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Marilyn Jean Iv Brooklyn Fishing Boat

Capt’s Lady / Marilyn Jean Private Fishing Charters

Sea Bass Fishing on the Marilyn Jean IV Brooklyn NY


2100 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235, USA

+1 560-8224

Private Fishing Charters & Group Discounts Call for rates and availability: Capt. Tony 917-560-8224 or Capt. Ryan 917-650-3212The 70 Marilyn Jean IV, specializes in Private Charters for all SpeciesDay and Evening Fishing and Sightseeing Trips. Full & Half Day Trips for up to 100 persons. Year round.The Marilyn Jean IV party and charter boat is conveniently located in Famous Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn NY. All fishing trips will depart from pier 6 or pier 7. Your fishing trip should be an enjoyable and hassle free day.Aboard, we realize that the typical casual fisherman sometimes doesnt know what to bring No Problem! All you need to bring is yourself. We provide all the rods and reels, hooks and sinkers, quality bait and ice, special baits when needed, and plenty of buckets.We welcome the Salty Dogs, but our highly qualified and experienced crew are experts at turning even the most inexperienced beginners into fishermen.

The Oceanside Nautical Recreational Center Of Sheepshead Bay


If you are visiting New York City, you owe it to yourself to experience a full day of fun and action at New York’s Oceanside Piers at the Sheepshead Bay Recreation and Entertainment District — Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn USA.

I have been working on this promotional pamphlet for the Nautical Recreation Area of Sheepshead Bay. It is still a work in progress but presentable. Oceanside is more than just Peirs, but an entire district dedicated to Tourists and Locals alike for an authentic fishing and recreational experience. Bait, Tackle, Boats, Charters, Jet Skis, Dining, Movies, Hotel Accomodations, Kayaking, Boat Clubs, and more are allavailable and waiting for your discovery, right here in Brooklyn USA.

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Fishing Boat Nyc Come Aboard The Marilyn Jean


Our NYC fishing charters run throughout the year with trips departing almost every day. Captain Tony at Marilyn Jean Fishing has been leading fishing excursions almost daily for more than 20 years. He is an expert at seasonal fish activity and locating the hottest fishing spots in the area. We invite you to browse our website for more information on the fishing trips we offer, and purchase your tickets today.

Are We Going Out To The Ocean

NY Fishing Charters

id goingtotheocean

People often come up to the boat and ask if we are going out to the Ocean and the answer is usually yes but…and here is the but. Fishing boats can travel normally between 8 and 15 knots, and the fast ones can top up near 20 knots. The old Brooklyn VI super cruiser could hit 23 knots, if memory serves me right. A small six pack charter like the Rock Fish can also reach the low 20’s. So if you are looking at a 8 hour trip , and your anticipating going out to the Hudson Canyon, a good 70 Nautical Miles South West of SheepsheadBay, you will be disappointed. Those are long trips best done in at least3 days on the ocean. And they cost a lot of money. After all, you are on the boat for 3 days.

But one should not fret over this. We have plenty of fish within reach of day trips and even midrange 11 and 12 hour voyages can put one in reach of Tuna, Mahi Mahii, and Blues. Closer trips can reach Cod grounds, Ling, Sea Bass, Striped Bass, Weakfish, Scup, Tautaug ,Drums, Game Sharks, and more. One just needs to go where the fish are, and fish with the weather and season in mind.

The question one should be asking crew when deciding on a boat to take out is “What have you been catchings and where”. There is always the risk that any trip can bomb out, and fishing out in the ocean, to the Canyon, Cholera, etc., is no guarantee of success. Even 3 day trips can, and often do, bomb out.

ID Sept2020

Brooklyn Fishing Reports – Summer 2020

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The Hunter: Tuna Fishing In The Hudson Canyon

ID hunter2020

This Succus holiday, in the middle days , I decided to take a long range fishign trip on The Hunter that went from 6AM on the 5th of October until last night, Tuesday at 9:30PM. For me, it was a long trip on a real fishing platform, no cabins, and no gallery . Tuna fishing has been good, and the previous trip was washed out by the weather. But this run was set, and although the swells were consierable heading out to the Hudson Canyon, the weather when we arrived was spotless

I’d had been excited to get one of these gorgeous and tasty kosher fish, but I hooked up with 11 of them, even after taking time out for picture and video taking. It was awesome, and my United Composit stick got a bit of a work out. We got GREAT video:

Flamingo Jigging – 2020

ID flamingo2020

The Lady Flamingo is parked off the Belt Parkway behind the UAMovie theater. Since it is not right with the other boats in SheepsheadBay, I take this boat less frequently than other boats, but every timeI have taken this boat, it has been an outstanding experience.

