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What Is The Best Health Insurance In New York City

How Do I Find The Right Health Insurance Company For Me

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There are many health insurance companies available and a ton of options on state health insurance exchanges, which can make choosing the right company a daunting task. Often, cheaper health insurance plans can mean that the company does not provide added benefits such as gym memberships or an personalized telemedicine experience. Therefore, you should evaluate what your needs are before selecting a health insurance provider. Read more here.

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Does Health Insurance Cover Therapy

Health insurance may cover therapy and counseling visits, but it depends on the specific policy. Check your insurance summary to see if mental health counseling is covered.

If it is covered, make sure the provider accepts your specific plan. Many therapists do not accept health insurance. If thats the case, you can submit receipts to your health insurance provider for reimbursement. They may provide some benefits for out-of-network therapists, but this also varies by policy.

National General Health Insurance

National Generals financial clout and its history in the industry puts it in a good position, and specializing in short-term health insurance plans means that it has become one of the leaders in this field. Although its policies come in at above the industry average in terms of pricing, it’s backed up by excellent ratings, additional programs, discounts and flexibility.

National Generals plans are perfect for anyone temporarily without health insurance, whether it’s due to an employment situation or missing a sign-up window. Health insurance coverage is also good for routine doctor visits, labs, X-rays, ER visits, ambulance usage and urgent care facilities.

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Humana: Best Health Insurance Company For Seniors

Humana is ranked the fifth largest health insurance provider in the United States, which means that it has a reassuring amount of financial capital behind it. The policies are relatively affordable, though this one only really applies to their HMO plans. But if you’re happy with that and dont mind a specific range of pharmacy options, Humana health insurance is well worth considering.

Humana’s policies for more elderly customers are especially attractive, as many of their competitors hike up their prices substantially for older customers. The fact that Humana doesn’t makes it our top pick for seniors.

Before You Travel To New York City

Millions of American workers lost health insurance as ...
  • Plan Every Minute: There’s so much to do in New York. Plan every minute of your time in this beautiful city so that you don’t miss out on your favorite experiences.
  • Early Bird Catches the Worm: Booking early is the best way to ensure affordable prices of all your favorite experiences. Remember, the earlier, the better.
  • Compare and Buy Your Insurance: Don’t forget to compare different insurance plans and buy the right one for you. Every minute in New York is a fun-filled, thrilling adventure. Buy the right travel insurance plan and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

DISCLAIMER: The information within this article is intended as a broad summary of benefits and services and is meant for informational purposes only. The information does not describe all scenarios, coverages or exclusions of any insurance plan. The benefits and services of an insurance plan are subject to change. This is not your policy/certificate of insurance. If there is any discrepancy between the information in this article and the language of your policy/certificate wording, the language of the policy/certificate wording will prevail.

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What Is The Average Cost For A Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan In New York

When you compare the pricing of Medicare Supplement plans, you must consider where you live, the plan type, your plan options, and who the insurer is.

Also, private health insurance companies rate plans by community, issue-age, or attained-age ratings which affect the cost of your monthly premium.

In New York, Medigap premiums are all community-rated, so your age and health condition do not affect the cost of your monthly premium.

The average monthly premium for a Medicare Supplement insurance policy in the New York zip code of 10001 for a female, non-smoker who is 65 is $324.49.

Healthcare In New York State: 10 Things To Know

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  • Large

There are approximately 19.7 million people living in New York State, with more than 8.4 million residing in The Big Apple alone, according to the most recent census data. Given the state’s huge population, New York hospitals and health systems have a considerable impact on the industry as a whole.

The following 10 facts offer some insight into healthcare delivery in The Empire State.

1. All total, New York State healthcare expenditures total $162.8 billion, equaling approximately $8,341 per person and roughly 7.8 percent of the United States’ total healthcare expenditures.1

2. Adjusted expenses per inpatient day at New York hospitals total about $2,042 which is just slightly less than the national average of $2,090.1

3. Nearly half of New York residents have health insurance through their employers. Additional sources of health insurance for residents include Medicaid , Medicare , other private insurers and other public insurers . Roughly 9 percent of New York’s population is uninsured.1

4. As of June, 2.4 million New Yorkers have enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP.1

5. New York is the sixth-most expensive state for personal health spending per capita. The average cost of personal health spending per capita in New York is $8,341, whereas the average cost of personal health spending per capita in Massachusetts the most expensive state is $9,278.

