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How To Register Non Profit Organization In New York

Annual Filing Requirements To Maintain A New York Nonprofit

Considerations for Starting a Nonprofit in NYS
  • File Form CHAR500 + a copy of Form 990, 990-PF and 990-EZ
  • Note that the due date is 4 and a half months after the end of the fiscal year
  • Send to:
  • New York State Attorney Charities Bureau 120 Broadway, 3rd Fl., New York, NY 10271-0332
  • Filing Fees
  • The filing fee is $25 if net worth id less than $50,000
  • The filing fee is $50 if net worth is $50,000 or more, but less than $250,000
  • The filing fee is $100 if net worth is $250,000 or more, but less than $1,000,000
  • The filing fee is $250 if net worth is $1,000,000 or more, but less than $10,000,000
  • The filing fee is $750 if net worth is $10,000,000 or more, but less than $50,000,000
  • The filing fee is $1,500 if new worth is $50,000,000 or more.
  • The filing fee is $10 if revenue is $250,000 or less, and $25 if revenue is more than $250,000.
  • Audit: no audit is required if the revenue is less than $250,000
  • Submit audited financials and independent CPAs review report id the revenue is between $250,000 and $500,000
  • Submit independent CPAs audit and opinion letter if revenue is above $500,000.
  • For more information,
  • 416-8000
  • 416-8401
  • File the Annual Return Form 990
  • Note that the due date is 4 and a half months after the end of fiscal year.
  • Send to:
  • Internal Revenue Service 1160W 12th Street Ogden, UT 842201
  • There is no filing fee.
  • For Public Charities: Please go to the IRS website to determine which of the three forms to file: Form 990, Form 990-EZ, or Form 990-N.
  • How Long Does It Take To Start A New Jersey Nonprofit

    New Jersey offers a variety of filing options and processing times:

    • Fastest: If youre willing to fax or hand-deliver your documents to the NJ Department of the Treasury, you can pay a $1,000 expedite fee for 1-hour filing or a $500 expedite fee for 2-hour filing.
    • Fast and Safe: If you submit online, youll get a response in 1-2 days, or you can mail or fax your documents and pay extra for 8.5-hour or same-day expedited processing. You can also hire Northwest to complete and submit your documents online for you in a single business day.
    • Routine: Mail your filing to the NJ Department of Treasury, skip the expedite fees, and wait a few weeks for someone to eventually file your documents.

    A Roadmap For The Future

    Although starting a nonprofit is a complex endeavor that already includes lots of work and moving parts, theres something to say about laying a foundation for the future in these early days.

    For example, consider how your staffing and leadership strategies will adapt to your growth. Have strategic plans in place for officially growing your board, recruiting more volunteers, instituting membership programs, as well as creating new staff positions.

    First of all, however, you need to make sure youre aware of everything you need to do to maintain compliance.

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    Obtain Necessary New York Government Approvals

    Section 404 of the New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law requires nonprofits that engage in certain specified activity in New York to obtain approval from specific New York government bodies prior to filing a certificate of incorporation. The process generally entails contacting the requisite body or bodies, submitting the proposed certificate of incorporation, and sometimes significant negotiation with government representatives.

    A list of the most common restricted activities is as follows:

    State Filing Requirements For Nonprofits

    How to Register a Non Profit Organization in New York

    If a charitable nonprofit is an incorporated entity, it must follow state law requirements for annual or periodic registrations.

    Each states law is slightly different, but most require nonprofit corporations to periodically confirm or update their basic contact information, such as mailing address, names of responsible parties, and registered agent. If a charitable nonprofit has employees, there are initial and periodic employment forms to file with the state Department of Labor. In some states charitable nonprofits need to apply for sales/use or property tax exemptions, separately from other corporate registrations. In addition, the majority of states require charitable nonprofits that are engaged in soliciting donations to register with the state to report on the nonprofits fundraising activities.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Incorporate A New Jersey Nonprofit

    New Jersey charges nonprofits a $75 filing fee to process the Public Records Filing For a New Business Entity, and youll pay an additional $4 convenience fee if you submit online and pay with a credit card. New Jersey also offers quite a few expedited processing options for additional fees. Hire Northwest to incorporate your nonprofit and the total cost, which includes a full year of our registered agent service, is $304 for 1-day online filing.

    How Long Does It Take To Set Up A Nonprofit

    Depending on the state that youre in, having Articles of Incorporation approved by the state government may take up to a few weeks. Once thats done, youll have to apply for recognition of its 501 status by the Internal Revenue Service. If you file Form 1023, the average IRS processing time is 3-6 months, it can also take up to 12 months in some cases. Although with the 1023-EZ form, the processing time is typically 2-3 weeks.

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    Determine Your Vision And Organizational Values


    Your vision is the future you intend to create your grand planhow youre going to change the world.

