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Where To Eat In New York

The Ancient Vegan Bowl At Teranga

Top 5 NYC Foods You MUST Try- What To Eat in New York City !

Teranga sits on the ground floor of the Africa Center in Harlem, a museum and cultural hub with an arresting facade. Its vast, welcoming dining room has West African flourishes and trapezoidal windows that offer views of Central Park a brightly painted fishing boat guards the entrance. Pierre Thiam, Terangas Senegalese chef and owner, translates the restaurants name as good hospitality, and has emphasized that its a way of life. He sources some of his ingredients from African smallholder farmers, and none is more essential than jollof rice, or jasmine rice parboiled in a broth of tomatoes, onions and spices that lends it a distinctive brown-red hue, which is one of the staples of West African cuisine. Piquant and nourishing, its the foundation of Terangas Ancient Vegan Bowl, which includes efo riro , ndambe , spicy roasted plantains, mafe peanut sauce and more. Additional bowls include tender chicken, steak or salmon and hot sauces made from Scotch bonnet peppers. The portions are generous, and the sweetness of the plantains, especially, brings out the richness of the rice. The restaurant shares a space with the Africa Centers Reading Room, so if you visit alone, settle in with a book while you eat. Dan Piepenbring

1280 Fifth Avenue, Harlem 157 East 53rd Street, Midtown East

Pizza And A Burger: Emily

This couple-owned Clinton Hill pizzeria was destination-worthy for its pies alone, which are available with red sauce try Colony, topped with sauce, mozz, pepperoni, honey and pickled jalapeno vodka-sauced pink pies, tomatillo-topped green pies and classic white pies. But the restaurant upped its own ante unleashing the Emmy Burger, a towering combo of dry-aged beef, house sauce, caramelized onions, cheddar and cornichons on a pretzel bun. Go early and with a friend to enjoy both.

The Mushroom Sloppy At Fat Choy

Chef Justin Lee is not vegan, but Fat Choy, the diminutive kind of Chinese restaurant he and co-owner Katie Lee opened in September 2020, most certainly is even if theyre likely to tuck the word vegan between parentheses. That coyness is one of the reasons Lees food stands out in a city newly awash with restaurants all too eager to shout their plant-based bona fides from the rooftops: This is food for everyone, not just virtue signalers and wellness influencers. Eschewing venture-capitalist-funded meat substitutes in favor of farmers market and Manhattan Chinatown produce and an umami-packed multicultural pantry , Lee has designed an animal-free menu that is ingenious and eminently craveable. The Mushroom Sloppy, evocative of both classic canned Manwich and the beloved stuffed sesame pancakes from the Chinatown stalwart Vanessas Dumpling House a few blocks away, is a case in point. Composed of a saucy, sweet-savory braised shiitake and smoked tofu ragout loosely ensconced within a crispy-chewy sesame-studded homemade roll, its messy, rich and satisfying, all id and no superego. A triumph of a dish, it makes a more sustainable future feel not only possible but also desirable. A.S.

250 Broome Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan

Galindo Maria: Its mind-blowing it doesnt even taste like mushrooms.

Pandya: I eat at Fat Choy once or twice a week. Everything is so tasty. The sloppy joe is the most famous one, but the bok choy is phenomenal, too.

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Places To Eat In New York City

Eating well in New York and not going broke trying is possible, but you’ll have to choose well to avoid the tourist traps. Here’s a list of my 10 favorite places for you to try.

Isabel Catalán

15 min read

Drinking and eating are two of the favorite activities of travelers visiting New York, especially in a city like New York for its endless gastronomic possibilities. The most typical places to eat in New York are hamburger joints or typical American cafes serving breakfast or brunch. You will find them easily and there are of different prices and levels, but that’s not all.

Where to eat like a king? I share with you in this list 10 places where to eat great in New York.

