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How Much Does A Studio Apartment Cost In New York

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Studio

New York City Studio Apartment Tour & Rent | Fly With Stella

Finding the right space for a photo or video shoot can be hard, especially when its last minute. Whether youre a small business owner or working for a branding agency, you need a space thats flexible and affordable. As the largest online marketplace for meeting and event spaces, Peerspace has thousands of options available in cities across the U.S. With us, professionals like you can book studios in San Francisco, New York City, and beyond.

The sheer number and variety of studios available on the Peerspace platform make it challenging to narrow down a search! Therefore, well discuss studio prices, types, and amenities in this article. Well also highlight several incredible studio rental options and answer your question, How much does it cost to rent a studio?

Map: Where Can The Average New Yorker Afford A Studio Apartment

INWOOD Believe it or not, there are still a few reasonably priced neighborhoods in New York City. And some are even in Manhattan.

With news that New Yorkers need to earn $107,000 just to afford renting the average Manhattan studio, DNAinfo set out in search of neighborhoods where the average Joe or Jane can snag a pad without breaking the bank.


DNAinfo crunched data from StreetEasy on the median asking price for studio apartments in 2014 and compared it with the city’s median salary of $52,259 in order to find places where New Yorkers would be able to rent a place without spending more than 30 percent of their income.

The De Blasio administration considers 30 percent to be the threshold at which a renter becomes burdened.

The result shows areas in Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens that are affordable. Leading the way are the Highbridge and Concourse neighborhoods of the Bronx in zip code 10452. Studios in the area had a median asking price of $987, meaning a New Yorker earning the median salary would spend just 22.66 percent of it on rent.

Renters should also look to Corona, Flushing, and Jamaica in Queens, and Bay Ridge, Gravesend and Prospect Lefferts Gardens in Brooklyn.

Deals can even be found in Manhattan.

Renters would spent just 29.85 percent of the NYC median income in Inwood, while Central Harlem’s rents are just 29.74 percent of the median income in the zip code of 10030.

Studio Apartments For Rent In Manhattan Ny255 Rentals Available

  • 19 Dutch Street, New York, NY10038$3,660 – $4,193
  • 131 East 83 Street, New York, NY10028$2,295 – $2,695
  • 271 West 47Th, New York, NY10036$3,356 – $4,059
  • 340 East 58Th Street, New York, NY10022$1,995
  • 120 East 102Nd Street, New York, NY10029$2,695
  • 26 Saint Mark’s Place, New York, NY10003$1,975 – $2,614
  • 315 East 81St Street, New York, NY10028$2,095 – $2,295
  • 355 Bowery, New York, NY10002$3,150
  • 11 Waverly Place, New York, NY10003$2,400 – $2,610
  • 112 East 7Th Street, New York, NY10009$2,200 – $2,300
  • 516 East 5Th Street, New York, NY10009$2,300
  • 195 Stanton Street, New York, NY10002$8,095
  • 338 East 100Th Street, New York, NY10029$2,825
  • 18 E. 22Nd Street, New York, NY10010$2,600 – $2,875
  • 436 West 52Nd Street, New York, NY10019$5,895
  • 212 East 105Th Street, New York, NY10029$2,695
  • 60 Riverside Blvd., New York, NY10069$3,910 – $5,765
  • 206 East 70Th Street, New York, NY10021$2,250
  • 102 Saint Marks Place, New York, NY10009$2,200
  • 1590 Second Avenue, New York, NY10028$2,195
  • 382 THIRD AVE, New York, NY10016$2,395
  • 230 E 30TH STREET, New York, NY10016$2,850
  • 214 E 24TH ST, New York, NY10010$3,000
  • 284 MOTT ST, New York, NY10012$3,295
  • 207-215 E 27TH ST, New York, NY10016$2,450
  • 413 East 9Th Street, New York, NY10009$2,195
  • 2329 First Avenue, New York, NY10035$3,495
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    $12m In Lower East Side

    This generously sized condo is located in the Lower East Side, one of lower Manhattans trendiest neighborhoods. The apartment features a private terrace, an in-unit washer/dryer as well as Bosch cooktop, range & dishwasher along with Liebherr refrigerator. This particular unit sold for $1,150,000 in late 2019.

    Built in 2011, 115 Norfolk is perfectly situated mere seconds from The Market Line, Essex Crossing, Trader Joes, Target and a 14-screen Regal movie theater. The apartment is just a 60 second walk from the F, M, J, Z in an area thats bustling with some of downtowns best restaurants, art galleries, boutique shops and nightlife.

    What Would $50 In 1940 Rent A New Yorker Today

    Pin on Maple And Vine Research

    With the average Manhattan rent hovering around $3,800, it can seem impossible that there was a time when one could find a whole apartment for $500 to $600 a month, let alone something in the double digits. But throughout the 1940s, rents average a mere $50 per month, with many places costing even less than that. But how far would that $50 take you in the next decade? Or the 1980s? Or even today?

