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Best Pizza In New York Manhattan

Scarrs Pizza Lower East Side

BEST Pizzas in NEW YORK! New York Pizza Tour of BROOKLYN

Scarrs was opened by Scarr Pimentel on the Lower East Side in 2016. It quickly grew in popularity and became a staple on the New York pizza scene, getting included on many best-of lists . They use 100% all-natural and stone milled flour , and you can taste the difference.

What We Recommend: Classic Plain Slice

Where: 22 Orchard St.

Rubirosa Pizza & Ristorante

Another Italian Restaurant on the list, Rubirosa is famous for its vodka pizza sauce. Yes you read that right, vodka pizza sauce. Our favorites here include the the Tie Dye or Honey Pie. You cant go wrong with either option, trust us!

Rubirosa is perfect for any occasion and they also have an extensive gluten free menu. If you are looking for a pizza joint in NYC that has reinvented the American classics, Rubirosas is truly it!

Type of Pizza: Neapolitan

Address: 235 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012

Website: rubirosanyc.com

Best Places For Pizza In New York City

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Pizza in New York is common ground: Locals and visitors alike can agree, its rarely overrated. Sure, plenty of places are just fine , and not every hole-in-the-wall guarantees a life-changing slice, but the citys top pizza joints are as storied as the skylineand its not all talk. Generations of famous pizza-making families follow their recipes like scripture, while waves of buzzy chefs from Manhattan to Brooklyn slice oven-baked testaments to Neapolitan traditionsor lesser-known pizza styles popping up in town . From coal-oven to wood-fired, dollar slices or gourmet $25 pies, theres a pizza for everyone in this town. These are our picks for the best pizza in New York City.

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Joe & Pats Pizzeria & Restaurant

Family owned and operated since 1960, Joe and Pats produces slices with a super-thin flat crust, bright tomato sauce and several splashes of gooey mozzarella. But they also serve classic pasta dishes and Italian entrees if you are looking for a more refined option.

Interestingly, a deep-tissue massage is what gives the dough its characteristic crunch. While the menu offers pies with various toppings, be sure to try the 1960s original which is definitely a classic.

Type of Pizza: Neapolitan, Sicilian, Grandma

2 Locations:

Why You Should Trust Us

Best Pizza in New York City

Adam was the founder of the seminal pizza blog SliceNY and is a former managing editor of Serious Eats. Not only does he keep his finger on the pizza pulse of this city, he’s been making terrific bar-style pizza at his periodic pop-up, .

Scott Wiener is the founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours. No one, and I mean no one, has been to more slice joints or eaten more slices of pizza in the last 10 years. Scott estimates that he has eaten 5,000 slices of pizza in the last five years .

And I’m Ed Levine, the founder of Serious Eats. I’ve been eating and writing about pizza for over 20 years, and published the aforementioned book on pizza in 2005.

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What Are The Basic Ingredients In A New York Pizza

Tomatoes and mozzarella cheese are an integral part to the New York style pizza. These two ingredients are often imported directly from Italy to create the classic NYC slices we know today.

The tomato sauce in a New York pizza includes garlic, canned tomatoes, olive oil, basil, oregano, crushed red pepper and a small amount of sugar. The sugar helps to bring out the taste in the tomatoes.

Whole milk mozzarella is a popular choice in New York style pizza because this type of cheese melts well and has a strong flavor. On a classic NYC pizza slice, the mozarella is typically dry and grated which yields low moisture. But on a traditional Neapolitan pie, fresh slices of mozzarella are always used.

Best Brooklyn Pizza Shops

Although New Yorks first pizza shop opened in Manhattan, Brooklyn is arguably the epicenter of the megacitys vibrant pizza scene. This borough has the largest number of notable pizza shops both pizza veterans like Totannos and a slew of modern creators and enough hungry hipsters to keep them all in business.

After dipping our toes in Brooklyns pizza waters, we recommend the followings Brooklyn pizza shops:

LIndustrie Pizzeria

We dont blame you if youre initially confused by Lindustrie in Williamsburg.

First theres the French name. Then theres the Italian owner from Tuscany who prefers Roman pizza over Neapolitan pizza but likes New York pizza the best. Dont worry it all makes sense after a bite or two.

Massimo Laveglia acquired the French name with the lease in 2017 and decided to keep it to avoid the expense of changing it. Based on the pizzerias success and expansion, he clearly made a good decision.

Laveglia shared pizza philosophy with us as he spun pies in a hot electric oven and topped them with premium ingredients like burrata, tartufo and fig jam. Choosing among nine options was a challenge since we wanted to eat them all.

The secret is all in the dough, he said.

