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Bronx Zoo Vs Central Park Zoo

Local New Yorkers Might Prefer The Bronx Zoo

Dinosaurs return to Bronx Zoo

Here’s what Trippy members said about the local Bx Zoo:

“Maybe as lifetime NYers and a zoo-lovers, we’re biased, but the husband and I were not at all impressed with the San Diego Zoo. We’ve visited zoos all over the world, and the Bronx is by far our favorite. If not for anything more, the Bx Zoo is such an oasis in the middle of a not so fabulous part of NYC.”

“As a born and raised NYer, I love the Bronx Zoo.”

“Still worth a visit if you are in NY but it used to be a lot better in the past.”

Travel Tips For Both Cities

Here’s a few tips on the San Diego Zoo

“San Diego Zoo is definitely the best. The wildlife safari is also very nice.”

“SD has the Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, and Sea World. It will be quite a bit more expensive in San Diego, as the prices for admission for each of the parks is more than double that of the Bronx Zoo. The San Diego attractions are world class.”

Here’s a tip about planning a trip to NYC:

“If the zoo is not the deciding factor, I would go to NY. If you want animals in NY, you have the Bronx Zoo, the Central Park Zoo and the NY Aquarium . With that said, there is still no place like NYC.”

And here’s another zoo you might want to check out:

“While we’re talking about zoos, the Saint Louis Zoo is amazing!”

Staten Island Zoo Staten Island

Staten Island, just a stone’s throw from Manhattan and Brooklyn, is one of NYC’s greatest destinations for family fun. Not only does the island offer great beaches, hiking trails, and one of our favorite children’s museums, but it’s also home to a fantastic zoo that alone is worth a trip across the harbor. The Staten Island Zoo is accessible by bus, ferry, or car and has 300 different animal species, including kangaroos, leopards, and an impressive variety of birds of prey. If you need a break between attractions, there’s a cafe on the grounds as well as a covered pavilion with picnic tables where you can rest and snack between exhibits. The zoo hosts events throughout the year, in addition to its expansive roster of kid-friendly activities. Admission to the zoo is reasonably priced, and families can visit for FREE on Wednesdays after 2pm. Hard to part with your new animal friends? Check out the Adopt-an-Animal program: Kids love the idea of helping an animal friend, and the proceeds are donated to the zoo.

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Go Inside The Bronx Zoo

The Zoo

The premiere episode of The Zoo follows two tiger cubs raised by a team of wild animal keepers at the zoo, a silverback gorilla who is diagnosed with glaucoma, and the hatching of a rare maleo bird, which is threatened in the wild and only found on one Indonesian island.

Its impossible to explain what we do in a Tweet or a headline or a 500-word op-ed in the newspaper, Breheny says. We deal with a lot of complicated, complex issues and situations that have nuances, so the good thing about this series is that we can show what we do.

The San Diego Zoo Is Bigger

Mezi lvy a gorilami v ZOO v Bronxu

Most people agreed that the SD zoo is much bigger.

“I’ve never been to the bronx zoo, but I have to say that the San Diego zoo is amazing! It’s huge!”

“SD zoo is huge though and you will have to do lots of walking.”

“I went to the SD zoo and BX zoo a couple of months apart and the zoo in SD is a lot bigger.”

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A Guide To 5 Best Zoos For Tourists In The Boroughs Of New York City

There’s a world of wonders to be found and savored in New York City’s zoos, where people can enjoy the antics of all kinds of animals, from monkeys to sea lions to snow leopards.

At the same time, they can learn how these creatures live in their natural habitats. To begin A Guide to Zoos for Tourists in the Boroughs of New York City, let’s started with the famous Bronx Zoo.

Central Park Zoo Membership

Become a WCS Member today and begin a year of adventure at the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, and Prospect Park Zoo. Complete the wildlife fun by adding the NY Aquarium. As a vital part of our community, our Members help us provide for animals in New York and worldwide. Explore our Membership options and we hope to see you soon.

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Some Perks At The Bronx Zoo

I love that it includes linens, tables, chairs and lighting packages with pre-installed lights. Pin spotting on centerpieces on tables makes a huge difference. The packages are very reasonably priced and I think offer some of the best values in the city. Alternatively, you can bring in the caterer of your choice. That is an excellent feature for anyone who wants to have a carefully curated event.

You can also set up tables in the Madagascar Exhibit or have cocktail hour in the Congo Gorilla forest with the company of Gorillas, monkeys and hogs. I thought about my dream party and I couldnt make up my mind. I love the old world 19th century architecture, but damn, those gorillas, with their deep black pool eyes, are absolutely mesmerizing.

The great hall can fit up to 250 people seated for a reception and the Congo Forest can hold up to 150 people.

