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What To See In New York In One Day

What To Do And Eat In Greenwich Village

Touchdown in New York! Top Of The Rock & Ice Skating – New York Day 1

There are a ton of restaurants in Greenwich Village, some of my favorite include Saigon Shack, Minetta Tavern, The Boil, Alta, etc. If you cant decide just take a stroll on MacDougal Street and pick. Or you can hop over west to West Village to eat.

Many people go to the Comedy Cellar to catch a comedy show. There are other comedy clubs in Greenwich Village such as the Greenwich Village Comedy Club.

Where To Eat During Your Day In Nyc

New York City is filled with well-known dining establishments, but if youre short on time, youll likely want to leave them off of your itinerary. However, itll still be hard to find a sit-down restaurant that wont have you waiting for a table. To save time, consider making a reservation at a restaurant youre interested in eating at.

  • Hop Kee
  • As mentioned earlier, you can grab a table at this popular Chinese restaurant if you visit later at night . The authentic Cantonese cuisine is in the restaurant downstairs, so if youre not walking down a flight of stairs, youre not eating at the right place! Address: 21 Mott Street

    • Left Bank

    If you happen to be in town on a Sunday, stop by Left Bank for a $20 prix fixe dinner! For a sit-down restaurant, the prices are very reasonable for New York City. Address: 117 Perry Street

    • Johns of BleekerStreet

    This brick-oven pizzeria is popular, so try to arrive for lunch instead of dinner. They dont serve individual slices only pies so be sure to bring enough people to share your order with you ! Address: 278 Bleeker Street

    • Any Deli

    Its hard to go wrong with a New York City deli sandwich! To save money on your meals, skip the restaurants entirely and go for small establishments on street corners. This will also save you time, too, which is always valuable when you only hav 24 hours to spend in NYC.

    Where to Sleep in New York City

    Hyatt Place New York City / Times Square

    Ink 48 Hotel

    MOXY NYC Chelsea

    Drop By Times Square After Your Show Lets Out

    After your show lets out, youll be just a quick walk away from Times Squareand now that the sun has set, it will be at its best!

    New Yorkers love to complain about Times Square, but as a visitor, I still say its worth seeing oncetheres just something about standing outside surrounded by that much color that is impressive and interesting, and seeing it at night gives the whole thing another layer.

    Be sure to watch your pockets here, thoughIm sure it comes as no surprise that Times Square is notorious for pickpockets.

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    Day 5 In New York: Statue Of Liberty & Brooklyn Bridge

    Start your day 5 in New York City with a tour of Statue of Liberty, one of the symbols of New York City. There are different types of ticket to see the Statue of Liberty ranging from grounds only to the crown. See more details from the official cruise company I linked above. Do book your Statue of Liberty tickets way in advance if you want to go up the statue because they tend to sell out months in advance.

    Be aware of unauthorized tour operators. One of my friends were approached by these illegal operators offering a tour to the Statue of Liberty for cheaper. Only after purchasing tickets did they realize the tour was driving them to New Jersey to get on a sketchy boat, and they lost a few hours in total.

    If you just want to see the Statue of Liberty instead of doing a whole tour then either take the free Staten Island Ferry or go to Governors Island and you will be able to see the Statue of Liberty from the island.

    Internet Access In New York City

    24 Hours in New York City: One

    As a major metropolitan city, New York is obviously well connected, and its easy to find free WiFi as you wander the city. Coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and attractions are all good places where WiFi should be fast and free to access.

    If you want to get online with your phone using data, you have a few options, which I outline in my guide to getting online when travelling. The USA is not overall a cheap destination for data in my experience, but it is possible to pick up a SIM card for an unlocked phone if you wish.

    One thing to be aware of, depending on your carrier and device, is that all the huge skyscrapers in New York do impact the passage of mobile signals, creating a sort of canyon effect. Combine this with the sheer number of people in the city, and you can expect network access to be a little sporadic and slow at times.

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    One Day In New York: Morning

    8 am Make sure to get up early to make most out of your New York trip and start your day with a delicious breakfast. Our one day in New York Itinerary starts in Uptown Manhattan, and there we recommend going to Jacobs Pickles and enjoying delicious pancakes on the Upper West Side.

    10 am Head towards Central Park to experience the green lungs of Manhattan. Depending on where your accommodation is located, you can also check out our list of amazing breakfast and brunch spots to find the location nearest to you. To see as much of Central Park as possible, pick up a Citi Bike and cruise around to see the beauty of the park. To find out how Citi Bike New York works, click here.

