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Lido Di Manhattan Kitchen Nightmares

S03e05 Lido’s Di Manhattan Beach Summary

Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored – Season 2 Episode 8 – Full Episode

Chef Ramsay visits Lido Di Manhattan Beach in Manhattan Beach, CA. Lisa Hemmat grew up in and around the food service industry and inherited the entrepreneurial spirit from her parents. Shortly after graduating with a business degree from USC Marshall School of Business, she secured a loan and purchased Lido Di Manhattan in June of 2004, at the ripe old age of 23. Having been left with a strong staff, including a veteran cook in the kitchen, Lisa felt secure and confident in her decision to become the next great Los Angeles restaurateur. Five years later, Lisa is struggling to pay her bills and has come to the harsh realization that she is barely making ends meet. Chef Ramsay gives Lisa a lesson in restaurant business 101.

What Happened Next At Lido Di Manhattan

They focus on the wine bar and Chef Scott worked on training the chefs.

Gordon revisits a year later, business has increased by 20% and Lisa has fired her boyfriend Damien, the bar manager.

There are new dishes inspired by Gordon including a Mushroom Flatbread.

They cook a dish together.

Gordon is impressed and tells her to keep up the good work.

Lisa has also expanded into Lido brand wine, catering and private dining.

The restaurant hosts a number of events including wine tastings.

Lido di Manhattan is open and continues to be very successful.

Yelp reviews are good with positive comments on the food and complaints seem to focus on service.

Planning a visit to the restaurant? Check out their website for opening hours and more information.

In 2017, Lisa Hemmat and partner Levi Lupercio opened Playa Hermosa Fish and Oyster restaurant and reviews are excellent.

Lido di Manhattan aired on March 04 2010, the episode was filmed in July 2009 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 3 episode 5.

Is Lido Still Open After Kitchen Nightmares

As of 2022 Lido di Manhattan is still open and serving customers.

Whats more, Lisa has expanded the services to include catering and private dining.

You can learn more on the Lido di Manhattan website.

It has a four star rating on Yelp, a 4.5 star rating on Google Reviews, and a four star rating on TripAdvisor.

Those are pretty good ratings, which suggests that customers generally like the restaurant.

Heres an example of a recent Yelp review that was written after the Kitchen Nightmares Lido restaurant episode

Ive come here for a few work events and dinners and we love this spot! A close colleague of mine has become a regular here in part because the staff are extremely friendly, professional, and always take great care of us, which I can definitely attest to.

We usually opt for the spicy vodka pasta, which wed highly recommend, but this time I switched it up and got the fresh crab & angel hair pasta and was NOT disappointed. We also ordered the tomato soup as a starter this time, and all agreed it was delicious!

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Remainder Of The Visit

Lisa tells Gordon the changes she’d like to make. Among them, she wants to be proud of the food, stick with a menu theme, and learn more herself about the kitchen. Gordon also wants an immediate change for the better: getting rid of the ancient POS. He brings it to a table, pulls out a baseball bat and starts whacking at it, then the staff all take turns….with great satisfaction! Gordon teaches the chefs and Lisa a new tuna dish, so she can have a simple dish to learn to feel comfortable in the kitchen, gaining more confidence. Lisa was very nervous, and initially struggles in preparing the one special dish. Even the experienced chefs are making numerous mistakes, and prove to be lazy in their preparation and care in the food. As Lisa is in the kitchen, Damien is running the front by himself, and doing well, but when he communicates with the kitchen, they try to blame him for the mistakes that are clearly caused by the kitchen. By this point, Lisa has gotten the hang of her station and dish, and even enjoys it a little. She also notices her chefs performing poorly – using the microwave unnecessarily, dangerous food temperatures, and calls them out for it.

What Happened To Lisa From Lido Di Manhattan

Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares Us Lido

As of 2022, Lisa Hemmat is still he owner of Lido di Manhattan.

In 2017, she also opened a second restaurant with her partner called Playa Hermosa Fish and Oyster.

Its located in Hermosa Beach, California and has generally good reviews on Yelp.

If you want to connect with Lisa Hemmat, you can .

She has a kid and a dog and generally seems happy congratulations to her on all her success.

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Final Thoughts On Lido Manhattan Beach

As I mentioned earlier, the Lido Kitchen Nightmares episode is one of the most succesful from the entire show.

Not only is Lido di Manhattan still open, but its thriving and expanding.

Whats more, Lisa has opened another restaurant that also seems to be doing well.

You cant ask for much more, so congratulations to Lisa, Gordon, and everyone else involved in making Lido di Manhattan a success!

If you want to see updates for other nearby California Kitchen Nightmares episodes, you can check out our updates for Zayna Flaming Grill in Redondo Beach, Ninos restaurant in Long Beach, and Burger Kitchen in Los Angeles proper.

