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Is Online Betting Legal In New York

What You Can Bet On Legally In Ny

Some Lawmakers Pushing To Legalize Online, Mobile Sports Betting In New York

Sports betting in New York allows you to place wagers on most popular professional sports and many college sports as well. The primary restriction is that no wagering is allowed on in-state college teams, although betting is permitted on colleges from outside New York competing in the state.

Sports and events on which you can wager include:

  • NFL
  • Elections

New York Online Gambling Faq

Will I need to live in NY to gamble online?

No. Visitors and tourists will be able to gamble online once the state legalizes the practice. But visitors and residents alike will only be legally permitted to bet when theyre within state lines.

What is the legal gambling age in New York?

The legal gambling age in New York is 18 for casinos, horse racing and lottery. The legal gambling age is 21 at certain casinos where alcohol is served.

Can you gamble online in New York?

While New York residents can legally play daily fantasy sports and bet on horse racing online, the state has not yet legalized online casinos or online sports betting.

What casinos in New York are eligible for a gaming license?

The state already approved land-based tribal and commercial casinos in New York for retail sports betting licenses, many of which are now accepting legal sports bets.

Should I bet on offshore casinos in New York?

We strongly recommend against offshore casinos. Theyre unregulated and risky, especially when it comes to money. There are no guarantees youll be able to withdraw winnings in a timely fashion or get your deposit back at all should authorities shut down the site. Stick with our list of recommend social casinos for a legal, legitimate experience, or visit a neighboring state and play at legal online casinos there.

Where can I gamble in New York?

Will signing up for an online casino be the same in NY as other states?

Can I gamble on sports in New York?

Online Gambling In New York

New York has flirted with legalizing online gambling for years, particularly online poker. Lawmakers have shown no real interest in passing legislation to legalize online casinos in NY, but they have considered multiple bills to authorize online poker.

Pro-gambling lawmakers have introduced bills every year since 2014 in an attempt to authorize online poker in New York. Those efforts have failed to yield results to date, but the effort continues to this day.

Senator Joseph Addabbo has played a vital role in pushing lawmakers to authorize online poker over the years. His efforts include introducing S 18 in 2019 and again in 2020, a bill that would classify poker as a game of skill rather than gambling.

Under S 18, online poker operators would be able to apply for licenses at a hefty price of $10 million each and then be subject to a 15% tax on gross revenue. The bill failed to progress in 2020, pushing New Yorks online poker efforts over to 2021.

Past Effort to Legalize Online Poker in New York

Senator Bonacic introduced bill S6913 in March 2014 to specifically address online poker. The stated purpose of the bill was to authorize the New York State Gaming Commission to license certain entities to offer for play to the public certain variants of internet poker which require a significant degree of skill, specifically Omaha Holdem and Texas Holdem.

Odds of New York Poker Sites Becoming a Reality

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Online Sportsbooks In Ny

Mobile sports betting in New York could become one of the largest markets in the United States. NY sports betting interest is already thought to account for 20%-25% of the nearby NJ sports betting market since its launch in .

A robust sports betting offering in New York could bring some of those bettors back to the Empire State. How the state chooses to structure its taxes and fees will affect this, though NY sportsbooks might not be able to offer competitive odds if they are forced to offer a huge share of revenue back to New York.

A number of popular sportsbook apps are expected to apply to offer mobile wagering in New York:

  • Barstool Sportsbook

When To Expect Online Sports Betting In New York

Is Online Gambling Legal In New York?

New York needs money in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that has severely impacted the state.

New York State Senator Joseph Addabbo said he thinks some money from the states depleted budget could be made up through online sports betting.

As it stands, New York allows in-person sports betting at four upstate casinos. When taking into account the distance between those locations and New York City, Addabbo estimated New York could make anywhere from $160 million to $200 million a year from mobile betting.

We do not as a state have the luxury of declining revenue at this point, Addabbo told CBS2s Steve Overmyer. We have a severe budget deficit. Even prior to the coronavirus we had it, so now theres a need for revenue.

Assemblyman Gary Pretlow joined Addabbo in advocating for the inclusion of sports betting in New Yorks fiscal budget in February, but the budget closed in April without mobile sports betting making the cut.

Governor Andrew Cuomo could also stand in the way of mobile wagering in 2020. While Cuomo will allow racetracks to open back up on June 1, he hasnt touched mobile betting.

Addabbo wants to change that by the end of the year.

In the past when Governor Cuomo wants something, we get it done, Addabbo said. Im only hoping to work with him and his administration and convince him and his administration that this is an issue to work on, that we can do this.

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When Is Ny Online Sports Betting Expected To Launch

Like legal online casino games, there is no timetable for legal online sports betting in New York. The state began taking sports bets at tribal and commercial casinos in 2019. But further pushes to include online gambling legislation havent been able to stick.