The 5 Best American Restaurants In New York

5 of the Best Places to Eat in New York City
  • 01 Brooklyn Diner

    Even if the name doesnt suggest it, the diner is really close to Times Square! The Brooklyn Diner is a diner like it is in

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  • 02 Empire Diner

    This American Diner in Chelsea is an icon of NYC you cant miss it, because a beautiful graffiti decorates the building. And it is

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  • 03 Gayle’s Broadway Rose

    Gayles Broadway Rose features singing waiters and waitresses that will sing classic and modern Broadway hits to you while you indulge yourself in a delicious

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  • 04 Industry Kitchen

    The restaurant offers typical American cuisine with modern influences. Fresh ingredients form the basis for the dishes. Salads, pizza and freshly grilled meat combined with

  • Don’t Miss: How To Evict A Family Member In New York State

    Dinner + A Show Danji

    Though Times Square itself is a bastion of neon signage and meandering tourists, slightly north and west of the mayhem is this 36-seat Korean haven. Chef Hooni Kim serves inventive Korean dishes that are ideal for after-theater snacks or full dinner. The restaurant, open until midnight on weeknights serves bulgogi beef sliders, garlicky wings, kimchi fried rice and plenty of vegetarian options. The bar mixes clever cocktails, but the slightly sweet unfiltered rice beer is the best pairing against the spices.

    Go to: Danji

    Pasta Louise Park Slope

    Allison Arevalo’s magical establishment started out as a place to buy pasta during early peak COVID, transformed itself into a godsend of a cafe that’s become an instant neighborhood fixture for amazing made-from-scratch pasta and ice cream, and has just added a second, larger, light-filled location down the street with more pastas, more sauces, more outdoor tablesand a heavenly burrata surrounded by balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes. Best vibes of any establishment I’ve entered in recent memory. -Corey Seymour, Senior Editor

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    Incas Grill Peruvian Cuisine

    Taste incredible food that dates all the way back to the Inca Empire at one of the most unique restaurants in NYC . Because at Incas Grill, Chef Cesar Gutierrez brings the flavors of Peru to New York!

    Here youll find traditional Peruvian cuisine presented with a modern and artistic flare. I also highly recommend their Pollas ala Brasa for your main, the Incas famous Lucuma Cheese Cake for dessert, and a Pisco Sour to wash it all down with.

    The Fondue And Wine At Lavaux Wine Bar In The West Village Has Made Me A Devoted Regular

    WHAT TO EAT IN NEW YORK! 24 Hours NYC Food Tour

    The Lavaux region is situated along Switzerland’s Lake Geneva, a land of terraced vineyards that have been producing wine since Roman times.

    There’s very little of the dry and fruity white Chasselas available for export, as the savvy Swiss drink nearly all of it themselves.

    I’ve been lucky enough to travel to the region often, so I’m on a first-name basis with its culinary traditions. With the recent opening of Lavaux Wine Bar, New Yorkers can finally sample these lean, elegant wines.

    Owned by a trio of Swiss oenophiles, the wines are highly compatible with wintery Swiss dishes like fondue and raclette, cutting the richness of the cheese with their acidity.

    Parties of 6-12 looking for privacy and panache may book the heated chalet and be transported to the ski slopes of Verbier.

    Must try: The creamy cheese fondue is Swiss bliss.

    Price: Moderate to expensive

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    Tiki Cocktails And Bites At The Polynesian

    Opened by the hit-makers behind the Major Food Group, New Yorks newest tiki bar celebrates all things tiki. Located in the new Pod Times Square Hotel, the Polynesian is an homage to old-school tiki bars like Trader Vics and Don the Beachcomber, with nostalgic decor and a spacious terrace. Go for cocktails like the Commodore daiquiri and frozen piña colada. Stay for the addictive coconut shrimp and crab rangoons.

    The 5 Best Vegan Restaurants In New York

  • 01 Angelica Kitchen

    Fresh, vegan food has been served here since 1976. Many of the ingredients are organically grown and Fairtrade certified.

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  • 02 Avant Garden

    In the cozy restaurant in the East Village, the food is served in a very stylish way. The quality is excellent and it tastes fantastic.

