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Who Is The Current Mayor Of New York City

Other Elected City Officials

Eric Adams Becomes New York City’s Next Mayor

New York City is composed of five boroughs: Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Each borough elects a borough president and county district attorney. Click on a borough in the list above for the current borough president and county district attorney.

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New York has a Democratic mayor. As of May 2022, 62 mayors in the largest 100 cities by population are affiliated with the Democratic Party, 26 are affiliated with the Republican Party, four are independents, seven identify as nonpartisan or unaffiliated, and one mayor’s affiliation is unknown. While most mayoral elections in the 100 largest cities are nonpartisan, most officeholders are affiliated with a political party. for a list of the 100 largest cities’ mayors and their partisan affiliations.

Mayas Vision To Build A Better New York City

We all love New York City the energy, the people, the diversity, the nightlife, the culture. So why does it have to be so hard to get by and raise a family here? If this is truly going to be the greatest city on earth, then its also got to be the greatest place to live.

The greatest place to live has affordable housing. It actually keeps kids safe. It has excellent schools. Its a place where families can afford care, and care workers can afford to raise their own families. Its a place where small businesses thrive and immigrants are welcomed with open arms.

With courageous leadership, we have a chance to not just come back from this crisis but actually fix whats broken, and rebuild as a stronger, more equitable, and a better New York City

I am running for mayor to make sure that we dont just hand the keys over to Wall Street or Big Tech, but build a recovery that lifts up all of our communities. I am running for mayor to make sure our budget reflects our values, not a blank check to the NYPD. I am running to make sure that all of our kids are given a chance to succeed. Id be honored to have your #1 vote.

Adams Defeats Longshot Republican Candidate Curtis Sliwa

Sliwa, Adams’ opponent, did not stand much of a chance in a city where Democrats outnumber Republicans 7 to 1.

The Guardian Angels founder had described himself as a populist and sought to portray a “David versus Goliath” image against Adams.

Before running for mayor, Sliwa was well known in New York for his media antics and stunts, including faking crimes to fight for his Guardian Angels.

Sliwa opposed vaccine mandates and closing the Rikers Island jail complex. He also said he supported reversing police budget cuts and reducing the number of bike lanes in the city.

Conceding the race to Adams, Sliwa said he was offering friendship and solidarity to the new mayor.

“He’s gonna need it. He’s gonna need all the support he can get because of what Bill de Blasio is leaving behind,” Sliwa said, getting in a dig at the outgoing mayor.

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John Mulaney Mocks Eric Adams To His Face Over Nycs Soaring Crime Rate

Eric Adams will be the next mayor of New York City.

The Democrat cruised to victory Tuesday night over Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa in a race that was called just minutes after the polls closed at 9 p.m.

Adams had 67 percent of the vote while Sliwa carried just 28 percent, according to returns from the Board of Elections with 92 percent of precincts reporting.

Come Jan. 1, the ex-cop, former state senator and current Brooklyn borough president will take the reins of a Big Apple facing a sharp rise in violent crime and still shaking off the effects of more than a year of COVID-19 shutdowns.

Adams who rose from poverty, was beaten by cops and then joined the NYPD, becoming a reformer handily beat Guardian Angels founder and ex-radio host Sliwa, election results show.

Sliwa conceded the race around 9:45 p.m. and Adams bounded up onto the stage at his election night party in downtown Brooklyn to declare victory just minutes after.

Adams worked his way through the packed crowd gathered to celebrate at the Brooklyn Marriott at 10 p.m., relating a story about being directed to come in around the back stage entrance.

And he said, This is the way we want you to move,’ Adams said of an event organizer.

And I said to them Im the mayor.

The line drew cheers.

Adams also referenced his teenage arrest and police beating to illustrate just how far in life hed managed to come.

Adams has vowed to reverse several of de Blasios failed policing and school initiatives.

New York Citys Tumultuous Mayors Race Closes As Voters Struggle To Choose

Hillary Clinton being tapped for New York City mayoral run against Bill ...

Just 1% of the citys registered voters have turned out so far in a primary filled with allegations and accusations

New York City will effectively choose its next mayor in the coming days, drawing to a close a tumultuous election race marred by allegations of sexual misconduct, by the staff of one campaign launching a protest against their own candidate, and by accusations that at least one of the mayoral hopefuls doesnt actually live in the city.

The winner in Tuesdays Democratic primary will, given the leftward political leanings of the city, almost certainly win the election proper in November, and immediately be tasked with leading New York through its darkest period in several decades.

Americas largest city is still recovering from the death of more than 30,000 people from coronavirus, many of them during a harrowing two-month spell in early 2020. It is also engaged in a passionate debate about how to rebuild from the pandemic in a way that tackles longstanding issues of inequality.