The good news is that if and when the state does approve online sports betting, its already well positioned. Retail sportsbooks are up and running at various casinos in New York and existing locations would be in good shape for the first round of license approval.

New York State Online Sports Betting Timeline October 2021

New Yorks rollout of sports betting has been slow in the past, but its picking up some serious steam. Here are some key dates you need to be aware of:

  • Tentative deadline for selecting two applicants to launch at least four sports betting skins each.
  • Applicants can begin presenting oral presentations to the NYSGC.
  • NYSGC releases a list of current applicants for online sports betting, which included Kambi Group, FanDuel, bet365, FOX Bet, and theScore Bet.
  • NYSGC receives bids from top sportsbooks.

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Ny Sports Betting Law

For now, legal sports betting in New York is only available in-person at a handful of upstate casinos. That is likely to change before the end of 2021, though, when NY mobile sports betting becomes an option. The casinos offering retail sportsbooks in NY are located a few hours drive from New York City. That makes them an inconvenient and impractical option for the bulk of the states population.

In fact, many New York City-area sports bettors who want to get legal action down choose to travel to neighboring New Jersey, which has a multitude of legal sports betting apps. As such, the scope of the original enabling law is narrow, limiting wagering to the states handful of commercial casinos. The 2021 law changes things entirely.

More Background On The Ny Online Betting Discussions

Sports Betting Coming To NY, But There’s A Catch

In the end, a compromise emerged and both sides claimed to be satisfied with the result. The state gets a healthy revenue share and multiple operators will end up coming to the state. Its not the total state-run monopoly that Governor Cuomo wanted, but its not the fully competitive market that Pretlow and Addabbo pushed for either. Such is the way things usually go in state politics.

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Which Types Of Bets Can I Place On These Events

New York allows all the most popular wagering types.

  • Want to back the Giants against the Cowboys? Youll find NFL moneylines, spreads, and totals lines at every New York sportsbook.
  • Watching the Subway Series? Doesnt matter if youre cheering for the Yanks or the Mets youll love the extra excitement that comes with live betting. And it will only get easier to do when New York online betting goes live.
  • Have a feeling Sabrina Ionescu has an outside shot at winning WNBA MVP this year? Think KD at the Nets can win the NBA Finals? Might be worth putting money on a player awards or championship futures bet.
  • Got a hunch Julius Randle is going to drop 30 points on the Lakers? Check out the available prop bets.
  • If youre the go big or go home type, parlays might be your thing. For example, you could bet on the Sabres, Isles, and Rangers all to win tonight. Look at options for pleasers and teasers, too.

There are practically limitless betting opportunities, but these examples should give you an idea of whats available at NY sportsbooks. Plus, if you dont see a line for a bet youre interested in making, most sportsbooks will allow you to submit a request.

When Will Online Gambling Be Legal In New York

Most New Yorkers and state visitors want to know, When will online gambling be legal in New York? but that is a tough question to answer. A lot has to happen before this can become a real possibility, and Governor Andrew Cuomo is not yet on board with online gaming.

You may want to read:

Currently, online betting is not actually prohibited based on New York state law, but it is illegal to operate an online casino. You wont see any online operators accepting customers from the state until the online gambling laws are changed.

Governor Cuomo insists that a constitutional amendment is needed before the state can start to explore online gambling, and voters would have to approve of this change. Lawmakers would need to get a ballot referendum ready to go, but that step hasnt been covered up to this point either.

It is likely that New York will have online gambling at some point in the near future, but it probably wont happen until 2022 at the earliest. There are just too many things that must happen before online gambling in New York becomes a reality. Those who are keen to play have been traveling over state borders and playing in NJ and PA where online casino gaming is legal and available online & on mobile.

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Rivers Casino Schenectady And Rush Street Gaming

Rush Street Gaming, which owns BetRivers, operates Rivers Casino Schenectady, where you can bet on sports at the retail Rivers Sportsbook.

The BetRivers app is available in most states with online sports betting. This makes it a somewhat likely choice as a New York sports betting operator, however, the BetRivers app is poorly rated compared to other legal sportsbook apps. That could count against it in the selection process.

New York Versus Pennsylvania

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in New York?

Pennsylvania is one of just a few states that legalized all forms of online gambling: sports betting, casino games, and poker sites. All sites are also commercial companies under a casino model regulator, which means the sports betting odds are extremely competitive.

New York, on the other hand, will not legalize online casino gaming or poker sites. It will also have a state-run model for sports betting, which means the odds at New Yorks online sportsbooks may be worse than whats offered at Pennsylvanias online sportsbooks.

Here is a complete list of online sportsbooks in Pennsylvania that New York residents can use as long as theyre inside PA state lines:

  • Barstool Sports

More will likely be added in 2021 as well, including 888 Sport.

