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Is New York Safety Council Legitimate

Who Needs The New York 5

New York Mayor: ‘Don’t Surrender to Violence’

The 5-hour course is designed for new drivers ages 18 and up who are preparing to take the road test for their first driver license. Before you schedule an appointment for your behind-the-wheel driving test, you must pass this course.

Before you start the online 5-hour course, you must have a valid New York learner permit that includes your photograph. The NYSDMV typically delivers photo learner permits by mail about two weeks after you pass the permit exam and receive your temporary learner permit.

Teens seeking a junior driver license or junior motorcycle license do not currently qualify for the NYSDMV’s Online Pre-Licensing Program. At this time, they’re required to complete the 5-hour course in the classroom.

A Council Panel Back Harsh Fire

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A New York City Council committee yesterday unanimously approved a bill to stiffen penalties for people responsible for buildings with fire-safety violations, including illegal social clubs. The bill would also create a temporary commission to study how the city can help clubs run by legitimate community groups comply with safety laws.

Acting in the wake of the Happy Land Social Club fire that killed 87 people in March, the Council’s Public Safety Committee revised and amended a bill proposed by the Dinkins administration. That bill was similiar to one offered by former Mayor Edward I. Koch that died in the Council last year. $1 Million Penalties The measure approved yesterday would provide for civil penalties of up to $1 million for owners of places where deaths or serious injuries occurred after the places were ordered closed for safety infractions. In some cases the money could be used to compensate victims. It would also provide for up to a year in jail or a fine of up to $50,000 for anyone who breaks the seal on a building padlocked for safety violations.

The full Council is expected to approve the measure later this month. Aides to Mayor David N. Dinkins said they had some reservations about the bill, but generally supported it.

Doubts on Padlock Power

Expensive Repairs a Worry

Is Public Transportation In New York Safe

Another famous sight of New York is its public transport. This has also been featured in films.

Its very likely youll find yourself using it at some point during your trip.

The iconic subway is an intricate web of lines and stations that can take you pretty much everywhere in the city for a snip. Get yourself a metro card and join other New Yorkers, tapping in and out of stations.

Also, get an app to help you navigate the subway. Youll need help trust us. Theres also an official website, Subway Time, which has times and any delay reports.

During peak hours, getting on the subway can be overwhelming. Its common to not make eye contact with people. Keep yourself to yourself. Be aware of your surroundings.

When it comes to using the New York subway at night, a good tip is to stand close to the metro card booth and near to the sign that says off hours trains stop here they tend to be busier spots. Dont ride in empty carriages always opt for busy ones or the conductors car .

Then theres a bus service which runs across all five boroughs. You can also use the metro card on this. They are popular with commuters and can get SUPER busy in rush hour.

The downside of buses is that they get affected by traffic. There are over 6,000 buses that ply 320 routes around the city, so you should be able to get wherever you want to go pretty easily.

The same sort of rules apply: watch out on busy buses for pickpockets, and be careful riding the bus late at night.

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Ny Online Defensive Driving

Take the NYS-approved Internet Point & Insurance Reduction Program course to reduce up to four points from your driving record and save 10% on your car insurance for three years. You can take the course every 18 months for point reduction or every three years to renew your insurance discount. » Course Details

Your Driving Anxiety Will Vanish For Good

New York Safety Council

Got involved in a car accident sometime back and the thought of holding a steering wheel makes you wince?

Youre not the only one. Weve met students like that and helped them become excellent and fearless drivers.

You can learn something from this one, for example:

The 5 hour class online is for everyone. Youll be taught by experienced instructors who will make you feel confident and safe again.

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Practice For The Road Test

After successful 5-hour pre-license completion its practice time. Practicing the following will help you feel more confident and ready to pass on the day of your road test.


Practice accelerating smoothly after stopping. Dont cause the engine to stall or race the engine. Smooth is the key when you practice acceleration.


Practice hitting the breaks gently and not slamming on the breaks last minute. You also want to practice stopping at a safe distance if theres a vehicle in front of you.


Double-check that your car is in the correct gear whether its an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. If driving a manual transmission practice not grinding gears by shifting into the right gear at the right time.


Practice keeping an eye on all of your surroundings as you drive. You dont want to practice only looking straight ahead. Get in the habit of looking through the rearview mirror and side mirrors constantly.

Safe Distance

You want to keep a space between the vehicle in front of you at all times. If theres poor weather you want to give enough distance to brake in case of an emergency without hitting the vehicle in front.


