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How To Get From New York To Washington Dc

Best Time Of The Year To Take A Trip To Washington From New York City

$25 FlixBus NewYork to Washington DC

If you happen to be visiting New York in spring or fall, you will be able to take a tour to Washington at the best time of year. Winter in Washington is quite cold, and the problem with summer is that it usually rains at least once a week while being quite hot. Undoubtedly, the best time to visit Washington is spring, as you will have the opportunity to wander around the city during the stunningly beautiful cherry blossom season.

  • Winter

Guides To Public Transportation In Nyc And Dc

As both NYC and Washington, DC are very congested cities, it is often easiest to get around via public transportation. Though the Metro and Subway can be a bit intimidating at first, each is relatively easy to navigate once you understand how they work.

Below is a list of several guides we have written on how to use public transportation in both New York City and Washington, DC.

Washington, DC:

From Washington Dc To New York City: 4 Best Ways To Get There

Written by Lavanya SunkaraFeb 26, 2020

From the heart of the U.S. government to the cultural capital of America, there are many ways to travel. Getting from Washington D.C. to New York is a breeze, thanks to planes, buses, and trains. The easiest mode still remains flying, but if you are looking for a more leisurely or affordable way to travel between these two big Eastern cities, there are many ways to do so.

Catch an early morning flight to reach NYC in time for lunch, followed by sightseeing and dinner and a Broadway show in the evening. Travel through states like Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey by way of train, bus, or car for a weekend in New York City. Allocate at least a few days if you are visiting for the first time to explore its world-class museums and cultural attractions, catch sports games and concerts, and dine at fine restaurants.

Start planning your trip to New York City from Washington D.C. with our list of the four best transportation options, along with things to keep in mind with each choice. The ideal way will ultimately depend on your comfort level, budget, and personal preferences, but keep your itinerary in mind when picking the right mode of transportation.

Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed due to recent global health and safety issues.

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Flying Time From New York Ny To Washington Dc

The total flight duration from New York, NY to Washington, DC is 42 minutes.

This is the average in-air flight time based onactual flights taken over the past year, including routes like LGA to DCA.It covers the entire time on a typical commercial flight includingtake-off and landing.

If you’re planning a trip, you should also factorin extra time for the plane to pull back from the gate and taxi tothe runway, as well as reaching the destination gate after landing.If you include this extra time on the tarmac, the average totalelapsed time from gate to gate flying from New York, NY to Washington, DC is 1 hour, 10 minutes.

Finally, pilots might want to estimate the flight timeusing an average flight speed for a commercial airliner of 500 mph,which is equivalent to 805 km/h or 434 knots. If you don’t add anyextra time to increase or decrease speed for take-off and landing,then at constant speed your flight time would be 24 minutes.

If you’re booking a flight, make sure you check thescheduled departure and arrival times. You should also factor inairport wait times and possible equipment or weather delays.If you’re trying to figure out what time you’ll arriveat the destination, you may want to see if there’s atime difference between New York, NY and Washington, DC.

The calculation of flight time is based on thestraight line distance from New York, NY to Washington, DC , which is about 204 miles or 328 kilometers.

Is A Train The Cheapest Way To Get From New York To Washington

Travel Options Between NYC and Washington, DC

A bus from New York to Washington is currently going to be the least expensive option currently available. You can also find deals for a flight from New York to Washington starting at $87, or consider a train from New York to Washington starting at $58. Both of these alternative options are worth considering when looking to reach your destination.

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Pick Up And Drop Off Locations

New York to Washington DC Bus Service

When travelling by bus to Washington from New York, you will depart from midtown Manhattan. Please check our website and your ticket for exact stop details.

Our stops include Port Authority Gate #23, Gate #25 or Gate #29, 375 West 42nd Street or 51 Madison Ave .

These are conveniently located near Pennsylvania Station, NJ Transit, Madison Square Garden , midtown 7th avenue.

Riders of the Long Island Rail Road and Jersey Transit can connect easily by walking a few minutes or taking public transportation. For any Port Authority bus, there is a waiting room area near the gates.

The bus stop at DC is located at Union Station Bus Terminal, Slip 14.

Prior to the bus?s arrival and even during your journey, you can track the precise location and time of arrival for your specific bus. Simply click on the link that is included in your confirmation ticket email.

Avec Un Tour Operator

Si vous ne voulez pas vous prendre la tête, être sûr de ne pas vous perdre et ne voir que lessentiel, le Tour Operator peut être une bonne option. Sachez que tous les tours durent simplement une journée. Le départ est à 6h30 le matin et vous serez de retour en début de soirée à New York.

