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Did Wordle get tougher after New York Times takeover?

A New York Times editorial uses a deeply flawed take on free speech to overinflate cancel culture and downplay the real threats to democracy.

It may be the most classic bit during the nine-season run of the iconic TV sitcom Seinfeld: The time that Jerry shows up at the airport car rental place with his reservation, only to be told there arent any cars. Like every other annoying aspect of everyday life, the mishap causes the comedian to go into full didactic, observational-humor mode about the meaning of a reservation, sparking the annoyed clerk to blurt out, I know what a reservation is!

I dont think you do! Jerry responds. That was hilarious, but how funny is it when the most prominent news organization in the United States the one that tends, for better or worse, to set the agenda for all the smaller fish in the media pond launches what it hopes will be a decade-defining campaign around free speech in America with a gobsmackingly wrong-from-the-git-go misunderstanding of what free speech in America actually means.

For all the tolerance and enlightenment that modern society claims, Americans are losing hold of a fundamental right as citizens of a free country: the right to speak their minds and voice their opinions in public without fear of being shamed or shunned, begins the New York Times editorial board in its roughly 2,500-word broadside headlined simply, America Has a Free Speech Problem.

What Writers Need To Know About The New York Times Bestseller List

Even though it retains its prestigious reputation, The New York Times Bestseller list has been the subject of much controversy. Charges of curated elitism, an overreliance on books published by the major New York publishing houses, questionable methodologies, bribery, editorial and political bias have prompted lawsuits and intense debates among authors, book publishers, and industry executives.

A 1983 lawsuit by William Beatty, an American writer best known for his novel The Exorcist and 1973 movie by the same name, is a case in point.

While his book Legion sold many copies during its initial publicationenough to earn a comfortable spot for a while on the Times Bestseller listhis book appeared on the list only for one week.

Sensing bias and claiming that by it not remaining on the Timess list his sales were being hurt, Beatty took his case to Court. In Court, the Times defended itself on grounds that The list did not purport to be an objective compilation of information but instead was an editorial product. The Court sided with the Times, dismissing a $3 million lawsuit.

Think of it like this: The New York Times is the newspaper equivalent to a prestigious university and fashionable high-end clothing brand. When it comes to getting on their bestseller list, just as it is for gaining admission to, say, an Ivy League School, few get in.

Accusations Of Liberal Bias

In mid-2004, the newspaper’s then-public editor Daniel Okrent, wrote an opinion piece in which he said that The New York Times did have a liberal bias in news coverage of certain social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. He stated that this bias reflected the paper’s cosmopolitanism, which arose naturally from its roots as a hometown paper of New York City, writing that the coverage of the Times‘s Arts & Leisure Culture and the Sunday Times Magazine trend to the left.

If you’re examining the paper’s coverage of these subjects from a perspective that is neither urban nor Northeastern nor culturally seen-it-all if you are among the groups The Times treats as strange objects to be examined on a laboratory slide if your value system wouldn’t wear well on a composite New York Times journalist, then a walk through this paper can make you feel you’re traveling in a strange and forbidding world.

Times public editor Arthur Brisbane wrote in 2012:

When The Times covers a national presidential campaign, I have found that the lead editors and reporters are disciplined about enforcing fairness and balance, and usually succeed in doing so. Across the paper’s many departments, though, so many share a kind of political and cultural progressivism for lack of a better term that this worldview virtually bleeds through the fabric of The Times.

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Its About The Court Of Public Opinion

Laxalts legal strategy foreshadows a likely new permanent battleground for political campaigns: postelection court battles.

While election-related lawsuits have long been common in American politics, the traditional fights have often been over polling hours and locations or last-minute policy changes to voting rules. But in 2020, the Trump campaign drastically altered the legal landscape, filing 60 cases after Election Day. The campaign lost 59 of them. The single case the campaign won had to do with challenging a state-ordered deadline extension in Pennsylvania for the submission of personal identification for mailed ballots.

Despite that losing record, Republican candidates like Laxalt appear poised to repeat the Trump legal strategy of trying to overturn an election in court, even months before there has been any votes or any theoretical voter fraud. Experts note that while these legal strategies are likely doomed to fail in courtrooms, they risk further eroding public trust.

At the end of the day, this isnt just about the court of law, its about the court of public opinion, and seeing how dangerous these lies about our elections can be, said Joanna Lydgate, who is a former deputy attorney general of Massachusetts and who co-founded the States United Democracy Center. We saw the violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6. We see those same lies showing up on the campaign trail all across the country.

Gender Discrimination In Employment

The New York Times

Discriminatory practices used by the paper long restricted women in appointments to editorial positions. The newspaper’s first general female reporter was , who described her experience afterward: “In the beginning I was charged not to reveal the fact that a female had been hired”. Other reporters nicknamed her Fluff and she was subjected to considerable hazing. Because of her gender, any promotion was out of the question, according to the then-managing editor. She remained on the staff for fifteen years, interrupted by World War I.