A lack of affordable housing crisis, laid bare during Covid-19, looms over the city, while an election season that began with calls for partially defunding the New Yorks police department has pivoted in recent weeks, as a spike in shootings swung the debate in the opposite direction and propelled a Black former police officer, Eric Adams, to the top of the polls.

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Eric Adams Sworn In As Mayor Of New York City

The Democrat, a former police officer, has promised to welcome business and to focus on rising crime

New York Citys new mayor, Eric Adams, was sworn into office soon after midnight yesterday. It was a fitting time of day for a cop-turned-politico who has indicated that he plans to return some personal panache to a metropolis knocked by a pandemic, political strife and an outgoing mayor whose polling ranks beneath even Donald Trump with state voters.

For the moment, Adamss administration is, as one acquaintance put it, in the ether. The Democrat told the city council last week: We must allow our city to function. We have thrown $11bn at Covid, so the day has come when we need to learn to be smarter.

Adams got right to work. He took the subway to City Hall on 1 January to be at his desk by 8.30am, and held a cabinet meeting half an hour later.

Signs are hell be more focused than his predecessor Bill de Blasio, who campaigned on raising taxes and spoke divisively of a tale of two cities. On Friday, the New York Post described Democrat De Blasio as the citys worst ever. And thats with 109 mayors to choose from.

The New York Times, nominally friendly, found space to list his achievements only as creating universal kindergartens, eating pizza with a fork, setting a record for tallest mayor and accidentally dropping a groundhog named Charlotte, which later died of its injuries.

The Race To Replace Bill De Blasio: Who Will Be New York City’s Next Mayor

The new mayor will inherit a city reeling from Covid, high unemployment, surging gun violence and an exodus of residents

On New Years Day 2014, the New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio, entered office promising to end the tale of two cities with a progressive agenda that he said would address the economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love.

But seven years and a global pandemic later, campaigning to decide the Democrats successor is heating up, and the next mayor looks set to inherit a city where experts say those disparities are not only on the rise, but are in a state of crisis.

In the wake of coronavirus, which to date has killed more than 25,000 people in the city, New York faces an unemployment rate of 12.1% almost double that of the US overall the threat ofmass evictions, surging gun violence and burglary, a multibillion-dollar funding gap and an exodus of more than 300,000 residents.

This is undoubtedly the toughest situation any mayor has had to face, said Kathryn Wylde, the president and CEO of business group the Partnership for New York City. 9/11 was difficult, but it was contained to one geographic area of the city.

While she said the health implications of Covid-19 were becoming better understood, the economic impact is only just unfolding. So nobody really knows the consequences there, thats still a moving target and an increasing number.

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What’s Next For Mayor Bill De Blasio

When asked Monday night during NY1’s “Inside City Hall” about his future political aspirations, de Blasio hinted at a possible run for governor that has been rumored in recent months.

“There’s a lot of changes, a lot of things that need to be fixed in Albany. But I’m really looking forward to getting into this bigger discussion about where the state is going,” he said.

Politico reported Saturday de Blasio had finalized a filing with the state election board for a candidate committee to allow him to fundraise, though the forms did not specific for what office. The committee is called “New Yorkers for a Fair Future,” the report said.

A number of Democrats are reportedly interested in or have entered the race for governor after former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who sparred often with de Blasio, resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment.

The crowded primary could feature Gov. Kathy Hochul and a number of New York City natives, including state Attorney General Letitia James and the city’s Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.

De Blasio Became Nyc Mayor With High Hopes Leaves With Confounding Record

NBC News Projects Eric Adams Will Win New York City Mayoral Race

BIll De Blasio proved himself to be a capable manager who shepherded New York from the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic to a city that reopened schools, restaurants and theaters. | Richard Drew/AP Photo

12/30/2021 04:50 PM EST

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NEW YORK Bill de Blasio promised a transformation so extraordinary, New Yorkers would scarcely recognize their city if they elected him mayor. No longer would the upper crust gallivant around, untethered to the problems plaguing the masses. He would tax a relative few to expand pre-K for all, force developers to build affordable housing and rein in the nations most powerful police department.

After 20 years of Republican mayors, New Yorkers decided to take their chances on a Democratic political operative turned politician one who had violated a U.S. travel ban to honeymoon in Cuba and raised money for Nicaraguan revolutionaries. They seemed keen enough on his principles to shrug off questions about his management credentials.

Eight years later, supporters and detractors alike are confounded by what became of a man who assumed the mayoralty at a time of prosperity and is leaving office amid a crisis of immeasurable proportion.

In a phrase, its complicated.

That paradox, which became clear after he was in office just a year, intensified as he settled into a role he sometimes suggested he was only witness to.

