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How To Become A Notary Public In New York State

Get The Notary Business Supplies

Notary training through SUNY Oswego

Notarize documents with a standardized seal

Although it is not necessary to get an embosser or stamp-type seal for notarization in the New York State, you must include specific info in every document. Therefore, it could make sense to get a stamp so you wont leave out the required details.

You may purchase the notary seal from office supplies store. If you do, then they usually would require a copy of your notary public ID card.

But make sure that their seal would meet the New York Department of State requirement.


The laws of the State of New York do not require the use of seals bynotaries public. If a seal is used, it should sufficiently identify the notarypublic, his authority and jurisdiction. It is the opinion of the Department of State that the only inscription required is the name of the notary and the words Notary Public for the State of New York.

Quote from NYS Notary Public License Law

Maintain a good record of business practice

So far, I could not find any law that requires you to keep a business journal, but maintaining a detailed book of record is an essential part of good business practice.

Should there be any confusion or disagreement in the future, your record could act as proof that you have taken reasonable steps to identify the signer of a document.

Its better to use a permanently bound journal because their pages are more difficult to remove or lose than loose-leaf pages.

In your notary journal, it is better to take note of:

Where Can I Take My Notary Public Exam

Exams can be administered in many locations across the state. They are offered regularly in the following cities Albany, Binghamton and Buffalo, Franklin Square and Hauppauge.

Testing schedules and complete instructions are posted on the Division of Licensing Services website. Limited seating is available and will be given on a first come, first served basis. Registering for NYS Notary exam and providing thumbprints are required. The $15 fee is collected on the day of exam.

Do I Need To Take An Exam

Yes. You must pass a one-hour, closed-book, proctored exam. The multiple-choice test is based on the Notary Public License Law. Examination schedules are posted on the Departments website in January and July of each year. Current members of the New York State Bar Association or court clerks of the Unified Court System who have passed the civil service promotional exam are exempt.

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Secure The New York Notary Public Application

Individuals who pass the notary public examination will be mailed a notary public application with their examination results. The New York Notary Public Application is not suitable for downloading.

To acquire a New York notary public application you may also go to the Division of Licensing Services customer service area, you may also mail, call, or fax your request. Please visit the Division of Licensing Services online for more information regarding policies at the Division of Licensing Services building, as well as fax and phone numbers to request an application packet

New York state attorneys and court clerks of the Unified Court System who are exempt from the examination may email for their application. Please be sure to include your full name and mailing address when requesting a notary public application.

State Requirements For Becoming A Notary

How to become a New York / NY Notary Public

State requirements may be similar. For example, in all states you must pass an exam. Some states require a score of 80% minimum.

In California and Oregon, a notary must take a state-approved training course. In North Carolina, the fee to get the educational materials is $10, the cost to take the state exam is $50 and you must score 80% or higher to pass.

Check the requirements with your secretary of state. Most states require that you purchase a notary bond.

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How To Become A New York Notary

Right here on Collegelearners, you are privy to a litany of relevant information on how to be a notary in nyc, how to get something notarized nyc, how to be a good notary public and so much more. Take out time to visit our catalog for more information on similar topics.

Which State Government Office Handles Notaries

The New York Department of State, Division of Licensing Services, located in Albany, NY, handles Notaries. When the Secretary of State approves you as a Notary Public applicant, your commission, original oath and signature are forwarded to the appropriate county clerk so the public can access and verify your commission.

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What Are The Regulations And Procedures At The Test Center

You must bring a photo ID card to the test center on the day of your exam to verify your identity. If you do not have a photo ID, you will not be admitted. For security reasons, all applicants are thumb- printed prior to taking the exam.

Be early. Give yourself some time before the exam. You should report to the test center at least 15 minutes prior to the starting time because seats are assigned on a first-come/first-served basis. There is no guarantee that enough space will be available to accommodate everyone who arrives. Bring acceptable supplies. You should bring two #2 pencils to the exam. You cannot use study or reference material during the exam. You will be given a maximum time limit of one hour to take this exam.

Become A Notary Public In The State Of New York

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Many people are interested in how to become a notary in New York so that they can start their own notary business, advance their career, or expand on their current business. To become a New York notary you need to meet specific eligibility requirements and follow a specific process that is determined by the New York Secretary of State. If you are able to meet these requirements and become a New York notary public, you will be able to work in the entire state of New York.