7. New York State has 179 primary care Health Professional Shortage Area designations.1

1 Kaiser State Health Facts

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Key Guidelines For Travelers In New York City

Road safety

New York City is infamous for its street traffic. The yellow taxis driven by New York cabbies, Hop-on Hop-off tourist buses, cyclists, pedestrians, police vehicles, and private cars all add to the traffic chaos in the city. Tourists who are preoccupied enjoying New York’s marvels are susceptible to meeting with road accidents.

General Safety

New York is one of the safest tourist destinations in the United States. However, travelers should still avoid visiting deserted areas at night.


Before planning your visit to “The City of Dreams”, do consider the risk of flight cancellations and delays during hurricane season and snowstorms. NYC experiences hurricane season from August to October and snowstorms from January to March.

Flu Outbreak

Since New York City has the highest population density in the U.S., there is an enhanced risk of flu outbreak and spread during the winter months. Travelers to NYC should ensure that they have taken their flu vaccine before traveling to “The City That Never Sleeps”, especially during the winter.

Recap Of The Best Cheap Health Insurance In New York

New York health-care workers rally for protective gear
  • Catastrophic: Fidelis Care Catastrophic ST INN Pediatric Dental 3 Free PCP Visits Free Telemedicine
  • Bronze: Fidelis Care, Bronze, ST, INN, Fidelis Care HBX Network, Pediatric Dental, Dep25, Free Telemedicine
  • Silver: Fidelis Care, Silver, ST, INN, Fidelis Care HBX Network, Pediatric Dental, Dep25, Free Telemedicine
  • Gold: Fidelis Care, Gold, ST, INN, Fidelis Care HBX Network, Pediatric Dental, Dep25, Free Telemedicine
  • Platinum: Fidelis Care, Platinum, ST, INN, Fidelis Care HBX Network, Pediatric Dental, Dep25, Free Telemedicine

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United Healthcare: Best Health Insurance Provider For Add

The United Healthcare name is well recognized and the company certainly has the financial muscle to deliver many benefits to its customers. Its premiums are slightly higher than average, but you may feel the extra outlay is worth it to access the huge, nationwide network. That and the many features that come with the very impressive online access and mobile app United Healthcare offers.

In short, its worth looking at United Healthcare’s plan quotes no matter where you’re based, and though you may find that the prices quoted are a touch higher than some of United Healthcare’s competitors, the extra features and discounts should be factored in.

Healthcare For 80% Less

They provide their members with a powerful voice through policy advocacy, benefits, and community. Becoming a member is free, and they offer a variety of insurance options, including dental, disability, and accident.

According to Condor, âfreelancers can look into association health plans in relation to their profession. For example, health insurance plans are available through the Freelancers Union. They could also become a member in other professional associations that offer access to group health plans. Freelancers can also check with their local Chamber of Commerceâ.

Individual monthly premium: $400-$500+

  • Vetted plans with a small discount


  • The product is the same as ones available on the individual exchange
  • It can be a costly option
  • High deductibles

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How insurance plan works?

New York Health Insurance Costs

Bellevue Breast Care Wins Top Accreditation

New York Marketplace premiums for 2021 have an average rate increase of 1.8%.7 Below are the average monthly premiums from 2020 to 2021.

  • Average lowest-cost bronze premium: $418 in 2020 | $430 in 2021
  • Average lowest-cost silver premium: $558 in 2020 | $588 in 2021
  • Average lowest-cost gold premium: $706 in 2020 | $709 in 2021

For 2021, the state approved increases of 1.8% for individual plans, or a bump of $11 for the average unsubsidized plan.8

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Aetna Group Health Plans

The company does not offer any Platinum plans in New York. Only Gold, Silver and Bronze. Their group health plans include PPO plans, EPO Exclusive Provider Organization) plans, HSA and now their new Aetna Saving Plus plans. Savings Plus plans will have reduced rates and are designed to compete directly with the Oxford Metro plan. All Aetna plans are available everywhere in New York State.

Aetna Open Choice PPO Plan:

Employees can visit any provider, in network or out-of-network, without a referral. But when they stay in network, claims are handled at the lower, contracted rates.

Aetna Open Choice POS 2 Plan:

This plan allows employees to visit any doctor, hospital or facility, in or out of network, with no referrals. But depending on their plan, if they choose a primary care physician and stay in network health care costs will be less.

Aetna Managed Choice Plan:

These plans are a type of health insurance that have contracts with health care providers and medical facilities to provide care for members at reduced costs. Members can select a network PCP to guide their care. Or they can go out of network for a higher cost.

Aetna Open Access Managed Choice Plan:

This plan takes some of the managed out of managed care, while keeping the savings. Members can visit any provider. And while employees are not required to choose a PCP, savings are offered by staying in network.

