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Where To Stay In New York As A Tourist

Arthouse Hotel New York City

Top 10 Must-Visit Destinations in New York State for Your Next Trip | MojoTravels

A go-to theme-based artistic hotel in the bustling city of New York is the Arthouse Hotel. The hotel aims at offering best-in-class amenities to the guests that are greatly observed in its presentation, services, and amenities. The hotel brings fine art, creative interiors by taking inspiration from the rich culture, the community, and the artistic ethnicity. As a guest, you will find it convenient to stay here as the place is located in close proximity to all the main junctions of the city. Whether you want to go on a leisure journey, look out for businesses, stroll through the lovely neighborhoods, dive into live music, restaurants with iconic dishes, and shop from some big brands everything is just around the corner. Additionally, the guests can find faster transport mode from here. The warm color play in the guests rooms with custom-designed furnishings just gets better with the striking feature of views of the Hudson River and New York City skyline.

Things To Do In Midtown South Manhattan

Aside from the obvious Empire State Building observation deck, if you stay in this area you will be surrounded by shopping, dining and rooftop bar options.

Some of Manhattans top rated bagel & coffee shops are between Empire State and Penn Station. NoMad is a cool up-and-coming neighborhood laden with bars and high end restaurants.

The Flatiron Building isnt far and Chelsea is within walking distance. Actually, if you dont mind walking and you have time, you could probably walk around most of Midtown using a hotel here as the perfect centralized staging area.

East Village Where To Stay In New York City For The Best Nightlife

With its youthful vibe and independent spirit, East Village is one of the most dynamic and distinct neighbourhoods in New York. It combines old-school charm and modern luxury, creating an atmosphere that encourages locals and visitors to explore its lively streets.

The East Village is also where youll find some of New York Citys top nightlife. From cool dive bars and craft beer pubs to rooftop terraces and all-night clubs, this is where you want to stay if youre looking to experience the best of New York after dark.

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Soho & Lower East Side Best For Vintage Lovers And Foodies

SoHo stands for South of Houston Street, and Lower East Side is surrounded by Houston Street in the north and South Street in the south. If you are longing for a hipster vibe, travel directly to the SoHo and Lower East Side areas. From vintage clothing stores to drooling restaurants, SoHo and Lower East Side has it all.

You can have a laid-back experience in SoHo with bountiful cast-iron buildings, vintage art and design stores, and a quiet wine and dine. The Lower East Side is a unique area with lots of history housed in the Tenement Museum, the International Centre of Photography Museum, and the New Museum.

If you have visited all the famous tourist spots New York City has to offer, then you can experience the local life in these areas of the town. Dont forget to visit Little Italy, the Bowery, and Chinatown located within walking distance.

Pros and cons of staying in SoHo & Lower East Side


Places To Stay In New York

Where to stay in New York City  Travels With The Crew ...

Here’s a question we love: Where should I stay in New York? It could be a farmhouse bed-and-breakfast from the late 1800’s, a lavish five-star hotelin the heart of the city, or maybe a family-owned dude ranch? From a tent in the Catskills, an RV resort in the Adirondacks, or a cabinin the Finger Lakes, when you’re in New York, home is where the heart is. Search below and find the perfect place for you and your vacation. Please check with each specific site before making plans, as availability and amenities may have changed.

  • B& B& Country Inns & Farm Stays
  • Cabin/Cottage & Vacation Rentals

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Best Cheap Mid Budget And Luxury Hotels Near Times Square New York City

Times Square hotels are plentiful and span the entire travel budget range. This area has the highest concentration of low budget rooms in NYC.

We stayed at AC Hotel for a night, which was great. It has a rooftop bar and affordable room rate. The Riu Plaza often runs discounted prices but our top pick for Times Square is CitizenM as long as you can get it at a good rate.

Top tip: If youre a photographer and cant afford to stay at Renaissance Times Square, go in to the lounge for a drink and youll get one of the most iconic views over Times Square.

Here are the best hotels for each budget around Times Square :

Things To See And Do In Lower East Side

  • Feel like a kid again and visit Economy Candy, where youll find aisles upon aisles of your favourite sweets and treats.
  • Shop local artisans and independent vendors at the Hester Street Fair.
  • Grab a drink and enjoy a great night out at Two-Bits Retro Arcade.
  • Enjoy good beer and live music at Parkside Lounge, the perfect dive bar in New York City.
  • Tease your taste buds with bold and delicious flavours at Goa Taco.
  • Sink your teeth into a savoury slice of classic New York pizza at Rosarios Pizzeria.
  • Step back in time and explore New Yorks history of immigration at the Tenement Museum.

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East Village & Lower East Side

East Village and the Lower East Side of Manhattan is home mainly to hipsters but is also a cultural melting pot of immigrants, from Ukrainians to Puerto Ricans. Its where the old meets the new, to create the neighborhood that it is today.

If you love nightlife, then the East Village is for you! Its also unofficially known as NoHo .

