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Does New York Vote On Super Tuesday

How Do The Candidates Stand Before Super Tuesday

New York Ballot Questions

It’s been a tight race between a wide range of candidates.

Up in front are Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who had the lead on delegates before South Carolina’s race Saturday, and Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana who won Iowa and finished second in New Hampshire.

Former vice president Joe Biden and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren have both seen disappointing showings so far, but Biden could regain lost ground in South Carolina and Warren’s home state will be casting votes.

What The Best 2020 Post

alex : Well, for one, its still a relatively new system in the U.S., and there are conflicting theories on whether it is beneficial or detrimental .

But right now, at a time when theres disillusionment with our election system, the Board of Elections error provides fodder for former President Donald Trump and his supporters that U.S. elections are inherently fraudulent or illegitimate.

geoffrey.skelley : Its a change to how we conduct elections, and in a country where most elections are won by the candidate with the most votes without any question about secondary preferences, this is a big change!

New York City is also far and away the largest jurisdiction to employ ranked-choice voting, so the system is very much under the microscope because its no longer a curiosity used by a few cities and Maine.

sarah: Do we have any sense of whether New Yorkers supported making their elections ranked-choice voting?

geoffrey.skelley: Well, New Yorkers overwhelmingly backed the referendum to implement ranked-choice voting in 2019 74 percent voted in favor. Granted, 2019 was a low-turnout election in New York considering no major offices were on the ballot. Still, that was a pretty overwhelming vote in support of ranked-choice voting.

And a day before the Board of Elections fiasco, a poll from Common Cause New York and Rank The Vote NYC found more than 75 percent of voters want to use a ranked system again.

Does ranked-choice voting live up to that promise?

What Did New Yorks Mayoral Primary Tell Us About Ranked

A FiveThirtyEight Chat

Welcome to FiveThirtyEights politics chat. The transcript below has been lightly edited.

sarah : Things got a bit harried in the New York City mayoral primary election last Tuesday afternoon after the Board of Elections accidentally counted 135,000 test ballots and released results including those ballots.

The Board removed the results from its website that evening citing a discrepancy, but the erroneous results had shown the race between front-runner Eric Adams and his closest contenders, Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley, significantly tightening. This, in turn, sparked accusations around the role ranked-choice voting played in this error, as candidates such as Adams are not fans of the system.

But while ranked-choice voting isnt the culprit for last weeks mishap it was Board mismanagement it did serve to expose some of the debates around ranked-choice voting, including whether its a fair system of voting and whether voters even want it.

Lets start there. Why is ranked-choice voting such a hot topic of debate?

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Which States Are Voting On Super Tuesday 2020

The table below contains a list of all state primaries caucuses being held on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. The Democrats Abroad primary also begins on March 3 for registered Democrats living outside the United States and runs through March 10.


*Total delegates does not include Democrats Abroad since voting doesnt end until March 10.

Super Tuesday Primaries 2020

News and Announcements
Presidential election changes in response to the coronavirus pandemic

Super Tuesday refers to the Tuesday in a presidential election year when the largest number of states and territories hold a presidential preference primary or caucus. In 2020, Super Tuesday was held on March 3. Fifteen jurisdictions held a primary event:

The Democrats AbroadDemocrats Abroad is the Democratic political party affiliate for American citizens living outside of the United States. The group functions as a state-level political party within the Democratic National Committee. primary also began on March 3 and concluded on March 10.

Former Vice President Joe Biden won 10 primaries in Alabama, Arkansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. He was projected to receive at least 629 pledged delegates.

Sen. Bernie Sanders won four primaries in California, Colorado, Utah, and Vermont. He was projected to receive at least 539 delegates.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg won American Samoa. He suspended his campaign on March 4, 2020, and endorsed Biden.

President Donald Trump won in all 13 states holding Republican primary events.

With both California and Texasâthe two most populous states in the United Statesâholding their primaries on Super Tuesday, approximately 40% of the U.S. population had a primary event on March 3. In total, 1,344 pledged delegatesâ34% of all pledged delegatesâwere at stake.

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    Will The Democrats Have A Brokered Convention

    Although some used the term “brokered convention” to refer to a convention where the outcome is decided by Superdelegate votes rather than pledged delegates alone, this is not the original sense of the term, nor has it been a commonly used definition of a “contested convention.” As of 2018, Democratic superdelegates

    Biden Has Not Campaigned Much In Super Tuesday States What Is He Thinking

    Mr. Biden received the big victory in South Carolina that he was looking for, but it remains to be seen how much of a lift he will get heading into Super Tuesday. One problem: Until this past weekend, he had not campaigned in a Super Tuesday state in over a month, aside from fund-raising.

