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How To Get A Job In New York

How To Get A Job In New York From Someone Who Just Did

how to get a job FAST in new york
  • 06 Apr 2018

Just over a month ago, I jumped on a one-way flight to New York with two bags and a J1 visa, looking for my next career move.

The jump was heavily motivated by an adolescence that consisted of binge-watching both Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, but, unlike most poorly planned life decisions, it actually worked out pretty well.

Because I managed to surprise myself by actually landing a job – and a good one, at that. Below, I’ll impart some of my newfound wisdom into making it in the Big Apple.

Im going to assume that, like how most good stories begin, you are nearly broke, know only one to two people in New York, are hard-working with some experience behind you and are looking for an entry to mid-level position.

Here are six steps that will get you there in no time .

1. Be there

Before I moved, everyone told me that to get a job in New York you have to be in New York. This could not be truer. There is almost no point in applying for jobs or emailing companies more than a week in advance of your arrival. Everything in New York moves quickly, and if you cant pop into an office or give a US phone number, they will soon lose interest. If you do plan on emailing in advance, always pretend you are in New York already and put a friends address on your CV.

2. Remove your ego and expectations

3. Find your job-hunting routine

4. Just Do It

5. Utilise contacts but dont rely on them

6. Never give up

Check Out New York Recruiting And Headhunting Firms

Myth: you can hire a recruiting firm to get you a new job.


Truth: you canât hire a recruiter, but recruiters are hired by employers to find candidates to fill positions.

If you are a great candidate you can attract a recruiter who can connect you with many career opportunities not publicly advertised.

Summer Jobs In New York City For Foreigners

Assuming youve already obtained your visa to work in the US, you can find summer jobs in New York City in the following websites:

A good rule of thumb for those wanting to apply for a summer job in New York City is to apply for a J1 visa, as the requirements for such a visa can be less demanding.

Also, keep in mind that even if its just a summer job you should prepare for the job interview by practicing for questions like Why should we hire you? and Where do you see yourself in 5 years?.

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Easiest Jobs To Get In Nyc

Itching to move to NYC but need to get a job first look no further than our list of 8 easiest jobs to get in NYC.

Because sometimes the job market can seem scarce, and before moving anywhere, youll want to make sure the skills you have are actually in demand there. This is a great resource for finding out how to get a job in NYC before you move.

Since New York City is so large, with seemingly unlimited opportunities, a well-paying job shouldnt be hard to come by. But times have changed, and even bustling cities sometimes have only a small amount of job options available. At least a small amount of job options that youre willing to consider. Because we all need to make an honest living, and its a bonus if we enjoy the job we use to do that.

Of course, in a city like this, unique opportunities are available that might not do well elsewhere, such as Uber driver or Airbnb host . These are easy jobs that could potentially pay a lot of money.


But if youre looking for something a little more serious, check out our options below. To find them, we read articles from The Penny Hoarder and Timeout . We also used platforms like Quora and City Data. Normally, we wouldnt use these platforms for research, but since they tell the story of those who have actually searched for NYC jobs, we knew they could be trusted for this article.

So here goes! 8 easiest jobs to get in NYC, and start to make money fast in NYC.

Requesting Expungement And Destruction Of Certain Marijuana Conviction Records

Top Highest Paying Jobs in New York City USA 2017

State law permits individuals convicted of Penal Law sections 221.05 and 221.10 to ask the court where the conviction occurred to expunge and destroy their criminal history records related to these charges. Individuals seeking destruction of those conviction records must make a formal request through the state Office of Court Administration . Please visit the OCA website for more information about how to make this request.Please note: Convictions of Penal Law sections 221.05 and 221.10 have been sealed. This means that all of the arrest, court, prosecution and criminal history records related to those convictions are confidential and cannot be seen except under the following circumstances:

  • If an individual is applying for a job as a police or peace officer and,
  • If an individual is applying for a pistol permit.

Individuals who are satisfied with the confidentiality that record sealing already provides are not required to apply for expungement or destruction of conviction records.

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Work With A New York Resume Writing Service

Moving to a new place can take up a lot of time and energy, so it’s perfectly fine to hire a professional to do the heavy lifting for you on your resume!