Brooklyn Fishing Reports – Fall 2020

ID fall2020

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Fall Night Time Striped Bass Run On The Mj5


The Striped Bass action has begun at night. Honestly, night Striped Bass is not my favorite way to fish for them as I perfer to jig for them, but the run is on and last night was an exceptional catch. We had about 20 folks on the boat and they had a wonderful time. About 12 fish over the 28 inch slot came of the rail, and many were true monsters that was over the slot limit and had to be returned to the water. But we still got a few to take home.

We fished eels with 8-12 ounce weights on a triple rig, with mandated circle hooks, each attached to about 2 feet of line. Bass fishing is jackpot fishing. If the captain can find fish, usually even newbies can catch them, and it can be great fun. And sometimes, you can come up blank. Pelican spanned much of the lower harbor from end to end and hit the fish big. For some reason on our boat, nearly all the fish were caught in the back of the boat. So they had great fun in the stern.

Summer Porgy Run 2022

Fishing charters NYC Sheepshead Bay Porgy fishing. Marilyn Jean fishing boat(accidental shark catch)


OK – so here is the scoop on the Hot Porgy fishing that we have beengoing through the last week. About midway through last week huge porgiesmoved in the lower harbor along with bluefish. We have been crushingthem, and they have been huge. You can find the pictures around hereand about Things began to slow down considerableyesterday. Monday morning was still hot fishing, but few blues in site.The porgy fishing all but died by Monday afternoon for daytime fishing.But night fish is still quite good. Although not the red hot fishing we had earlier in the week it was still very productive. Last night, Monday, I was on the MJIV with Rafeal and a boatful of regulars. I pulled in 15 respectable fish, and Ralph 3xs that ofcourse. The night fishing was not the in the hot daytime stops, but east.It was rough bottom and I went through considerable tackle and was fustrated at time. But the tally on the night overall was very respectable.

Today’s daytime trips I have no firsthand knowledge on, but you can seethe the trip reports. They had at least some fish, worthy of makinga trip. What happens tomorrow is a guess. We hope to see the blues remain and the big fish with them. This might be a long term trend.

The daytime bite has been hot regardless of bait or jigs, although theguys have had great time jigger bigger porgies. The night time bitehas been very bias for worms, and you they should be used and purchased.

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What We Supply And What To Bring

We provide buckets and high quality baits specific to the fish we are targeting. Most passengers will bring their own rods and tackle. For deep water fishing, our recommended tackle includes:

  • 4-8 Ounce Lead Sinkers
  • 20 to 40 Pound Test Line

If you do not have the gear you need, we have hooks, lines, and sinkers available for purchase. Rods and reels can be rented for $5 per trip.

You will also want to wear clothing appropriate for the weather, keeping in mind that wind and sun can quickly alter the temperature. Sunscreen and possibly a hat are also a must to help prevent sunburn. You are also welcome to bring a cooler of food and drinks .

Memorial Day Week 2022


Heading into the Memorial Day weekend fishing in Brooklyn has begun to heat up for night time runs of Blues and Porgies, and daytime fishing has been spotty. The weather has brightened up this week leading up the holiday but there are few fisherman on the docks during the weekdays. I headed out on Wednesday and Friday and on both days, the Marilyn Jean, which is my favorite boat, failed to get out. I shifted to the Ocean Eagle, to fish with Chris and Greg to do some Fluking.

Chris, the cheif mate on the Ocean Eagle, is a gem of a mate, knowledgable,helpful, courtious, and a truly warm dude. We have a few videos here with Chris in action. This time, since we were going for Fluke, which is as area of fishing tackle I am by no means expert on, I depend on Chris’sexpertise more than I often would. The resulkt over 2 days was 4 keeper Fluke and more than a dozen sizable shorts. This is slow by standards of good fishing, and the overall slow fishing had Captain Greg growling over the PA system. Greg is passionate about catching fish and can show some emotions when fishing is not as he expects. I, however, was pleased and had more fillets than I could eat of a premium cut of fresh, sushi grade fish.

