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How Far Is Niagara Falls New York

How Far Is Niagara Falls From New York And How Long Will The Road Trip Take

Niagara Falls United States Side vs Canada Side | What to do around Buffalo New York

Spanning a distance of 410 miles, a road trip From New York To Niagara Falls will take you about 6 hours and 45 minutes. It is a relatively easy journey to complete in a day.

But with so much to see and do on the journey over to Niagara Falls, we would recommend taking two to three days to give you the opportunity to explore the many cities, landmarks, and points of interest along the route.

Whatever time you choose to drive, be mindful that traffic out of New York City and around Niagara Falls could be heavily congested at times.

That said, if you undertake your journey during the week and outside of the holidays, you should not encounter too many traffic issues along the way.

Best Time To Go On A Road Trip From New York To Niagara Falls

While the Niagara Falls State Park are open 24 hours a day, all year round, between June and August are undoubtedly the most popular times to visit, when average daily temperatures reach over 70 degrees Fahrenheit and all the attractions are open.

That being said, prices and visitor numbers are higher during the summer. If you would prefer to avoid the crowds, you might want to wait until September to visit Niagara Falls or plan your trip in early spring when youll also get to enjoy the trees and flowers in bloom.

Winters at Niagara Falls can be very unforgiving with average temperatures being between 28 and 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite being cold, winter does give you the opportunity to see the falls partially frozen or covered in snow.

If you time your visit between May and October, youll get the chance to see the daily fireworks held at Niagara Falls which is quite spectacular.

Other great events to consider timing your trip with is Canalfest of the Tonawandas held in Buffalo in July and the Niagara Falls Blues Festival, usually held for three days in September.

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Evening Tour Of Niagara Falls Ny From Buffalo

Visitors interested in viewing the illuminated Falls from the US side can book an evening tour of Niagara Falls, NY.

The evening tour bus picks you up from your hotel in Buffalo, NY. The tour starts in the late afternoon.

You will be visiting Niagara Falls State Park, home of Niagara Falls. Attractions in the park that your tour guide will take you to are:

Maid of the Mist is a boat ride that takes you past all the three waterfalls. Apart from Niagara Falls State Park, the tour also takes you to Whirlpool State Park, which is further downstream from Niagara Falls. You can view the Niagara Whirlpool and the Niagara Gorge from here. Further downstream are the whitewater rapids and the Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant.

You will be given some time for souvenir shopping.

At dusk, you can view the illuminated Falls from Prospect Point Observation Tower, one of the best vantage points to view the Falls by night.

After the tour comes to an end, you will be dropped back at your hotel in Buffalo or at the Buffalo Airport.

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Getting To Niagara Falls

Q: What’s the location of Niagara Falls State Park? A: We don’t actually have a physical address, only a postal address. The approximate entrance to Goat Island is: 24 Buffalo Avenue Niagara Falls, NY 14303.GPS coordinates are: Latitude 43.081528 Longitude 79.064240

Q: How do I get to the park? A: For a complete list of directions to Niagara Falls State Park, visit our Maps and Directions page.

Q: Where can I park? A: There are four parking lots within the park. Our Parking page provides in-depth information about the parking lots and their locations.

Q: How much does parking cost? A: Parking is $10 in all three park parking lots

Q. Can I get an Uber or Lyft at the Park?A. Yes, ride sharing is available throughout all of Niagara Falls USA

Q: Where is the nearest airport? A: The Buffalo-Niagara International Airport is approximately 30 miles from the park and is easily accessible from the New York State Thruway .

Leg : Manhattan To The Mountains

How Far Is Niagara Falls From New York City

Less than 90 minutes outside Manhattan, you can be a world away in the second largest park in the state system, Harriman State Park. With more than 30 lakes, 200 miles of hiking trails and two beaches, every nature lover can find something to enjoy. And its a great way to whet your appetite for the great outdoors in Niagara Falls! Continue on to the scenic mountain towns that dot that Catskills, perhaps stopping for another hike or to cast a line in Roscoe, aka Trout Town USA.

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Recharge Your Batteries In Buffalo

After a full day or two of sightseeing and driving, another great overnight stop would be in Buffalo.

Less than half an hour from your final destination, and located at the eastern end of Lake Erie, at the head of the Niagara River, a stop off in Buffalo will allow you to recharge your batteries in preparation for a visit to Niagara Falls the next day.

There are plenty of other things to do in Buffalo to keep you entertained, including visiting the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, Shea’s Performing Arts Center, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House.

One of the best places to stay overnight here is The Delavan Hotel. This 4-star hotel provides the ultimate comfort in a stunning setting. The imposing and stylish hotel has an onsite restaurant, offers free private parking and a fitness centre.