After eating three magnificent slices, we agreed that Lindustrie deserves the top spot in this Brooklyn section. They were that good. And were not alone. The buzz for Lindustrie followed us to Philadelphia where the pizzerias reputation is legend among the best Philly pizza shops.

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Village Square Pizza 83

Village Square Pizza is just one block away from East Village Pizza so it was also not too far from our apartment in the East Village, which is why I wanted to love it so much, but unfortunately, it just wasnt quite up to scratch as many of the other New York slices on this list.

The flavours of the cheese and tomato were very tasty, but as you can see from the picture above, the pepperoni and the crust were a bit too burnt which is why we didnt give it the highest rating.

Overall, its a pretty yummy slice, but just not the absolute best in New York, in my opinion.

The Best Pizza Slices In New York City

Top PIZZAS in NEW YORK!! The Ultimate Pizza Tour of Manhattan | NYC, New York

Ed Levine founded Serious Eats in 2006. He has also written seven books and in 2016 he was inducted into the James Beard Foundation’s Who’s Who of Food & Beverage in America.

“What’s the best way to set New Yorkers to bickering? Ask where to find the best slice of pizza in the city. No subject starts a battle fasternot bagels or hot dogs or chopped liver, not even the primacy of the Rangers or the fastest route to J.F.K. Pizza, introduced to New York in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi, who saw it as a way to use up the day-old bread in his Spring Street grocery store, has long been the affordable, satisfying food of choice for peripatetic New Yorkers of every age, sex, race, and class.”

I wrote that in November of 2002 in the New York Times. The title of the story said it all: “The State of the Slice.”

Recently, I started wondering about the state of the slice today. So much has changed in the last 17 years. While we’ve certainly witnessed a revival of the New York slice, you could also argue that it’s been reinvented, all because of five perhaps inseparable factors:

Since then, we’ve seen other revivalist spots open, such as Williamsburg Pizza, which has grown from one outlet to a mini empire based on pizzaiolo Nino Coniglio’s manically obsessive efforts. We’ve watched brothers Mike and Pete Bergemann, in partnership with Ivan Orkin , open Corner Slice, serving their own unique take on Sicilian pizza made from artisan flour.

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Bakers Pizza East Village

This East Village pizzeria has allllll the toppings. From a bacon/Brussels sprouts/white truffle oil combo to a pepperoni square, its perfect if youre in the mood for more than just cheese. Plus they have a $5 beer-and-slice deal!

What We Recommend:Pepperoni slice or mushroom with truffle oil

Where: 201 Avenue A

Great New York Pizza Shops In All 5 Boroughs

Posted on Last updated: October 22, 2022

Wondering where to eat the best pizza it in NYC? Check out our epic New York Pizza Guide that spans the boroughs. We ate at dozens of New York City pizza shops in our quest for New Yorks best pizza and share our 30 favorites in the guide.

New York City is famous for many foods from cronuts to bagels, not to mention corn beef sandwiches and cheesecake. Locals and visitors can eat almost any global cuisine, much of it on a 24/7 basis if they look hard enough.

As for us, weve eaten a lot of great food in NYC over the years including the eight years when Mindi lived on the Upper East Side and the nine years when Daryl worked in the Garment District. After all, New York is one of the best food cities in America and as well as the world.

Weve dined at many of the citys top restaurants including Le Bernardin, Gramercy Tavern, Nobu and Keanes. Weve also slurped soup dumplings, inhaled sushi and noshed on knishes.

After all these years and all this food we are loud and proud with our love for New York pizza. We cant get enough of the cheap eats New York favorite and never say no to the best pizza in NYC.

Discover more you need to eat at least once in your life.

  • Planning Checklist
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    How We Made This List

    Our original goal was to come up with a master list of all the New York slices you have to eat before you die. But after eating our way through all five boroughs, I made an executive decision and changed course. Why? Because we didn’t want to publish yet another pizza bucket list. The internet is full of them, and you deserve more from us.

    New York’s slice culture seems to be making an evolutionary leapled by the aforementioned revivalistsand we wanted to give this moment some context. So I decided to split up our list into three parts to do just that:

    • The Revivalists: The slice shops described above, led by the ingredient- and technique-obsessed new wave of pizza-makers.
    • The Classics: We’ve chosen to define “classics” as continuously operating pizzerias that date back to between the 1950s and the 1970sold-school spots that played a not-insignificant part in the rise of the New York slice joint, and that we consider the best in class of the First Golden Age of the Slice.
    • The Neighborhood Favorites: These spots may fly below the radar in a citywide sense, but locals will be quick to send you thereor not, if they want to keep a good thing to themselves. They’re places that serve as community gathering spots or local touchstones.

    Before we go any further, though, some caveats.

