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What To Do In New York In September

Walk Over The Brooklyn Bridge

September Weather in New York City

The Brooklyn Bridge can be walked over 24 hours a day. There’s so much to know about this iconic bridge and the views from it.

You can use our guide to walking the Brooklyn Bridge to make the most out of your experience. Or try our GPS-enabled audio tour of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Be sure to consider our daily guided tour or if you’d like to see the bridge at night, join us for our combined 911 Memorial and Brooklyn Bridge Night Tour.

Bryant Park Film Festival And Bryant Park Picnic Performances

One of the best things to do in September in New York is visiting the free Bryant Park Film Festival and picnic performances in Bryant Park. In the heart of Manhattan, people gather in the summer months with blankets and chairs theyve brought themselves to relax at the outdoor movie theater and concerts by the New York Philharmonics.

You can get a seat from 5pm, the films start around 8pm as darkness falls, and the Philharmonic concerts 7pm. You can find out more about the events and the free concerts here with us and on the Bryant Park website.

Labor Day Weekend In Nyc

Monday, September 6, 2021. Some of the best things to do Labor Day Weekend in New York City include The West Indian Parade, U.S. Tennis Open, Yankees, Metropolitan Opera, Electric Zoo Festival, Outdoor and Indoor Concerts, Free Museum Admission for military families and much more.

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The Feast Of San Gennaro

The annual Feast of San Gennaro attracts both New Yorkers and visitors to Little Italy in September. Why? The 11-day long festival will spoil you with Italian specialties, parades, eating contests, and free concerts.

The festival celebrates the life of San Gennaro of Naples, who was once the Bishop of Benevento in Italy. He died a martyrs death in A.D. 305. The next Feast of San Gennaro in 2021 will mark its 95th anniversary in Little Italy. Besides a church service, there is a parade in honor of the patron saint, a meatball eating competition, a zeppole eating competition, and the festivals highlight: the cannoli eating contest.

  • Other Attraction inLittle ItalyAdd to myNYadded

    Each neighborhood has their own vibe and culture. New York City has some of the best street art and Little Italy is known for their great hidden graffiti. One of the most well-known of the city is located at 176 Mulberry St which features a mural of the the icon, Audrey Hepburn. Many more great spots can be photographed and admired there.

  • Take Photos Of The Impressive Police Headquarters Apartments

    Things to do in NYC in September 2021

    The former Police Headquarters Building on Centre Street is in its full splendour and gives you an idea of how the NYPD once marched from here to their operations. As you walk through Little Italy, you cant miss the building. Today it is also known as the Police Building Apartments.

    It occupies the entire block between Grand, Centre, Broome Street and Centre Market Place and gives you an idea of how the NYPD used to go in and out.

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    Utilize A Tourist Attraction Discount Pass

    If you’re looking to see and do as much as possible, using a New York City tourist attraction discount pass can help you save money and time.

    Attractions Available on Passes Include:

    • Museum of Modern Art
    • 9/11 Memorial and Guided Tour
    • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • Madison Square Garden All Access Tour

    These passes save you money by bundling dozens of popular attractions and tours into one discounted ticket .

    They can also save you time by allowing you to skip the ticket lines and numerous locations. Read our post comparing your options.

    For more ideas for any time of year, be sure to read our master post on things to do in NYC.

    Metropolitan Opera Summer Hd Festival

    In the past, you have been able to see an amazing performance by this world-famous opera on a huge HD screen in the heart of Lincoln Center’s Plaza.

    The Met Opera Summer HD Festival is free to attend and there are more than 3,000 seats as well as additional standing room.

    If you are interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes at Lincoln Center, you can take a tour. Find out more here.

    Unfortunately, this event has yet to be confirmed for 2021, and given that the return season for the Metropolitan Opera begins on September 27th, chances are they won’t do the Summer Festival this year.

    But hey! Maybe you can get tickets to one of the first Metropolitan Opera performances of 2021!

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    A Warm Versatile Jacket

    As I hinted at above, my recommendation for what kind of jacket to wear in New York in fall depends on when exactly in fall you are visiting. Fall in New York really has two distinct halves the one that is the tail-end of summer, and the one that is the harbinger of winter.

    So, if youre deciding what to wear in New York in September, Id recommend bringing a lighter jacket rather than a full winter coat. This is the perfect time to wear your favorite leather jacket bonus points if its black, so youll fit in with all the other New Yorkers. The crisp fall air is perfect for your leather jacket.

    In addition to this, a simple black cardigan or a chambray shirt which can be worn unbuttoned is a great and lightweight addition to your New York fall wardrobe. I love these options because they are perfect to wear for the daytime before transitioning to your heavier jacket at night, and they dont take up much space in your bag.