Rooms at The Delavan Hotel are luxurious and stylish and the bar and lounge areas are impressive and contemporary, making this accommodation an excellent choice for the ultimate relaxation ahead of a final day of sightseeing.

How Many Daily Bus Connections Are There Between Niagara Falls And New York

The number of buses from Niagara Falls to New York can differ depending on the day of the week. On average, there are 5 on this route. Some buses run direct routes, while others have layovers. Simplify your bus trip from Niagara Falls to New York by comparing and selecting the bus that fits you travel style and budget on Busbud.

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From New York City To Niagara Falls By Train

Two major Amtrak lines connect the Niagara region to cities on the East Coast of the U.S. and Canada. Those traveling from New York City can get on the Empire Service to the Niagara Falls International Train Station and Intermodal Transportation Center from Penn Station in Manhattan. The Empire Service train operates daily and has Business Class and Reserved Coach Class. The scenic ride takes about nine hours, with stops along the way in Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo.

Alternatively, visitors can take the Maple Leaf train that connects New York City with Toronto, with stops at Albany, Syracuse, and Niagara Falls. The total journey is 12.5 hours. Both trains come with WiFi and Cafe cars.

Once there, the Niagara Falls State Park is less than a 10-minute drive. Niagara Falls State Park is open year-round and offers interactive exhibits, hiking trails, and dining at the Top of the Falls restaurant. The state park’s Discovery Pass allows visitors to enjoy the falls on the Maid of the Mist boat cruise.

You can also take the hop-on/hop-off shuttle called “Falls to the Fort” right at the train station. The 14-mile route stops at highlights such as the Niagara USA Visitor Center, Niagara View Points, Old Niagara Fort, Aquarium of Niagara, and Castellani Art Museum, among others.

Does Viamichelin Offer Gps Guidance For My New York

U.S. Niagara Falls to go dry

Download our mobile app from the AppStore or for our guidance on your New York Niagara Falls journey. Our app includes Michelin maps and routes with real-time traffic info, GPS navigation with voice guidance and community alerts. You can also transfer your New York Niagara Falls route calculation from your computer to the app by saving the route as a Favourite in your Michelin account.

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How Long Is The Drive Between Niagara Falls And Nyc

My family will be vacationing in NYC and Niagara Falls this summer. I have looked into taking the Amtrak train between the 2 destinations . The train takes almost 10 hours ! I am considering a one-way rental car to drive from NF to NYC . The distance is about 450 miles, but I have a question about the freeway systems in the East : Is it customary to drive at speed of 75-80 mph on the freeways like it is in the West ? Will I get pulled over by cops at that speed on the freeways ? I figure if I can drive like I do here in the West, I can do the trip in less than 7 hours and I would benefit from having a car to get around while in Niagara Falls.

I appreciate any comments.

fly toBuffalo? That’s the most often recommended way of making the trip.

No way you can drive that fast here— well you can but you will get caught— I would plan on 7 to 7 1/2 hours

While many people drive at the speeds you mentioned, the national speed limit is, I believe, 65 for the US Highway system.

And believe it or not people still get pulled over and cited for exceeding the posted speed limit.

So, If I were you, I’d follow the law and perhaps use up an hour more of travel time without endangering anyone besides your passengers lives.


FYI, the prices for 1-way car rentals this summer seem to be running 2x the charge for round-trip rentals, so airline tix for 4 people may indeed be cheaper, by the time you add fuel and tolls to the rental costs and all the assorted surcharges that go with it.

How Far Is Niagara Falls From New York City

Hello everyone! Just wondering if someone could let me know how far is Niagara Falls from New York? or from Delaware? Much thanks, Jen & Mars 🙂

for a approximate distance use

just type in the two cities

To drive from New York City, it’s 7 or 8 hours to Niagara Falls. Delaware is 2 hours south of New York City by car.

The best way to see Niagara Falls from NYC is to FLY. from NYC”s JFK to Buffalo, NY. From there, hook up with a tour or rent a car.

Thank-you all for your responses! Will look into the suggestions 🙂 J & M

New York City

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The Niagara Falls State Park Is The Oldest In America

Founded in 1885, the Niagara Falls State Park has the distinction of a storied history in USA. The Niagara Falls Association, which was founded in 1883 has acquired private land around the area to keep the natural environment intact for all these years.

  • Maid of the Mist drifting towards a rainbow

  • Ticket to The Old Niagara Fort

  • The ultimate adventure – Whirlpool Jet Boat

  • Clad in a raincoat, catching a distant glimpse of the falls

Reasons To Road Trip To Niagara Falls New York This Year

How Far Is Niagara Falls From New York City

Horseshoe Falls is the largest of the three waterfalls that collectively form Niagara Falls.