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New Yorks Online Sports Betting Plan Is Now Legal

The New York legislature agreed to a $212 billion state budget earlier this month that includes an online sports betting plan which closely resembles a plan promoted by Gov. Andrew Cuomo throughout negotiations.

The proposed bidding timeline for the New York online sports betting program will lead New York Gaming Commission to the end of 2021 to select a minimum of two platform providers for the states betting program. Included in the platform providers bids will be a minimum of four skins for state gamblers to utilize.

The state will issue a request for applications by at least July 1, and interested parties will enter into a competitive bidding process. The New York Gaming Commission will take into account the potential platform providers gross revenue estimates, the tax rate its willing to pay the state, past experience in the field, a timeline of its potential operations and its willingness to enter into revenue sharing agreements with the states Native American tribes or nations.

The minimum tax rate in the state has been set for platform providers at 13%. However, this will likely be driven much higher once the bidding process begins, as Cuomo said in previous reports he expects nearly a 50% to 55% tax rate.

The state will have 150 days after receiving applications to select two platform providers.

The selected platform providers will each pay the state a one-time fee of $25 million to host sports betting.

Popular Online Casino Games

If you are looking to play NY online blackjack, you will have to wait until the state legalizes the online gambling industry. Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games in the industry, and live-dealer blackjack games are available as well.

Roulette is another popular casino game that lends itself to being a great game online. Online roulette is played at a much faster pace, and there will be several different types of roulette games that are available.

Online poker will also be an option if and when online casinos are legalized as well. Poker is another game that is played at a much quicker pace online as opposed to in a casino.

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Is Sports Betting Legal In Ny

Betting on sports in New York is limited to the BetRivers Sportsbook in Schenectady, the FanDuel Sportsbook at Tioga Downs, the DraftKings Sportsbook at del Lago Resort Casino, Turning Stone in Verona, Point Place in Bridgeport, Yellow Brick Road in Chittenango, Resorts World Catskills in Monticello, and Akwesasne Mohawk Casino in Hogansburg.

That means that the closest sportsbook in New York is nearly two hours from New York City.

You know where the closest sportsbooks are to New York City? Theyre in New Jersey!

Seems bass ackwards, as they like to say, but thats how things are currently set up in the Empire State.

So, lets focus on that for a little bit and tell you about the places to go in order to place your sports bets.

Keep in mind that Pennsylvania and New Jersey are both remote registration states, which means that you can sign up for a sports betting account from anywhere, but you need to be physically located in an approved jurisdiction in order to place your bets. So you can sign up from home, but you have to place your bets in that state.

If you are willing to drive or take a train, you can place your bets right on your smartphone or laptop by heading to New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

The Current Online Sports Betting Situation In New York

Online Gambling News for New York, Maine & Illinois

Right now, New York is waiting for the legislation that will finally allow sports betting in the state, but this journey towards legalization actually started several years ago.

In May of 2018, the Supreme Court repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. PASPA had been in place since 1992 and basically acted as a nationwide ban on sports betting.

Only a couple of states were given exemptions from PASPA, most notably Nevada. Once PASPA was out of the picture, though, the decision of whether to legalize sports betting or not was given back to each state.

Many states didnt have to be asked twice. Since PASPA was overturned, seven states have already passed bills that enable full legal sports betting. One of the first was New Yorks neighbors across the river: New Jersey.

New York, uncharacteristically, is lagging slightly behind. But its getting there.

As we already mentioned, sports betting is technically already legal in New York at the upstate casinos. The 2013 law and the removal of PASPA saw to that. So far, New York has been cautiously proactive in introducing fully legalized sports betting. The legislation is required to clarify how exactly regulation will function, and this is the next step.

In the meantime, regulations for sports betting at the four casinos specified in 2013 could be sorted sooner. But right now, its a waiting game for New York, a state that could certainly use the money that legal online betting would bring in.

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New York Officially Approves Legal Online Sports Betting

New York state has announced it approved a budget for its fiscal year 2022 that would allow for legal online wagering in the state for the first time.

Further reporting from the Action Network and the Buffalo News indicates the plan to implement online sports betting will be some form of a limited-operator model that has been championed by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo has said he wants to run the states sports betting industry through the New York Lottery, which is run by the government. Under his plan, the New York state Lottery would issue requests for proposals from only a few mobile betting operators, which it could then license out to other sportsbook operators, according to PlayNY.

We want to do sports betting the way the state runs the lottery where the state gets the revenues. Many states have done sports betting but they basically allow casinos to run their own gambling operations. That makes a lot of money for casinos but it makes minimal money for the state, Cuomo said in January about his plan.

And Im not here to make casinos a lot of money. Im here to raise funds for the state. So we have a different model for sports betting.

Gov. Cuomo and New Yorks legislative leaders announced that an agreement on the state budget has been reached, but few other details on the specifics of the sports betting plan are known at this time.

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