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Best Public Elementary Schools In Brooklyn

Private School Cost And Financial Aid

Best Elementary Schools in Scarborough, Ontario | Living In Scarborough

Tuition for schools is now $55,000 to $65,000 with newer schools closer to $40,000. Upper school tuition is sometimes a few thousand dollars more, but many ongoing schools have adopted a policy to keep tuition the same across all the grades.

Since private school does not come cheap in New York City, it’s no surprise that many parents inquire about financial aid.

Malin stresses that parents should not be afraid to ask about the levels of aid available, and that with the exception of some nursery schools, it’s available at all private schools.

“Most schools have really generous financial aid packages,” she says. “It really varies from school to school, depending on their budget and endowment. Some offer partial aid, some offer full.”

Talk to admission officers and financial aid officers. There’s usually someone in the admissions or business office who deals solely with this issue. Sometimes, though, the admissions officer and financial aid officer are the same.

Private school admissions decisions are rarely “need-blind.” Rather, they can be “need-aware,” Malin says, meaning that admission for students requiring financial aid will depend on the family’s need and the financial aid budget of the school. Most often financial aid does not affect admission, but in some cases it may.

“Just like when youre doing your taxes, being organized is really important,” Malin says. You’ll need to gather a lot of forms and be aware of all of the deadlines.

Where To Look For Nyc Elementary Schools

There are many high-performing zoned schools in Manhattan, particularly on the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, the Village, Midtown East, and Tribeca. There are also several choice, aka un-zoned schools, Aronow says.

Hemphill says the schools everyone has heard ofsuch as PS 6 on the Upper East Side, PS 87 on the Upper West Side, and PS 234 in Tribeca”are great schools but are also in fantastically expensive neighborhoods.

Schools in Brooklyns District 13, which includes Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, and downtown Brooklyn, have become very popular in recent years, she says.

Hemphill singles out Williamsburg as one neighborhood where schools are making great strides, including Brooklyn Arbor .

If you want other solid schools, Hemphill says, look at District 2 or District 26 in Eastern Queens. District 15 in Brooklyn is also known for its high-performing elementary schools.

And for more intel on the Bronx, check out InsideSchoolss Best Bets in the Bronx.

Success Academy Charter Schools

Before children jump into books and experiments, the purpose is to make them capable of some interactions and understanding of the basics with which the world around them functions. The aim of the elementary education of this school is to reduce the method of direct instruction but rather focus on hands-on exploration, discussions with peers, and solving the problem at hand. As it gets clear that the aim of elementary education here is to build a strong foundation on which these children upgrade themselves and not crumble. It is indeed More than a School.

Founded in: 2006Apply Now

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Ps 65 The Academy Of Innovative Learning

The Academy of Innovative Learning has 265 students and serves preschool through secondary education. The school is located on Staten Island.

Safety and respect: 9.3

Engagement: 9.1

Academic expectations: 9.2

Scores rated out of 10 based on the NYC School Survey. We ranked schools based on an equally rated average.

Cuny’s Gifted And Talented Program

Top 26 Public Elementary School Out

Hunter College Elementary School is a free, gifted K-12 program run by Hunter College and CUNY with a curriculum that exceeds New York State mandated guidelines issued by the Board of Regents. The elementary school is now open to students citywide. Entry points are kindergarten and seventh grade only, and most students join in seventh grade.

It has a separate application process and the admissions for fall 2022 have ended. The application schedule for fall 2023 is not yet posted, but be sure to keep checking the site. In the past the process was open in late August through mid-September, with applications due by November 4th.

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New York City Center For Autism Charter School

Enrollment figures weren’t available for the New York City Center for Autism Charter School, which works exclusively with children with autism. The school is located in East Harlem.

Safety and respect: 9.3

Engagement: 9.3

Academic expectations: 9.1

Scores rated out of 10 based on the NYC School Survey. We ranked schools based on an equally rated average.

Leadership Preparatory Ocean Hill Charter School

Enrollment figures weren’t available for Leadership Preparatory Ocean Hill Charter School, which serves kindergarten through second grade, with plans to serve kindergarten through eighth grade. The school is located in Bushwick

Safety and respect: 9.4

Engagement: 8.9

Academic expectations: 9.2

Scores rated out of 10 based on the NYC School Survey. We ranked schools based on an equally rated average.

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Top 26 Public Elementary School Out

Brooklyn is one of the 5 Boroughs of New York City, and is one of the most diverse areas in the US, both racially and socio-economically. If each borough were ranked as a city, Brooklyn would rank as the third most populous city in the US after Los Angeles and Chicago. Brooklyn is co-existent with Kings County, and is the 2nd most densely populated county in the United States. Brooklyn is home to approximately 2.6 million people as of 2019. There are approximately 540 public schools in Brooklyn. This post will highlight some the best elementary schools in Brooklyn.

