playhouse just down the street. Other legendary places include Sardi’s restaurant, where many famous actors met, and the Music Box Theater, where Irving Berlin staged The Music Box Revue in 1921.

Best Hostel In Upper West Side Hi Nyc Hostel

The HI NYC Hostel is conveniently located on the Upper West Side. It is well-connected throughout the city via the subway and a short walk to restaurants, parks, cafes, and landmarks.

HI NYC Hostel has an in-house theatre, billiards table, comfortable lounge, and recently renovated bathrooms. It also offers a laundry service and free wifi.

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Best Hotel In Lower East Side Sago Hotel

The Sago Hotel is one of our favourite hotels on the Lower East Side. Conveniently located in the middle of the city, this four-star hotel is close to bars, restaurants, museums and galleries. It boasts a variety of amenities that include an outdoor terrace, on-site restaurant and 24-hour room service.

Things Nobody Tells You About Visiting New York By A Native New Yorker

New York City Tips You Should Definitely Know Before ...

Im a proud New Yorker who was born and raised in New York City. When someone asks me what they should know when visiting New York for the first time, I dont always know where to start as theres so many things to do in New York. Ive decided to take a different approach here with some NYC local secrets to help you navigate your trip better.

This post may contain affliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases .

Expect some humorous tips for first time visitors to New York . I sincerely hope that these New York travel tips come in handy and help you avoid some of the mistakes that people make on their first trip to New York. 20 Insider tips for New York under the cut.

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