Prospect Park Zoo Prospect Park Brooklyn

Three Beautiful Dholes Arrive At The Bronx Zoo | The Zoo

Perfect for even the smallest animal enthusiasts, the Prospect Park Zoo is a fun, manageable family destination tucked in the Children’s Corner of Prospect Park. Though you won’t find the most exotic animals here, there are still tons of fun things to do with kids at this NYC gem. The Discovery Trail is a winding, shady path that snakes through an array of animal habitats and includes interactive games for kids, like a climbable spider web. Red pandas, a duck pond , and an aviary are just a few of the awesome attractions you encounter. The Barn and Garden have farm animals to feed and interact with, and the sea lion show is not to be missed. Admission costs less than $10, and children ages 2 and younger visit for FREE.

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Discount Tickets For The Bronx Zoo Nyc Zoos And Ny Aquarium

As a DC 37 member, you can buy discounted tickets for the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo and New York Aquarium, print your admission tickets from your computer and present them at the entrance turnstiles, bypassing ticket booth lines. Purchasing admission tickets has never been easier!

To purchase your tickets directly from the Wildlife Conservation Society e-Ticketing Store, and enter DC37 as the Store Name.

Any questions or problems, please call the Wildlife Conservation Society directly at 220-5100. Check BronxZoo.com, CentralParkZoo.com, ProspectParkZoo.com, QueensZoo.com or NYAquarium.com for the most up-to-date listing of events.

Central Park Children’s Zoo

A Children’s Zoo was established at Central Park in 1961, funded in large part by Senator Herbert H. Lehman and his wife Edith Lehman, who in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary, donated $500,000 towards the cost of the zoo. The zoo featured llamas, pigs, penguins, cows, a monkey, and white mice a petting area with ducks, rabbits, and chickens a Noah’s Ark feature and a medieval castle feature. The zoo was renovated in the 1990s, reopening in 1997 with a different layout and objective, but not before dueling camps of preservationists locked horns on the issue of whether to preserve the distinctive 1960s pop architecture or switch to a design more in keeping with Olmsted and Vaux’s original view of the park.

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Beaming With Bronx Pride

The Bronx Zoo is the largest employer of youth in the borough, hiring about 1,200 to 1,500 part-time employees each season. Its how Breheny got his start, and how hundreds more will. Many Manhattan College alumni work in the park, and current students have a long history of volunteering and interning at the zoo, gaining valuable hands-on experience in the field.

“Theres a real pride with our employees, a real Bronx pride that shows through in the TV series, Breheny says. For a borough that has historically had image problems, heres something thats going out nationally and is going to promote a positive image for the Bronx.

Breheny is proud to offer New Yorkers the chance to experience and learn about wildlife they would otherwise never get to know in an urban setting. At the end of the day, there may be critics, he says, but you have to let the science speak for itself.

“If youre going to keep animals, you keep them well. If you cant keep them well, you dont keep that species, he says, sharing a mantra he learned from his mentor in the field. Somebody has to be able to speak and advocate for animals. And the science behind it all is what gives us the credibility.

Series trailer and homepage footage courtesy of Animal Planet.

The Wcs And The Aquarium

Bronx Zoo In Bronx, NY

I cant wait for the aquarium to open later this year and fingers crossed that we will be on the guest list for an industry event there as well. Are your reading this WCS event team? Ill even provide the decor.

The WCS maintains approximately 500 field conservation projects in 65 countries, and targets 15 priority regions which are home to 50% of the worlds biodiversity.

I used to think of the Bronx Zoo and the Central Park Zoo as a quirky alternative for weddings, however the stunning architecture makes them great backdrops for any elegant event.

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The Bronx Zoo Might Be More Rundown Now

“San Diego zoo, hands down. I have been to both over the past year and the Bronx zoo lost a lot of its charm over the years. Even a guy we met there and works there said the zoo has been losing its charm recently.”

“This was my second time at the BX zoo and I was really disappointed how rundown it has gotten over the years.”

“SD is best, Bronx was a great place about 15 years ago.”

On the other hand, here’s someone who preferred the Bronx:

“Considering I have visited numerous zoos throughout the U.S.A., the BX zoo is without a doubt, much more worthy of a visit over SD. The San Diego Zoo is nice, but it is very straight forward, the type of zoo you can find in any major city. The BX zoo has a much better variety of animals.”

Largest Zoos In The United States

May 6, 2016 / 8:00 AM / CBS New York

Bronx Zoo

Originally known as the Bronx Zoological Park when it first opened in 1899, the Bronx Zoo is the largest urban zoo in the country. Residing upon 265 acres a few miles northeast of Yankee Stadium, the world-renowned zoo draws more than two million visitors annually and features 4,000 animals representing more than 650 species. You will be able to enjoy several free exhibits such as the African Plains, Himalayan Highlands and Tiger Mountain, along with the option to see paid exhibits and attractions which includes the Children’s Zoo, Zoo Shuttle and the Wild Asia Monorail. Due to the size of the park, visitors may not be able to see everything in a single day without using either the Zoo Shuttle or Wild Asia Monorail. The Bronx Zoo also has several seasonal cafes and food stands on the property, as well as the Dancing Crane Cafe, which operates year-round.