In 1935, Anne McCormick wrote to Arthur Hays Sulzberger: “I hope you won’t expect me to revert to ‘woman’s-point-of-view’ stuff.” Later, she interviewed major political leaders and appears to have had easier access than her colleagues. Even witnesses of her actions were unable to explain how she gained the interviews she did.Clifton Daniel said, ” I’m sure Adenauer called her up and invited her to lunch. She never had to grovel for an appointment.”

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Walter Duranty’s Holodomor Coverage And Pulitzer

Walter Duranty, who served as its Moscow bureau chief from 1922 through 1936, has been criticized for a series of stories in 1931 on the Soviet Union and won a Pulitzer Prize for his work at that time however, he has been criticized for his denial of widespread famine, most particularly Holodomor, a famine in Soviet Ukraine in the 1930s in which he summarized Russian propaganda, and the Times published, as fact: “Conditions are bad, but there is no famine”.

In 2003, after the Pulitzer Board began a renewed inquiry, the Times hired , professor of Russian history at Columbia University, to review Duranty’s work. Von Hagen found Duranty’s reports to be unbalanced and uncritical, and that they far too often gave voice to Stalinistpropaganda. In comments to the press he stated, “For the sake of The New York Times’ honor, they should take the prize away.”The Ukrainian Weekly covered the efforts to rescind Duranty’s prize. The Times has since made a public statement and the Pulitzer committee has declined to rescind the award twice stating, “…Mr. Duranty’s 1931 work, measured by today’s standards for foreign reporting, falls seriously short. In that regard, the Board’s view is similar to that of The New York Times itself…”.

New York Times Bestseller Status Vs Writing As Means To An End

Given the age of digital entrepreneurship where self-publishing a book continues to gain significant traction, effectively taking down the traditional barriers of entrypublishing industry contacts, top-notch agents, and costly marketing plansit is really up to you to figure out your writing goals.

Traditional publishing with the aim of appearing on an internationally-recognized Bestseller list like the Times versus self-publishing with the aim of achieving personal / business goals is a tradeoff youll have to consider.

Remember publishing a book is not an end in and of itself. With its ability to boost your name, reputation, and authority, not to mention, depending on your industry, land you more consulting clients and speaking gigs, writing a book can open up some pretty amazing doors. A successful published book is a marketing tool like no other.

Whatever path you choose, keep in mind that achieving Bestseller status in places other than the New York Times Bestseller List has been proven to land equally promising and lucrative opportunities.

And we are just in the beginning phases of this amazing trend. Self-Publishing School is here to help.

If you want some help achieving bestseller status on Amazon, make sure to check out our free training below.

Trade an hour of Netflix, for something that will help you reach your goals. Best of luck!

The Anatomy of A Bestseller

How To Get 5-Star Reviews

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How Do I Access The New York Times Through The Brown Site License

To get started, play the above video and follow the instructions below.

  • All users must complete a one-time registration to initiate their access.
  • Go to
  • Click on Register to create a account using your Brown email address. You must use your Brown email address.
  • At the bottom of the Welcome page, click Continue.
  • You will then see Check your e-mail. Look for NYTs message, Confirm Your E-Mail Address, which should arrive within 15 minutes.
  • Click on the link in the email. This will simultaneously verify your eligibility and grant your first Academic Pass. The pass is good for 1 year.
  • Once the initial registration is completed, and a pass selected, you will be able to access from any location.
  • You will only need to log in again if you actually log off from the site.
  • Trying To Solve A Covid Mystery: Africas Low Death Rates

    How Police Tried and Failed To Stop Capitol Attackers | Visual Investigations

    The coronavirus was expected to devastate the continent, but higher-income and better-prepared countries appear to have fared far worse.

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    KAMAKWIE, Sierra Leone There are no Covid fears here.

    The districts Covid-19 response center has registered just 11 cases since the start of the pandemic, and no deaths. At the regional hospital, the wards are packed with malaria patients. The door to the Covid isolation ward is bolted shut and overgrown with weeds. People cram together for weddings, soccer matches, concerts, with no masks in sight.

    Sierra Leone, a nation of eight million on the coast of Western Africa, feels like a land inexplicably spared as a plague passed overhead. What has happened or hasnt happened here and in much of sub-Saharan Africa is a great mystery of the pandemic.

    The low rate of coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths in West and Central Africa is the focus of a debate that has divided scientists on the continent and beyond. Have the sick or dead simply not been counted? If Covid has in fact done less damage here, why is that? If it has been just as vicious, how have we missed it?

    The answers are relevant not just to us, but have implications for the greater public good, said Austin Demby, Sierra Leones health minister, in an interview in Freetown, the capital.

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    New York Times V Sullivan

    The paper’s involvement in a 1964 libel case helped bring one of the key United States Supreme Court decisions supporting freedom of the press, New York Times Co. v. Sullivan. In it, the United States Supreme Court established the “actual malice” standard for press reports about public officials or public figures to be considered defamatory or libelous. The malice standard requires the plaintiff in a defamation or libel case to prove the publisher of the statement knew the statement was false or acted in reckless disregard of its truth or falsity. Because of the high burden of proof on the plaintiff, and difficulty proving malicious intent, such cases by public figures rarely succeed.