    After his fourth-place finish in Iowa and his fifth-place finish in New Hampshire, Mr. Biden planted himself in Nevada and then in South Carolina and he achieved the results he was looking for in those two states. But that came at the cost of campaigning elsewhere. He visited North Carolina, Alabama and Virginia this past weekend, and he is campaigning in Texas on Monday before heading to California.

    Mr. Bidens team is focusing on congressional districts that play to his strengths, such as those with large numbers of black voters.

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    New York Voters Have Their Say On Expanding Access To The Ballot

    • EmbedEmbed

    New York ballot measures would authorize lawmakers to enact same-day voter registration and no-excuse absentee voting. Kaz Fantone for NPRhide caption

    toggle caption

    New York ballot measures would authorize lawmakers to enact same-day voter registration and no-excuse absentee voting.

    While a number of Republican-led states have moved this year to restrict voting access, even more states have approved expansions of ballot access.

    New York is among the latter group. And Tuesday’s election could pave the way for additional reforms.

    It’s a notable transformation.

    Despite being one the bluest states in the nation, an academic study had ranked New York’s voter access laws below states like West Virginia, Louisiana and Nebraska.

    But that began to change after the 2018 midterms, when Democrats took control in both houses of the state legislature in Albany and began a multi-year effort to expand voting access. Some of the reforms sought require amending the state constitution, a lengthy process that includes voters approving any change via a ballot referendum.

    New York’s 2021 ballot includes five measures, two of which could directly affect how the state’s voters participate in future elections:

    • Proposal 3 would authorize lawmakers to pass a law for same-day voter registration.

    Why New Yorkers Should Care About Super Tuesday

    WRGB 11pm Newscast (March 7, 2000 First 8 Minutes)

    Tuesday is the biggest night in the race for president so far this year, with 14 states voting on the same day.New York won’t be one of them, but there will still be plenty of reasons to pay attention as the results come in â including for a certain former billionaire mayor whose name will be on the ballot for the first time.

    Here is a breakdown of some questions you may have about Super Tuesday.

    A reminder: NY1 and “Inside City Hall” will have live coverage and analysis as the results come in starting at 9 p.m. Tuesday.

    Why should New Yorkers care about Super Tuesday when they won’t vote?

    New Yorkers won’t be able to vote in the presidential primary until April, so Super Tuesday can seem inconsequential to the five boroughs. But arguably the biggest reason they should care: former Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be on the presidential ballot for the first time after he skipped the first four nominating contests.

    Bloomberg has steadily risen in the polls â to about 15 percent in his latest average of national polls, according to FiveThirtyEight â since he launched his campaign in late November, but Super Tuesday will confirm how much support the mayor has and if he can win the Democratic nomination.

    Why does Super Tuesday matter to a campaign?


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    Alvin Bragg Elected Manhattan Da

    Alvin Bragg, a former federal prosecutor, was elected the district attorney of Manhattan, the first Black person to be in the influential role, reports the New York Times.

    Bragg, who campaigned on ensuring fair treatment for all defendants while also maintaining public safety, was one of seven Democrats who ran for the nomination after incumbent Democrat Cyrus R Vance Jr did not run for re-election.

    A large feature of Braggs campaign was his experience with the criminal justice system, one that he said informed his career and differentiated him from other candidates.

    Having been stopped by the police, said Bragg in an interview with the Times. Having a homicide victim on my doorstep. Having had a loved one return from incarceration and live with me.

    Dianne Morales And The Implosion Of The Left In Nycs Mayoral Race

    On Friday, campaign aides to Dianne Morales, an unabashedly left-wing former nonprofit executive running for mayor, rallied in Bryant Park to protest an organization they described as fostering racism, sexism, and a hostility to unions. It was something many, surely, had done before, many times. But what made them a center of attention on political Twitter all day was that the protest was against the very candidate for whom they worked. After gathering in the park, the aides marched on campaign headquarters.

    Carrying signs that said Dignity, Care, Solidarity and Union Busting Is Disgusting and WTF Dianne?! the protesters-slash-employees called on Morales to recognize their efforts to unionize and to rehire terminated staffers and to create a grievance process to create a neutral avenue for reporting workplace misconduct. Continue reading about the collapse of Moraless campaign.

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    Whats So Super About Super Tuesday

    On March 3, 2020, also known as Super Tuesday, the largest number of states have their primaries on the same day. The largest number of voters will make their presidential choices, and a large number of delegates is up for grabs.

    Not sure if youre registered to vote?: Check your status.

    On March 3, 14 states and one territory from across the country have primary elections: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and American Samoa. Voters in all Super Tuesday states will participate in a primary, while Democrats in American Samoa will caucus. Democrats abroad also start voting on Tuesday and can vote through March 10.