Que comprend ce Tour en Bus jusquà Washington DC?Vous aurez bien sûr le voyage en bus climatisé et connexion wifi gratuite aller et retour, ainsi que la présence dun guide dans le bus pour vous expliquer lhistoire de la ville. Loption en français est disponible.

Quel est le tarif?Le tarif est de 146,07 Euros par personne pour les adultes et gratuit pour les enfants de moins de 2 ans.

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Best Day Of The Week To Visit Washington From New York

As you might imagine, it’s best to visit Washington during the week and avoid Saturdays and Sundays. Specifically, the best days to do this trip are Mondays and Wednesdays, and most landmarks are usually less crowded after 2:00 p.m. Many of the museums and monuments are closed on holidays, so try to avoid public holidays to avoid missing anything.

How To Go From Jfk To Washington Dc

New York to Washington DC ð½ð? via bus

Hello there,

I will arrive in JFK around 4pm and I am looking for a way to reach Washington DC by bus or train. I exclude the flight option. I would like to reach my hostel in DC hopefully not too late in the night. Is there a direct bus or train from the airport? Otherwise, which one is the fastest and thus easiest option?

Thank you

You can go into Manhattan and take Amtrak to from New YorkPenn Station to Washington Union Station. No, nothing direct from JFK. A bus would get you to DC much later

If you book well in advance, you can get a one way Northeast Regional train for $49. The faster train, Acela, is more expensive.

You need to allow up to 2 hours to get though Customs and Immigration at JFK if you are coming in on an international flight. There’s nothing from JFK to DC you need to go to Manhattan. You can get a bus Bolt Bus and Megabus are both inexpensive and reliable. Or you can take Amtrak from Penn Station. The trip is about 3.5-4 hours.

The train is generally at least an hour faster than the bus – since the roads from NYC to DC have some of the worst traffic in the country – and any bad weather, traffic or accident can easily hold up the bus for an hour of more.

If you are landing at 4 pm you can t rely on leaving the airport before 6 pm or arriving at Penn Station in Manhattan before 7 pm – so I would not schedule a train before 8 pm which means getting into DC around midnight.

flight option”

Better yet, save all this agita and fly direct to Washington.

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The Best Option To Discover Washington Dc At An Unbeatable Price

At this price, this day trip is by far the most convenient way to explore DC from New York. An expert guide will make sure you get to see and learn about the most important landmarks of DC.

The best way to visit Washington from New York in one day, not miss anything of the city, and learn the history of each monument with an explanation of a professional guide is with an organized tour.

This tour is a full day tour with round trip transportation in an air-conditioned bus with WiFi. It takes about 4 hours to get to Washington from New York, and your group will consist of a maximum of about 50 people.

All admissions and tickets are included on this tour, and you will have free time at lunchtime to explore at your leisure and eat wherever you choose. If you’d like a few recommendations on where to eat in Washington, I’ll leave a few at the end!

During the trip, your guide will make sure you don’t miss any of the most relevant attractions of the city, like The White House, the U.S. Capitol, the Arlington National Cemetery, The Pentagon, the National Air and Space Museum, the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam and Korean Veterans Memorial.

Why I like this day trip: in addition to its good value for money, I recommend this activity because it includes a very complete tour of Washington in which you will get to see most of the city.

  • The White House

Bus Tickets From New York City To Washington Dc

Ready to leave the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple? Take the bus and visit some of the most important landmarks of our nations capital!

Peter Pan Bus Lines provides frequent, express trips from New York City to Washington DC, making it easy and affordable to visit the living history of America. Departing from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYCs central Midtown, the Peter Pan Bus will bring you right into Washington Union Station at the heart of the city. With our lowest price match guarantee, youll always get the best possible deal. If you see a lower priced ticket to take you from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to Union Station in DC , well gladly match it.

Our mobile app makes boarding more convenient than ever. No more printed tickets to keep track ofjust show your ticket to the driver on your mobile device at boarding time, and youre on your way. Each of our coaches is equipped with free Wi-Fi so youll be able to connect to your favorite apps, websites and more. Just kick back, relax and enjoy the ride!

The U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Transportation have awarded Peter Pan Bus Lines with the highest safety ratings. Our entire team makes your safety and comfort their top priority. Many of our active drivers have logged as many as 4 million miles without a single incident.

Looking for ways to save more money when you travel? Sign up today for Peter Pan Perks.

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The Flight From New York To Washington

Washington lies some 200 miles southeast of New York but planes do not always fly in a straight line from one city to another. Flights from JFK to Washington Ronald Reagan, for example, often head out over the Atlantic and skirt round New Jersey and approach the capital across Delaware. Planes heading to Dulles, on the other hand, may take an inland route, looping over Pennsylvania and Maryland.

