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How To Become A High School Teacher In New York

Benefits Of A Master’s Degree In New Jersey

Teaching High School in NYC

It is no longer enough to just have years of experience in teaching. After No Child Left Behind and other academic quantification measures, the careers of teachers increasingly depend on their results in the classroom. A masters degree in the field of education can give you more educational theory and classroom skills, as well as more hands-on student teaching experience with a mentor.

After a masters program, you may be able to achieve better results in the classroom and may have more job security and the potential for higher pay.

I’m Certified In Another State Or I Completed A Certification Program In Another State How Do I Get Certified In New York

Please see details at NYSED.

As a matter of policy NYU Steinhardt does not evaluate transcripts for individuals applying through the Interstate Reciprocity pathway. Any evaluation completed other than by the NYSED would be unofficial and possibly inaccurate.

As you would be applying directly to the NYSED through the Interstate Reciprocity pathway, please contact them with any questions you may have.

NYSED Office of Teaching Initiatives

Phone: 518-474-3901

Staff are available to answer questions: 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

You may also contact the NYSED Office of Teaching Initiatives electronically.

New York Teacher Salary And Incentives

The average school teacher in New York makes around $83,000 – $85,000 per year depending on grade level, according to 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics data. New York is one of the highest-paying states in which to teach, and also offers differential pay for teachers working in high-needs schools or shortage subjects.

Learn more about teacher salaries on

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Can You Earn A Teaching Degree Online In New York

All teachers must complete a bachelors degree and a teacher-preparation program many online teaching degrees fulfil these requirements. Although the process varies slightly depending on whether a teacher earned their online bachelors degree from an approved New York school or through an out-of-state program, graduates with an accredited degree should be able to obtain teaching certification. The New York Education Department provides information on online teaching programs that meet the states teacher-preparation requirements.

Students attending an out-of-state teacher-preparation program should ensure that their institution meets the teaching requirements in NY. Educators with an out-of-state degree may be required to complete additional training to meet New Yorks specific requirements. While online teaching programs typically allow learners to complete their student-teaching experience locally, individuals should double check that a programs requirements meet state guidelines. Additionally, all institutions must hold regional accreditation, and a program must lead to certification in its home state. An unaccredited institution or an out-of-state satellite campus may not meet state requirements.

Special Education Teaching Programs In New York

High School Teacher

For individuals interested in pursuing an accelerated track to licensure and working in New York City schools, there are many residency programs at New York City educational institutions that combine preparatory coursework with apprenticeship and other forms of mentored and supervised teaching. These include the New Visions for Public Schools Urban Teacher Residency, the I-START Urban Teacher Residency Program and the American Museum of Natural Historys Master of Arts in Teaching Urban Residency Program. Those seeking a graduate degree can consider the Master of Arts in childhood or adolescence special education at Saint Josephs College. This well-regarded program results in both a masters degree and eligibility for several certifications depending on students qualifications before entering the program. The NYSEDs website features an interactive tool that helps would-be teachers determine which colleges they should attend. Candidates can select the type of degree, certification, endorsement, subject area or grade level they at which they desire to teach, and the custom search engine produces a list of NYSED-approved options.

For profiles of all the schools in New York that offer masters in special education programs, .

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New York State Teaching Certification Requirements

Getting a teaching license is the most important step in becoming a teacher in New York state. There are a number of paths individuals can follow to meet New York state teaching certification requirements. But generally speaking, prospective teachers must hold a bachelor’s degree, complete an approved teacher preparation program, receive a passing grade on required exams, and pass a background check. Depending on what subject and grade level you plan to teach, you may need to meet additional specific criteria. Check out the New York City Department of Education for more information about teaching certification requirements.

To receive a teaching certificate in New York, public teachers must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university. The degree can be in any subject it does not have to be in teaching or education.

New York also requires that prospective teachers complete an approved teacher preparation program. The state maintains a database of approved programs within New York. Individuals who complete teacher prep programs in other states may be eligible to get their certificate without completing an additional program in New York, as long as it is found to be comparable to New York’s approved programs. Many bachelor’s and master’s programs in education include these types of programs as part of their curricula.

Student Teaching In New York

It is standard practice for prospective teachers to go through a hands-on student teaching experience. Students enrolled in teaching programs practice teaching in real schools. This often includes writing lesson plans, managing classrooms, and delivering instruction. Student teachers work alongside experienced, licensed teachers who provide feedback and mentorship. Most teaching programs have partnerships with schools that allow student teaching and will help students locate placements. Some programs require students to arrange their own student teaching placements.

Student teachers can prepare for their student teaching experience by thinking about what their teaching philosophy and style will look like. They may also want to get early exposure to the classroom by volunteering and/or completing classroom observations. Talk to professors and academic advisers about how to find a placement that will most closely align with your professional interests.