    To figure that out , we calculated how much $50 of 1940s currency would be throughout the following decades, and then we searched through archived Village Voice classifieds to find apartments that fit the budget. Rents and inflation did not rise on an even scale, so as the years go on, the choices get much slimmer.

    1940sAverage Rent: $50In 1943, four major newspapers published an extensive analysis of the market , which shows that while $50 may have been the average, there were a whole lot of places cheaper than that. Housing across nearly the entire Lower East Side was less than $30. Greenwich Village was more of a mixed bag, with a decent amount of housing in the $50 to $100 range. Around Washington Square Park, rents even reached above $150.

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    $350k In Forest Hills

    This is an oversized one-bedroom apartment in a pre-war, elevator building in Forest Hills, Queens. It sold for $349k in late 2019, which is just ~$400 PPSF based on an unofficial square footage estimate of 850. The building is a 5 minute walk to Austin St restaurants, E/F/M/R express subway stop and LIRR.

    The 10 Most Expensive Us Cities To Rent A Studio Apartment

  • San Francisco, California
  • New York City, New York
  • San Jose, California
  • Portland, Oregon
  • In these cities, it makes total sense to find a studio apartment.

    You will notice that California counts for 60% of the list above. They have a lot of good things going for them that tends to attract a ton of young people, entrepreneurs, and artists. When that happens, the rent will skyrocket.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Nyc Apartment

    Your home is a place where you relax, it is only natural you would want to remodel or renovate your house to suit your preferences.

    You can hire professional help to maximize the potential of every space. More so, renovations increase the value of your house. Whatever option you go for, you must have an apartment renovation budget. This will dictate how much you are willing to spend and its relation to the cost of everything. This way, you pick out services, products, and experts. A budget will help you comprehend the actual prices and the hidden costs.

    In New York City, your apartment remodel is priced square per foot. Typically, full-service apartment renovation will be charged approximately $200 to $250 per square foot. This price bracket features the entire home, including dry areas and wet spaces- the dry areas are inclusive of the bedroom, living rooms, and dining room, while wet spaces are kitchen and bath areas. When renovating large structures such as a 3 bedroom apartment or a client pays for full-service apartment renovation, extensive customization, and structural factors will cost over $300.

    In NYC, the apartments differ widely, and each one comes with its challenges. Thus, the per-square-foot is just a basic standard to get you started. The required scope of work is used as the estimating protocol for per square foot prices. It includes standard demolition wiring, which is inclusive of switches and outlets insulation and drywall

    Set Your Studio Apartment Priorities

    What $1500 Will Get you in NYC | Affordable New York City Apartments

    Studio apartments are small but mighty. They can pack several amenities into little square footage.

    When searching for a studio apartment, youll need to consider which amenities youd like most in your apartment.

    A murphy bed to save space? Lots of natural light to make the unit look larger? Or maybe efficient washing and drying machines?

    Whatever your preferences are, its important to list them out and use them to narrow down your options during your search.

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    Internet Cable Water And More

    For nearly all other utilities, you’re going to pay the same amount regardless of how big or small your apartment.

    Whether you’re in a spacey two-bedroom or in your studio, you’ll probably have one shower, one bathroom sink and one kitchen sink. Depending how long you take in the shower and if you have a dishwasher, an average monthly apartment water bill is around $40.

    Similarly, you’ll have one internet provider and one television requiring cable service . Depending on if you have basic cable and an average internet speed or all the premium channels and high-speed internet packages, the average cable and internet bundle bill can come in around $100-$150 per month.

    Even if you’ve cut the cable cord, the cost of internet plus Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now are going to run you about the same .

    There are also several other utilities that contribute to your overall monthly budget. Cooking gas, if you have it, can be around $10 a month. Trash and recycling, if you pay for it, can run around $10 monthly. And depending on your building, items like sewer and parking can add to your final tab.

    What’s The Smarter Buy: A Studio In Manhattan Or A One Bedroom In Brooklyn Or Queens

    A cozy studio on Bethune Street in the West Village.

    Buyers weigh all kinds of variables when shopping for apartments, and two of the major factors considered are of course location and size. In New York City, those considerations often boil down to a very specific calculation: What gives you the most for your buck in terms of lifestyle and investment potential: Buying a studio in Manhattan or a one bedroom in Brooklyn or Queens?

    It’s easy to compare prices and see where the value is: The median price of a studio co-op in Manhattan was $439,000 in the fourth quarter 2018, while the median price of a Manhattan studio condo in the same period was $634,000, according to Douglas Elliman’s market report. Your money goes further in the outer boroughsfor example, the median sales price for co-ops of all sizes in Brooklyn is $406,250, while the median sales price for all co-ops in Queens is $300,000. But how do compare less quantifiable factors? What if you work and socialize primarily in Manhattan? How much does a commute from the outer boroughs impact your schedule and social life?

