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Have Fun In New York

Admire Street Art In Bushwick

How to have fun in New York

New York City is a mecca for graffiti and street art, making it a very attractive playground for artists from around the world. Bushwick is a working-class district on the north side of Brooklyn where you admire amazing street art. Check how Barry McGee made this mural on Brooklyn. Watch Barry McGees Brooklyn Mural from Jason Schmidt on Vimeo. Discover NYCs street art scene with a walking tour starting from 20$.

Things To Do In Nyc: The Battery Urban Farm

The Battery Urban Farm is a forested 25-acre park at the southern tip of Manhattan Island facing New York Harbor. In 2011, one corner of it was dedicated to growing food, flowers, and mostly edible plants. Called the Battery Urban Farm, this project of the Battery Conservancy has a goal to inspire and educate local people about growing and eating healthy food. Folks can come and get their hands dirty and learn about organic sustainable farming. Each educational visit lasts 60 minutes, and groups of up to 32 people are separated by age for hands-on lessons. There is also a tasting of what is growing if there is anything ripe at the time. The Battery Oval lawn is a perfect spot for a picnic lunch and there are hundreds of benches all over the park to sit, relax, and enjoy the products of your labor.

State Street and Battery Place, New York, NY 10004, Office 1 Whitehall Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10004, Phone: 212-344-3491

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Crazy Ice Cream: Ample Hills Creamery

Address: various

Ample Hills was born and bred in Brooklyn, and they keep the spirit of BK alive in all their super-friendly, fun-filled ice cream shops.

The crazy flavor names will make you giggle, but the more types you taste the harder it will be to decide. Ample Hills is all about making ice cream the old-fashioned way, slowly and completely by hand. You can even watch them in action in the window displayed the ice cream kitchen if you time your visit just right!

Ample Hills Star Wars edition flavors are usually only available by the pint or more and you have to order in advance, but if youre ok with flavors like Salted Crack Caramel, Nonna Ds Oatmeal Lace, and Mexican Hot Chocolate, head to the nearest Ample Hills immediately. Of course, available flavors rotate based on the seasons, so you never know what youll find.

From experience, I can say it pays to be adventurous at Ample Hills.

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What Officials Have To Say

Before we get to the fun part about what we can do this year to celebrate Halloween, lets get on the same page about what wont fly for Halloween 2020. The CDC says that traditional trick-or-treating, large costume parties, crowded hay rides and haunted houses are not advised. These activities are all classified as high-risk activities by the CDC.

However, Governor Cuomo said he will not ban trick-or-treating this year, so it is technically allowed. Also, Mayor de Blasio issued some guidelines for trick-or-treating this year, explaining that all children should still be wearing masks that cover their nose and mouth. He also advises that candy should be left in bowls outside stoops instead of placing treats directly into buckets or bags.

Jam To Live Music On The Lower East Side

7 Most Fun Locations in New York City ...

Gather your friends and hit the Lower East Side for a night of music at venues like Mercury Lounge, or Rockwood Music Hall. You can definitely score tickets for less than $20, especially for artists on the rise. Step into , another popular LES venue, for its one-of-a-kind live music karaoke if youre ready and willing to singwhile doing your best air guitar moves, of course.

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Crack Pie At Milk Bar

Whats one of the currently cool food places in NYC? Momofuku Milk Bar. Their Crack Pie has rapidly become one of the most famous New York foods.

What is Crack Pie?, you ask. Well, apart from being one of the best things to eat in NYC according to many, Momofuku Crack Pie is basically an oat cookie crust filled with a sugary filling. It is sweet and buttery and a little chewy. And so addictive, its like crack. Supposedly.

To be honest, I wasnt THAT impressed, but maybe it has just been over-hyped. It was created by chef Christina Tosi for Momofukus Milk Bar, and branches have popped up around the city.

They are casual, small, even hole-in-the-wall. This is not a place to linger but there are a few benches around outside to sit and enjoy modern New York unique food such as Crack Pie, Cereal Milk and Birthday Cake.

They also have compost cookies, Milkquakes and more. These are modern twists on fast food you find only in New York.

Locations of Milk Bar

There are several locations including:

  • East Village: 251 E 13th St
  • Midtown: 15 W 56th St
  • Nolita: 246 Mott St
  • Upper West Side: 561 Columbus Ave
  • Williamsburg : 382 Metropolitan Ave

Hours of Milk Bar NYC

Hours vary for each location. For the full list of locations and hours, click here.


  • Cereal Milk Soft Serve $5.50
  • Bday Milkquake $6-9

NOTE: Milk Bar is cashless, so you need to use a credit card to pay even for a $6 slice of pie.

