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Rooms For Rent Bronx $600

Rooms For Rent In Bronx From $100 To $500


Coming to the New York City can sometimes be a big investment, especially if you plan on staying for a long period of time. Now, if you happen to look for rooms for rent in Bronx between 100 to 500 dollars, we can help you out. Namely, Bronx is a pretty big part of New York City and it has lots of rooms for rent. But, most of those rooms are pretty expensive and costly, especially if you are only visiting for the first time.

However, there are some places where you can look for affordable and comfortable rooms in Bronx, and we are here to show you these places. Now, lets take a closer look into the article and see what we have prepared for you today.

First, we must say that finding these affordable and under the budget rooms is very hard and sometimes basically impossible. But, luckily for you, there are some places where you can find rooms for rent in Bronx that will fit perfectly in your budget. Lets see.

Things To Do In Bronx

Bronx is top of the shops for retail.
  • Few shops per resident
  • Significantly more shops than average
  • Significantly more shops than areas of a similar size
  • Grocery Stores

    There are some super markets around here.
  • Few grocery stores per resident
  • Significantly more grocery stores than average
  • Significantly more grocery stores than areas of a similar size
  • Gas Stations

    You won’t have to drive far to fill up around here.
  • Few gas stations per resident
  • Significantly more gas stations than average
  • A standard number of gas stations compared to areas of a similar size
  • Restaurants

    Rest assured, you won’t go hungry around here.
  • Few restaurants per resident
  • Significantly more restaurants than average
  • A standard number of restaurants compared to areas of a similar size
  • Coffee

    Oh la latte, not a bad spot for getting a cup of joe.
  • Few coffee shops per resident
  • Significantly more coffee shops than average
  • 66% fewer coffee shops than areas of a similar size
  • Parks

    You’ll be living the park life in Bronx.
  • Few parks per resident
  • Significantly more parks than average
  • 50% fewer parks than areas of a similar size
  • Pet Services

    Sit. Stay. Good boy. Bronx is a good place for pets.
  • Few pet facilities per resident
  • Significantly more pet facilities than average
  • 72% fewer pet facilities than areas of a similar size
  • Medical Care

    You won’t get sick of medical care here.
  • Few medical facilities per resident
  • Significantly more medical facilities than average
  • Nightlife

    Happy hour starts at six around here.

    Are There Rooms For Rent In Nyc Under $800

    Okay, now if you increase your budget a bit then you can get all the services at rooms for rent in NYC under $800. 3 to 4-star hotel rooms can be available in this category. Sometimes if discount rates are going on then you may get 5-star hotels also for under $800.

    The average rent for an apartment in NYC is $3470 approx. But, a single room is for under $800 all time. So, to take the comfy like the home you can also book an apartment room.

    Lets explain some rooms addresses and rates.


    Details of hot tub hotels in NYC including address, phone number, prices, and reviews

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    Details Of Rooms For Rent In Nyc No Deposit

    If you are looking for room rents in NYC then be careful. New York is an expensive city than any other city. So, compare the rates first. Never take help from an agent. Lets see the rooms for rent in NYC with no deposit:

  • Studio in Upper Manhattan .
  • Beautiful and modern designed Studio apartment .
  • Renovated hotel room 3 blocks from the train station .
  • Which Are The Accommodations I Should Choose For The Budget

    room for rent bronx 600 room to rent from spareroom

    Everyone, wants budget-friendly accommodation to stay in. At the time of traveling finding reasonable rated stays or accommodations are quite difficult. NYC has 93+ budget-friendly hotels around me. Also, you can book rooms for rent for $400 a month near me.

    To get a guaranteed cheap rate you have to compare the rates of rooms for rent $300 a month NYC. Lets explore the budget accommodations in NYC.

  • Super 8 by Wyndham Bronx.
  • Americana Inn.
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    Searching For The Best Apartments For Rent In The Bronx

    If you are looking for the best apartments for rent in The Bronx, start your search with ApartmentLove. Our unique system allows you to filter and customize your rental searches and find the perfect apartment for your needs.

    Once you find a Bronx apartment for rent that meets your needs in terms of rent, work commutes, shopping, and other important amenities, act quickly. Get in touch with the property manager or owner and schedule a showing so you do not lose the rental to another potential tenant.