Previously we published this post highlighting 10 Out-Performing Schools in Manhattan, and we are please to publish this post highlighting 26 Out-Performing Schools in Brooklyn.

To see our ratings of all Brooklyn and New York City area schools, visit our website.

Brooklyn has many highly rated public schools. Our Founder, Tom Brown, is a realtor and his experience has shown that parents who are moving to a new city seek out schools that rate 7 or better. But as it turns out, the ratings are significantly impacted by parent income, not necessarily school quality, and as a result, many schools in Brooklyn are unfairly underrated when parent incomes are lower. Unfortunately these schools are often the most diverse.


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The Best Elementary Schools New York City: Edgewood School

Safety a top concern as NYC public school students return to class

Another popular school on the New York City list of best elementary schools in Edgewood School. Edgewood School is one of the few schools to receive an A+. The academic success of this school, which is at the top of the list, is divided into two separate groups as mathematics and reading. Edgewood School is one of the above-average schools for social activities.

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Sleeper Schools And Other Expert Recommendations

Aronow suggests considering new schools. Many parents are hesitant to try them out, she says, but these schools often have newer facilities than more established schools, plus dynamic, engaged staff.

She says schools in Hells Kitchen are promising and increasingly popular, and Brooklyns District 17 has momentum and an engaged community.

Best Public Elementary Schools In Brooklyn

When B.B. King said, The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you, he surely meant to associate learning with the learned and how the process can go on expanding! We often hear kids singing rhymes, especially at festivals like Christmas. They are truly a bundle of joy and inspiration for living life to the best. They are the future and vision of a country which will forecast and turn the thoughts into actions. Elementary education covers kids between five and eleven years of age here, the child learns the basics before entering a correct and routine school. In the United States, from the age of around six, its compulsory to attend elementary school. This stage of schooling is provided free of charge. .

Brooklyn has 540 public schools which provide elementary education and others. Also, holding the status of 2nd most densely populated county in the United States, Brooklyn has a record of promoting education at all levels. It is also termed as offering the largest public schools system in the country. In 2019, it was reported that school enrolment in public and private elementary schools was generally higher than in other educational institutions.

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How Do You Get Into Nyc Pre

One of former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s major initiatives was free pre-K for all, and all four-year-olds in the city are now guaranteed a spot. The city also added 3-K programs, offering free, full-day early childhood education, and expanded the program city wide last year, however placement is not guaranteed.

Not all public schools offer pre-K programs, so your child may have to travel out of your area to attend. Many also have limited space. There are also pre-K Centers run by Department of Education staff, like K280 School of Journeys in Windsor Terrace, considered to be the model for the program. Pre-Ks are zoned by district, so you can apply to go to any pre-K in your district, but keep in mind that kids aren’t eligible for bussing until they’re five years old or older. You can also apply to a pre-K outside your district, but residents in that district will be given priority.

Worth noting: Even underperforming schools tend to have pretty good pre-K programs, according to education consultant Robin Aronow, founder of School Search NYC, who helps guide NYC parents through the school application process. Her focus is on Manhattan schools.

An important caveat: Just because your child attends a pre-K program at a school does not mean they are automatically enrolled in that school’s kindergarten. Kindergarten is a separate application process. Once a child is enrolled in a kindergarten in a school, for example, that goes through fifth grade they do not need to apply again.

Jeffrey Ratner Robert Seaman Elementary School

What it costs to live near the top public elementary schools in ...

Blue checkmark.

Jericho Union Free School District, NY,


1 Niche users give it an average review of 5 stars.

Featured Review: Alum says I only have fond memories of Robert Seaman Elementary school. The school helped me cultivate my curiosity, drive to work, and, importantly, my personality and people skills..

Read 1 reviews.

  • Rating 3.67 out of 5 3 reviews
  • Parent: Great School, great science, ela, and math programs, has amazing teachers. Alpine needs to be better organized…. Read 3 reviews

    #5 Best Public Elementary Schools in New York City Area.

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    New York Elementary Schools

  • New York Elementary Schools
  • There are 4,850 elementary schools in New York 3,691 public schools and 1,159 private schools.New York ranks as the 4th state in terms of student enrollment and 4th in terms of total number ofschools. It ranks 31st for the percentage of students on freeor reduced lunches and 11th for the student/teacher ratio

    Below you can find:

    The Best Elementary Schools New York City : Bronxville High School

    Bronxville High School ranks first on the New York City list of best elementary schools. Bronxville also ranks first among the top public schools on the list. It is possible to come across this school in the list of best public elementary schools in NYC 2021. Among the most distinctive features of the school is its outstanding achievement in mathematics. Bronxville is one of the few schools to receive an A+ score in academic achievement.