    Here are some examples of great nonprofit vision statements:

    Nonprofit organizational values are the highest values that guide an organizations actions, unite its employees, and define its brand. They are abstract ideas that guide organizational thinking and actions.

    According to SHRM, values state what is important to you as an individual and to your organization. In other words, values are what you stand for. They reflect who you are, which in turn affects what you do and how you do it, which is your culture.


    We treat all people with dignity and respect.


    We honor our heritage by being socially, financially, and environmentally responsible.


    We strive to meet the highest ethical standards.


    We challenge each other to strive for excellence and to continually learn.


    We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity, and change.

    Dont skip this step! Your mission, vision, and values will be key to making many important decisions that have a long-term impact on your organization.

    Filing The Certificate With The State Department

    How to Start a Nonprofit Organization – 501c3 Organization

    The duly filled certificate of incorporation along with a check of $75.00 must be submitted either in person or mailed across to the state department office at :

    New York State Department of State Division of Corporations, State Records and Uniform Commercial Code One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Ave. Albany, NY 12231

    Time required Starting a non profit organization in New York takes around 3-7 working days. Provision for same day expedited filing is also available upon payment of expedite fee.

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    How Do I Get Paid If I Start A Nonprofit

    Nonprofit salary is considered a part of the operating expenses of the organization. You must raise funds through fundraisers or by applying for grants. Your nonprofit can also earn money through other business ventures and by coming up with income generators like fundraiser auctions of donated items, renting a property, selling donated merchandise, making investments, etc.

    Forming A Nonprofit Corporation In New York

    Here are the steps to form a nonprofit corporation in New York. You should read this page in conjunction with the general section on forming a nonprofit corporation, which has additional steps listed that are applicable to all states. You should also familiarize yourself with:

    1. Choose a business name and check for availability

    • Your nonprofit corporation’s name may not be the same as, ordeceptively similar to, other corporate names on file with theDepartment of State .
    • The name of your nonprofit corporation must contain one ofthe following words: “Corporation,””Incorporated,””Limited,” or theirabbreviations.See N.Y. N.P. Corp. Law §§ 301-302 for more information on all the naming requirements.

    2. Recruit and/or appoint directors

    3. Incorporate your Nonprofit Organization

    You should read the general discussion on how to Incorporate your Nonprofit Organization in tandem with the steps outlined here.

    a. Prepare and file articles of incorporation with the Department of State

    b. Create the bylaws

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    Start Building An Extensive Network

    Building a professional network for your nonprofit can have some major benefits early on. Networking will help to increase visibility for your work, attract new donors, staff, and volunteers, and connect your nonprofit with the essential resources it needs to get started.

    You might want to start connecting with other nonprofits in your area or with nonprofits in the wider region with missions similar to yours, with multiple digital outlets, such as blogs or news channels, and other relevant media outlets.

    Recruit Initial Directors And Officers

    How to Register a Non Profit Organization in New York

    The board of directors of a nonprofit is its highest decision making body. It is comprised of a group of individuals, each with the title director. The business, operations and affairs of a nonprofit are managed by, or under the direction of, this board.

    New York requires directors to have certain qualifications

  • Personality: Humans only. A corporation or other legal entity cannot serve as a director.
  • Number: 3 minimum.
  • Age: 18+ for most nonprofits, although all directors may be 16+ for certain specifically named youth organizations , less than one-half of all directors may be 16-17 for recreational or development and delinquency prevention nonprofits benefiting youths, and one director may be 16-17 for youth education nonprofits.
  • In addition to recruiting the initial directors, you will also need to determine who will serve as officers of the nonprofit. Operating under the delegated powers of the board of directors, the responsibility of the officers are to manage the day-to-day operations and affairs of the nonprofit.

    New York also imposes certain requirements on officers

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    Create A Detailed Business Plan

    Some nonprofit founders choose to hire or recruit volunteers before writing up a plan, but wed recommend going the other way around. Only when you will have created a plan will you be able to estimate income, costs, and the talent that you will need and can afford.

    Moreover, once the plan is created, excerpts can be pulled from it to insert into the federalForm 1023 application for tax-exempt status.

    Accordingly, invest time upfront into developing a detailed plan. Such a plan will provide the structure and the discipline to think through the critically important strategic and operational issues.

    Before starting to write your nonprofit business plan, its smart to do some more market research . For example, if youre opening a literacy-focused nonprofit that you believe will address the need of local young people, youll want to understand how many schools are in the area, how many families are in your community, and how many of them have access to a computer at home.

    A good nonprofit business plan sets up a roadmap for the next three to five years of your work. Regardless of your size or financial status, your nonprofit business plan will effectively create a blueprint for how your nonprofit will be run, who will be responsible for what, and how you plan to achieve your goals. Here are the main building blocks of a nonprofit business plan:

    How To Retain Your Non

    After forming your New York not for profit organization, be sure to follow specific guidelines to retain your non-profit status.