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  • 03 Beatnic West Village

    Ok, the name can be a bit misleading, because the Beatnic West Village is actually located in Greenwich Village (the discussion about the neighborhoods and

  • Here you can find all the good vegan restaurants in New York

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    The Waverly Inn West Village

    Nestled among the West Villages stately townhouses, The Waverly Inn, with its low and unassuming entrance, might be easily missed. Inside, the classic haunt offers old world charm and modern sophistication. The romantic, vine-covered courtyard provides the perfect setting for an intimate meal or a boisterous dinner party. Order a dirty martini and the chicken pot pie. -Ian Malone, Experiences Manager

    Vegetarian Delicacies At Dirt Candy

    10 Iconic Places to Eat in NYC

    You dont have to be vegetarian to love this meat-free restaurant in the Lower East Side. Thats because chef Amanda Cohen doesnt shy away from using butter, frying, and otherwise manipulating vegetables to coax the flavors out of them. Be sure to order the addictive Korean fried broccoli and carrot sliders on carrot buns. You wont even miss the beef.

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    The Braised Duck Necks At Falansai

    There was a time when diners would look askance at any mention of off-cuts on a restaurant menu, but the past decade or so has seen the Overton window of acceptable animal parts shift dramatically. For reasons at once economic, environmental and gustatory, ambitious chefs of all stripes have come to embrace nose-to-tail cooking pig heads! Fish collars! Chicken livers! and the citys open-minded eaters have followed suit. The latest and greatest addition to the roster of covetable dishes crafted from castaways has to be the braised duck necks a part of the bird enthusiastically eaten in other parts of the world but less often in this country servedat Falansai. Confited until the flavorful meat threatens to fall off the bones and coated with a sticky sauce kissed with five spice,they are no fork-and-knife affair this is intimate food, the sort that rewards eating with both hands and slurping lustily. The dish is the brainchild of chef Eric Tran, who earned his low-waste stars at Blue Hill at Stone Barns Dan Barbers temple of farm-to-table cooking in Tarrytown, N.Y. before taking Falansai over from an acquaintance late last year and making it his own. The rest of the menu is full of winners, but those duck necks are required eating, the kind of eye-opening dish that turns a new experience into a new craving. A.S.

    112 Harrison Place, Bushwick, Brooklyn

    The Burger Joint’s Secret Burger

    Oh, the hamburgers! The dish that best defines American cuisine inside and outside its borders. Deciding which is the best burger in New York is not an easy task. The ingredients are important, but the ambiance of the place is also important, since

    One of the most unique restaurants in the city for a great burger is Burger Joint, the secret burger joint near Fifth Avenue and Central Park. But what’s so special about this place?

    After a quick search on Google Maps you will see that the address corresponds to a luxury hotel called Le Parker Meridien. You’re in the right place, don’t back out when you get there because the burger joint is hidden inside. But the funny thing is that it has nothing to do with the hotel. You may wonder then, how did such an underground looking place end up inside such a lavish hotel?

    It turns out that when the hotel wanted to build the building on this site there were several locals occupying this location. They all came to an agreement with the hotel except for the Burger Joint who did not want to sell their establishment. After some pressure and lawsuits, the burger joint got its way, so Le Parker Meridien had to build its hotel around the burger joint.

    The result is a very striking contrast between the elegance of the hotel and the grunge style of the Burger Joint, which is precisely the charm of the place. That and the entrance seems to be hidden behind mysterious red curtains.

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    The 5 Best Steak Restaurants In New York

  • 01 Little Prince

    For the first time we noticed the French restaurant in summer: the windows can be opened completely and because it is so small, you have

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  • 02 Benjamin Steakhouse

    The stay at Benjamins is always a treat. The steak and wine list is very extensive. So there should be something for everyone.

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  • 03 Bowery Meat Company

    As the name of the restaurant suggests, you will find plenty of meat on the menu. The Bowery offers you a festive five-course menu on

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  • 04 Keens Steakhouse

    The Keens is a veteran of the New York steak scene. It was opened ready in 1885. The interior of the restaurant there are

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  • 05 M. Wells Steakhouse

    The location is unique: a converted garage. The service is great and you get super tasty steaks. On Sundays you can have brunch.