    The schools teaching staff is highly developed and consists of the most successful instructors in New York. In addition, Bronxville is also highly rated for social activities. Students at the school have the chance to receive training in many arts and sports in order to improve themselves.

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    Register For Parent University From The Department Of Education

    The DOEs Parent University seeks to educate and empower all families from early childhood through adulthood, with free courses, resources, events, and activities. Parents can register for free training on a wide range of topics, including adult education, student social-emotional learning, and special education. Visit

    Please view the attached registration flyer.

    Best Public Elementary Schools In The New York City Area

  • New York City Geographic District No. 1, NY

  • Rating 3.83 out of 5 215 reviews
  • Parent: NEST+M is a warm and nurturing community. The student body is kind. The faculty is great and encourages and empowers students. Students’ mental health and well-being are foremost at NEST. Teachers and staff work hard to address the pressure students experience at a school of NEST’s caliber, particularly during the college application season. Although NEST+M is known as an excellent stem school, the humanities are outstanding and should get their due!The administration is on top of things and responsive. However, like most city public schools, it can be inflexible and bureaucratic at times.The downsides are the limited athletics and art options. It is also crowded during passing time. All in all, NEST+M has exceeded my expectations…. Read 215 reviews

    #1 Best Public Elementary Schools in New York City Area.

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    Check Out This New Website: Wide Open School

    This newly launched site provides learning activities for students to complete independently at home, or with their families. Activities are available in all subjects and grades, and in all languages via Google Translate.

    Families can use the information to do the following:

    * Access an overview of the units their children are studying throughout the year, in grades K-8 high school units will be added soon.

    * Engage with their child on what is taught at school Find support for learning at home, like tips for keeping children focused, as well as information about using online learning tools Assist with conversations at parent-teacher conferences Locate after-school activities.

    To learn more about tools and resources available on Wide Open School, visit

    Age Cutoff For Nyc Private Schools

    Some private schools offer pre-K programs, some offer preschool for three year olds, and a very select few offer programs for two year olds. Once your child has been accepted into a school’s preschool, they don’t need to apply again for kindergarten.

    Unlike public schools, where kindergartners can start when they’re four as long as they turn five by the end of the calendar year, the majority of private schools require that kindergartners be five by September 1st.

    The reason for this is “the schools want to be sure that the child is socially and emotionally ready for kindergarten,” says Gina Malin, the former executive director at the Parents League of New York, a nonprofit association of parents and independent schools. “Kindergartens have changeddays are longer and they’re asking five year olds to do a lot more than in years past. Curriculum is more advanced.”

    The downside: This means that if your child’s birthday is in the fall, you’ll be paying for one more year of preschool.

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    Why Pay Tuition Here Are The 20 Best Public Schools In New York City

    New York City’s parents, teachers, and students have spoken.

    In one of the biggest survey efforts in the country, the NYC School Survey gathered opinions about the city’s public school system from nearly one million students, parents and teachers in grades 6-12.

    Not surprisingly, many of the highest-rated schools have small enrollments. The largest school on this list is P.S. 029 Bardwell with 686 students.

    Some of the city’s most respected public schools, like Hunter and Bronx Science, scored highly but didn’t make the cut.

    Leadership Prep Ocean Hill Elementary School

    Public School 9

    It is one of the high-rated public elementary schools in Brooklyn, New York. The motive of the school is to produce students who can compete with the outside world by having a deep understanding of the concepts and logic. The Leadership Preparatory Ocean Hill aims at preparing children in such a way that they are ready to achieve the success of any kind whatsoever. And graduate from a four-year college. The school offers a conducive environment for the children to flourish, and also, the parents involvement in the school and their children are given a lot of importance.

    Founded in: 2010

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    Public School Timeline And Deadlines

    Public school students must turn five by December 31st of the year they start kindergarten .

    In the past, tours were held in the fall and spring, but schools did not hold tours during the pandemic most did virtual tours.

    It will probably remain that way, but we will see, Aronow says.

    If tours return, dates will be listed on a schools web site. Plan to do them if they are available, because they are also a good opportunity to ask questions and get a sense of a school that you cannot get otherwise.

    The application process for kindergarten is not confirmed at this point. However the kindergarten application period is usually early December to mid-January and the notification date should be no later than April. It could be earlier if Chancellor Banks promise to move up the date comes through, Aronow says.

    Public schools don’t have interviews, per se, though the Special Music School has a music evaluation Hunter has an assessment for students who make it to the second round of the process.

    Each charter school sets its own application deadline, but most require that applications be in before April 1st. Some schools have later deadlines, so inquire with individual schools.

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