Student teaching usually happens while you are enrolled in your teaching program. When you are enrolled in an online program, you still complete student teaching hours, most likely in your local community. It makes sense to complete your student teaching experience in a school system where you might want to work after graduation. One of the benefits of student teaching is that once you have your teaching degree, you will often receive hiring benefits in the system you completed your student teaching hours.

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I’ve Applied For Professional Certification And My Citizenship Status Is Listed As Unmet Why

If this is incorrect, and you are a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident, login to your TEACH account, click on TEACH Home, under Profile Links click on Update/Add Education, Employment and Personal Information. Then click on Edit Personal Information. Under Resident Status highlight “I am a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States” and click Submit. The evaluation should update the following day.

Occupational Employment And Wage Statistics

HOW I BECAME A TEACHER Tag| College| Student Teaching| Teaching High school

The Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics program produces employment and wage estimates annually for over 800 occupations. These estimates are available for the nation as a whole, for individual states, and for metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas. The link below go to OEWS data maps for employment and wages by state and area.

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New York Jobs For Licensed Teachers

There are different types of certificates and licenses that you can obtain in order to teach in New York.

  • Initial Certificate: The initial certificate is the entry-level teaching certification in New York for classroom teachers. It is valid for five years and may lead to a professional certificate.
  • Professional Certificate: Professional certificates are issued as an advanced-level teaching certification. Their validity is continuous. You must complete the required professional development hours every five years.
  • Conditional Initial: Issued to out-of-state teachers who have not yet completed the NYS testing requirement. The certificate is valid for two years, during which you must meet the testing requirements to qualify for an Initial Certificate.
  • The NYSED created the Teachers for Tomorrow Program to address problems with teacher shortages. It targets the city school districts in New York City, Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Yonkers. The program aims to hire thousands of teachers to work in these areas to replace retiring educators. The program also offers incentives in order to increase teacher recruitment and retention. All in all, this means there are a lot of jobs waiting for aspiring teachers in the state.

    • Bilingual Education
    • Business and Marketing Education
    • Technology Education
    • Trade Education
  • Computer Studies/Programming
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  • General Cooperative Work Experience Extension
  • Must I Also Apply To The Nycdoe If I Wish To Work For Nyc Public Schools How Can I Show Proof That I Am Enrolled In A Teacher Certification Program

    Yes, please visit TEACH NYC.

    Speech and Language Disabilities and School Counseling students please visit this TEACH NYC site

    Please note if you have already registered as a student teacher you will need to re-register, create a new username and password and submit a new application when seeking employment within NYC public schools.

    The NYCDOE application process will require a letter of expected completion. Please use this Letter of Expected Completion. Please complete your information and upload to your NYCDOE application. If you are unable to upload, you may fax the letter to the NYCDOE at 718-935-3532, Attention: Pending Documents

    You may use this letter for any prospective employer.

    Please also review the NYCDOE Application Process FAQ.

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    What Are My Options For Nys Certification Once I Have Completed A Non

    1. Completion of a state approved teacher certification masters program at a college or university offering such programs. NYU Steinhardt offers many state approved teacher certification masters programs that lead to recommendation for New York State Initial Certification.

    2. An alternative certification program like the New York City Teaching Fellows Program

    3. Applying directly on your own to the New York State Education Departments Office of Teaching in Albany and satisfying the application via Individual Evaluation Pathway regulations, see FAQ 33 below.

    *All options require workshops, if not included in program, as well as completion of required exams and fingerprinting

    Contact Schools Directly To Apply For Open Jobs

    Art Teacher

    If your application is accepted, you will be eligible to apply for open jobs using the New Teacher Finder tool on the application website, applying to schools directly, or attending recruitment events. Schools in New York City make hiring decisions individually therefore, you will need to contact each school independently to apply for open jobs. Schools may also contact you and invite you to attend job fairs or interviews using the online portal system.

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    How Advanced Degrees Impact Salary

    Advanced degrees can have a positive impact on the salary you earn as a certified teacher. In 2019-20, the New York City Department of Education reported that its starting salaries for teachers with a bachelors degree and no prior teaching experience began at $57,845, while new teachers with a masters degree and no prior experience started at $65,026.

    In New York state, 84% of teachers hold a masters degree, so youre likely to need an advanced degree to stay competitive in the market. Youll also need a graduate degree to qualify for a Professional Certificate.

    I Have Not Completed A Certification Program Or Do Not Wish To Complete A Teacher Certification Program How Can I Apply For Nys Certification On My Own

    The NYSED allows individuals to apply for most areas of certification on their own through the Individual Evaluation Pathway, you may view those requirements.

    As a matter of policy, NYU Steinhardt does not evaluate transcripts for individuals applying through the Individual Evaluation Pathway. Any evaluation completed other than by the NYSED would be unofficial and possibly inaccurate.

    To apply, go to the TEACH Online system, apply for the certificate that you are interested in online following the instructions on the website.

