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How Much Is A New York Real Estate License

New York Real Estate License Exam

How to get your New York Real Estate License

Through your eAccessNY account, you will have the opportunity to choose from 11 official exam sites throughout New York State. Everything you need to know, including your confirmation and exam results, can be accessed through the online portal.

The agent exam is multiple choice, and test takers are given 90 minutes to complete it. The exam is also offered in four additional languages: Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Chinese. The broker exam, also multiple choice, takes two-and-a-half hours, as it covers more coursework.

Exam results are issued as pass/fail and will be posted to your eAccessNY account as soon as theyre available. If you passed, your test results are valid for two years. If you failed, you can retake the exam .

How To Get A New York Real Estate Broker License

Chris Linsell

Chris is a writer, coach, speaker, and technology analyst specializing in marketing, lead generation, transactional best practices, and everything in between. See full bio

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  • Stand apart from thousands of other real estate agents by pursuing your New York real estate broker license. Having a New York real estate broker license may not only help you attract high-end clients, but itll also open up additional streams of revenue that are unavailable to agents.

    Let us help you level up your career by sharing how to earn your NY real estate broker license. Well share the prerequisiteswhich include a combination of years in the industry and experience pointsand then well walk you through the steps youll need to become a NY real estate broker in 2022.

    Real Estate Classes Ny

    New York Real Estate Institute. In business for over 25 years and have just licensed and employed our 100,000th student.. Why more people choose NYREI: Exam Pass Rate: One of the highest exam pass rates in the industry. Faculty: Real Estate industry experts. Flex Schedules: Invented novel approach allowing you to make your own schedule. Choices: Largest selection of real

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    Register For And Take The Ny Real Estate Salesperson Exam

    Schedule your exam using eAccessNY. On the test date, make sure to bring your government-issued, state-approved photo identification. Also arrive with the printed page, Summary of your Submission. Youll receive this when you schedule the exam.

    The NY real estate salesperson exam is based on your 75 hours of education that youll do through the New York Real Estate Institute course included with Sell It Like Serhant: Sales Accelerator. The test itself takes about one and a half hours. Youll receive a score of a pass or fail. Results are available as soon as scoring is complete and are valid for up to two years.

    National Association Of Realtors Membership

    Colorado Real Estate License

    Estimated Costs: Sign up fee plus $150/year

    Not surprisingly, many brokers will require their agents to become a member of their local Realtor board. In doing so, agents are included in the National Association of Realtors and given access to a myriad of tools and information, not the least of which includes the multiple listings service. And the MLS is one of the best tools made available to agents the nation over. But, as you would expect, none of this comes without a price.

    As per the National Association of Realtors official site, dues are $150 per member for 2021 and for 2022. This amount is billed to all active REALTOR® and REALTOR® Associate members through their primary local association and is due and owing to NAR by Jan. 1. Thats in addition to a signup fee and the cost of an ethics class .

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    Can You Apply For A Georgia Real Estate License Online

    In Georgia, you are able to get your license immediately after passing your exam, which you can sign up for online after completing the requisite number of pre-licensing coursework.

    If you pass the exam, you are able to get your license on the spot, assuming you have all the proper paperwork, including a sponsoring broker statement, a lawful presence notarized affidavit, and a Georgia crime information report. You have up to 12 months to activate your license before having to retake either exam.

    Client Feedback & Testimonials

    Testimonials are a powerful tool for brokers: according to Zillow, 64 percent of millennial homebuyers consider online real estate reviews and ratings to be an important factor when choosing a real estate professional to work with.

    A great real estate testimonial platform like RealSatisfied can help you capture feedback to improve your new brokerage, as well as collect and syndicate positive reviews to all the places your audience spends their time.

    Resources for Client Feedback & Testimonials:

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    How To Set Up A Real Estate Llc In New York

    LLCs are the most popular structure for real estate businesses in New York. That’s because starting and running a limited liability company is simple and offers important benefits.

    LLCs can protect your personal assets if your real estate business is sued. LLCs also offer credibility and options to save on taxes.

    Recommended: Read our guide to learn about the benefits of starting a real estate LLC for renting, house flipping, and wholesale real estate investing.

    Skip Ahead:


    Find A Broker To Hire You


    Once you pass the real estate salesperson exam and receive a notification or log in to eAccessNY to see your results, you can start looking for jobs with a New York real estate broker. Licensed real estate agents are required to work under and be sponsored by a broker.

    Pro Tip: Licensed brokers have been in the field for three years, have taken 45 additional hours of real estate coursework, and have passed the New York State broker exam.

