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How To Pay New York Tolls

How Do I Request Additional Adhesive Strips To Mount My Tag

New York Thruway Tolls Go Cashless

If you need new or replacement adhesive strips for your windshield, log into your account on the Tolls NY app, click on My Account, click on Tags, click on Request Supplies, select the number of Adhesive Strip Sets, then click Submit. Also, you can log into your account on click on Vehicles and Tags, click on Request Supplies, select the number of Adhesive Strip Sets, then click Submit Request.

Never Got Toll In The Mail

Driving home from Maine on June 27th , I passed through New York City, and entered Manhattan by the Henry Hudson Bridge. Signs indicated that I would have my license plate photographed and receive a toll bill for $5.50 in the mail. The bill never arrived. Will there be a consequence to not paying the toll if I ever drive through New York again? Is there a way to deal with this online?

EDIT: My car is leased, and the bill went to the leasing company – this possibility did not occur to me because I assumed it would be sent based on the name of the registration rather than the name of the actual owner. I was able to pay the toll by calling in to the number given in the answer.

EDIT2: I eventually received a bill anyway, in October. I could not log in on the tolls by mail website, so I assumed it had cleared itself up. I lost track of the second bill in holiday season chaos, and eventually had to call by phone again to resolve the issue. Fortunately, I had kept the confirmation number from my original payment, but to anyone else in this situation I would recommend not attempting as I did to pay over the phone without having received a bill – you will be billed eventually.

How To Pay A Missed Toll In New York

Did you fail to pay a toll at any time when driving through any of New Yorks tolls? Have you missed any toll payment by accident or carelessness? If you have, there are a few ways to pay for a missed toll with an EZPassNY account before the DMV slams you with a registration suspension. Find below accurate information that will help you avoid your mistake of becoming a legal misdemeanor.

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How Does Ez Pass Work

EZ Pass is an integrated regional electronic toll system used in the state of New York and other states, numbering 16 in total. Currently, there are millions of motorists signed up to EZ Pass with an active account. This cashless toll system is the most convenient means of paying for tolls without wasting time in traffic lines waiting for your turn. Since the introduction of electronic EZ Pass plazas, the traffic congestion formerly plaguing interstate routes has reduced significantly and has given drivers different route options.

This electronic system also provides you with an opportunity to travel non-stop, reduce travel time, and also enjoy discounts on toll payments. You can also pay your parking tickets with EZ Pass Plus at airports or at any parking facility in New York.

Will Tolls Increase Is There A Cost Difference If You Don’t Have E

Pay Your E

Thruway tolls are in line for a significant hike in 2021 if you’re not a New York-based user of E-ZPass, the multi-state program in which drivers keep a transponder in their car and have tolls automatically deducted from an account.

Tolls billed by mail would increase by 30% beginning Jan. 1 under a plan set for approval next month by the Thruway Authority Board of Directors. For out-of-state E-ZPass holders, tolls would increase by 15%.

Each mailed bill would come with a $2 surcharge under the plan, as well.

E-ZPass rates, which include a built-in discount, would remain flat for New York users. That’s in part to encourage more drivers to use the automated system and cut down on the number of bills mailed out.

That means a trip in a passenger vehicle from Exit 47 near Rochester to Exit 23 in Albany would cost $14.50 plus the $2 surcharge, up from the current $11.15 cash toll.

The standard E-ZPass toll for the same trip would remain $10.59.

Once approved, the new plan would mark the first Thruway toll increase since 2010.

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Is There A Toll Calculator For Your Car

Toll Calculator for Cars The Tollsmart Toll Calculator for Cars will calculate toll costs across any routes in the US, Canada and Mexico and display alternate routes that can save you money. Built in a Google Maps interface, it displays the time, distance and toll costs so you can quickly determine your optimal route.

How To View New York State Thruway Toll Rates

New York State Thruway created new toll rates, which came into effect on January 1, 2021. If you want to check the details and information regarding the new toll rates, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your browser and to go the official website of New York State Thruway
  • Scroll down to Cashless Tolling and click on the New Toll Rates button
  • All the new toll rates with comparisons, discount plans, and much more will be accessible.

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    How Can I Pay An Unpaid Toll I Received On The Nys Thruway

    If you did not have sufficient funds to pay a toll at the time of your transaction, had information collected from your driver’s license at the toll booth and received an unpaid toll slip from a toll collector, you may pay your toll if you still have your unpaid toll slip using the following method:

    • Mail-in Check Payment Follow the mail-in payment instructions on the slip. Please mail payment to: NYSTA, PO Box 189, Albany NY 12201-0189. Please do not send cash. Make check payable to: NYS Thruway Authority. Your canceled check will be receipt of payment. Please include your driver’s license identification number on your check and include your unpaid toll slip with your payment.

