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What’s The Weather Like In New York City

What To Wear In February In Nyc

New York City’s Weather Forecast

1. Winter Coat

A winter coat or jacket is essential to pack. Anything will wool or down will keep you nice and warm. If you have one that’s waterproof like this one by Wantdo, even better! Pack with some gloves, a scarf, and a hat.

2. Long Pants

Long pants or trousers are a must. Think jeans and wool pants to stay warm. If you plan of wearing a skirt, be sure to wear warm stockings or legging underneath, like these wool ones by Woolx.

3. Waterproof Boots

There will be a number of rainy days and a few snow days in February. Packing a waterproof boot or shoe will keep you warm and dry as you explore New York City.

Climate And Average Weather Year Round In New York City New York United States

In New York City, the summers are warm, humid, and wet the winters are very cold, snowy, and windy and it is partly cloudy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from -2 °C to 29 °C and is rarely below -10 °C or above 34 °C.

Based on the tourism score, the best times of year to visit New York City for warm-weather activities are from mid June to early July and from early August to late September.

A Final Word On Nyc Weather

Of course, all of the weather assessments above are based on the “Average” temperature or “general” weather conditions during the various months. Anything can happen when the weather is concerned, so be sure to check the forecast before you make your final decision on what to pack for your trip to New York city.

One of the great things about New York City, however, is that there is plenty to do both indoors and out to make your visit memorable whether you come to town in the winter, spring, summer or fall.

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What Was The Coldest Christmas In Ohio In 1983

Christmas 1983 Blizzard and Cold. 30 Year Anniversary. Christmas of 1983 was the coldest Christmas ever with blizzard conditions across northeast Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania. The combination of the arctic cold temperatures and the wide open Great Lakes set the stage for the development of a Lake Effect blizzard.

What’s The Weather Like In New York In June

Whatâs the Weather like in New York?

The weather gets warmer and drier in June in New York, USA, when spring is merging into summer.

How Hot Is New York in June?

During this month, the average temperature for the city is 22ºC made up of average lows of 17ºC and afternoon highs of 22ºC.

New York’s Hottest and Coldest Junes

The hottest temperature which has ever been recorded in the city at this time of year is 37°C and the coldest is 9°C.

Does It Rain In New York In June?

Throughout the month, the city is subject to an average of 98mm of rainfall spread out between 13 rainy days. With rainfall occurring on more than 1/3 of days across the month, there is quite a good chance you’ll experience some wet days on your visit.

Over the course of an average , New York enjoys around 11 hours of sunshine each day.

Is New York Windy In June?

Compared to the other months, June is a relatively calm month. At this time of year, typical wind speeds range between calm and (moderate breezes, rarely rising to fresh breezes.

Check the New York City forecast here.

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New York City Weather And Your Visit

New York City is in the North Eastern part of the US, and we experience a variety of weather conditions and temperatures. Though most people would probably prefer to visit during the warmer months, with a little extra clothing in your luggage, you can have a marvelous time in New York City any time of the year.

Average Wind Speed In New York City


The predominant average hourly wind direction in New York City varies throughout the year.

The wind is most often from the north for 1.0 weeks, from to , with a peak percentage of 32% on . The wind is most often from the west for 1.7 months, from to May 13 for 2.9 weeks, from May 25 to and for 5.5 months, from to , with a peak percentage of 33% on . The wind is most often from the south for 1.7 weeks, from May 13 to May 25 and for 3.5 months, from to , with a peak percentage of 38% on .

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What To Do In New York In December

There are year-round activities, we recommend, like going up a skyscraper, boat rides to see or visit the statue of liberty, museums, and Streetwise New York walking tours of New Yorks many cant miss neighborhoods!

This is a list of seasonal activities and December-specific events and deals. Take advantage of coming to New York during the Holiday Season!

The neighbors in Dyker Heights Brooklyn try to out-do each other with Christmas decorations.

How Cold Is New York In February

Whats it’s like in New York May 2020 *NYC two months in*

Early in February, afternoon temperatures tend to be mostly in the upper 30s f while overnight and early morning lows dip into the mid to upper 20s f . A few of the colder mornings can see temperature dropping into the lower teens .

As the month progresses, daytime high temperatures begin to warm up a bit, getting up into the mid-40s F with a few days reaching into the mid-50s F .

Partly due to these temperatures, February is the cheapest time of year to visit NYC. However, for some, this could be the very best time to come. You can read more in our below.