Things to see and do in the East Village and Lower East Side:

The Sara Roosevelt Park is a hidden gem with a basketball, handball and volleyball court, soccer fields, five playgrounds and a community garden.

The Astor Place Subway Kiosk is one of New Yorks finest cast-iron kiosks.

The East Village and Lower East Side is home to whats known as Alphabet City, which is named after Avenues A, B, C and D. For many decades, this area was known as being unsafe but due to gentrification, the area has been mostly cleaned up and you can now find lots of bars and restaurants with young and hip people. Although the area is much safer, its still a good idea to avoid Avenue D after midnight!

Katzs Deli, the most famous delicatessen in New York City, is located on the Lower East Side. For culture buffs, you might know Katz as being the Deli from that famous scene between Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in the 1988 movie When Harry Met Sally. The best-selling item on the menu is the Pastrami sandwich, but also popular is the Reuben sandwich and the Cheesesteak.

Best Hotel In New York Freehand New York

Visit New York – Hotel Advice for New York City

Located at the heart of Midtown, Freehand New York is our top choice for where to stay in New York City. This hotel is close to the best landmarks, museums, and restaurants in New York.

Rooms are spacious, comfortable and outfitted in a modern-rustic décor. The hotel has a coffee bar, dry cleaning service, and on-site restaurant and bar.

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Chelsea Union Square Flatiron: Best Area To Stay In New York For Foodies

Chelsea is on Manhattans west side and is one of New Yorks trendiest neighborhoods with great shopping, dining, and nightlife. The Flatiron and Union Square are a bit to the east but all relatively within the same 28th-14th Street range. Visitors will love the cobblestone streets with boutiques and cafes, the green market in Union Square and the overall modern urban chic vibe in these areas of Manhattan.

Understanding How Big New York City Is

New York City is massive. The city is spread out over 302.6 square miles over five major boroughs:

  • The Bronx: The Bronx is north of Manhattan, separated by the Harlem River, and Queens, separated by the East River.
  • Manhattan: South of the Bronx and tapers off where the Hudson River and East River meet, Brooklyn across the way of the East River
  • Brooklyn: Across from Manhattan, it and Queens are actually on the same land as Long Island
  • Queens: Borders Brooklyn to the west and is south of The Bronx, separated by the East River
  • Staten Island: On its own island to the other side of Brooklyn, separated by Upper Bay

I remember a friend telling me she hasnt made time to go see the Christmas lights in Dyker Heights because its such a hassle to get from where she lives in Upper Manhattan all the way down to one of the more southern parts of Brooklyn. I actually think we driving from Philly would be faster than her navigating the subway or even paying for a car/tour in the nighttime Christmas traffic!

Anyway, thats all to say you want to choose where you stay wisely. For example, it doesnt make too much sense to stay in Upper Manhattan if a lot of the NYC attractions you want to see are in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Important: Before you do anything, plug in all the places you want to visit in NYC into Google Maps so you have an idea of where they are relative to each other. Then pick a hotel somewhere in the middle and near a subway station!

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Why Avoid Midtown West

Midtown West is an expensive area and incredibly busy. There are people walking and cars tooting until the early hours so its not ideal if youre a light sleeper. Its also constantly bright from all of the billboards. Obviously, its a very touristy area so you wont get much of local life here and have to deal with ticket touts trying to sell things more than you might like.

Best Peaceful Location For Tourist Attractions: Bryant Park

Where To Stay In New York: Best Areas &  Hotels

This is a beautiful small park that is just a five minute walk away from Times Square. In winter, it transforms into a pretty ice-skating rink. This is a great area to stay because it is near to many Midtown attractions, but at the same time it is very peaceful at night as compared to the bustling Times Square. We stayed at The Bryant Park Hotel during our holiday in New York, which is a luxury boutique hotel located opposite Bryant Park. We enjoyed our stay at this wonderful hotel very much and you can check out our full review of The Bryant Park Hotel!

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Staten Island Good Choice For Smart Travelers

Although it may not feel like it, New York City is a group of islands on the Hudson Bay and the New York Harbor. Staten Island is a ferry trip away from Lower Manhattan, and it is often chosen as a strategic place to stay in New York by smart travelers who wish to save on lodging.

The Staten Island Ferry is a free and scenic trip that sails past the Statue of Liberty, and it is a pleasure to ride once or twice a day during your stay in New York.

Staten Island is called The Unexpected Borough because there is plenty to do and explore therein. If you are looking for history, for example, in Staten Island you can visit Sandy Ground, the oldest African-American settlement in the United States.

There are two maritime museums in this borough, and there is also Fort Wadsworth, a historic military installation that sits at the foot of the bridge connecting Staten Island with Brooklyn.

If you choose Staten Island as your vacation base in New York, consider these recommendations:

Upscale:Hilton Garden Inn New York/Staten Island is very close to the Newark Liberty International Airport, and it is frequented by business travelers who travel to the Financial District daily on the Staten Island Ferry. This hotel feels like a country club from the Victorian era, and it is in fact close to a few country clubs and golf courses. Shuttle service to the airport and the ferry terminal are provided for free.