    If you are inquiring about a cashless tolling bill, please call the customer service center at 1-844-826-8400.If you received an E-ZPass violation and wish to pay it online please visit, select violations or call 1-800-333-8655.

    Register For New York State Thruway E

    NJ drivers would pay additional toll to travel into NYC

    If you want to know how to register for New York State Thruway E-ZPass online, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your browser and to go the official website of New York State Thruway
  • Then choose your state or province
  • Read the information and click on the Continue button
  • Fill in the information and click on the Continue button
  • After that, fill out the rest of the form and follow the websites steps to register for a New York State Thruway E-ZPass.

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    Cashless Tolling Billing Segments

    The Thruways toll rate structure did not change with the conversion to cashless tolling. There are, however, some slight changes to the way transactions will be displayed on E-ZPass statements and Tolls by Mail invoices.

    The Thruway ticketed system has been divided into 14 segments 6 start/end segments and 8 fixed toll segments . In the illustration below, the brown and green highway gantries represent the tolling segments. These brown and green highway gantries are located between exits. The blue gantries are located on the entry/exit ramps of the Thruway.

    Each time a driver travels under a fixed toll gantry , the toll will display on an E-ZPass statement or toll bill invoice as a fixed toll transaction .

    For each start/end segment , the toll will be based on where you entered and exited. When a driver travels through multiple segments, multiple transactions will appear on their statement/invoice.

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    How To Pay A Missed Toll

    If you have missed toll payment in New York, here aresome of the ways to make back payments to cover up outstanding debts.

    #1 Online Payment: You can visit New York Toll By MailsWebsite to make payment. There are two procedures under this segment. They are:

    • Payment by License Plate: This particular optionwill provide the toll plaza in which the violation occurred the toll amountand the date. You will need to register this information with the Departmentof Motor Vehicles , and thetransaction history will be available in about one week after the submission ofdetails.
    • Paying Toll Received via Mail/Email: This otheroption involves more detailed information regarding the toll transaction. Youwill be provided with the date and time of the EZ Pass violation as well as thetoll plaza. You may also register an email address through which you canreceive toll bills in the future.

    #2 TollPayment Mail: Another way to pay for a missed toll in New York is to mail a copy ofthe invoice along with the payment to this address Toll Processing Center POBOX 15183 Albany, NY 12212-51853.

    #3 Paydirectly at an EZ Pass Customer Service Center: You canwalk into any EZ Pass customer service center to pay foryour mossed tolls if you have an EZ Pass account. If you dont have an EZ Passaccount, cash payment is also allowed. Just search for the nearest servicecenter to your location. For further inquiries, feel free to call on thistoll-free number to find out more 1-844-826-8400.

    Is There A Monthly Charge For E

    Tolls Are Going Up on New Jerseys Atlantic City ...

    New Jersey’s E-ZPass system charges customers $18 in annual fees: $1 monthly service fee and another $1 for bi-monthly statements. New customers must make a refundable $10 deposit per tag if their replenishment method is cash or check. The minimum balance on an account is $25.

    E-ZPass Costs by State.

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    Who Owns And Operates The System

    The state Thruway Authority owns the system and has the authority under the law to charge tolls to use the roadway.

    Conduent, a digital services company that operates nationwide, is contracted by the state to administer the E-ZPass and Tolls by Mail programs on the states behalf.

    The state worked with Kapsch, an Austrian IT company, to install and maintain the cashless tolling equipment. Cashless Tolling Constructors LLC, comprising multiple regional construction groups, installed the steel gantries and will oversee the toll plaza removal and interchange reconfiguration.

    Cashless Tolling Facility In New York

    If you are traveling on a cashless toll facility road, and do not have an E-ZPass, you have the option to pay tolls in advance to your trip, right after you make a trip or, pay tolls once you receive a bill as Tolls by Mail. Either of these ways, you will pay the same toll rates as cash.If you wish to know the toll prices and toll payment methods accepted at each toll booth on your way, the TollGuru toll calculator can help you decide how to pay toll in New York.