    In your new career as a licensed New York real estate professional, youll be paid solely on commission. You may decide to quit your day job and jump in with both feet. But if you opt to wade in slowly and work part-time, we suggest you explore how to become a successful part-time real estate agent. Its totally doable!

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    Do Real Estate Licenses Transfer To Other States

    Yes, real estate licenses transfer to other states but you may still be required to complete paperwork, pass a real estate exam, or even retake real estate courses. The most important thing to learn is what the process is like in your new state.

    The two main options include:

    Reciprocity: A state allows a real estate licensee from another state to get a license in their new state as long as they meet all state requirements.

    Portability: A state allows a real estate licensee from another state to conduct business in their state without being licensed in that state. There can be limitations on the specific circumstances when license portability is allowed. These are denoted by the terms cooperative state, physical location state, and turf state.

    Because real estate licenses are given by each state, the steps to get a license when you move are determined by your new home state. Real estate license reciprocity and portability regulations can shorten or even eliminate some licensing requirements.


    For information about state real estate license requirements, StateRequirement recommends:Real Estate Licensing Simplified

    Hollywood Real Estate Institute

    This school is located in Ozone Park, New York. The school has been educating people in real estate since 1998. You can pick between attending class online or going into a classroom.

    There are live classes during the day and at night, depending on which session you choose. They also offer a weekend class if you are not able to complete your coursework during the week. If you want to study at your own pace, you can choose the online course where you can get access 24/7 to your course materials so that you can work on it during the times that are the most convenient for you.

    All of the instructors are experienced in real estate. They make sure that everything that is being taught is relevant and in line with what you can expect while working in the industry.

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    How Long Does It Take To Become A Broker In New York

    How long it will take to earn your New York broker license depends on your level of experience in the real estate industry. If, for instance, youâre already an experienced broker from a state that has reciprocity with New York, you may be able to waive certain requirements and get your broker license in a matter of months.

    However, if youâre new to the real estate industry, it may take as many as three years to meet the New York real estate broker requirements.

    What Does Reciprocity Mean In Real Estate

    How Much Does a Real Estate License Cost?

    Reciprocity applies to those currently holding a real estate license in one state who want to get a new real estate license from another state. Reciprocal states will recognize the licenses granted by another state. The license holder may need to take some additional steps to get licensed, such as filing paperwork, paying state fees, or taking a state exam. In a few cases, they need to take shortened versions of the state real estate courses.

    Not all states offer reciprocity. Among the states that do, most offer partial reciprocity or only offer reciprocity to licensees from certain states. A few do have reciprocity agreements with all states. These are often states that are nearby or states that have similar licensing requirements.


    Reciprocity is most often pursued by those moving to a new state permanently. For example, Realtor Joe Smith lives in the Washington D.C. metro area. He is considering a move from Bethesda, Maryland to nearby Fairfax, Virginia. As a real estate agent, he is worried that he will need to complete extensive coursework to get his license in his new home state of Virginia.

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    Submit An Application To The Nys Department Of State

    Although you could mail the Real Estate Salesperson Application in a paper format, doing so online is a lot quicker.

    In the application, youll be asked to enter the sponsoring broker details , name of the school and completion date of the pre-licensing courses.

    In addition to providing other required details, there is a $55 application fee.

    Is The New York Real Estate Exam Hard

    Find a Sponsoring Broker and Complete the New York State Real Estate License Application. … Passing the New York real estate exam is not as hard as you think if you are prepared, calm, and thorough. Commit to the steps above, and you should pass the test no problem and become a licensed real estate agent.

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    Getting A Real Estate License In A State Without Reciprocity

    Most states offer a version of reciprocity or an abbreviated application process for those with a valid real estate license from another state. A few states, however, require all new licensees to pass their state real estate exam and complete their real estate pre-licensing education. For example, Texas real estate license reciprocity is not offered. Instead, all applicants must satisfy all current Texas licensing requirements, according to the Texas Real Estate Commission.

    Whether you just need to take the state portion of the real estate exam or complete all licensing steps, you likely already have a lot of the required knowledge to be an outstanding agent in your new state. It can be helpful to spend additional time preparing for the state portion of the real estate exam, however, since local and state laws can vary.

    Recommended Course

    For real estate exam prep, StateRequirement recommends:The CE Shop

    If your state does require that you retake certain courses or you need to take additional courses, you can use your practical experience to get the most from your required classes. You will be able to ask in-depth questions from experienced instructors and apply your new knowledge to your real estate career right away.