    The Bronx is a diverse area, and we at ApartmentLove support diversity. Not only can our search engine help you to find the best place for you, but our large number of highly trained and diverse employees will be able to help you every step of the way. Search for an apartment now and solidify your future in The Bronx!

    Popular Neighborhoods In The Bronx

    There are many incredible neighborhoods to choose from when living in the Bronx. It is in fact known for its gorgeous Co-Op City which is the biggest cooperatively-run area in the entire United States, with over 35,000 residential units. Check out some of the great neighborhoods that you can find in the Bronx below!

    • Bedford Park

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    Rooms For Rent For $500 A Month

    Not only in NYC you can find rooms under $500 for a month in the USA. Generally, apartment rooms and hotel rooms cost more than $500 a month. People can find motels under $500 a month near me.

    What do we all want from the accommodation? We want the best accommodation for cheap rates. Most people think that motels are not a good option. But, if you havent tried it once then how can you understand whether motels are good or not.

    In popular cities with nearby attractions, you cant get apartment rentals for under $500. The average rate of these apartment room rentals is $100-$1500per month. So, try the motel rooms for rent for $500 a month.

    What Does Two Bedroom Suites Nyc Means

    HUGE! One Bedroom Apartment For Rent In The Bronx- Grand Concourse| Bronx Apartment Tour|Pinn Realty

    Two-bedroom suite means it is including two different bedrooms with king or queen beds.

    Explore and enjoy extended stays at two-bedroom suites in NYC. Suites are like apartments with huge space, updated design, special offers, and ultimate relaxation.

    What are the special facilities available at suites in NYC for guests?

    • Flat-screen TV.

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    We Can Help You Move In Immediately


    Rooms for single occupancy start at $175 weekly. To move in, a minimum of 1 week rent and 2 weeks security is required , plus our $175 finders fee.


    Rooms for couples start at $200 weekly. To move in, a minimum of 1 week rent and 2 weeks security is required , plus our $200 finders fee.


    We require you to submit your picture ID and two recent pay stubs for proof of employment. If receiving a monthly income such as Pension or SSI/SSD we ask for you to submit an award letter or pension letter.


    How Can I Book Hotels In Nyc With Balconies

    New York City has several hotels with balconies and hotels with private jacuzzies. The Sherry Netherland is the best place to stay in New York. So, if you want to book a hotel with a balcony at The Sherry Netherland, then you have to use the search filter.

    When you are searching NYC hotels then filter the search with hotels with balconies, also put the range you want. After that, the hotel list will be shown to you. Now, compare prices and deals to select a hotel room for you.

    What are the hotels with balconies in NYC?

    Hotels with balconies in NYC Address

    Details of NYC hotels with balconies including address, phone number, price, class, and review

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    How To Get Rooms For Rent $300 A Month Nyc

    Our motive is to help you get cheap rooms for rent $300 a month NYC for your trip. But, cheap means only from the cost, not from the quality. Good quality services at a low cost are called perfect accommodation.

    There are many types of cheap rooms to rent in NYC available. Now, hotel rooms are more expensive than motel rooms but have more features. If you want rooms for rent $300 a month NYC then you have to book either motel rooms or 2-star hotel rooms.

    Dont think you will get the best room to stay offline. Online is the one and only way to get the best cheap rates for monthly rooms in NYC.

    Search on google and filter the price, location, and some basic needs to get a list of perfect rooms for rent $300 a month NYC.

    What are the things to consider when booking a room?

    • Friendly-staff.
    • Guest reviews.

    Room For Rent $200 A Month Near Me In An Apartment

    Room for rent in East Bronx for $600

    Firstly, always dont find hotel rooms for cheap rates in NYC. There are several substitutes for hotels which you may try. Like, you can try Apartment room rentals for $200 a week or month.

    For the minimum and maximum rates you want, use the filter on the booking site. There you will also compare the deals and facilities offered by the cheap apartments in nyc for $300. But, only in the rural areas of NYC or in the downtown cities you will get this much of cheap rates. Dont expect a $200 a month room in popular cities of NYC.

    Also, if you want to stay in a hostel, which has shared rooms then you will get a $200 a month room there. As in the hostel, you have to pay for your bed only, and breakfast is included in this rate.

    Some people are confused that it is legal or not to rent an NYC apartment room. But, dont worry! It is completely legal.