Road trips are the in thing to do this summer, due to Covid-19, and a great family destination is Niagara Falls, New York. Youll be visiting the oldest state park in the United StatesNiagara Falls State Park was created in 1885 and attracts visitors from around the world.

For people throughout the Northeast, Niagara Falls is an easy driving destination and its an especially great destination if youre renting an RV. For those who live in New York City, its a great long-weekend getaway filled with outdoor adventure. Manhattanites might recognize the landscape design of the parkit was created by Frederick Law Olmsted, who is famous for designing New York Citys Central Park. Hes considered to be one of Americas first landscape architects, so its fitting that he would design our nations first state park. Many people think Niagara Falls is just one waterfall, but its actually made of three waterfalls: American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls . Combined, the falls have about 750,000 gallons of water rushing over each second. In some sections, the falls are over 176 feet.

Its good to note that theres Niagara Falls, U.S.A. and Niagara Falls, Canada the below highlights are for Niagara Falls, U.S.A.

One of the best ways to see the Falls up close is on a Maid of the Mist sailing.


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Other Towns In Ostego County:

Hartwick, NY

Hartwick is a small town consisting of 40 square miles of rolling hills and scenic river valleys. Here you can find the Cooperstown Bat Company and the scenic Hartwick Highlands Campground.

Worcester, NY

Small town Worcester offers a indoor flea market, quilt zoo and quaint 1 screen theatre . spanning 582 acres and is the perfect place for hunting, bike rides and picnics.

Where To Eat Drink And Sleep

New York City has any kind of food you can imagine. For Italian food or classic deli fare, Lucciola and Katzs Delicatessen are popular choices. During your stay, you may want to get a drink at a swanky cocktail bar, such as The Dead Rabbit NYC. There are many lodging options to choose from, with the Warwick New York being a comfortable option.

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Niagara Falls With Kids

If you visit Niagara Falls with kids, they will have a great time: the area is perfect to visit as a family and has plenty of attractions and places designed for the little ones. For your sleeping and eating schedules, keep in mind that to get to Niagara Falls, you will take an early morning bus and it will take you around 10 hours to get there from New York, counting all the stops along the way.

Travel By Car From New York City To Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Buffalo, New York

It takes about 6-7 hours to drive from New York to Niagara and its a pretty easy drive if you have a car. Plus there are plenty of great places to stop at on the way like The Finger Lakes which is definitely worth spending a night or two exploring if you have the time. We went in December and it snowed frequently on our drive so make sure you check the weather.

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Niagara Falls State Park

Upon crossing the United States border you will enter into the Niagara Falls State Park. Niagara Falls State Park, the oldest American State Park, is home to over 400 acres of lush landscape and wildlife, the beautiful Falls themselves, and many famous attractions. Just like the Canadian side, the State Park is open 365 days a year, 24-hours a day, allowing you to walk through for free any day of the year.

The State Park itself is largely the result of lobbying by the Free Niagara Crusaders led by Frederick Law Olmsted. During the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th Century, the group sought to protect the land surrounding the Falls from commercial interests and ensure it remained free to the public. In 1885, the group succeeded with the Niagara Appropriations Bill that created the Niagara Reservation.

What Accommodation Can You Book In Niagara Falls

With ViaMichelin you can book your accommodation for Niagara Falls at no additional cost. Whether you want to book a stay in Niagara Falls or simply stop off on your New York Niagara Falls route, you can book the accommodation of your choice . This free service is offered in partnership with Booking. You can also view and book any of the hotels selected from the MICHELIN Guide.

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Best Time Of The Year To Tour Niagara Falls From New York City

The typical temperature around Niagara Falls changes greatly throughout the year. While if you go to Niagara Falls in the winter you may freeze, in the summer it is usually quite nice, with sunny and warm days. If you visit the Falls in the spring, it will most likely rain, and in the fall you can find very pleasant weather, as long as you go before November.

If you can, my recommendation is to visit in mid to late May and between September and October. It is certainly the best time to go to Niagara Falls, you will have better weather and you will also avoid most of the tourists, who come in summer.

If the weather doesn’t help or doesn’t suit you, we recommend you to do the Washington tour from New York or the Philadelphia tour from New York, where the weather will be less important to enjoy the tours.

  • Winter

Best Time To Book Your Trip

Niagara Falls

Price is for a one-way ticket for one passenger and based on past departures.

The average bus ticket from Niagara Falls to New York costs around CA$24 for departures 1 days prior.

Over the last 354 days, ticket prices from Niagara Falls to New York vary and during peak season, ticket prices are around CA$78 while at other times, you can expect to pay around CA$52.

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