Why Avoid Lower East Side

The transport links here arent great so if this is your first time in the city and youre hoping to see lots of the main tourist sights then this may be a bit of an awkward location. Its quite busy and crowded here and theres not a huge range of accommodation. It also generally looks run down and is quite residential in parts so it may not have the New York bright lights vibe many are looking for.

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Long Island City Where To Stay In New York On A Budget

Were heading up to Queens next, more specifically to Long Island City , a cool and a kind of underrated area in NYC. This neighborhood is located very close to Midtown , which I think is a great advantage because youll be able to avoid the huge accommodation fees in the center while still being close to all the important landmarks!

And yes, Long Island City is also THE place to be if youre traveling to NY on a tight budget and dont want to spend a fortune on accommodation. Youll have plenty of options here!

Queens John F Kennedy Airport

New York City Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Lets just get this option out of the way shall we? Both of NYCs major airports, La Guardia and JFK, are in Queens. You can get in between them via Grand Central Parkway in about 30 minutes with traffic.

There are very few reasons Id imagine anyone visiting NYC would want to stay near the airports. However, I found myself thinking I shouldve done this when I booked a midnight flight from JFK Norway in January. Let me tell you getting from midtown Manhattan to JFK in January is not my idea of a good time. If I were to do it again, Id probably stay over night near the airport because theres the very cool lookingTWA Hotel thats designed to look its an airport from the sixties!

Hotels near JFK
Booking, Hotels

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Best Places To Stay In Nyc

is our number one spot to find accommodation. Alternative areas include or the surroundings, although these are quieter areas and dont offer the bustling atmosphere Times Square provides.

If you dont want to spend as much on lodging, you can find cheaper options in Brooklyn and Queens and get to Manhattan every day on , although it will take approximately half an hour to get to the center. If you decide to look into Brooklyn or Queens, we recommend booking a hotel with a station close by to save as much time as possible.

Best Homestay In New York Bed

This comfortable private room has its own entrance and two huge windows that let in plenty of light! This warm and characterful homestay is packed with vintage decor, giving an intimate feel. You can choose between preparing a meal in the kitchen or making food with the microwave and mini-fridge in your room. Look out for the cats in the communal areas!

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Where To Stay In Midtown Manhattan

Midtown Manhattan is the most obvious area to stay in New York City, and its where most of the citys accommodation is located all within walking distance of key attractions such as Times Square, MoMA and Central Park. Youll be sharing the sidewalk with plenty of other tourists but the proliferation of hotels means there are lots of bargains to be had .

Best for a quirky, mid-budget gem: Pod 51

This hotel features top value pods , each reminiscent of colourful ship’s quarters.

The eco-friendly hotel chain with a three-storey living wall, reclaimed rustic-chic furniture, cardboard clothing hangers and everything organic.

Best Hotel In Williamsburg Hotel Le Jolie

Where To Stay In New York: Best Areas &  Hotels [2020]

Colourful décor, spacious rooms, and an unbeatable location are just a few of the reasons we love Hotel Le Jolie.

Located in Brooklyn, this hotel is well-connected to the rest of the city, close to landmarks, restaurants, bars and public transit. Each room has a refrigerator, a private bathroom, and entertainment amenities.

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Best For Tourist Attractions: Times Square

This dazzling square is famous for its bright billboards and neon lights, and we loved the bustling vibe here! This is a must-visit for anyone coming to New York the first time. The downside is that it can remain noisy late into the night due to the many tourists here. Hotel Edison Times Square is a decent budget hotel in a fantastic location right beside Times Square. If you can afford to spend a bit more, you can consider InterContinental New York Times Square, a great value-for-money hotel that is just a five minute walk away from Times Square.

Tips For Booking The Best New York City Hotels

  • The best piece of advice we can give for booking a hotel in New York City is to pick one close to a subway station. Having a long walk to the nearest subway station will very quickly become annoying.
  • Remember, NYC hotels will typically include a 14.75% tax rate and a US$ 3.50 city tax per night. However, some hotels might try to include a further fee for something such as Resort Tax. Do not book a room with any extra additional fees, other than basic tax and city tax.
  • To find all additional fees for a hotel room on Click on a hotel below, click select rooms, click on a room type, scroll down to the Not Included section.
  • Hotels will run promotions and discounts at different times of the week, month and year. Always shop around, click on every single hotel in each area to get prices for your travel dates.
  • For example, if you visit New York City in Winter, a typical mid-range or even luxury hotel could have huge savings and be well within your budget.
  • We use for almost all hotel bookings when we travel. If you create an account and sign in to, then book 5 hotels within 1 year, you will become a genius member and that activates tons of awesome perks. There are no contracts or ties of any kind when signing up. This is the quickest and easiest way to save money on hotels.
  • Create a free account here.

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