    When prompted for a program code, you DO NOT enter a program code, instead select:

  • No, I have not completed, nor am I enrolled in, an Approved Teacher Preparation Program at a New York State College or University for this certificate and this type.

  • On the Interstate Reciprocity screen, select No, I am not eligible to apply through the Interstate Reciprocity Pathway. Then select the Individual Evaluation Pathway.

    You will then need to mail all of your college transcripts and wait for the NYSED to review. If you attended NYU, you may request an NYU transcript. If your or an employing school wants to expedite the process once the NYSED has received your transcripts, please see steps.

    You may wish to include course descriptions in your correspondence with the NYSED.

    Steinhardt course descriptions may be found online or in current or past bulletins.

    NYSED Office of Teaching InitiativesPhone: 518-474-3901

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    A Nyc Public School Interested In Hiring Me Is Asking For My File Number What Is A Nycdoe File Number

    In the past, NYCDOE file numbers were issued when a NYS certified teacher applied for a NYC teaching license whether or not there was an offer of a teaching position. The NYCDOE no longer issues licenses.

    The NYCDOE file number is a unique identifier issued to educators in the NYCDOE for payroll purposes. You are not issued a file number until after you have been hired and it will be issued after your first paycheck. If you were previously issued a file number as a substitute teacher or employee, you will keep that file number.

    You do not need a file number to be hired , it is processed through your social security number.

    How To Become A Cosmetology Instructor In New York


    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in cosmetology will continue through the year 2018 at a rate “much faster than average.” To meet demand in this growth field, New York state schools offering cosmetology courses hire qualified cosmetology instructors to prepare students for licensure in cosmetology. Some cosmetology teachers work with students who plan to specialize in an area of cosmetology such as esthetician, nail services or natural hair braiding.

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    Prerequisite Coursework In New York

    All states require, at the minimum, a bachelors degree to become a teacher. New York additionally requires 30 semester hours of subject-specific coursework , in addition to general and pedagogical requirements. Enrollment in and completion of an approved New York State Teacher Preparation Program will satisfy all credit requirements. To search for specific requirements to become a teacher, visit the Department of Education’s search page.

    Professional Development For New York Teachers

    New York State professional development programs include teacher mentorship programs and the NYS Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers. New York City offers in-service courses for teachers through the NYC After School Professional Development Program. Credits earned through this program can be counted towards both salary differentials and professional development requirements. Programs are also available to paraprofessional educators, including the Summer Stipend Program, through which paraprofessionals can receive a financial incentive for college credits earned over the summer.

    According to the New York State Department of Education, teachers holding a Professional Certificate in New York must complete at least 175 hours of professional development activities during each 5-year licensing period.

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    S To Becoming A Pe Teacher In New York

    While there are several paths you can take to become a New York P.E. teacher, the general requirements are largely the same. Whether you are a soon-to-be high school graduate, looking to change your career path, or are a licensed teacher from another state, you will need to:

    • Have or obtain a bachelors degree
    • Pass the required New York State exams

    Candidates looking to change their careers will also need to apply for certification from the NYSED Office of Teaching Initiatives. Some paths also require meeting a minimum GPA during your bachelors program.

    If you choose to pursue a degree in physical education, you will likely spend at least one semester working as a student teacher under the supervision of a certified P.E. instructor.

    B I’ve Applied For Permanent School Counseling And The Two Years Of Work Experience That I’ve Detailed On Teach Is Listed As Deficient Why

    Substitute Teacher

    Your application is most likely listed as Ready for Review. Ready for Review means just that – your application hasn’t been reviewed by an evaluator at the NYSED yet. The system defaults to “deficient” or “unmet” for some requirements until the application is evaluated, it actually means that those requirements have not been reviewed yet. Please see NYSED Experience Requirements. Have your employer submit the Verification of Paid Experience Form to the NYSED. The evaluation will change once your counseling experience and application is reviewed.

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    Loan Forgiveness For New York Teachers

    A loan forgiveness program repays or discharges student loans based on a graduates professional contributions. Teachers often qualify for loan forgiveness programs if they work at a low-income school or in a high-need educational area. To find federal loan forgiveness programs, teachers can look up qualifying schools in the Teacher Cancellation Low Income Directory.

    At the federal level, teachers can participate in the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program, offered through the Federal Student Aid Office. The program provides up to $17,500 in loan forgiveness for direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans, as well as subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans. Teachers may qualify if they teach for five consecutive years in a low-income school or a qualifying educational agency.

    Teachers with Perkins loans can also participate in the Perkins Loan Teacher Cancellation program, which discharges up to 100% of federal Perkins loans for teachers who work in low-income schools, special education teachers, and teachers working in a field with a shortage of qualified educators. While meeting these teaching obligations, eligible Perkins loan recipients may also qualify for loan deferment.

    Teach NYC also provides a loan forgiveness program for newly hired New York City public school teachers in high-need disciplines, such as bilingual special education or educators working with pupils who have speech, language, or visual disabilities.

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