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    New York Toll Calculator

    Looking to calculate tolls for a road trip on Google Maps? Use the US Toll Calculator App! See total trip cost breakdown – tolls, fuel and other charges, tags – E-ZPass, SunPass, FasTrak, TxTag – toll plaza, toll discounts. Travel on the cheapest or the fastest routes to your destination. For all vehicles – car, truck , EV, RV, bus, motorcycle – across US toll roads, turnpikes, expressways, express lanes, bridges, and tunnels.

    Business? Integrate Toll API for pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip toll and route information.

    What Do You Do If A Toll Violation Was Issued In Error

    Tolls between NY and NJ spike, taking some commuters by surprise

    Toll violations are hardly issued in error due to the advanced technology used at toll lanes. However, glitches are possible, and this may lead to errors. On a daily basis, quite a few drivers are issued a toll violation in error, and you could be one of them. If you suspect that you have not violated a toll lane, you can dispute it. But before then, you need to do your due diligence.

    • Make sure you have sufficient balance in your toll account: You can check your balance after exiting the toll gate and before you pass through another. If your balance covers the toll fee, then it means you probably didnt commit any offense intentionally
    • Make sure your transponder is working and properly positioned: Check your transponder to ensure it is positioned upright and is working well

    If yours is a case of being in the wrong lane or you didnt make the full payment for some reason, you can contact EZ Pass customer service to pay what you owe. If you want to go ahead to contest the violation, do visit the EZPass website to review instructions about how to dispute the violation notice issued to you.

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    Common Causes Of Toll Violations

    Whenever a motorist drives through a toll booth and does not make a full payment for using the toll lane, the signpost will display a red light, and when this happens, the system will record a violation against the vehicle. Some of the most common toll violation causes are:

    Also, do note that toll violation notices are recorded and issued by Vehicle Enforcement Systems to violators.

    The Failure To Pay Or The Underpayment Of Toll

    If you do not pay off your toll, you violate the rules just by doing so. The failure to pay the necessary toll fare, on the other hand, is still considered a violation. A shortfall of tolls is extremely common among drivers who pass through toll booths regularly. Even though most drivers do not purposefully underpay a toll, it does happen from time to time nonetheless. The cash-based toll system will deduct whatever funds are left in your account if you have an E-Zpass account that does not have sufficient funds, leaving you with an additional balance that needs to be paid.

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    How To Calculate New York State Thruway Toll And Distance

    Follow the steps mentioned below to calculate your New York State Thruway toll and/or distance:

  • Open your browser and go to the official website of New York State Thruway or click here to visit the site.
  • Scroll down to the Travelers Resources box and click on the Toll & Distance Calculator.
  • Choose between the vehicle options
  • Choose the starting and ending point of your journey
  • Paying With An Ez Pass

    Cashless Tolling

    Paying your tolls with an EZ Pass has severaladvantages, but one of the major advantages has to do with the discount youenjoy, which may range between 30%-50% discount on toll charges. Here are theways to expedite payment using an E-Z Pass:

    • Automatic Replenishment

    To automatically replenish your E-Z Pass, all you have to do is simply link it to either your bank account or your credit or debit card. Having a loaded EZ Pass will help you avoid the anxiety of worrying about insufficient funds in your EZ Pass account. With this medium, your account will replenish automatically whenever the balance is low.

    • Pay Per Trip

    If you dontwant to link your credit or debit card or even your bank account to your E-ZPass, you can also pay for only the tolls you use per trip. To do this, simplylink your EZ Pass to your checking account, and you are good to go.

    Under this plan, you enjoy toll discounts, and it does not require you to link a bank account or card to it. To avail of this opportunity, just purchase an EZ Pass tag at the nearest Customer Service Center. After making the purchase, register it, and then refill it with cash.

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    What If A Vehicle’s License Plate Is Unreadable

    The Thruway Authority contends its system has enough safeguards in place to ensure it can properly bill motorists.

    The high-tech cameras on the tolling gantries capture photos of each vehicle’s license plate from multiple angles. If the automatic system doesn’t pick up the plate system on its own, it flags a manual review in which the photos can be enhanced and assessed by a human.

    Under state law, it’s the responsibility of the driver to ensure their license plate is clean, readable and unobstructed. Otherwise, the driver can face a fine of $25 to $200, according to the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

    Motorists should be fully aware of their responsibility to have clean and visible plates, and the New York State Police will enforce these vehicle traffic laws,” said Jennifer Givner, Thruway spokesperson.

    That said, thousands of New York motorists are driving around with plates that are peeling, a common problem that forced the state into changing vendors for the plates’ laminate covering. The state DMV offers free replacements for any peeling plates.

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