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Book Your Fishing Trip Today

The best way to secure your spot is to purchase your tickets below. We sometimes have walk-up spots available as well depending on capacity. See which days we have open spaces below, as well as the fish we will be targeting on that particular day. If you have additional questions, our team is happy to answer them via phone at 413-1643 or email.

Early Summer Fishing June 2022



Today was one of those extraordinary days of fishing. I spent the lasttwo days, Monday and Tuesday, June 13th and 14th, in Belmar, NJ fishing for Black Sea Bass, which is out of season, in NYS. I hopped on the New Jersey Transit Long Branch line which goes, not only to Belmar, but right to the docks. It is about a 2 hour ride from Penn Station, and a connection needs to be made in Long Beach for the local leg that goes down the shore line. It is a pleasant trip, and I arrived at about 11PM, and threw my gear onto the boat and took a nap on the dock in a chair,until about 5AM when the boats started to power up and get ready for the trip. I stayed two days there and loaded up on Black Sea Bass in the most pleasant atmosphere one could expect. It is a huge boat and I had a wonderful time fishing for 2 days, and staying over that the Motor Lodge up the block. Everything was perfect.

I took the Q train to Sheepsehead Bay with my two lightweight porgies sticksdocumented somewhere below, outfitted with matching Abu Garcia MGX2 low profile baitcasters. In Belmar I fished with my heavier United Composite graphic stick with a Penn International 975CS baitcaster, which I love for ling and tautog. Porgie fishing tends, for us, to be more inshore so I use lighter tackle.

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Early Fall Fishing Runs


The Jewish Holiday Season just passed us and we are now beginning to expereince the cooler temperatures and waters entering into fall. The Scup fishing has continued to support the recreational fishing, but there has been a lot of sightings of Tuna and Albacore throughout the waters. Boats are gearing up and we have seen very decent Blue Fish throughout Jamaica Bay. The birds have been pounding the surf and we have spotted peanut bunker inside Sheepshead Bay.

Fridays continue to be my favorite day to fish and we have had lovely trips. Throughout September and now into October, we pounded huge porgies inshore, and as they have weakenedsomewhat, we pounded HUGE Sea Bass slightly offshore. Last week I pulled up a monster 23+ inch Sea Bass, along with a pale full of other fish. The boat had excellent catches all around. I hadone young boy of about 10 years of age, the last 2 weeks, outfish me, which is fun.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I’m getting fatigued with endless pictures of people holding fish. The long stretch of Fluke and Porgie fishes has taken some of the fun out of picture taking. I promise more pics as we move into Blackfish Season in the coming weeks.One of the oddest things I’ve seen of late, though, is that have hooked the biggest Sea RobbinsI can ever remmeber with wingspans of nearly 24 inches. I don’t promote eating these fish, although they make great pets. But it has been note worthy. Trigger Fish are also lurking about.

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  • Want to book a hotel in New York?

    We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Compare and book now!

  • What is the phone number of Marilyn Jean Charter Boat Fishing?

    You can try to dialing this number: 650-3212 – or find more information on their website:

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    Latitude: 40.5835011153 Longitude: -73.9452390631

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Daily Fishing Trips In Nyc

We depart from the famous Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn to areas such as Rockaway Beach, Jamaica Bay, Sandy Hook, Coney Island, and more. Along the way, you can enjoy the sights, the NYC skyline, and the relaxation of being out on the water.

Once we reach our fishing destinations, our team provides quality bait as part of your ticket cost. We also have rods and reels available to rent for $5 if you do not have your own equipment, and tackle available for purchase.

There are multiple trips you can choose from depending on your experience level and the type of fishing you want to do with half day, full day, and evening trips:



We look forward to providing our customers with the finest and safest service, as we have done for the last 20 years! Our pricing can change with timing and seasons, but is typically:

  • 7:30pm 12:30AM $70
  • Half Day Trips $65

We also offer special trips throughout the year, like our 4th of July Fireworks cruise. These trips book up quickly, so book early to get the best view of the fireworks in the city.

Buy online and get FREE Rod Rental, Bait is included. Group, Senior & Child Discounts available.

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