    Other Browsers And Private Browsing

    Other browsers have this form of privacy mode for their service. They promise many of the same things as Safari, but they do not have the same Terminal issue due to how this command only presents websites visited on Safari .

    If you use Firefox, youll notice that its private mode is also known as Private Browsing. Chrome calls private mode Incognito, while Internet Explorer refers to it as InPrivate Browsing. Opera is the newest to the scene, denoting it as Private Tab. Safari is the oldest well-known browser with this feature.

    As you can see, despite Private Browsing not being 100% private, Terminal allows for your browser to be. In what ways has Terminal helped your life or allowed you to become more productive? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Google Says Some People In Russia Are Having Trouble Accessing Its News App

    Google says that some people are experiencing difficulties accessing the Google News app and website in Russia, even though there are no technical issues on its end.

    Googles comments, on Wednesday, came on the heels of a report from the Interfax News Agency that Roskomnadzor, Russias internet regulator, had blocked the service in the country, accusing Google News of reporting false information about the countrys invasion of Ukraine.

    Google stopped short of saying that the news site was being throttled or blocked in the country. The company said in a written statement that it had worked hard to keep information services like News accessible to people in Russia for as long as possible.

    It is not clear whether Google News, which aggregates information from a variety of media organizations, is widely used in Russia. This month, Google said it would no longer permit articles from Russian state media to appear on Google News. In addition, YouTube said it was blocking access to all Russian state media globally, citing its policy against content denying, minimizing or trivializing well-documented violent events.

    Also, Google has suspended its advertising business in the country.

    Victoria Kim

    Russia is likely turning to reservists, conscripts, private military companies and foreign mercenaries to replace troops after suffering thousands of casualties in Ukraine, British defense officials said in their latest intelligence assessment.

    Access The Site Using A Proxy

    What are the most iconic front pages of the New York Times ...

    The NY Times checks your IP address to see how often youre visiting their site and reading their articles. So, you could use different computers in different locations to read their articles, but thats probably quite a hassle. Instead of physically relocating yourself, simply re-route your web queries using a proxy. There are a number of free proxy websites online, such as, which mask your actual IP and make it appear as though you are accessing a site from elsewhere.

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    Exchange Speaking Fee For A Bulk Book Purchases

    While it may not be the best course for everyone, speaking engagements are incredible opportunities to double-down on your writing endeavors and entrepreneurial goals more broadly.

    They are not only great confidence-boosters but serve as great book marketing opportunities.

    Exchanging speaking fees for a bulk book purchase is especially important during the pre-order phase because it allows you not only reach a broader audience but allows you to meet the Times requirement that book purchases be in different geographic areas.

    New York Times In Education

    FIU students, faculty and staff also have access to the New York Times education resource website, which provides the following features:

    • Discipline-specific areas of study
    • General instructional strategies to promote student achievement
    • Co-curricular activities including events, discussions, and contests

    To gain entry to the education site , simply complete a short registration. Be sure to use your email address.

    Access does not include e-reader editions, digital crossword puzzles, or Times Insider Content. Other restrictions may apply.

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    Kathy Griffin Is Trying To Get Back On The D

    Ever since her Trump joke went wrong in 2017, Griffin has been seeking a professional rebirth, and wondering who among the canceled gets a second chance.

    Kathy Griffin in her home in Malibu, Calif., where a portrait of her by Erik Menendez is prominently displayed.Credit…Chantal Anderson for The New York Times

    Supported by

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    No Shortage Of Enemies

    What Its Like to Live With Bullets Inside You | NYT

    Griffins house is a modern, boxy white structure of 8,200 square feet sitting on 1.8 acres in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. She bought it in 2020 for $8.8 million, which I know because Griffin sent me the Zillow listing before I visited. It is all windows and clean surfaces, and is decorated in homage to its owner.

    On the entry table are her two Emmys and her Grammy Award . Magazine covers and promotional posters adorn the walls in the front entrance and around the house, including one for Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story, the 2019 documentary she produced and financed in the aftermath of the Trump photo. And prominently displayed by the powder room on the main floor, there is a portrait of Griffin painted by Erik Menendez in prison.

    At the kitchen table, eating chocolate chip banana bread made by her husband, Randy Bick, Griffin was biting and regretful, irreverent and chastened, angry and vulnerable. Her voice was soft and breathy after lung surgery. But her words were crisp, those of a woman who has hustled for every bit of her good luck since she moved from Oak Park, Ill., when she was 19.

    Before the Trump photo she was on the road an average of 100 days a year, performing standup shows that made her a favorite of L.G.B.T. fans, among others transforming herself from the daughter of parents raised during the Depression into a rich businesswoman.

    He called her demand for a raise so close to New Years Eve completely out of line.

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