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Summer In New York City

Tourists love coming to New York City in the summertime, which can be quite hot and uncomfortable, particularly in the crowded subways. While June weather is still relatively mild and dry, with an average temperature of 71 degrees Fahrenheit , July and August both experience average highs in the lower 80s .

To make matters worse, the concrete of the city traps the heat and winds die down in the summer, which makes it feel even hotter than it is, and humidity levels can get rather high in the later part of the season. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to cool down like swimming at Coney Island or catching a Broadway show near Times Square.

What to pack: Shorts, tank tops, and breathable fabrics are a must this time of year, but you’ll want to avoid wearing open-toed sandals while walking, so bring a pair of comfortable shoes for getting around the city. If you plan on visiting shops, museums, or other indoor attractions, you may want to bring an extra layer like a pullover you’ll also need nice attire if you plan to attend a show or go to an upscale restaurant.

Weather History For New York Ny

Data is available up to January 15, 2022.

Explore past weather data with the Old Farmer’s Almanac Weather History tool. Find historical weather data by zip code and access weather archives from more than 1,300 stations across the United States and Canada, dating back to 1945. What was the weather like on your birthday or another date in history? Find out!

Weather data collected from the National Climatic Data Center Global Surface Summary of Day. Information from the NCDC may be incomplete. Not every station reports every day, and some stations never report certain values. To learn more about weather station terminology, please consult the Weather Observation Station page of the NCDC.

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Does It Snow In March In Nyc

Snow can still fall in the city during March but is limited to about 2 days on average with 1 day receiving at least 1 inch .

Snowfalls of 3 inches or more occur about once every other year.

The risk for snow is highest near the beginning of the month and drops significantly by the month’s end.

For more info and for this year’s snow forecast, check out our post on snow in NYC.

What To Wear In March

ÐÑезенÑаÑиÑ? на ÑемÑ: " Weather" . СкаÑаÑÑ Ð±ÐµÑ?плаÑно и без ...

As the month progresses, spring appears. Its best to be prepared for both seasons so your comfort level is optimized, making your trip to the Big Apple the greatest experience of your lifetime!

1. Layers

You’ll need to check the weather beforehand to see if you’re going to get more of a winter or spring feel, but if you trip straddles both, bring layers!

A medium jacket and long sleeves and sweaters should do the trick.

Thermals are great for layering, like these fleece-lined ones for women by Angelina. They’re great for wearing under a jacket or on their own on a warmer day.

2. Jeans

No need for heavy pants, as the weather can be mild. Jeans are a great option to stay comfortable in. A nice dark-wash jean dressed with a button-up is a great evening look for going out to dinner.

3. Pack Variety

Temperatures can rise into the ’50s and ’60s, so depending on your tolerance and where you’re coming from, even a pair of shorts could be warranted.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to have a scarf and gloves for those chilly mornings.

Travel scarves are great for holding things like your phone and ID/passports for making travel easier, and they’re great for keeping you warm as well!

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Average Temperature In New York City

The warm season lasts for 3.5 months, from to , with an average daily high temperature above 24 °C. The hottest month of the year in New York City is , with an average high of 29 °C and low of 21 °C.

The cold season lasts for 3.3 months, from to , with an average daily high temperature below 9 °C. The coldest month of the year in New York City is , with an average low of -2 °C and high of 4 °C.

How Cold Is Nyc In March

Early this month, afternoon high temperatures tend to be in the mid-40s F while early morning lows tend to be in the low 30s F .

On a few of the colder mornings, temperatures can still dip down into the upper teens .

As the month progresses, spring starts to grab a hold in the Big Apple as the afternoon temperatures rise into the low to mid-50s F and morning lows creep up into the upper 30’s f to near 40f .

A few of the warmer afternoons can even see temperatures up into the mid-’60s .

The highest temperature recorded this month at Central Park was 86f while the coldest ever was 3 F .

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Best Time Of Year To Visit

To characterize how pleasant the weather is in New York City throughout the year, we compute two travel scores.

The tourism score favors clear, rainless days with perceived temperatures between 18 °C and 27 °C. Based on this score, the best times of year to visit New York City for general outdoor tourist activities are from mid June to early July and from early August to late September, with a peak score in the first week of September.

Winter In New York City

New York Weather: CBS2’s 4/1 Thursday Evening Update

Blame it on the excitement of the winter months during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but visitors flock to the city each holiday season. Unfortunately, temperatures drop constantly throughout December and often stay below freezing for most of January and February when snowfall can total more than three inches. Winter also means more intense winds gusting between the buildings of New York Citythe average daily wind speed stays above 10 miles per hour most of the season.