    If youre planning what to wear in New York in October or November, it gets a little trickier. The end of October is particularly finicky. Ive experienced everything from literal snowstorms to literal hurricanes in the final week of October! Of course, both of those are freak occurrences and not likely to happen during your fall in New York, but just be aware that its not unusual to have extreme weather in the late fall in NYC.

    Cancelled Coney Island Mermaid Parade

    New York City schools to reopen in September, foreign students to return home: Trump

    Moved to September 12, 2021

    The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is the nations largest art parade and one of New York Citys greatest summer events. The 3,000+ participants dress in hand-made costumes, while celebrating ancient mythology and honky-tonk rituals of the seaside. The Mermaid parade is always a summer highlight in NYC and one of our favorite annual local things to do!

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    Nyc Still Rising Comedy Show

    NYC Still Rising After 20 Years: A Comedy Celebration will bring together many of the greatest comedians of our generation including Dave Attell, Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle, Michael Che, Ronny Chieng, Pete Davidson, Jimmy Fallon, Colin Jost, John Mulaney, Jay Pharoah, Colin Quinn, Amy Schumer, Tom Segura, Jon Stewart, and Wanda Sykes on Sept 12. All proceeds from this event will benefit 9/11 charities.

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    The Best Tips In September And October In New York

    In NYC, September is still a warm month with temperatures up to 75°F or 24°C but cooler temperatures in the morning and evening. Its a great month to visit the city since the weather is ideal with fewer tourists because most families have kids back in school during that time.Then in October, temperatures cool down, and rain becomes part of the forecast. Depending on the year, you can enjoy some beautiful sunny days with highs in the upper 20°C or 68°F or 10°C or 50°F if it rains and very rarely snow at the end of October. In October 2011, snow surprised many New Yorkers!!! If youre planning to visit NYC in October, my advice is to pack your suitcase last minute according to the weather forecast and make sure you have a little bit of everything!!!! Now, traveling in October is the best tip for photographs. The trees change colors this month, and youll see the autumn foliage in small parks, especially in Central Park. Youll need a little bit of sun, and youll enjoy taking beautiful photos!!!You can share your romantic moment on a stroll with your loved one in Central Park. The other best tip is to rent a small boat and navigate quietly in the heart of New York City in a beautiful fall setting. A real enjoyable moment..

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    The Beast Is Back In 2021

    Locals and visitors alike absolutely LOVE the Beast Speedboat ride. Revel in up close views of the financial district, Empire State Building, World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Brooklyn Bridge, South Street Seaport and more, without ever leaving the water. We’ll try not to spoil the surprise, but let’s just say don’t bring anything that can’t get wet:)

    May 27 – Sept 26, 2021, 10:00 am6:00 pm, every hour on the hour, 30 minute ride

    A Travel Daypack Or Purse

    Top 14 Things to Do in New York in September

    While in general, pickpocketing is not a major issue in New York the way it is in many European cities, that doesnt mean it doesnt happen especially in crowded places like Times Square or a rush-hour subway car.

    I lived in NYC for nine years and was never the victim of theft .

    However, if youre going to be spending a lot of your time in touristy places in New York, I do recommend investing in a bag with some security features. Make sure its one that you like so you can use it in other cities around the world! I am obsessed with my PacSafe backpack and its been with me to nearly 30 countries since purchasing it.

    It has interlocking zippers, RFID blockers, and slash-proof construction and is basically theft-proof . Its also actually cute and stylish, so you wont look out of place in New York. Be sure to put it in front of you while on the subway its polite, but its also the best way to prevent theft.

    Of course, if you dont like carrying a backpack, a purse also works. I recommend a cross-body bag you can wear in front of you so you can keep an eye on it.

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    Check The Nyc Insider Guide September Events Calendar

    Check out all the Best September Events in New York City. The US Tennis Open, San Gennaro Festival, Broadway Week and Fashion Week. The new Broadway season kicks off with Back to Broadway month, and we check the critics reviews in anticipation of the hottest new shows.

    The Opera, Philharmonic and Ballet all start their new seasons, just as the Giants and Jets are kicking off their football seasons. September is jam-packed in NYC with fun indoor and outdoor activities and it usually one of the best times of year to visit NYC.

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    New York Caribbean Carnival Parade

    On September 6th, things are getting hot, hot, hot with the colorful, flavorful, and lively parade in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

    There will be floats with fantastic dancers shaking their stuff to the sounds of Caribbean culture. Grab a Ginger Beer and a Jamaican Beef Patty and you are all set!

    Find out more information here.

    NOTE: This parade can get pretty wild and extremely crowded. If you do not like crowds, you should skip this event. Also, it’s best not to bring the little ones!