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  • Here you can find all the good steak houses in New York

    Insanely Tasty Food Trucks In Nyc

    Local New York Food Guide: What to EAT in NYC

    Restaurants in New York can be exhausting having to wait for a table walkthrough the 3-page menu order drinks then starters THEN food. Sometimes you just want food ASAP, Rocky! Well dont think you have to sacrifice quality for timeliness. These NYC food trucks cook up spectacular dishes in no time flat.

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    Hudson Smokehouse Draws A Crowd For Their Bbq In Mott Haven The Bronx

    Carolina, Memphis, and Kansas City are some of my favorite finger-licking styles of BBQ. Now, the Bronx is a meaty contender, too, with Hudson Smokehouse.

    Located in Mott Haven, it’s one of several new eateries in this blossoming foodie zone. I think their brisket, pork belly burnt ends, and rib tips are taken to a higher place with sides like vinegar coleslaw, cornbread, and collard greens. A full bar keeps things lively.

    Must try: Pulled pork sandwich.

    Price: Moderate

    Find out more about Hudson Smokehouse here.

    Darling Central Park South

    High atop the Park Lane Hotel is Darling, a new rooftop lounge and patio with sprawling views of Central Park. A pink chandelier hangs from the ceiling, and botanical motifs dot the colorful upholsterya nod to the leafy oasis 47 stories below. It’s perfect for visitors and seasoned New Yorkers alike who want to soak in the sprawling skyline. -Elise Taylor

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    I’m There Whenever Cousins Maine Lobster Truck Rolls Into My Neighborhood

    Lobster is a Maine culinary hallmark. With three trucks rolling around the five boroughs, Cousins Maine Lobster always has my crustacean craving covered.

    A lobster roll requires no cumbersome cracking or bib. And while the best lobster roll recipe is hotly debated, Cousins serves both popular New England styles the Maine lobster roll is chilled with mayo while the Connecticut roll is warm with a dab of melted butter. Both are piled high on a split-top bun.

    I follow Cousins on social media and use their app to pre-order, so my lobster roll is always ready in a jiffy.

    Must try: The buttery Connecticut lobster roll is the top seller.

    Price: Moderate

    Midtown South / Garment District Manhattan: Best For Korean

    Where to eat in Niagara Falls, New York no matter where you stay

    There is a very small area of Manhattan referred to as Koreantown by locals and its right where midtown south meets the garment district . Here youll find the best Korean bakeries, soup shops, and traditional restaurants. Head to Korea 32 Food Gallery, where youll find all the best Korean food New York has to offer.

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    Jajaja Plantas Mexicana Offers A Plant

    Casual JaJaJa Plantas Mexicana serves a plant-based, fast-casual menu packed with healthy ingredients without a faux or synthetic product in sight. Jackfruit, hearts of palm, coconut, beets, and pumpkin all come together to make for a patchwork of flavor.

    Upbeat decor with colorful textiles and pastel accents pair with fun food and playful drinks, including a selection of Mezcal, Tequila, and Mexican beers on tap.

    Must try: The nachos, laced with fermented black beans and a touch of turmeric, are drool-worthy.

    Price: Inexpensive

    Find out more about JaJaJa Plantas Mexicana here.

    My Breakfast Haunt Is Good Enough To Eat On The Upper West Side

    With its country bric-a-brac, Good Enough to Eat looks like a Vermont farmhouse. Homestyle cooking starts at breakfast, which is when I order waffles that are so light they might levitate, accompanied by a big jug of organic maple syrup and strawberry butter.

    Soups and sandwiches at lunch are joined by more substantial fare, like meatloaf, and roast turkey with all the trimmings is my favorite at dinner.

    Must try: The house-made desserts, including layer cakes, berry crumble, and pies exploding with fruit, are displayed outside in a glass case, tempting bypassers.

    Price: Moderate

    Find out more about Good Enough to Eat here.

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