Requirements to Become a New York Notary

To become a notary in New York, you must meet each of the following eligibility requirements set forth by the state.

  • Be a legal citizen or legal resident alien of the United States
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Own a business in NY or reside in New York
  • Complete and pass a NY state notary exam
  • Be fluent in English
  • Not have a felony conviction on your record

How Long is a New York Notary Term?

New York notaries are appointed for 4 years at a time and must renew their appointments every four years. Renewing your notary appointment involves filling out a renewal application and submitting it to the Secretary of State.

New York Notary Class Requirement

New York Notary Exam Requirement

To make sure all notaries in New York are truly ready to be effective in their roles, they require that the notary pass a New York notary exam. After your initial application is accepted, you will be mailed possible notary testing dates in your area.

How to Become a New York Notary: Step by Step

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How To Become A Ny Notary Step

1. Make sure you fulfill the requirements to be a NY Notary Public .

2. We highly recommend studying our New York Notary Online Course to get you prepared for the mandatory NY State Notary Public Exam. Alternatively, you can study New York’s Notary Public License Law.

3. Take and pass the NY notary exam. The exam is Pass/Fail. Bring $15 and your ID to the test site. For more information, see Notary Public Walk-In Examination Schedule and Exam Information. Exam topics include, but are not limited to: license law and the general terms and duties of a NY notary public.

4. Wait to receive your exam pass slip by mail.

5. Complete the NY notary public application. Including in the application is your oath of office. Take your oath in the presence of a NY notary, and get your oath signed and notarized.

6. Submit the application, notarized oath of office, $60 fee, and your exam pass slip to: Department of State Division of Licensing Services Notary Public P.O. BOX 22065 Albany, NY 12201-2065.

7. Within 3-4 weeks, you will receive your notary ID card from the Department of State.

Congratulations! You are now a New York notary public!

The Application Process To Become A Notary In New York:

Are you interested in becoming a New York notary? Are you interested in generating extra income, starting your own New York notary business, adding a notary title to your resume, or helping people in your community? The State of New York appoints notaries to serve the public as unbiased impartial witnesses to document signing. Becoming a notary in New York is a straightforward process, and as long as you meet the eligibility requirements listed below, you can apply to become a New York notary. The America Association of Notaries has been helping individuals become notaries since 1994.

This New York notary guide will help you understand:

  • Who can become a notary in New York
  • How to become a notary in New York
  • The basic duties of a notary in New York
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    Can Notary Signing Agent Blueprint Show Me How To Become A Notary Public In Ny

    We specialize in helping people learn how to become a Notary in NY. Mobile Notary Signing Agent income is $75-$200 per loan closing!

    Jon Snedeker Founder & Director of Notary Signing Agent Blueprint has facilitated almost 10,000 loan signings over his career, and was named One of the Best Notary Signing Agents in America.

    Interactive New York Notary Course Features:

    Become A Ny Notary Public

    Video Instruction

    We use the power of the internet to bring an instructor right into your computer. The instructor will teach and reinforce the materials to help you retain and connect with it. We even provide you detailed instructions on how to obtain your commission! The video can be accessed at any time, from any computer, tablet or phone with internet access. Plus, you can re-watch the videos as many times as you like.

    Immediate Access No Delays!

    Because we value your time, upon receipt of your payment, you will IMMEDIATELY be granted with access to your notary course. You can start your New York notary training in just a few minutes!

    Social Interaction

    Your course includes a social forum to ask questions and receive responses from your instructor and other students in a classroom-style discussion.

    Instant Access to Your Proof of Completion Certificate

    After completing the course, you will have access to a Proof of Completion Certificate. Display it proudly to show you take your notary commission seriously and that you are well-trained in the laws and procedures of New York notaries public.