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    Coney Island Mermaid Parade

    The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is one of the craziest events in New York City and will take place on September, 12th at 1 pm. Every year, thousands of costumed people make their way to the surf Avenue on Coney Island. Pirates, cuttlefish, sailors, mermaids with mussel shirts and bras mixed with music and many festivals seem like a mixture of Christopher Street Day and Cologne Carnival. All together they celebrate the beginning of the summer a great idea for all who love the carnival. Afterward, you can also relax at the nearby Brighton Beach and enjoy the sun.

    Nyc Packing List September

    Security ramped up in NYC for September 11th anniversary

    As the warm weather departs, you will have to be even more careful and extensive with your packing. You must carry light breathable clothing for your days out in the New York sun. However, keep scarves hand as well. Heavy jackets probably wont be required. Rains are likely for up to 10 days in September, so keep the umbrella and waterproof clothing handy. You may also want to have sunblock with you. If you are planning to do some walking around, you will need comfortable walking shoes as well.

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    The Governors Ball Music Festival

    Great music, delicious food, fun times, and unforgettable memoriesthats only a fraction of what you can expect from this years Governors Ball Music Festival. With four stages, over seventy acts, and amazing art pieces lining the grounds, youll be hard-pressed not to have a good time. With an impressivley stacked lineup this year, rain or shine, you should be there. Get your tickets here.

    Or Get Your Fashion On At The New Dior Exhibit

    The Brooklyn Museum is also opening a dazzling new exhibit centered around fashion icon Dior, called Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams. The exhibit promises to be a must-visit for fashion lovers, as it will feature over 200 haute couture garments as well as photographs, archival videos, sketches, vintage perfume elements, and accessories, and features works from the Museums collection! Read more here.

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    What To Pack For New York In Fall: What To Wear & Bring

    Disclosure: This post is brought to you in partnership with Moon Travel Guides. All opinions and recommendations expressed are entirely my own.

    Lets be honest about New York: no one lives there for its weather.

    There are few things that New Yorkers can agree upon, but the fact that fall is the best season to be in New York is surely one of them.

    New Yorks winters are about three months too long, stretching on so that it feels like half a year. Spring lasts about three weeks, only in bits and pieces, teasing you before plummeting back into winter temperatures or before giving itself over to a miserable, scorching summer.

    Oh, summer. That time of year when the subways feel like saunas , throngs of families finally able to travel on their school breaks flood the streets, and theres a pervasive heavy humidity to the air that so that walking feels like wading through water.

    But fall, fall is the promised land when it comes to New York seasons. The smothering humidity lessens to a crisp, fluttering breeze. The leaves on the trees do their yearly magic to ripen to red slowly, before fluttering down onto the streets in a cascade of satisfyingly crunchy leaves. Chafed thighs and underboob sweat are banished . Its the little things.

    Visiting New York in fall means that you can actually visit it the way its best experienced: slowly, deeply, and on foot.

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    Things To Do In Nyc In September

    Top 14 Things to Do in New York in September

    NYC’s September calendar is brimming with excitement, including tons of festivals, exhibits, and Broadway fall previews. The US Open starts the month off, plus there are blockbuster concerts, the San Gennaro Festival, the Chile Pepper Festival, the Cloisters’ Medival Festival, and much more! From walking the High Line to exploring Greenwich Village to taking a cruise to the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, you won’t want to miss out on any of this. There’s history to be learned at Ellis Island, Broadway shows to gawk over, food halls to dine in, and plenty of views to take in while on top of the Empire State Building. From Brooklyn Heights to the Upper West Side, the Big Apple will not disappoint.

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    Things To Do In New York In September: Exhibits

    Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion at Brooklyn Museum is the first Cardin retrospective hosted in New York in 40 years. It will display over 170 objects from the Pierre Cardin archive, including fashion pieces. It will also make connections between Cardin’s futuristic aesthetic and that of his design contemporaries. Cardins bold, geometric fashions reflected mid-century advances in technology and industrymost explicitly those concerned with space exploration. In fact, on a visit to NASA in 1971, Cardin donned an Apollo 13 astronaut suit and became the only civilian ever to do so!


    Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit The event showcases fine artists and craft artisans from around the New York metropolitan area, the nation and the world. Attendees come from all over and are a cosmopolitan mix, including art lovers, tourists, faculty and students from the area’s many schools and professionals such as interior designers.

    Opening September 12 during New York Fashion Week, The World of Anna Sui celebrates one of the countrys top designers at the Museum of Arts and Design . The 75 fashion looks on display in this exhibition will showcase Anna Suis decades-long career, beginning with the groundbreaking fashion show in 1991 that introduced the world to her one-of-a-kind eclectic aesthetic.

    Pieces from Shepard Fairey’s Obey Giant series, part of his 30th anniversary collection. Photo: Dan Bradica, courtesy of Beyond the Streets.

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