Pay attention to the posted speed limit at all times. If there is poor visibility or bad weather adjust your speed as needed.

Traffic Signs

Turn Signals

Dmv Approved By Every County In The State

It seems that traffic in any county that you drive in Florida is bad but getting a traffic ticket is worse! San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Clemente or any county it all seems to stack up. It seems like traffic to Nevada is the worst from any of these places on a Friday afternoon. Take the course with us and receive your certificate of completion instantly. A completion notification is then sent to your local DMV fast and easy. We are perhaps one of the fastest online courses that is licensed by the Florida state DMV. The course material will get you to the fast lane with an enjoyable learning experience.

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We Want To Hear From You

With your insight, the Council discovers ways to improve the City we all call home. So we’re meeting New Yorkers where they areonline and in person. Keep your feedback coming!

You can reach us via social media, email, paper mail, or at your district office. For issues specific to a neighborhood, it’s best to contact the Council Member representing that community.

Have questions, comments or feedback?

Our Take On American Safety Council

Council Hearing On COVID Workplace Safety

While there are other driver safety courses you might check out, such as one through iDriveSafely or Comedy Defensive Driving, American Safety Council is our first choice. American Safety Council offers driver’s ed, defensive driving, and mature driver classes in a number of states, and the costs are some of the lowest in the industry. Online classes are convenient for busy schedules and allow you to break up the coursework into smaller sections. Finally, most classes offered by American Safety Council are accredited by state governments.

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Crime In The Subway Is ‘a Multifaceted Issue’ Experts Say

Experts told Insider there’s no single correct way to prevent violent crimes like attacks and assaults on the subway.

James Dooley, a retired NYPD captain and a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, proposed stationing more police officers and placing cameras to deter potential offenders.

“A lot of these subway stations are still very isolated,” Dooley told Insider. “You realize if something happens, you’re alone.”

At the MTA board and committee meeting, members called for an increased presence of law enforcement on trains and platforms.

O’Reilly said this was her goal and “responded that the deployment of officers remains the same and has been steady at about 1,000 per day into the system,” according to the board meeting documents. “She noted that crime in the Transit Bureau represents only 1.7% of total crime in the City.”

An increase in law enforcement does not address underlying systemic issues like poverty and mental health, which are often connected to crime, both Dooley and DeCarlo acknowledged. But knowing there are officers and cameras around might at least make people feel safer and could be a way to prevent crimes while lawmakers continue to consider these systemic issues, they said.

“Is it a Band-Aid? Yeah. But sometimes a Band-Aid keeps infection out,” DeCarlo said.

How To Reduce Your Points And Insurance Rate

The Driver Violation Point System gives the New York State DMV a way to identify and take action against high-risk drivers. Here, the DMV assigns points for certain traffic violations. If you get 11 points in 18 months, your drivers license may be suspended.

Take note though that you must be convicted of the traffic violation before points are added to your driving record. Your point total is calculated based on the date of the violation, not the date of the conviction. And, the points for violations that all occurred within the last 18 months are added to calculate your point total.

Attending the Point and Insurance Reduction Program will help you Reduce Your Points and Insurance Rate in New York.

PIRP is also known as the Defensive Driving Course or Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course. It is a comprehensive driver safety course that provides knowledge and techniques for safe and lawful driving. Private companies and organizations all over the state offer the course. To be approved by DMV, courses must meet strict standards for the type of information presented and program effectiveness.

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What Is The Most Dangerous Part Of New York City

Vinegar Hill, Downtown Brooklyn and the Theatre District/Times Square have the highest crime rates in New York City. Note that these areas are usually okay during the day apart from possible petty theft and pickpocketing. Stay aware of your surroundings at night, or if possible, avoid these areas completely.

When Will I Get My Certificate Of Completion

$6 Off New York Safety Council Promo Code (+7 Top Offers ...

After you successfully pass the online pre-licensing course, New York Safety Council will email you a confirmation of your course completion and automatically submit your completion information to the NYSDMV. It may take up to 24 to 48 hours for your course completion to be posted on your driver record.

You will not need to provide an original Pre-Licensing Course Certificate when you arrive at a NYSDMV test location to take your road test. However, students who complete the 5-hour pre-licensing course in the classroom are required to present this document before their road test.