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    What Is The Process To Become A Notary In New York

    To become a New York notary and receive a New York notary commission, a notary applicant must:

  • Meet the eligibility requirements provided in the previous section.
  • Pass the notary public examination and receive a pass slip.
  • Submit to the Secretary of State a completed original application form, together with the exam pass slip and a $60 application filing fee.
  • Upon approval of the application, the Secretary of State will issue and forward the new commission, the original oath of office, and the notarys signature to the appropriate county clerk of the county where the notary resides or where the non-resident notary has an office or place of business.
  • Within four to six weeks of application, a newly appointed notary will receive an identification card stating the notarys name, address, county, and the commission term.
  • Note: The use of a P.O. box as the only address is not acceptable on the application. A street address is required. County clerk employees should use the county clerk address. Non-residents must use the street address of their New York business. Addresses are subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Law. If a notary applicant does not want his or her home address released, then use a business address.

    To download the application form, go to: .

    Why Becoming A Notary In Ny Is An Excellent Idea

    • Many different documents are required to be notarized by law each time they are created, allowing you to thrive in ANY economy.
    • Lenders, law offices, employers, hospitals, schools, and government agencies all need documents notarized on a regular, even daily basis.
    • You can work when and where you want, with endless income opportunities.
    • Boost your resume, all while being a leader in your community and helping people.

    With a population of around 20 million residents, there are plenty of people in New York that could benefit from your Notary services in your immediate area.

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    How To Become A Notary Public In New York

    Applicants who want to become a New York Notary Public must take the following steps:

  • Meet the states eligibility requirements .
  • Learn New Yorks Notary Public License Law.
  • Review test center policies. Bring your ID and the $15 fee and provide your thumbprints.
  • Pass the one-hour NYS Notary Public Examination.
  • Receive your test pass slip in the mail.
  • Complete the state application. It includes your oath of office that must be notarized.
  • Submit your notarized application. Include the $60 application fee and your original pass slip.
  • Receive your ID card from the Department of State in the mail.
  • How Can I Apply To Become A Notary

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    To qualify to be a notary you must be eighteen years old, a United States citizen, a resident of New York and have no prior felony convictions. The application packet is available in the Ulster County Clerk’s Office. The packet includes an application, a test study guide, a listing of exam dates and locations.

    Upon passing the examination you will receive notification in the mail from the Department of State. Return the completed application and the $60.00 fee to the NYS Department of State. You will receive your notary ID card which will be valid for four years.

    Every person appointed as notary public must, at the time of his or her appointment, be a citizen or permanent resident alien of the United States and either a resident of New York or have an office or place of business in New York State.

    For more information including application forms, study guide and test sites/dates, please visit

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    Who Can Become A New York Notary Public

    These are the requirements for New York Notary applicants. These requirements must be met:

    • At least 18 years of age
    • Have a good moral character
    • You can either reside in the state or have a New York business office.
    • Get the equivalent of a common-school education
    • You must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident.
    • You will not be convicted of any crime unless the Secretary to State determines that the crime you committed does not bar your commission

    What Is A Notary Signing Agent

    A Notary Signing Agent is a Notary Public who is hired as an independent contractor by either a real estate lender, a closing agent , or a signing service to ensure that loan documents are delivered to and signed by a borrower, then notarized as necessary and returned for processing in a timely manner.

    A Notary Signing Agent is very different from a closing agent. Closing agents prepare and complete documents and perform other tasks needed to complete real estate transactions. Signing agents do not draw up documents, disburse funds or provide title abstracts – they serve as impartial witnesses for signings.

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    I Have More Questions About Being A Notary Loan Signing Agent In New York Where Could I Obtain More Details

    You may contact the New York Department of State,

    • Division of Licensing Services, Notary Public P.O. BOX 22065, Albany, NY 12201-2065
    • 474-4429

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    How To Become A Mobile Notary

    How to Become a Notary Public in NY State: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

    A mobile notary goes through the process to become a notary. He or she makes notary application, studies, and passes the state exam. They purchase notary bonds.

    Heres the key difference as you have already guessed the mobile notary travels. And this is where a notary can make extra money.

    States have set fees for the amounts a notary can charge for a service. For example, a typical fee earned by a Texas notary public for a document signing is $6 for the first signature, and $1 for each time the same person again signs the same document.

    In following the stipulations of a notary commission, thats all a notary can charge. But a notary can charge for travel. Since most notary publics are independent contractors, being able to charge for travel is a plus.

    States are adapting to technology. Some states allow a notary to witness a signature by using a webcam or shared screen on a computer. Youll have to check your specific state guidelines.

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