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Who Is The Next Mayor Of New York City

The Following Contenders from the Democratic party and the Republican party are running to become the next Mayor of New York City, below you would learn about each candidate, what their current position is, what kind of political experience they have throughout their years and also what skills they are bringing to become the next mayor of New York City, to replace the current Mayor Bill De Blasio, in 2022.

Dr.Abbey with Eric Adams NYC Mayoral Candidate

Eric Adams Age: 60 Current job: Brooklyn borough president Adams, who entered politics after a 22-year career with the NYPD, co-founded 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care a group that spoke out against police brutality from inside the force while he was an officer. In 2006, he was elected to the State Senate, repping neighborhoods such as Crown Heights, Brownsville, and Park Slope for four terms before becoming borough president in 2013.While serving as the cheerleader-in-chief for Brooklyn, he has cultivated a reputation as a champion for immigrant communities and the needs of small businesses. As a former cop, he has nuanced views on police reform and can perhaps build a coalition of Black New Yorkers and more conservative white voters. His platform so far has zeroed in on public safety and revitalizing the economy. He literally lives at the office. During the early days of the pandemic, Adams set up a makeshift crash pad at Brooklyn Borough Hall, sleeping on a mattress in front of his desk.

Democrat Eric Adams Elected New York City’s Next Mayor Republican Curtis Sliwa Concedes

NEW YORK — Democrat Eric Adams has been elected New York City’s next mayor.

According to the Associated Press, as of 10:52 p.m., Adams had 67% of the vote with 63% of precincts reporting.

It was a party at Adams’ headquarters in downtown Brooklyn, CBS2 polticial reporter Marcia Kramer says.

Adams gave a heartfelt victory speech, speaking about his mother’s influence and the regret that he had that he wasn’t able to share the moment with her. She passed away at age 83 during the primary.

He also talked about being a child of poverty and being dyslexic.

The message he was trying to convey to New Yorkers was, “If I can do it, you can do it.” Many times during his speech, he said, “I am you.” He says he wants New Yorkers to believe again.

“I am you. I am you. After years of praying and hoping and struggling and working, we are headed to City Hall … This campaign was for the underserved, the marginalized, the abandoned. This campaign was for those who have been betrayed by their government,” Adams said.

Watch Adams’ victory speech —

Gov. Kathy Hochul also made an appearance during Adams’ speech to wish him good luck and vow that the city and state would work together.

Adams will be the city’s second Black mayor. The first was David Dinkins, who defeated Ed Koch in 1989.

As CBS2’s Dick Brennan reports, Adams has shown his ability to attract a broad coalition of voters and manage to hold the center while progressives push their agenda.

Watch Cory James’ report —


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Mayoral Terms And Term Limits In New York City Since 1834

Direct elections to the mayoralty of the unconsolidated City of New York began in 1834 for a term of one year, extended to two years after 1849. The 1897 Charter of the consolidated City stipulated that the mayor was to be elected for a single four-year term. In 1901, the term halved to two years, with no restrictions on reelection. In 1905, the term was extended to four years once again. In 1993, the voters approved a two-term limit, and reconfirmed this limit when the issue was submitted to referendum in 1996. In 2008, the New York City Council voted to change the two-term limit to three terms . Legal challenges to the Council’s action were rejected by Federal courts in January and April 2009. However, in 2010, yet another referendum, reverting the limit to two terms, passed overwhelmingly.


Principal source:The Encyclopedia of New York City especially the entries for “charter” and “mayoralty”.

  • Mayor Strong, elected in 1894, served an extra year because no municipal election was held in 1896, in anticipation of the consolidated City’s switch to odd-year elections.
  • George B. McClellan Jr. was elected to one two-year term and one four-year term
  • David Dinkins was not affected by the term limit enacted in 1993 because he had served only one term by 1993 and failed to win re-election.
  • In November 2010, yet another popular referendum, limiting mayoral terms to two, passed overwhelmingly.
  • Interrupted terms

    List Of Mayors Of New York City

    De Blasio

    The mayor of New York City is the chief executive of the Government of New York City, as stipulated by New York City’s charter. The current officeholder, the 109th in the sequence of regular mayors, is Bill de Blasio, a member of the Democratic Party.

    During the Dutch colonial period from 1624 to 1664, New Amsterdam was governed by the Director of New Netherland. Following the 1664 creation of the British Province of New York, newly renamed New York City was run by the British military governor, Richard Nicolls. The office of Mayor of New York City was established in 1665. Holders were appointed by colonial governors, beginning with Thomas Willett. The position remained appointed until 1777. That year, during the American Revolution, a Council of Appointment was formed by the State of New York. In 1821 the New York City Council then known as the Common Council began appointing mayors. Since 1834, mayors have been elected by direct popular vote.

    Before 1898, the city included little beyond the island of Manhattan. The 1898 consolidation created the city as it is today with five boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. The first mayor of the expanded city was Robert Anderson Van Wyck.

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