The air link between the two cities dates back more than a century. In 1918 an airmail service between New York and Washington was established, with a stop at Philadelphia. But some pilots got lost or even ran out of fuel on the way. Today, with airlines operating jets travelling at more than 500mph there is no danger of that happening.

And with a flight time of just one hour travelling between New York and Washington by air is a lot quicker than it would be by land. Trains take at least three hours and the car journey takes even longer.

All the airports in New York and Washington are modern and well appointed, with an array of shopping and dining options, ground transportation, parking, and car hire facilities which mean the journey should be stress free and you can get into the city quickly and easily when you arrive.

Arriving early makes the experience more pleasurable and means you can relax and take advantage of the facilities on offer at the airport.

How Long Is The Flight

How to Get from Washington, DC to New York City

Flying to Washington, D.C., is the fastest way to travel when only taking into consideration time actually spent in the air, which is about an hour and 15 minutes. But once you factor in all of the time checking in at the airport, clearing security, waiting at your boarding gate, and actually getting to and from the airport, it actually takes much longer, and a train from Penn Station to Union Station will get you from one city center to the other much faster.

If you choose to fly to cut down on time, make sure to choose the airports that are most convenient for you. Each city has three major airports, so choosing one that is farther away could drastically cut out any time you save by flying. Ronald Regan National Airport is the closest one to the D.C. city center, but many flights land at either Dulles Airport or Baltimore Airport, which are significantly farther.

The two cities are close enough that flying usually doesn’t make much sense, although this commuter route is so popular that you may find flights that are cheaper than train tickets .

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Main Train Stations In Washington Dc To New York City

When traveling to New York City from Washington, DC by train, youll depart from Washington Union Station. The station is conveniently located approximately 9min from central Washington, DC. The station is well-accessible by anyone with limited mobility and is equipped with essential amenities. With Amtrak, you can arrive at the station at least 30min earlier before departure time, but if you have some concerns arriving 45min earlier will be better. Your arrival train station in New York is the New York Penn Station. The station is wheelchair accessible, with essential amenities and Wi-Fi. The cafes and restaurants at the New York Penn Station might have that dish youve always desired.

Where Is The Train Station In Washington Dc

Union Station

Opened more than 100 years ago in 1907, Union Station is the largest transportation hub in Washington, D.C. with almost 5 million travelers passing through it every year. As the official headquarters of Amtrak, Union Station is the main train station in the U.S. capital. It is also a major hub for intercity bus travel, serving as the main bus station in D.C. for a number of carriers, including Greyhound, BoltBus, Peter Pan Bus Lines and OurBus. Union Station offers easy transit connections to places all over D.C. with dedicated stops for the citys metro, bus and streetcar services, as well as commuter rail for travelers to and from the surrounding areas. Additionally, with a full blown shopping mall on the premises, Union Station is also among the most popular shopping destinations in the nation’s capital.

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Popular Journey In Washington Dc To New York City

Traveling by train to cities within the US is easy, thanks to Omio. You can easily use Amtrak to traverse to New York City from Washington, DC. Besides, some of the most popular journeys you can book with Omio include Washington, DC to Springfield, IL, which takes 26h 04min, and the price is $256, from Washington, DC to Norfolk, VA takes 5h 53min, and the train ticket price is $38. From Washington, DC to Bridgeport, CT takes 5h 00min, and the ticket price is $196. Traveling from Washington, DC to Atlantic City, NJ takes 5h 32min, and the price is $34 while traveling from Washington, DC to Lancaster, PA takes 4h 56min.

Washington DC Friends. Source: Shutterstock

Popular International Routes With Omio

How to Take the Bolt Bus From NYC to Washington DC, Boston, or Philadelphia for $17

Undoubtedly, you want to know the best routes to take and find the best prices when traveling. The best thing is that Omio can help you get the answers you are looking for. Besides the Washington, DC to New York City route, our platform also serves international routes. Some popular international routes include New York City to Toronto, Los Angeles to Paris, Washington, DC to London, Chicago to Barcelona, and Boston to London. We guarantee that you will have a delightfully relaxing and scenic experience when traveling with us. You need to arrive at least 30min before train departure because there are no overwhelming security lines, no waiting, and no traffic.

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Flying From New York To Washington

Depending on the flight and airport you choose, the trip from New York to Washington by plane can take less than an hour. JFK International and LaGuardia in Queens, and Newark International Airport in New Jersey serve New York City. Planes fly into Reagan National, Dulles International and Baltimore/Washington International near the capital city.

Its a short subway or taxi ride from Reagan National to downtown Washington. Dulles, 26 miles from the city center, and Baltimore/Washington International, about 32 miles northeast of town, are served by shuttles, cabs and hired cars. BWI is also on the MARC commuter rail line.

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