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My #3 Recommended Online New York Insurance Reduction Course

My third and final pick for the New York Insurance Reduction course is the New York Safety Council defensive driving course. The biggest thing this course has going for it is the fact is is associated with the New York Safety Council. However, let it be known that the New York Safety Council is a private organization and is not a part of any government agency. Its a company just like any other driving school. I mostly recommend this course to those who are a bit short on cash and need the cheapest one available. This course doesnt offer some of the benefits of the other courses Ive mentioned, but it is cheap and gets the job done.

My #1 Recommended Online New York Insurance Reduction Course

My top pick for almost all online driving courses is iDriveSafely. Ive been reviewing online traffic schools and online drivers ed courses for a while, so Ive got a pretty good handle on which courses are higher quality and which ones just plain suck. With iDriveSafely, you get U.S. based 24/7/365 customer support via phone, chat, or email and you can log into / out of the course whenever you want. You can finish the course in one day or over a period of time, it doesnt really matter. You also get the fastest course allowed by law and youre going with a company that has a proven record. They have had more than 5,000,000 people go through their defensive driving courses over a 20+ year period and still have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Its just the best company to go with.

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New York State Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee

In addition to the revenue that New York and its fine residents will enjoy from your citation itself, there is another fee called the New York State Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee, or NYSDRA for short. Let’s call it the sting tax. The sting tax is generally $100, but it can be higher. And it is to be paid each year, for the three years following your infraction. . You need to pay this. Failing to do so will result in your license being suspended. Why does New York say they have this added fee? The NYS DMV says, “The purpose of the assessment is to prevent the repeated behavior of problem drivers and to improve traffic safety.” Call us crazy, but we thought the fine, and the court fees, and the insurance surcharges, and the points system were all about that. New York felt so strongly about this program’s benefits that it teamed up with another country to enforce them. That’s right, tickets you get in Canada will also sting you in New York.

American Safety Council Overview

NYC Council Makes Changes After Deadly Facade Collapses

American Safety Council provides online training courses for driver safety in 17 states and Washington, D.C. These courses include driver’s education, defensive driving, and mature driver classes. Drivers across the country know they can trust ASC because the Orlando, Florida-based company works with government agencies and certifying entities to develop state-compliant programs.

Here’s an overview of the types of educational courses ASC offers throughout the country:


American Safety Council claims many industry firsts, including the first approval of online driver license knowledge exams and the first use of voice and keystroke biometrics to confirm student identity in state-regulated traffic safety programs.

In addition to driver safety, American Safety Council offers courses in workplace safety as well as professional services and continuing education serving more than two million people each year. You can visit the ASC website to order a copy of your complete driving record in Florida, Georgia, or Texas for around $20 to $25.

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How We Rated Traffic Schools In New York

In general, we were looking for schools that had exemplary ratings with the Better Business Bureau, had strong ratings on social media sites or other ratings agencies, and provided online instruction.

  • has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It received a 4.6 out of 5 star rating with TrustPilot. For $24.95, the site promises an online course that will reduce up to four points from your driving record and get you a 10% discount on your insurance.

  • has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It received 4.9 stars out of five with ShopperApproved. For $24.95, the site offers an online course approved by the state of NY to reduce as many as four points from your license and provide a 10% insurance discount.

  • New York Safety CouncilNew York Safety Council received a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It received 4.6 out of five stars from ShopperApproved. Like the other two courses, it offers its online course for $24.95, which must be mandated by the state. What’s a little sketchy is that they suggest they’re offering it at a discount from $48, but if the price is state-set, that $48 is a myth.

Is The Food In New York Safe

New York is a foodie heaven. Were talking burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, bodegas, Chinese food, Greek food, tons of diners and coffee joints, Italian food, donuts, cronuts. Man oh man, New York is ALL food.

There are loads of independent restaurants to try, cool hangouts, retro classics, and even high-end dining if youve got the money to spare for that sort of thing. Of course, not all establishments are created equal, so here are some foodie tips for eating in New York.

So there you go. There are so many tasty things to eat in New York. So many things! Pretzels, bagels, New York cheesecake for crying out loud! Pastrami. Breakfast sandwiches. Kebabs. Just get involved. There are a ZILLION places to choose from in this big city.

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Do I Need To Confirm My Identity To Take The Course

Yes. The course uses security questions or a technique called Voice Biometrics to make sure that no one except the person who registered for the course participates in the program. This identity validation feature allows you to complete your training at your own pace across multiple sessions.

Due to DMV standards, you have up to three chances to pass each security checkpoint. If you fail a checkpoint, you will be locked out of the course and will need to re-register. If this occurs, please contact American Safety Council at for further instructions.

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