Lido Di Manhattan Ristorante

  • “Peter F–ONE of the better filet dishes?””Lido was in one of the chef Ramsey’s shows – kitchen nightmares.”
  • Peter FarnanMay 16, 2012One of my favorites. I teach cooking classes and also chef different events here. One of the better filet dishes around! Great flatbreads at happy hour too! Read more
  • Anya K.Z.August 11, 2013Lido was in one of the chef Ramsey’s shows – kitchen nightmares. He did a great job restructuring this place. Great food, service, decor, and music. Recommended!
  • Pam MillerNovember 17, 2012Stopped Thursday for a burger! EXTRAORDINAIRE. Man, that was worth 30 miles. My 101 year old ate an entire half–never done in two years. Flemings, Paul Martin, sorry–ya’ gotta bring it!
  • Pam MillerNovember 17, 2012Peter F–ONE of the better filet dishes? The best in the So Bay, bar none! I defy you to find better.
  • Aubrey HustonMay 31, 2013We appreciate everything you did to make our day special at Lido Di Manhattan. Everyone had a blast!
  • Brad SlavinOctober 16, 2014Service was great. Filet was alright.. which is not what you should be saying about a filet that expensive.
  • Gregg TowsleyApril 15, 2014Great place for business meetings. #manhattanbeach
  • Tyler WhitneyMay 31, 2013ChickenLinguine was delicious as always!
  • Brad NewmanJanuary 4, 2011Thursday wine tastings are fantastic.
  • Brian ColladoApril 4, 2012Thanks Gordon!
  • Henry KimMarch 25, 2010This restaurant was featured in am episode of Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares.

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Mv Native Lives Her Own ‘kitchen Nightmare’

  • Submitted Photo

All she wanted was a small facelift for her cozy southernCalifornia restaurant in Manhattan Beach, Lido di ManhattanRistorante and Bar.

But she never really imagined what shed have to go through toget it.

For a full week, 1999 Mount Vernon High School graduate LisaHemmat was roasted and skewered in front of the camera for anepisode of the FOX television networks reality show KitchenNightmares. That episode will air at 9 tonight following AmericanIdol on FOX.

Millions of viewers can watch as show host and master chefGordon Ramsay tells Hemmat and her kitchen and wait staff thattheir food is terrible, their kitchen a bit dirty, and that the29-year-old Mount Vernon native may not have what it takes to run arestaurant in the outskirts of bustling Los Angeles.

The episode was filmed in June, but producers told Hemmat lastweek that they would air it tonight.

Hemmat admits shes nervous.

I havent seen the show and dont know exactly where theyregoing with the storyline, she said Monday by phone. Hemmatsparents still live in Mount Vernon, and she has plenty of friendsin Skagit County.

They have a ton of material, and they can edit and slice andchange things however they want, she said of the show, whichbrings Ramsay into a kitchen thats usually suffering from badbusiness to improve the restaurants food and service and help itsurvive.

Snagging an episode on the show would mean her business couldreceive some much-needed updating, she said.

Lido Di Manhattan On Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares US S03E06 Lido di Manhattan

Gordon arrives at Lido di Manhattan, noting that the parking lot is jammed. So, whats the problem with the restaurant? He enters and greets Lisa, introducing himself. He starts by asking how long Lisa has been in business, to which she replies 5 years since she was 23. Gordon is blown away that she bought a restaurant when she was 23. Her father actually cosigned on the loan for her to purchase Lido di Manhattan.

Gordon is shown to his seat, and he mentions the brightly-colored silverware, plates, and tabletop. Lisa says that the previous owners came up with the color scheme, and she just kept it the way it was. Gordon then asks what has changed since she took over from the owners. Lisa admits that she has not changed much, and the menu is from the previous owner. Their head chef, Louis Martinez, has been with Lido di Manhattan for 18 years. The sous-chef is his brother Arturo. Gordon starts to look over the menu but then asks Lisa what she recommends. She recommends the filet wrapped in pancetta topped with a homemade balsamic reduction sauce. However, she is actually vegetarian. Gordon is astounded by this, but he eventually orders the meal sans filet. If she doesnt eat the meat, then he wont, either.

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Kitchen Nightmares Season 3 Episode 0: Lido Di Manhattan Manhattan Beach California Open

In this edition of Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon visits Lido Di Manhattan, Manhattan Beach, California. This restaurant is run by Lisa, a 28-year-old, who is oblivious to the faults and issues her lack of experience has brought. Lisa is running the restaurant for 5 years, meaning that she owned it when she was 23 years old. In intro part, Lisa confirms that a lot of people are surprised by her age and the fact that she is too young to run a restaurant. Most of the people think that her father gave it to her or she married someone for it.

The staff thinks that she does not have the experience to run the business. They also think that she sometimes confuses them with her friends. Lisa is going out with Damien, the bar manager. Gordon arrives at the restaurant and meets Lisa Hammett. Gordon is also surprised by her age and assumes that restaurant was the graduation present, Lisa denies it. Lisa tells him that nothing much has been changed after she bought the restaurant. Lisa suggests the food and reveals that she is vegetarian, so she does not taste the food.