    Noon Get ready for busy streets because now its time to hit the most famous New York attractions! Drop off your Citi Bike at Columbus Circle and walk down towards 50th Street to the next highlight of your day in New York: the Rockefeller Center with the observation platform Top of the Rock. We love the view from up here because it gives you a great view of the most iconic building of New York City the Empire State Building. We recommend you to purchase the tickets for the Top of the Rock in advance in order to skip long waiting lines.

    Where To Stay In New York

    We have visited New York many times, and one thing we have definitely learnt on our trips is that whilst there is a huge amount of choice in the city, it primarily falls into the mid-range and high-end categories. Budget accommodation is definitely harder to find, and can sell out well in advance. So if you find a good deal, book it early!

    Based on our experiences, we wanted to share some recommendations for where to stay in the city for this itinerary. Ideally, youll want to stay in Manhattan itself, although Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Long Island City can also be a good option if you stay near a subway station.

    Note that different parts of Manhattan will cost different amounts at different times of the week. In our experience for example, downtown Manhattan around Wall Street tends to be less expensive over the weekends as there are fewer business people using the hotels. So definitely shop around and try different dates if you are flexible with your trip.

    Here are some options, ordered from less expensive through to more expensive.

    Of course, there are lots more options to choose from across the city, but we think that should start you off well.

    Weve also used apartment rental sites for visits to New York. do apartments as well, but we also recommend Plum Guide for apartments for your New York City trip.

    We also have a page full of travel resources, which includes our tips for getting the best deals on accommodation, which you can find here.

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    Final Thoughts On 7 Days In New York Itinerary

    New York City is a fantastic place to visit any time of the year. You can stay for 1 day in New York City or 2 weeks but I personally think 1 week in NYC is the perfect amount of time to explore both Manhattan and Brooklyn and Queens. Food is amazing in New York City and I have not had better food somewhere else since there are just so much diversity of restaurants and bars that you cant find in another city.

    Snap Some Photos Around Dumbo

    My First Day Back in New York City

    Once you cross the Brooklyn Bridge, youll be deposited in Dumbo .

    It wont take long, but since you just walked all the way to Brooklyn, its worth snapping some photos at some of NYCs most popular photo spots.

    Visit Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pebble Beach, and Janes Carousel, which are all in the immediate area.

    And of course, dont forget to stop by the intersection of Washington Street and Front Street, where you can capture the iconic Manhattan Bridge photo for yourselfbe sure to note the way that the Empire State Building is perfectly framed in the arch of the bridge.

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    What Should I Pack For A Weekend In New York

    New York follows the seasons like a champ so pack for the weather youre going to get. In winter, youll be needing a super warm coat and shoes, as well as enough clothes to layer for the weekend. In summer, it gets exceedingly warm so dress lightly and have enough clothes to change if you need to, and dont forget to pack your sunglasses! Its also a great idea to bring a blanket or towel with you for any picnics you might have. In general, youll always need a pair of excellent walking shoes and an umbrella on the off chance you get caught in the rain!

    What To Do In Nyc: Day 5

    Walk the High Line & Whitney MuseumThe High Line is a converted train track that is now an urban walking park. It goes from 34th Street down to the Meatpacking District . Lined with overlooks, gardens, public art, food stalls, and greenery, this walk is one of the best things to do in the city, especially on a nice day. Go for a walk, sit with a book, people-watch the High Line is a must-see and a true favorite among locals.

    Next to it, in the Meatpacking District, theres the new building for the Whitney Museum of American Art . Even if you dont go inside, the building is worth seeing, as it is a work of art in itself. But I would recommend going inside as there is a wonderful exhibit of American art.

    99 Gansevoort Street, Chelsea, +1 212 570 3600, Open Mondays 10:30am-5pm, Thursdays 10:30-6pm, Fridays from 10:30am-10pm, Saturdays from 10:30am-7pm, and Sundays from 10:30-6pm. Admission is $25 USD and pay-what-you-can on Fridays from 7pm-10pm.

    Enjoy the view from the Empire State BuildingAfter you finish up with lower Manhattan, jet up to this historic landmark. Standing 1,453-feet tall and completed in 1931, the 1930s art deco interior of this building is absolutely beautiful and the view from the top is breathtaking. Its one of the most iconic buildings in the city and you can get a real feel for how densely populated New York is as you take in the view. Get here early or during lunchtime to avoid the lines and tour groups.

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    Ride The Staten Island Ferry

    It may seem pointless to take a round-trip ride on the Staten Island Ferry without seeing Staten Island, but youll get a great view of the Statue of Liberty. Its also free, not including any snacks or beverages you can buy onboard.

    The Staten Island Ferry runs 24/7, with service every 15 to 30 minutes depending on the time and day.

    Dont forget to pull out your camera as you approach the Statue of Liberty!