    * Once known as “Neapolitan,” until the great traditional-Neapolitan revival of the 2000s.

    Where To Find The Best Pizza Slices In Nyc

    5 Best Pizza Places For a Slice of Manhattan

    You wont see a New Yorker eating pizza unless its fresh out of the oven and folded in half. Cheese, pepperoni, vodka, or Margherita pizza in New York is truly unparalleled. This guide features the best of the best slices of pizza in NYC. So sit back, book a flight to the big apple, and set up the pizza crawl of a lifetime. It will be the best $3 you spend in the city.

    Some might call it a sin to get Detroit-style pizza while in New York, but its more than okay to make an exception for Lions, Tigers, and Squares because they serve one of the best slices of pizza in NYC. The flavors in these slices will blow your mind, and youll love the caramelized cheddar cheese crust found on the parameters of the pizza. Our favorite pie here is the sausage and onion. The sausage has the perfect blend of spices with a dash of maple syrup to balance it out. Come to LT& S for slices of pie that are thick, chewy, and full of flavor.

    Located in Midtown East, Sofia Pizza Shoppe knocks the pizza game out of the park. They are tried and true and make a perfect New York Slice. Sometimes pepperonis on a pizza are too large, burnt, or soggy, but Sofias is the pepperoni promised land. The cheese on every slice delightfully flows over and onto the crust. Every slice is guaranteed to satisfy anyone looking for one of the best pizza slices in NYC.

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    Best Pizza In Nyc: Try These 10 Slices

    Pete Wells, our restaurant critic, on old-school pizzerias.

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    By Pete Wells

    Pete Wells, The New York Timess restaurant critic since 2012, eats hundreds and hundreds of meals every year, searching for the best food the city has to offer.

    These are his choices for 10 of the best pizza slices in New York.

    The regular house slice combines the darkly caramelized, bready crust and pure-tomato flavor of a Neapolitan pie with the grab-and-go portability of a streetcorner slice. The squares, meanwhile, merge the Sicilian, Detroit, and Roman pizza al taglio styles in one dark, crunchy whole, fringed with what is known as a frico crust the edges of browned cheese where the dough meets the pan. The pepperoni square in particular is an unstoppable force. Mamas Too makes experimental pizza for the people.

    2750 Broadway , Upper West Side 212-510-7256 mamastoo.com.

    Best Staten Island Pizza Shops

    Staten Island lives under the radar when it comes to New York boroughs, perhaps because its the only borough not connected to the citys main subway system. However, Staten Island is easily a highlight of any NYC pizza crawl starting with a ferry ride from lower Manhattan and ending with the main event pizza.

    Joe & Pats Pizzeria & Restaurant

    A ferry trip to Staten Island would be incomplete without a stop at Joe & Pats, the boroughs thin crust pizza institution. Despite a fire in 1999, the spot has been a popular destination since Naples transplants Giuseppe and Pasquale Pappalardo opened the shop in 1960.

    As an ode to the owners heritage, Joe & Pats produces cracker-like Neapolitan style pizza right in the restaurant for all to see. Workers pull dough and add toppings in rapid motion to keep up with a stream of mostly local customers.

    During our visits, we enjoyed the pizzerias famous vodka pizza, a tangy pie with vodka, tomatoes, cream and mozzarella. However, our favorite slice was the crunchy, pepperoni loaded with cuplike pepperoni slices.

    Pro TipVisit the newer Manhattan location if you dont have time to take a ferry ride to the original Joe & Pats.

    Joe & Pats Pizzeria & Restaurant has multiple New York pizza locations. We ate at the original location at 1758 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, NY 10314, USA.

    Nonnas Old Fashioned Pizzeria

    Pro TipGrab some garlic knots to eat in your car if youre getting takeout.

    Tonys Brick Oven

    More Staten Island Pizza

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    Sal & Carmine Pizza 93 Best Pizza Slices In Manhattan

    Sal & Carmine Pizza was a place that Id never even heard of until I carried out my research for our self-guided walking pizza tour of Manhattan but it actually turned out to be our number one pizza slice in New York City, scoring a mightily impressive 9.3/10!

    Its located in the Upper West Side between 101st and 102nd Streets, so its not exactly super conveniently located if youre staying downtown or in midtown, but we committed to a full day of pizza exploration and this place came out on top!

    The pepperoni toppings were generous enough, it wasnt too sloppy, the crust/base was crisp without being too hard and overall, it was just generally a very delicious pizza. Its also only $4 a slice, making it one of the cheaper pizza slices in New York on this list.

    Best Pizza In New York City Summary

    The Best Pizza Slice In NYC | Best Of The Best
  • Joe & Pats Pizzeria
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