    We checked in with brokers around the city for their two cents, and opinions were all over the placeand included lots of good points to help you make a decision. Heres what they told us.

    Find Your Next Home

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    As Soon As I Wake Up I Turn My Bed Back Into My Couch

    I sleep on a futon bed, so when I wake up, I put my pillow and comforter under the frame and turn my bed back into a couch. This is annoying to do when I first wake up, but it certainly forces me to get out of bed.

    I briefly considered putting a twin-size mattress in my lofted storage area instead, but I’m not positive it can support my weight and terrified to roll off in the night.

    Cost Of Entertainment In New York

    How Much Does Renting an Apartment Cost?

    If you have any money left after paying for housing, transportation and food, then you may want to try and enjoy yourself. Well, its going to cost you. For movie buffs, the average price of admission to a movie in Midtown is $15.25, according to ValuePenguin.

    New York is famous for its sports teams, too. If you want to catch a Brooklyn Nets or New York Knicks game, youll be paying an average of $87 and $190, respectively. Baseball fans can check out both Yankees and Mets games. For the 2018 season, a Statista report has the average Mets ticket at $27.60 and the average Yankees ticket at $47.62.

    New Yorkers do have at least one option for cheap entertainment. On a typical weekend night, subway platforms across the city become stages for all kinds of musical performances. Whether you like classical, jazz, hip hop or the blues, theres bound to be something you enjoy.

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    How Much Does A One Bedroom Apartment Cost To Buy In Nyc

    One bedroom apartments in Manhattan range from $200k to $5 million and up. The least expensive apartments are co-ops which can be found in upper Manhattan neighborhoods such as Harlem, Washington Height and Hamilton Heights. The priciest one-bedroom apartments in Manhattan are condos located on Billionaires Row in Central Park South which offer direct Central Park views.

    Outside of Manhattan, one-bedroom apartments in Queens range from $100k up to $2 million. Prices in Brooklyn start around $150k and top-out around $3 million.

    Condos in NYC are 10% to 40% more expensive than comparable co-ops, and the priciest apartments will almost always be new construction.

    Its important to keep in mind that most co-ops, although cheaper than condos, require a minimum of 20% down. Co-ops in NYC also have buyer financial requirements. Condo buyer closing costs for a purchaser who is financing are also slightly higher at ~4% compared to ~2% for a co-op, but the reverse is true when you sell: co-ops generally have higher seller closing costs.

    Tips For Your Move To New York City

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    The Bespoke Eclectic Studio

    Other studios have a specific look that you can tailor based on your own creative vision. For example, check out this bright, vintage-inspired photoshoot space in Seattle. It is set in a small house and has a distinct, existing style. Although it doesnt look like the traditional studio space, it has been used by photographers and videographers around the area for various projects.

    Cost Of Buying A House In New York

    What $1500 will REALLY get you in NYC | My Studio NYC Apartment Tour | Vintage-Inspired Space

    The classic dilemma of buy vs. rent always comes up regardless of where youre living. In the case of New York City, a single-family home in the New York metro area has a median sales price of $403,900, based on 2018 data from the National Association of Realtors. While this might sound favorable, remember that the metro area consists of not only New York City proper, but also the nearby areas that surround it. Buying in the city itself can be much pricier, especially if you want to live near the city center its not unheard of to spend more than $1 million for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan.

    One major advantage of the New York City housing market is its strong appreciation rates. According to NeighborhoodScout data from 2000 to 2018, homes in New York have raised in value by an average of 4.52% annually.

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    Whens The Best Time To Rent Studios

    When searching for a studio apartment, its crucial to understand the best time of year to start your apartment search. The seasonality of renting typically affects the best time of year to rent.

    The rental industry follows seasonal trends that make it easy to choose the best time of year to rent.

    As searches for apartments increase starting in December and keep rising until their peak in July, its best to start your search during the late fall months.

    During this time, rent prices decrease and apartment searches begin to lag, meaning youll have less competition.

    Better yet, youll have enough time to plan and execute a mid-winter move, which does take some planning.

    $950k In Gramercy Park

    This is a high-floor, Junior 4 co-op apartment in Gramercy Park, Manhattan featuring Southern and Eastern exposure with great natural light. The property sold for $935k in 2019 after just 9 days on the market.

    Gramercy Park Towers is a full-service luxury building which features a full time doorman, concierge services, state of the art fitness center, a lovely Zen garden with a seasonal fountain, on-site parking garage and bicycle storage.

    The building is conveniently located near lots of shopping, restaurants and entertainment with great proximity to Union Square as well as the 4/5/6/L/N/Q/R and W trains.

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    For Roi Manhattan Is The Clear Choice Right

    Many buyers of studios in Manhattan are savvy investors. They know that in a continuously softening market like we are in right now, it is better to buy in a prime location because the resale would be faster and the appreciation higher once the market picks back up. The fringes always suffers first in a down market and are the last to recover.

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