Professional resume writers can save you many hours and are trained on current best practices, industry keywords that companies are looking for, and the content you need to land an interview.

Just make sure youâre collaborating with your resume writer in between packingâeven the most experienced writers will need to learn more about your experience and qualifications before they give a final draft.

Here are our suggestions for people located in the Big Apple: the 12 Best Resume Writing Services In New York City .

Look For Top New York Companies In Your Industry

If you’re looking to land a new job quickly, you need to be organized and specific. One way to narrow down your job search is to make a list of target companies you think you want to work for and focus your attention on researching what the company is doing and networking with current employees.

To get started, check out our curated lists of great employers and companies in New York.

Check back soon–more industry lists will follow!

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Prepare For A Period Of Unemployment

Moving to New York City takes a lot of courage, and it also takes a lot of careful planning. Weve all heard those stories of wide-eyed dreamers who came to the city with $20 in their pockets and ended up launching wildly successful careers on a wing and a prayer. Use those stories as a guide for what not to do.

Instead, expect to spend at least a month looking for work, but prepare to spend up to three months on the hunt. Factor in the costs of apartment deposits, rent, and living expenses to come up with a clear budget for how much money youll need not just to make it to New York, but to make it in New York as you wait by the phone to hear back on your applications.

Application & Hiring Process

How to Get A Job in New York (Graphic Design)

The NYC Online Teacher Application is required for all candidates who are interested in securing a full-time teaching position with the New York City Department of Education. For the current application period, you must possess a valid New York State teacher certification.

While our deadline has passed, we are still accepting and reviewing applications from individuals who are certified in one or more of the following areas:

  • Early Childhood Education B-2
  • English as a New Language
  • Mathematics
  • Students with Disabilities 7-12
  • Bilingual Extensions

If you are not yet on a pathway to teacher certification, explore alternative certification pathways to teaching in this section of our website.

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How To Request Your New York State Criminal History

An individual may request a Personal Record Review to obtain:

  • A copy of his or her New York State criminal history record, commonly called a rap sheet.
  • A no record response indicating that he or she has no New York State criminal history record.

Note:An individual cannot request a criminal history record for another person to determine if that person has a criminal history.

How To Find A Job In New York City Heres A Quick Guide

No matter who you are, where, or at what time you were growing up, at some point in your life youre bound to contemplate this question How to find a job in New York City?.

Its inevitable.

New York City just has that much appeal. It will lure you in through The Great Gatsby, Friends, its architecture, its vibrant art scene or abundant job market perhaps even its grit.

And if you live outside the US, youre not immune to its sirens call. At some point you too will find yourself googling how to find a job in New York City as a newcomer or even a foreigner.

So, if you want to give in to your temptation and take a bite of the Big Apple, weve got you covered, American or foreigner. Well be the green light at the end of the dock.

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Getting A Job In New York: Resources + Tips

Caitlin Proctor, CPRW

4 min read

Moving to New York? You’re not alone! While some people are fleeing the big city for less populated areas, others see 2021 as the perfect time to move to New York City. If you’re moving and looking for a job at the same time, though, you’re going to need a little help.

Here are 5 tips and resources from our team of career experts to make your search for a new job in New York go smoothly.

How To Request Verification That A Record Has Been Sealed

New jobs for New York, by the thousands: Concrete steps we ...

Individuals or their lawyer can use the forms that follow to receive verification from the Division of Criminal Justice Services that a court-ordered seal as defined by state Criminal Procedure Law 160.59, 160.55, or 160.50 has been applied to their New York State Criminal History Record.

  • This form should be used by individuals who have applied for and received a court order seal related to a conviction that occurred more than 10 years ago.
  • This form should be used by individuals requesting verification of a seal related to a felony or misdemeanor arrest that resulted in a conviction to either a traffic infraction or violation.
  • This form should be used by individuals requesting verification of a seal related to an arrest that resulted in the termination of the criminal proceedings in their favor .

Note: A copy of the signed court seal order must be mailed with the verification form.

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Give Yourself A Hard Deadline For Moving

If you want to move to the city, it can be tempting to test the waters by applying to a few jobs from the safety of your current town and waiting to see what happens. However, hiring managers really dont want to waste energy on the interview process for applicants who arent sure about moving.