What to pack: You will need plenty of warm clothing including a waterproof winter coat, long pants, sweaters, and perhaps even thermal undergarments, especially in the later part of the season. Don’t forget to pack toasty boots or shoes as well as a pair of SmartWool socks to keep your feet warm and dry, too.

With the exception of January, February, September, and October, you can expect some amount of precipitation for almost half of the month most of the year in New York City. However, winter brings freezing snowfall and late spring often sees periods of warm, torrential rainfall.

Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours

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Things To Do In February

Even though it is winter, there are many things to do in NYC inside and out. Below is the top 10 list from our post on things to do in NYC in February.

For tips on the most popular activities in NYC, check out our schedule of pay-what-you-like walking tours, our bus tours, and boat cruise pages.

Several of the items below are already included for free with the purchase of a tourist discount pass.

Read our full post on things to do in NYC in February for even more ideas.

If you are coming at the start or end of the month, be sure to check out our guides for and , and see our full post on things to do anytime of year in NYC for even more ideas.

New York Weather February

What’s the weather like in New York in February?

Sitting on the east coast of the , has a continental climate. This means winters cold, and theres some rain all year round. Februarys the driest month of the year, but if you’re visiting New York at this time you should pack plenty of warm clothes.

Climatic influences

New York has four distinct seasons, with temperatures starting to get warmer in February after a really cold January. A bit of heats kept in by the Appalachian Mountains to the west of New York City, while offshore winds mean the Atlantic doesn’t make the city even colder. You’ll get some shelter from tall buildings and skyscrapers which stop winds, while you can expect to see light snow in February.


The average high temperature in New York during February is 7ºC, and you’ll need a decent winter coat as well as your hat and gloves, as it drops to -3ºC at night. The sea temperatures a chilly 6ºC, while humiditys low. Typical rainfalls 57mm over nine rainy days, and you can expect 11 hours of daylight with six hours of sunshine each day. UV levels will be moderate, while sunsets around 6.15pm at the start of the month and gradually gets earlier.

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New York City Weather In April

April is full spring weather in New York City with mostly sunny days, climbing temperatures, and flowers in bloom across the city. Days are often comfortably warm, but evenings and nights are still chilly so don’t underestimate the cold after dark. Temperatures are also rapidly rising throughout the month and a visit at the end of April is likely to be much warmer than a visit at the beginning of the month.

  • Average High Temperature: 62 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Average Low Temperature: 46 degrees Fahrenheit

The only downside is that April can be rainy with an average of about four inches of precipitation. However, showers are usually short and intense, briefly interrupting a month of generally sunny weather instead of watering it down. There is also very little humidity this time of year, so when it’s not raining, the air is clear and crisp

Whats The Weather Like In New York

ÐÑезенÑаÑиÑ? на ÑемÑ: " Weather" . СкаÑаÑÑ Ð±ÐµÑ?плаÑно и без ...

Living in NYC, I wondered what the weather looked like over time. Ive lived here almost all my life and every year I find myself complaining about how much hotter it is than the year prior. Is it getting warmer? Is the climate actually changing? Maybe those heat waves in the summer are just outliers.

Climate change is one of the most debated topics in recent years, especially in politics. There are much data and research that points to a ubiquitous rise in global temperatures. This article, however, is not meant to impose that on anyone. It merely provides a quick exploration and visualization of weather data over the last 20 years to investigate trends .

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New York Weather March

What’s the weather like in New York in March?

The location of on the east coast of means the city has a continental climate and with winter moving into spring in March, temperatures are rising, but still chilly. Theres rain all year round, so you’ll probably want to bring an umbrella as well as some warm clothes.

Climatic influences

New York has four fairly distinct seasons, although theres still the chance of some light snow in March. The Appalachian Mountains help to keep in some heat as the city starts to get warmer, while offshore winds mean the Atlantic doesn’t cool things down as much. New Yorks skyscrapers and high buildings will shelter you a bit from the cold and wind.


Fall In New York City

Temperatures start to drop early in September, but you likely won’t see cold weather until some time around the end of October, making fall one of the best seasons to visit New York City . Throughout the season, monthly highs fall from 75 degrees Fahrenheit in September to 54 F in November, while the average lows drop from 61 to 41 F .

What to pack: The later in the season you’re visiting, the more clothing you should bring with you to keep you warm while walking around the city. While you can still get away with shorts and tank tops in early September, you’ll definitely want to bring long pants, sweaters, and even a light jacket by mid-Novemberespecially if you’re visiting from a warmer climate.

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