After one year of the relaunch, Gordon revisited Lido Di Manhattan, Manhattan Beach, following article shares the update. Gordon revisits Lido Di Manhattan, Manhattan Beach

Episode Related Info:

Lido Di Manhattan After Kitchen Nightmares 2018 Update

Lido di Manhattan is still open and operating to this day! Much to my surprise, Lido di Manhattan seems to have made a full recovery under the watchful eye of Gordon Ramsay. Lido is still based in Manhattan Beach, and their footprint seems to have blown up. Their website,, shows a list of featured clients. Some of these featured clients include Marvel, Boeing, Audi, Lexus, Taio Cruz, Jimmy Kimmel, the Rotary International Club, Wells Fargo, Merill Lynch and several more. Their menu has been revamped to include more traditional American cuisine items and the item at the very top of the appetizer menu, of course, is the Baked Eggplant Roll. Lido di Manhattan appears to be killing the restaurant game, as they have a 4-star review of 326 reviews on Yelp, a4.4-star star review across 227 reviews on Facebook.

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Is Lido Di Manhattan Manhattan Beach California Closed

No, Lido Di Manhattan is still open and Yelp reviews are positive.

Food Sampling:

Gordon orders baked eggplant roll, spicy ahi tuna tower, and chicken tortellini salad. Gordon meets Damien, who tells Gordon that he is dating Lisa. First order arrives, eggplant roll is undercooked, he sends it back. Ahi tuna tower is grainy and tuna is not fresh, he thinks it is canned. The server tells him that it is fresh tuna, but, when she checks with the chef, he confirms that it is frozen tuna. Chicken tortellini salad is rubbery and cold, Gordon asks the server to make Lisa taste veg part, she thinks it tastes okay. Gordon goes into the kitchen and shares his opinion on his food. Gordon grills Lisa for letting bad practices run their course inside the kitchen.

After a poor lunch, Gordon arrives at the restaurant to notice the dinner service. Gordon sees that they are using very old ordering system which does not work properly. Servers have to double check if the kitchen gets a new order or not. The old ordering system is putting the kitchen behind. A customer sends her food back as it tastes gummy. Gordon finds old tuna and old food in walk-in and the freezer and tells Lisa about it. Lisa tells she is unaware of it as she does not check the stocks herself.


What happened next?

Lido Di Manhattan is still open and Yelp reviews are positive .

Lido Di Manhattan Before Kitchen Nightmares


Just south of Los Angeles is the picturesque beach town of Manhattan Beach. Five years ago, Lisa Hemmat, an ambitious 23-year-old fresh out of USC Business School, bought a restaurant named Lido di Manhattan. Lisa is now only 28 years old, but even then, she shocked a lot of people based on their first impression. Someone so young, and especially female surprises them in the restaurant business. Most people thought that her parents gave the restaurant to her or that she married someone who gave it to her. Thats frustrating, but she knows the truth.

Lisa went to USC and studied business entrepreneurship. After she graduated college, she was bound and determined to only work for herself. Instead of starting from scratch, she looked at existing businesses with staff and existing customer base. Lido di Manhattan seemed like a great fit at the time. Damien, a server, and bartender at Lido di Manhattan has been with the restaurant well before Lisa even came on board. He says that at the time, he felt like she was not capable of running a full restaurant. The only thing that helped the restaurant at that point was that Lisa had a successful staff that had been there forever.

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Lido Di Manhattans Kitchen Nightmares Update After Gordon Ramsays Visit

Lido di Manhattan was a Manhattan restaurant featured on season 3 of Kitchen Nightmares.

Lido di Manhattan was episode 5 of season 3.

Restaurant name
Damien, Bruna, Priscila, Arturo Martinez and Scott Leibfried
Lido di Manhattans Address 1550 Rosecrans Ave Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Is Lido di Manhattans still open? Open
  • 2.Restaurant location map :
  • What Happened After The Lido Kitchen Nightmares Episode

    After the Lido Kitchen Nightmares episode aired, Gordon went back and revisited the restaurant about a year later in the Revisited #5 episode from season 4, which aired in March 2011.

    This is the same episode where he visited Le Bistro and Anna Vincenzos.

    In the visit, we find out that Lido di Manhattans business is up by more than 20%.

    Whats more, Lisa also fired Damien as the bar manager.

    They also added some new dishes that were inspired by Gordon.

    You can watch it in this YouTube video the Lido revisit part happens around the 8:00 mark :

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    Lido Di Manhattan Update

    Now that weve recapped what happened on the Lido Kitchen Nightmares episode, lets answer your most burning question.

    But first a small spoiler alert.

    Of all the restaurants that have been on Kitchen Nightmares, I would say that Lido di Manhattan is one of, if not the, most succesful.

    Given that introduction, you can probably guess the answer to the first question

    Brennan Taylor Visits Lido Di Manhattan

    Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored – Season 3, Episode 12 – Full Episode

    If you want another view at what Lido di Manhattan is up to after Kitchen Nightmares, popular food YouTuber Brennen Taylor filmed a video where he visited the restaurant in 2019.

    This video also includes an interview with Lisa, including some of her behind-the-scenes thoughts on the Lido Gordon Ramsay visit from the original filming.

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