To work around the problem of having an out-of-town address, state your moving day right up front in your cover letter, so companies will know that youre a serious applicant.

Things To Know About Working In New York

Thinking about working in New York? There are some features of work life in the Big Apple that set it apart from the work culture in other cities. Is it true that if you can make it there you can make it anywhere? Were not making any promises, but we can give you some tips about what working in New York is really like.

Check out our 401 calculator.

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Search All The Major Job Sites

The first place you will probably start hunting for a job is online. aggregates job listings from all types of sites in one place, and is an amazing free resource. Make sure you also search (and keep your profile updated!. A solid, authentic profile that speaks to your genius you can be sought after for jobs by recruiters looking to hire, said Mistal.

Anyone searching for a job with a specific purpose or mission can search, a platform that connects socially-minded people who want to do good with opportunities for action and collaboration.

Employer Responsibility With Work Permits In New York

When I Was First Trying to Get a Job in New York City

While minors as young as age 14 are able to work in the state of New York, all minors under the age of 18 are required to obtain a work permit prior to doing so. An employer should not allow a minor to begin employment without their providing a work permit/employment certificate. In regards to work permits, employers in New York have the following responsibilities:

  • The employer must keep an employment certificate on file at the work location for all minors that they hire. The certificate must be available for inspection by anyone authorized by law to review it.
  • It is required that the employer post a schedule for all minors and post it where workers are able to see it. Included in the schedule should be the time the minor starts work, the time the minor will end work, and time scheduled for meals. Hours can be changed by the employer, as long as the changes are posted on the schedule. Minors are only able to work on the days and times that are noted on the schedule.
  • The employer must follow all child labor laws.
  • Should the employment of the minor terminate, the employment certificate should be returned to the minor.
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    Things I Learned When I Moved To New York City Without A Job

    Right before I turned 24, I put in notice at my job. I graduated college just over a year earlier and was living in the Midwest where I grew up. When I quit, I didnt know where my next paycheck was going to come from. The only thing I knew was that I was moving to New York City to search for work at a tech startup. I had been planning this move for months, which allowed me time to get my finances in order and try to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    The process of moving and establishing myself certainly wasnt easy, but it was enlightening. And there are a few important things I realized when I moved to New York City without a job.

    I Struggled So You Don’t Have To Then I Got Tips From Career Change Coach Maggie Mistal

    The most important hurdle most Australians will face when trying to move to New York is finding a job. Your two-year E-3 visa literally relies on being able to score a good position, and without one, youll be on a plane home within three months.

    If you only have a few minutes, take away these key tips:

    • Resumes in the US are ONE PAGE LONG lookup resume templates and start cutting your CV down.
    • Eye contact is extremely important, New Yorkers love it.
    • You MUST have a valid US phone number.

    For those with more time, youll benefit from the information I gathered when I spoke with New York-based career coach Maggie Mistal. CNN labeled her one of the nations best known career coaches, and millions of people have watched Mistals career-focused videos and appearances across YouTube, CNN, Fox Business and The Today Show. Shes also dished advice in The New York Times, USA Today, and Money, so if anyone is qualified to help you land a job in NYC, its this woman. Heres what she shared.

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    Write A Great Cover Letter For Your Relocation To New York

    It can be a good idea to mention your relocation on a cover letter as part of what makes you a great candidate. Take notes on what a good cover letter looks like and make sure you tick these boxes:

    • Short and direct

    • Highlights your qualifications and years of experience

    • Demonstrates your value with examples and numbers

    • Tailored–preferably addressed to the hiring manager

    • Employer-focused

    Job openings receive around 250 applications on average. Cover letters are one of the most effective ways to stand out and get more interviews!

    Being A Working Parent Is Expensive In New York

    Manufacturing in NYC: A Snapshot

    New York has some of the highest childcare costs of any city in the nation. Being a working parent in New York is expensive and its not easy, given the long hours New Yorkers put in. New York has a lower rate of working mothers than many other major U.S. cities, in part because the high price of childcare makes it hard for many New Yorkers to earn more than they would have to pay for childcare.

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