Moynihan Train Hall Manhattan

The New York Times called it “stunning.” And the $1.6 billion Moynihan Train Hall that opened at the beginning of this year is stunning. Certainly it is an epic improvement to Penn Station, the horror it mostly replaces . Moynihan Train Hall is an airy, light-filled, lofty train hall with soaring ceilings , slick marble floors and huge arched windows that make it look like a modern version of a European train station.

The hall is not yet complete the food hall is yet to come. But, considering that this is one of the major new constructions in the city, why not see it before your commuter friends do?

What to do: Easy. Go inside and mostly look up. Notice the big modern Art-Deco-ish clock dangling from the ceiling. Gawk at the all-glass ceiling. And if you’d like, go up to the mezzanine and get a bird’s eye view of the joint.

What you need to know: Moynihan Train Hall is housed in what used to be a mail-sorting hall in the James A. Farley Building, which used to be a post office. It’s one mammoth columned building that sits on 31st to 33rd Streets between Eighth and Ninth Avenues. The main entrance is mid-block on 31st Street.

Go: 421 Eighth Ave., Manhattan

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Hang With Your Favorite Celebrities At Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds New York is a huge hit with teenagers. With over 200 life-like wax figures of their favorite celebrities, movie stars, TV and movie characters, pop-cultural icons, athletes, and more.

You should also plan to spend some time at Madame Tussauds immersive exhibits, such as Kong: Skull Island – where youll travel deep into the islands tropical environment and be challenged to find artifacts from Kong: Skull Island the film alongside the 18-foot multi-sensory animatronic Kong and a wax figure of Captain James Conrad. It’s also located right in Times Square, making it an attractive destination for teens altogether.

Let them explore this attraction, then roam the neighborhood a bit to soak up the zany Times Square vibes.

Enjoy A Drink At The Bohemian Hall And Beer Garden

Good Times Just Having Fun In New York City

Address: Astoria, NY

On a beautiful day, a visit to the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden is in order.

Rich with Czech and Slovak ancestry, Bohemian is said to be one of the oldest and largest beer gardens in New York.

Look out for happy hour specials and some of their other weekday events like Trivia, Taco Tuesday or Wine Down Wednesday.

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Getting Around New York City

The cheapest and often quickest way to get around is the subway. A one-way trip costs $2.75/ trip or $32.00 for an unlimited weekly pass. A trip costs the same if you go one station or twenty stations there are no zones.

The actual MetroCard costs $1, so keep it and reuse it every time. You can Add Value or Add Time . The subway runs 24/7 and it is often quicker than a taxi because of New York traffic.

If you really dont want to take a bus or the subway, take a taxi, which are everywhere. Just hold out your hand when you see a taxi with the top light on . You can use credit cards to pay for taxis .

Venture Along The High Line

The beer that comes out of Brooklyn Brewery, in Williamsburg, is a hit across the globe but a can of the cold stuff somehow tastes even better when you sip it in the building where the brand took off back in 1990. Affordable tokens can be swapped for drinks in the taproom and free tours run every half hour from 1pm to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays .

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Discover Nyc Secrets Through Audrey Munson Statues

There are dozens of statues in New York City with the same face. She is Audrey Munson, the first supermodel who reigned supreme in NYC in the early 1900s. See how many familiar statues in NYC you can find that have her face. Hints: Youll find them in Grand Army Plaza, the Met, the Frick, the NY Public Library, Central Park and many more locations.

Learn more about NYC before you go. Here are reference books and maps to get you where you want to go. And check out my favorite books on the history of New York City. Enjoy your unique NYC experience.

And here is a list of some of New York Citys most underrated attractions and Famous places to eat in NYC without going broke. What is YOUR favorite unique New York City experience? Wed love to know.

Still cant get enough of New York City, check out these useful posts.

BTW, if you are getting ready for your trip, make sure to take advantage of these useful, money-saving links to book your trip:

I personally use, and can recommend, all the companies listed here and elsewhere on my blog. By booking through these sites, the small commission we earn at no cost to you helps us maintain this site so we can continue to offer our readers valuable travel tips and advice.

Visit The New York Botanical Garden

Men Couple Having Fun In New York Stock Photo

The beautiful grounds of the New York Botanical Garden are a must-visit any time of year. There are incredible flower features and outdoor activities in the spring and summer, seasonal pumpkin patches and foliage tours in the fall, and winter wonderland attractions in the colder months, including the annual Holiday Train Show. NYBG also offers a selection of conservation classes and educational opportunities for adults and kids, or if youre more inclined, a popular Blues, Brews and Botany celebration. Be sure to take advantage of the free admission on Wednesdays and Saturdays .

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Cronuts At Dominique Ansel Bakery

What is a cronut?