    Recommended Course

    For real estate pre-licensing education, StateRequirement recommends:The CE Shop

    How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Ny In 7 Easy Steps

    How to get your real estate license in ny

    Chris Linsell

    Chris is a writer, coach, speaker, and technology analyst specializing in marketing, lead generation, transactional best practices, and everything in between. See full bio

    Looking to find out how to become a real estate agent in New York? Obtaining your real estate license in New York State will qualify you to sell luxe estates in the Hamptons, high-rise apartments in Manhattan, more affordable single-family homes upstateand even search for rental properties in Queens or Brooklyn. We guarantee itll be an exciting, fast-moving career!

    If you think you have what it takes to become a real estate agent in New York, wed love to help you achieve that goal. To be eligible to get your real estate license in New York, you need to be:

    • At least 18 years old

    If you meet those basic requirements, here are the steps youll need to follow to get your real estate license in New York:

    JUMP TO:

    Total Cost $488

    Now that you know the basic info on how to get your real estate license in New York, lets dive into the process.

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    Do You Have More Questions

    Please contact us. Our friendly support team are available 7 days a week, and are happy to help you.

    If we can assist you with Technical Support, General License Inquiries or Questions about Course Material please contact us.

    Questions about course material: An instructor is available 7 days a week, 9 am – 7 pm

    Technical Support or any other questions: Our office staff are available 7 days a week, 9 am – 7 pm

    *Except Major Holidays

    How Long Does It Take To Get A Real Estate License In New York

    From start to finish, its estimated to take roughly four to six months to become a real estate agent at the salesperson level in New York. For a broker, the road may be a little longer due to the additional requirements: completing 120 hours of real estate coursework , as well as having worked two years as an agent or three years in the general real estate field. New York real estate agents are among the highest paid in the nation, making an average annual salary of $87,938.

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    What Topics Do Ny Real Estate Classes Cover

    The State requires all in-person and online real estate schools in New York to teach the same curriculum, including a detailed list of topics. Here is a list of topics that you will cover in your classes:

    • License law and regulations
    • The contract of sales and leases
    • Real estate finance
    • Valuation process and pricing properties
    • Human rights and fair housing
    • Real estate mathematics
    • Income tax issues in real estate transactions
    • Mortgage brokerage
    • Property management

    Dont be overwhelmed by this list of weighty topics. Remember, its the job of the real estate educator to present the material so that its easy to understand. View the complete list of topics in this NY State Real Estate Salesperson curriculum.

    How Much Does A Realtor Make In New York

    How Much Is The Average Virginia Real Estate Salary?

    Real Estate Salesperson: Average h Does the Average Real Estate Salesperson Make in New York State? ? A career explorer explains how to locate jobs on the website. It takes an average agent in New York State only 1,466 sq. ft. per year to break even. You can obtain your real estate license in a matter of minutes.

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    Tip#: Network With Other Real Estate Professionals

    You may consider joining the New York State Association of REALTORS. This allows you to connect with other real estate salespeople and brokers, thus learn from their valuable experience and share ideas with one another.

    In addition, you should build a referral network with other real estate professionals. such as mortgage agents, lenders, notary loan signing agents, and appraisers.

    Heres a list real estate professional groups on our resource page. Hope this will be useful to you.

    How Do I Find A Broker To Sponsor Me

    Be prepared to knock on doors and introduce yourself to find a brokerage to oversee your work. Of course, you can also send messages through their social media accounts. Here are some of the Best Real Estate Companies to Work for in 2022 to help you choose the right agency for you.

    When you explore job prospects with different brokerages, make sure you ask about their employment terms. Here are some topics to help guide your discussion.


    Your split is how youll share the commissions you earn to help clients buy and sell real estate .

    Desk Fee

    Some brokerages will offer you a higher percentage of the split. Although you may make a larger share of the commission with each transaction, you may be charged a monthly desk fee in return. Youll pay the fee every month, regardless of how many properties you sold .


    A cap is the maximum amount that the brokerage will take from the commissions youve earned within the year. You may find some agencies offer a higher split but a lower cap, or vice versa.

    Take all of these terms into consideration before you sign a contract with any brokerage. Once youve signed on the dotted line, you can find your first clients and start earning commissions!

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    New York Real Estate License Renewal

    All New York real estate licenses are good for two years and must be renewed online. The state will notify you approximately 90 days before your renewal date.

    Renewal fees will run $55 for an agent, while a broker license renewal will cost $155. If your license has expired, you have up to two years to renew before having to retake the exam.

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