    • Keep detailed records of all sources of income.
    • File annual reports.
    • Keep unrelated activities separate from your non-profit and pay separate taxes on them. This income could jeopardize your nonprofit status if it makes up a substantial portion of your business.
    • Ensure that the time and resources spent on your non-profit are related to your organization’s exempt status.
    • Maintain detailed records of corporate meetings.
    • Make sure your non-profit’s assets are distributed to another tax-exempt group when and if it dissolves.
    • Do not make loans to any of your directors or officers.
    • Do not issue shares of stock or pay dividends or other shares of income to members, directors or officers.

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    Coming Up With A Great Mission Statement

    A good mission statement is very important. It can help your nonprofit further clarify your purpose and can be very motivating for staff and volunteers. It sends out a powerful message about what you stand for, and if clearly written and communicated it focuses your energy and attention and helps you make decisions further down the line.

    Weve written an entire article abouthow to write an awesome nonprofit mission statement, but here are a few key guidelines to follow:

    • Make your nonprofit mission statement unambiguous, simple, and easy to understand.
    • A well-crafted mission statement should also be brief and to-the-point.
    • A mission statement should, above all, inform others about what you do and guide your team members and stakeholders.
    • A good mission statement welcomes input from everyone, is reviewed frequently and is shared with everyone.
    • Its also not a marketing tagline, doesnt use expert language, and is devoid of buzzwords and generalities.

    A good mission statement helps you build a solid foundation upon which you can create a plan and is your guiding light attracting the right people to your organization.

    Legally Incorporate Your Nonprofit Organization

    How to Start a Corporation in New York | NY Department of State

    Legally incorporating your nonprofit organization is actually a multi-step process that consists of:

    • Choosing a name for your organization
    • Appointing aboard
    • Applying for tax exemption
    • Getting the required licenses

    Weve written in-depth about registering andstarting a 501 organization in the United States. Please refer to this article for more details.

    In general, the 501 label is applied to charitable bodies, but organizations with this exemption are limited in how much lobbying they can engage in and are prohibited from functioning for the benefit of private interests. No portion of earnings can be used to benefit a private shareholder.

    Appointing a board, which we briefly touched upon in the step above, is one of the most important formalities of incorporation.

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    Choosing A Name For Your Nonprofit

    In the beginning, youll also need to choose a name for your nonprofit. There are many ways in which you could go about naming your nonprofit organization. However, its safe to say you should select a name thats unique and somehow related to the main activities of your nonprofit. This decision will set the tone and influence your nonprofits brand for years to come, so its smart to take some time to think through this decision.

    How to choose a nonprofits name?

    • Try brainstorming with your team or your friends and acquaintances.
    • See which names sound more inspiring or which ones are more memorable.
    • Remind yourself of what your nonprofits mission is, what your main activities are, who your members are, or even where youre located.
    • Make sure your nonprofits name is easy to say and remember. Use descriptive words, but try not to overdo it or make it too long. Dont use technical/industry-specific jargon.
    • Abbreviations are good if you use them well.

    Note: It might be a good idea to check the availability of web domains since that may impact the name you decide on.

    Many states require that nonprofits have a corporate designator, such as Incorporated, Corporation, Company, Limited, or their abbreviations . Check your states incorporation web page to see if a corporate designator is required for your nonprofit.

    Once youve pinpointed the need, the solution, and the population , its time to transcribe those into a clear and powerful mission statement.

    Prepare And File Your Nonprofit Articles Of Organization

    You create your nonprofit entity by filing a certificate of incorporation with the New York Department of State. Your certificate of incorporation must include basic information such as:

    • your corporation’s name
    • the purpose or purposes for which the corporation is formed
    • whether the corporation is a charitable nor noncharitable corporation–normally, it is charitable
    • the county where the nonprofit’s office will be located
    • the names and addresses of the initial directors
    • a designation of the secretary of state as agent for service of process and the post office address to which the secretary of state should mail a copy of any process served on it as agent for the nonprofit
    • any other provisions regarding the regulation of the nonprofit’s internal affairs, including distribution of assets on dissolution.

    The incorporator must be at least 18 years old.

    The Department of State has a fillable Certificate of Incorporation form on its website which you can use to create your nonprofit corporation. Complete and file your articles following the instructions provided on the Department of State’s website.

    The articles form on the Department of State’s website has the minimal information necessary to create a nonprofit in New York. It does not include language required by the IRS to obtain 501 tax-exempt status. To receive 501 tax-exempt status from the IRS, your corporation must have certain specific language in its articles, including:

    The filing fee is $75.

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