Best For Customizing Coverage: Progressive

Sometimes its simpler to keep all your coverage with one carrier. If you already have Progressive for home or auto insurance, consider getting your pet insurance there, too.

You can customize your deductible, your reimbursement percentage and your payment schedule with Progressives pet insurance plans. City life is busy enough make your life easier by getting the coverage you need, all in one place.

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How To Compare The Best Health Insurance Companies And Plans

Even plans of the best health insurance companies can vary greatly. But the general rule of thumb is that the less you pay per month, the higher your deductible is. Higher premiums are usually associated with lower deductibles. Generally it is beneficial for those with existing health issues to opt to pay more per month and less out-of-pocket for services.

Those in good health often opt for a high deductible option in hopes that they never have to actually pay the deductible but would mostly be covered if something major happened.

A prescription plan is another important consideration when looking for the best health insurance. If you need to take medications regularly you’ll want to choose a plan with a good prescription plan. If you need to insure your entire family, you’ll want to look at family deductibles and maximums. Only full-coverage options will satisfy the minimal essential health care insurance required to get around paying the fine.

Monthly PremiumThis is your monthly payment for health insurance. It may be worth asking if you can get discounts for paying in advance or if you set up direct payments from your bank account.

DeductibleThe amount you are required to pay, not counting preventive care, before the insurance company starts paying out. Low-deductible plans offer deductibles of about $500, whereas high-deductible plans might be as much as $6600.

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Group Health Plans

Silicone Valley style treatment for Home Health Aids in New York

Empire health plans include their largest EPO/PPO networks or The Blue Priority Network and their slightly smaller network called Blue Access. Blue Access uses the old Pathway Network which has a limited network of providers and participating hospitals. Small business customers who were using the Pathway network will now be participating in the new Blue Access network. The Pathway Network will be utilized for Empire members who purchase individual insurance plans on the New York State of Health marketplace, or the Health Exchange.

In January 2020, Empire introduced a new network called Connection. It is their smallest network of doctors and hospitals but offers the greatest premium savings to small business clients. Empire Connection joins their 2 other existing networks: Empire PPO/EPO and Blue Access. Its important to note that employers can offer any combination of their 3 networks as part of their benefit plan.

Blue High Perfomance Network for Employers.

The HPN network was introduced in January 2021 and gives employees in-network access to medical care through an national network that offers more than 10 percent cost savings compared to the BlueCard PPO. Employees will pay less in co-pays, co-insurance and etc. provided they use the carefully selected network providers who are committed to enhancing quality care with Blue Cross.

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Unitedhealthcare Is Closely Watching The Coronavirus

UnitedHealthcare continues to partner with state and local public health departments, following guidance and protocols appropriate to our members that are provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , and state and local public health departments that are appropriate for our members. Please review the UnitedHealthcare Coronavirus Information. To learn more, go to CDC.gov.

COVID-19 NY State PPE Fee Guidance

The New York State Department of Financial Services recently issued guidance stating that care providers should not charge members additional fees for items such as personal protective equipment . DFS expects New York care providers to refund any of these charges paid by the member that were more than the members financial responsibility on a claim. If you have questions, you may contact your provider or call the number on the back of your card for assistance with filing a complaint.

How Does Medicaid Coverage Work

If you apply for Medicaid in New York, you will be asked to select a health plan managed by an insurance carrier, such as UnitedHealthcare or Empire BlueCross BlueShield. These insurance companies also sell individual health insurance policies and small-business coverage, and the plans themselves operate similarly.

Each Medicaid plan will come with a network of doctors and health care providers that accept the insurance.

However, health plans offered as part of the Medicaid program may have a different network of doctors when compared to other plans offered by the same insurance carrier. If you have a physician you prefer, it’s important to make sure they are covered in the new network.

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Buying New York Health Insurance For Individuals Families And Self

The Empire State offers affordable private health insurance for individuals and families. If youre self-employed with no employees, you qualify as an individual. You can buy coverage through the Marketplace called New York State of Health. Plans are available in all four metal levels: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.3 These are known as Qualified Health Plans.

Each metal plan pays a percentage of your covered healthcare costs ranging from 60% to 90%. For instance, bronze pays 60% and is usually the lowest-cost plan. Platinum pays 90% and is the most expensive plan.

All plans provide comprehensive coverage that includes essential health benefits, such as hospitalization, maternity care, prescription drug coverage, and free preventive services.

The Annual Election Period

Brooklyn Health Center

During the AEP, which runs from October 15 to December 7, those eligible for Medicare can enroll in the following:

  • Medicare Advantage with or without a Part D prescription drug plan
  • Medicare prescription drug coverage

Your new plans effective date: the first day of the month following your enrollment.

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