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    Find A Few More Stay/rooms Near Bronx Ny

    Jersey City, NJHudson County 4 weeks agoRoomSingle RoomGenderFemaleAvailable From02 May 2022BathroomAge25 to 45

    Rooms available on single/sharing basis. Furnished with bed, mattress. Amenities include kitchen with gas stove, fridge, heat, electric and wifi. Path train station , Indian n other grocery stores in 3 to 4 min walking distance. Indian grocery stores, Riteaid phar…

    2 month agoAd TypeRoom OfferedRoomSingle RoomGenderMale/FemaleAvailable From15 Jul 2022BathroomAttachedAge18 to 99

    new york single room test ad from sulekha . new york single room test ad from sulekha . for testing purpose

    1 year agoAd TypeRoom OfferedRoomSingle RoomGenderMaleAvailable From31 Mar 2021BathroomAge18 to 99

    How Much Do Two

    I can’t seem to escape the sins of my smart-alec youth Here are my amends. I wrote those lines, “The Bronx? No thonx ” I shudder to confess them. Now I’m an older, wiser man I cry, “The Bronx? God bless them!” – Ogden Nash

    Celebrated for both its up-yours attitude toward life and its pigheadedness in solving the latest social ills, the Bronx scatters the urban excitement and diverse population of New York City over wider and more affordable spaces. Unfairly characterized as a less-than-savory collection of tenement buildings, the borough also boasts architecturally awesome estates and about 7,000 acres of park land. Since the 1980s, large-scale community fixes have launched the Bronx on an upward trajectory and made it a great place to search for rentals.

    Having trouble with Craigslist Bronx? Can’t find that special apartment for rent on Apartment Finder or Zillow? Apartment List is here to help!

    Studio apartments could offer the best of Bronx living at a less expensive price tag than larger units. Look for the best buildings near entertainment, dining, and public transportation or highway access.

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    How Can I Find Rooms For Couples To Rent Nyc

    Yes, finding a couple of rooms in New York may be somewhat difficult. Most of the hotel rooms are for family. If you are a married couple then dont worry! You can find them easily. But if not then research a little more and find out the rooms.

    There are also room rents for one day near me for everyone if needed.

    So, for a short trip or any other purpose, you can book a room for just a day also.

    Which are the couple-friendly stays in NYC?

    Rooms in NYC

    Details of Rooms in NYC with address, Phone Number, Price, and Reviews

    Rooms For Rent $300 A Month Nyc

    1 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Bronx, NY

    New York is a great city in the USA and famous for tourist attractions all over the city. New York has the best entertainment places in it like clubs, theaters, malls, fashion hubs, etc. But, due to its popularity, it is a costly city. Although we have some tips to find rooms for rent $300 a month NYC.

    Finding accommodation is the main task for the trip. And everyone needs to stay in budget-friendly accommodation. So, lets discuss the ways to get cheap rooms for rent $300 a month NYC.


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    Apartments For Rent In Bronx

    Providing the best housing options for rent in the Bronx. Rent with confidence knowing these Bronx properties were listed by trusted ApartmentLove® partners.

    Everyone wants to live in The Big Apple, but its no secret that city living often comes with a cost. If you are looking for a cheap apartment for rent in New York City, then look no further than the Bronx. The Bronx is by far the most affordable of the 5 boroughs in NYC. While cheap, the area is by no means shabby, in fact, it has the reputation of being the friendliest New York City borough.

    Start your search for available apartment rentals in The Bronx with ApartmentLove today. You can choose from a variety of filters to help narrow your search results including studio apartments, townhouses, condos, pet-friendly, parking, on-site laundry, and more. Browse our apartment listings below!

    Points Of Interest In The Bronx

    Being located directly in New York City means you will never run out of places to see and things to do. There is a reason why tourism in the Bronx is so high it has been voted one of the greatest representations of cultural diversity in the world and it has a phenomenal nightlife and club scene. Here are a few of the most popular points of interest located in The Bronx.

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    The Bronx Apartments For Rent

    The South Bronx is in the midst of a development boom, with everything from affordable apartments to fancy condos sprouting up in the area. Renting an Apartment in the Bronx is relatively cheaper compared to other areas in NYC, with an average rent price of $1694. The Bronx seems to be a good choice for living on a budget in the New York area. Particularly, it is a neighborhood that offers easy access to the Metro areas major cultural and business hubs as well as cheap apartments in the Bronx.

    Rent Apartments

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