    How to Get There:Board the Staten Island Ferry at Whitehall Terminal in lower Manhattan, accessible by the 1 and 9 subway trains. If youre getting there by subway, get off at the South Ferry station. The terminal is also close to the South Street Seaport, an area worth exploring if you have some extra time.

    Other Awesome Things To Do In New York This Weekend

    See New York City in One Day

    Make the most of your weekend in New York as you find the best in art, shopping and sightseeing! With an unending list of fun things to do, NYC is your oyster!

    #1 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    The stunning Metropolitan Museum of Art sits on the iconic Museum Mile, and is home to a permanent collection of over 2 million artworks. Incredible works from antiquities and prominent European styles sit alongside a huge collection of American and modern art! The Mets collection also extends to the Cloisters, which is the home to art and artifacts from Medieval Europe, while the Met Bauer is where youll find some incredible collections of musical instruments, traditional dress and weapons from across the globe!

    #2 Central Park

    Like a scene from a movie, Central Park awaits with its ice-skating rink turned fun park in the summer, an iconic fountain or incredible lake with tiny rowboats gliding along. The designated national historical landmark is the most visited urban park in the USA and, unsurprisingly, is known as one of the most filmed in locations in the world. Get lost in this all-season New York location on a Hidden Secrets tour or make the most of its gorgeous landscape with a photo tour!

    #3 New York in Miniature


    #4 Chelsea Market

    #5 International Centre of Photography

    #6 Times Square

    #7 Museum of Illusions

    #8 TV Show Taping

    #9 Top of the Rock Observation Deck

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    Optional Nyc In A Day Side Trip

    Okay, because you have a lot to see and not a lot of time for this one day in New York City itinerary, some tough choices need to be made.

    So, depending on how much you NEED to see the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center, you could always skip this part of my one day in NYC post and go right to the afternoon section.

    Because it really all just depends on what you NEED to see and where your interests lie. But, if you do want to see Lower Manhattan, then Id prioritize the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center Museum and Memorial/Occulus since theyre both kind of right there.

    Statue of Liberty To get the best free views of the statue of liberty, Id hop on the Staten Island Ferry. Not only is it totally free, but this ferry runs twenty-four hours a day and has departures from Battery Park every 15 to 30 minutes. The ride itself also only takes about 25 minutes , making this a great addition to any one day in New York City itinerary.

    The World Trade Center Museum and Memorial If youre really short on time but still want to see the World Trade Center, then you could always skip the museum and just see the Memorial itself. Its a really somber but beautiful tribute to all those who lost their lives during the 9/11 attacks. Its also free to visit and well worth your time if you only have one day in New York City.

    Stop : The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

    If I had to choose any museum in NYC to go to, the MET will always be my first answer! The MET is the second largest museum in the world and hosts some of the most famous art pieces.

    However, you will not get through the whole museum to see everything exhibit. I have been living here for years and havent seen anything, but thats okay! I would focus on 1-2 exhibits and explore the topics that interest you the most.

    Also, check out the awesome gift shop on the first level! They have unique gifts with an art focus.

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    Brooklyn Botanic Garden For Cherry Blossom

    Every year in late April there is a cherry blossom festival in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden . BBG has a promenade lined by cherry blossom trees so it really is amazing to visit during that time of the year. Check the official website for the bloom update.

    I highly recommend that you go really early or go during the weekday. It gets REALLY crowded on the weekends during the cherry blossom season. There are some days/times thats free to enter Brooklyn Botanic Garden so check the website for more details.

    What To Eat in Brooklyn

    There are a lot of good restaurants in Brooklyn, here are some of my favorite:Di Fara: Amazing pizza deep in Brooklyn. Get the square pie and go early Robertas: Famous pizza in Bushwick. Very casual place, has a lot of seatingSmorgasburg: food market, lots of variety, check website for hours and location since it changed depends on the seasonOkonomi: Amazing set Japanese brunch which turns into a ramen shop after brunch timeSt. Anselm: good but cheap steakhouse. Usually long wait but there is a bar next doorWin Son: trendy Taiwanese restaurantLilia: great Italian spot in WilliamsburgPeter Luger: perhaps the most famous steakhouse in NYC, reservation required especially for dinner and weekends. Cash only.

    Who Is This One Day In New York Guide For

    International Women’s Day in Times Square, New York City

    We designed this guide to seeing NYC in a day with the idea of a first-time visitor in mindsomeone who wants to see some of the best-known attractions in the city but also maintain their independence, and someone who wants to balance seeing tourist highlights with independently wandering around the city.

    If youve never seen New York before and want to visit the citys iconic attractions while traveling independently and avoiding hopping on one of the standardized tours you will undoubtedly see while in Midtown and the Financial District, then this guide is for you!

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