A cronut is a croissant donut it has the flaky consistency of a croissant, but is in the shape of a donut. It is buttery with flaky layers, but filled with a delicious cream and covered in frosting.

There is only one flavor, which changes monthly. In November, when I visited, it was Custard and Sweet Potato ganache. It was absolutely delicious. Februarys flavor was strawberries and cream.

Where can I buy a cronut in NYC?

If you are wondering where to buy cronuts, well you can get imitation versions, but they were created in New York, and it is impossible to beat an authentic Dominique Ansel Bakery cronut they really are the best cronuts in NYC and therefore the world!

The bakery opens at 8:00am and there used to be long lines down the street and around the block, but I went at 8:15am and there was just a short line inside the store. However, definitely go there early they only make a limited number each day and they do sell out.

The bakery has other delicious baked goods to choose from if you do get there to find theyve sold out for the day, but the cronut is the star attraction.

UPDATE: Theres a rival to the cronut in town. Dominique Ansel now has the DKAs , which is a caramelized croissant in a cup shape .

Try them both and compare!

Location of cronuts bakery

Where to get cronuts in NYC? The address for Dominique Ansel Bakery is 189 Spring St. Soho


8:00am 7:00pm


National Museum Of Mathematics

11 E 26th StNew York, NY 10010 542-0566

If you find Math to be scary or nerdy, this will give you a new perspective. This is one of those underrated places that has a great variety of kids stuff, waiting to be explored. It has a lot of exhibits demonstrating the value of math, science and technology in our everyday lives.

Theres also little wonders like square-wheeled tricycles and a range of quizzes and puzzles that will blow your mind. Theres also the option of painting on a digital canvas. So if youre not math-y but artsy, you will still enjoy this museum.

We couldnt skip this one and neither should you. It sounds a bit of an obvious choice but it really is among the fun things to do in NYC with kids. The observatory on the 102nd floor, for example, is an iconic piece of art in itself.

You get to go over 1,200 feet above New York and enjoy a panoramic view of the city. The whole family can get a good look at the Manhattan skyline without having to go there.

Recommended Hotel Nearby:Hôtel Plaza Athénée

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Explore The World Of New York City High Fashion

If your teen has been hanging on every new episode of Project Runway, knows all the latest designs from Marc Jacobs, and has their heart set on the hottest new sneaker, then this walking tour should be right up their alley. A two-hour jaunt along Fifth Avenue that highlights the iconic windows of NYC’s most significant brands and fashion outposts, the NYC Fashion Windows Walking Tour is a must for fashion-obsessed teens.

It’s also a good way to get some context on the history of Fifth Avenue and the legendary stores that have called this stretch of pricey real estate home for decades. And while your teens may not be able to splurge on that coveted handbag, they can certainly snap all the photos they want for fashion inspiration later!

Have A Famous Pastrami At Katz Delicatessen

having fun in new york city before quarantine

Dont miss out on the best pastrami sandwich in the city at Katzs Delicatessen on the Lower East Side. It is a tourist spot, but worth going. In case you dont remember, this is the place where in Harry met Sally the famous orgasm scene took place. As one of the most fun things to do in NYC for adults oftentimes couples come here to play the movie scene themselves. Would you try it too?

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Get Free Access To Popular Attractions

OK. Admittedly purchasing a tourist discount pass isnt free, in fact, these passes can seem expensive.

However, the all-inclusive tourist passes include most of the citys popular tourist attractions and tours, including hop-on-hop-off bus tours and boat cruises.

The object of these all-inclusive passes is to experience as many things in a day as you have time for. These passes are sold in increments of days, and the longer the pass the less the daily cost is.

So, if you plan efficiently, you will end up getting free access to several tours and attractions.

New York Transit Museum

Felix Lipov / Shutterstock

One of the best places to check out in Downtown Brooklyn is the New York Transit Museum.

Its located underground, in a former subway station.

Visitors are fascinated by the displays of New York transit vehicles from the not-so-recent-past.

Although this station is no longer in use, its been given considerable respect that makes it a wonderful museum spot.

You can see discontinued subway cars, trolleys, buses and more.

If it wasnt for your smartphone, you might forget what time period youre in.

Transit has made NYC what it is today, and even if the vehicles seen at this museum are no longer in use, their legacy must always be respected.

This museum is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children, ages two to 17, and seniors, ages 62 and up.

Address: 99 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

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Meet Up For Book Club Irl

The Strand bookstore has been a landmark on Fourth Avenue since 1927, but what you may not know is that its constantly hosting events with big-name authors. Basic admission is the cost of the book, so plan ahead and snag your tickets for incredible front-row access to your favorite storytellers. If youre based in Brooklyn, check out the endlessly cool events at Books Are Magic, a store owned by best-selling author Emma Straub.

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