Columbus Zoo & AquariumHenry Doorly Zoo & AquariumRiverbanks Zoo & GardenSan Diego Zoo

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Central Park Zoo Upper East Side

The Central Park Zoo is steeped in classic NYC charm. This zoo in NYC offers a crash course in climateskids can see everything from snow leopards and snow monkeys to grizzly bears and poison dart frogs. The Tisch Children’s Zoo is adjacent to the main zoo and is a perfect pit stop for the little ones. Follow the winding trail through a whimsical forest where kids can feed and interact with the animalsbring lots of quarters for animal food. Don’t forget to stop at the George Delacorte Musical Clock and watch hippos, goats, and bears serenade visitors with a selection of nursery rhymes every 30 minutes. There’s a lot to see at the Central Park Zoo, so take a time out and fuel up at the Dancing Crane Cafe. Keep in mind that general admission does not include all the attractions . Given its heavily trafficked location in Central Park, this spot draws a big tourist crowd and a relatively expensive price tag to match.

Bronx Zoo Or Central Park Zoo

Grizzly Bears at Central Park Zoo in NYC

Your opinions of both zoos and how they compare?

What is the least busiest time of day to visit each zoo?

I will be in NY between 14-21 Sept 2008.

One wife and one girl will be accompanying me.


Wow Kangaroo, you are really planning it all out.

The Bronx Zoo is outside of Manhattan. It takes about 40 minutes to get there it can be reached by public transportation, bus, subway, ect.

It is a very large zoo certainly worth seeing particularly with a 9 year old. It will take a good portion of your day though so you have to decide if this is something you’d like to do.

The Central Park Zoo is in the middle of Manhattan in the middle of Central Park. It is much, much smaller but very nice. It is a good alternative if you don’t want to take the time to go to the Bronx.

Most convenient and safest way to travel to BRONX zoo?


I went to the Bronx Zoo back in 2004 – it may be the biggest in the US but that is only because everything is very spaced out i.e. it is just a very large park with the occasional animal here and there. On top of that, you have to pay extra to see certain areas. Personally I would stick to Central Park unless you have a whole day with nothing to do as it takes some time to get there .


Where in Australia do you live? Chances are, if you’ve been to the Melbourne Zoo or even Taronga, that you have seen a better zoo. So unless zoos are your thing, I wouldn’t plan on visiting either of these.


New York City

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Brooklyn Zoo Vs Central Park Zoo And Time Needed

We are taking a DAY TRIP to NYC this summer, I have been before, but this time want to make a couple stops one of which would be either the Brooklyn or CP Zoo…

wondering how much time both would require for 2 adults with no children…taking into consideration timing to GET THERE from our drop off point of MACYS…as well as cost for taxi over etc.

Thanks in advance for any insight!


I would rather go to CP instead of the Brooklyn Zoo. There are more animals at CP and the feeding zoo at CP has more animals. If you’re a sea lion fanatic, though, the sea lion show at the Brooklyn Zoo is better . My favorites at the CP Zoo are the snow leopards–just spectacular, majestic animals–and the goats .

From Macy’s, you can take an N or Q train Uptown and get off at 5th Avenue and 59th Street. It will take about 10 minutes, cost: $2.75 per person using a Pay-Per-Ride Metrocard. The Zoo is a 5-10 minute walk from there, through the park.

Agree with Lizzie. No reason to go to the Prospect Park Zoo over the Central Park Zoo unless there’s something specific at Prospect Park you want to see.

Also, I’m not sure if you realize that your caps lock key keeps getting stuck?

The CP Zoo is much closer.

The Prospect park zoo in Brooklyn would require extra time to get to/from and would consume a larger chunk of your day.

The big zoo is in the Bronx and would definitely eat up most of your day.

Subway is the fastest way to get around

New York City

Events At The Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo weddings are held in a tented pavilion adjacent to the sea lion pool, Madagascar Exhibit and Penguin House.

I attended an event there with my son and it was magical. We were just steps off of 5th avenue and 64th street and immediately transported to a magical world. Forget the big hotel venues, if you want to be in the heart of Manhattan, this is the place.

When we attended the party it was pouring rain, but the spacious tent and adjacent promenade offered more than enough shelter. Catering was provided by CxRa Events, entertainment by Jarrell Entertainment, invitations by Katie Fisher Designs, sweets by Ron Ben Israel Cakes, lighting by Frost Productions, photography by Parris Whittingham, and rentals by Broadway Party Rentals. You couldnt go wrong with this dream team. William, my 7 year old son, now wants to get a blazer and a bow tie for his next fancy party. Around all the event industry luminaries, he felt a tad underdressed.

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