    We likely wont have complete results that night, as polls close at varying times across time zones and larger states like California likely will take longer to tabulate results.

    Who Votes For Pennsylvania

    What is Super Tuesday and why is it important? Here

    Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes in the Electoral College. Although Trump had won the state in 2016 by a narrow margin of 0.72%, Biden was able to reclaim the state, winning it by a 1.17% margin. Because of the way the state counted in-person ballots first, Trump started with a wide lead on election night.

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    Who Is Still Running

    There’s still five contenders to be the Democratic nominee. Here’s the current list of individuals still running, as of March 2:

    • Former Vice President Joe Biden
    • Former mayor of New York City Mike Bloomberg
    • Congresswoman from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard
    • Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders
    • Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren

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    Sanders Is Winning Where Will He Keep His Lead

    Mr. Sanders is highly likely to come out of Super Tuesday with a lead in the delegate count. But the size of that lead is a big question mark, and so is the number of states Mr. Sanders might win outright.

    There are few states out of reach for Mr. Sanders. In theory, he could win virtually everywhere on Super Tuesday, except perhaps Alabama, where moderate African-Americans who lean toward Mr. Biden make up a huge share of the primary electorate.

    The Vermont senator has even been showing strength in Massachusetts, the home state of his rival, Senator Elizabeth Warren. He also has a chance of capturing Minnesota, which is now up for grabs after Senator Amy Klobuchar decided to exit the race on Monday. Mr. Sanders won the state in 2016.

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    Will Bloombergs Unprecedented Spending Pay Off

    Every other presidential candidate has wrestled with how to approach the Super Tuesday map, picking and choosing states and districts to target with limited campaign funds. Not Mr. Bloomberg, the billionaire former New York City mayor. He has competed everywhere, with a tidal wave of advertising and paid organizing that has no precedent in American presidential politics.

    How Often Does The New York Primary Winner Win The Nomination It’s A Great Predictor

    US Super Tuesday | Update on Democrats elections

    On Tuesday, April 19, many New Yorkers â like myself â will head to the polls to vote in their 2016 presidential primary. However, for the first time in decades, the New York primary has the potential to change the tone of the race. This time, the New York primary will truly matter. But how good of a predictor will Tuesday’s election results be, and how often do New York primary winner’s win the presidential nomination?

    Over the course of last five election cycles, New York “called it right” in all cases but one, according to the New York Board of Elections. That means that, when it comes down to it, New York has a pretty good pulse on the nation.

    However, that isn’t the only reason Tuesday’s primary matters. On Super Tuesday â when multiple states hold primary elections and caucuses on the same day âformer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and business mogul Donald Trump each won seven of 11 states. However, their rivals, who won a combined eight states, vowed that day to stay in the 2016 presidential race. And since Super Tuesday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have picked up quite a few delegates â and quite a few states â of their own, making this a closer race than usual. But why does New York matter?

    We’re looking forward to having that kind of contest where New York plays an important role in picking the president of the United States.

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    Voting Reform Referendums In New York State

    In New York, voters decided no on two voting reform measures that would have allowed for same-day voter registration and no-excuse absentee voting, a practice already implemented in dozens of states and during the coronavirus pandemic.

    On the question of same-day voter registration, 49% of people voted no while 38.93% voted yes, according to City & State.

    While Democrats and voting rights groups were in favor of the proposals, Republicans, on the whole, opposed the attempts at increasing voter expansion, citing familiar claims of voter fraud from the 2020 presidential election, noted NPR.

    Politics Podcast: Summer Mailbag Edition

    nrakich: Yeah, the most obvious point in ranked-choice votings favor is that it can produce a winner who is truly the preference of a majority of voters in situations when one sides vote would otherwise be split by a strong third-party challenger.

    The Golden-Poliquin race is a great example of that. Even though Poliquin won a plurality of first-place votes, it was pretty clear that, once you factored in the preferences of third-party voters, a majority of voters in Maines 2nd District that year liked Golden better than Poliquin.

    That said, this kind of results inversion doesnt happen very often. FairVote has tracked 398 single-winner ranked-choice voting races in the U.S. since 2004, and 97 percent of them were won by the candidate who got a plurality of first-place votes.

    alex: Nathaniel, Ive seen some opponents of the system claim that ranked-choice voting doesnt necessarily lead to a candidate who represents the majority. For example, some voters might end up with their ballots essentially eliminated and no say in the final outcome if they ranked three out of five candidates, for example, and all three were eliminated.

    In a 2016 essay, writer Simon Waxman argues some of the same points. here are reasons for skepticism when it comes to and not just RCV itself, but the larger notion that what is broken in American politics, and therefore what will fix it, is procedure.

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