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When Is The New York Marathon

Bronx Central Park: Almost There

2015 TCS New York City Marathon Race Week and Race Day

The last part will be the final 10K with one last bridge and now it is the time to activate the mental game, keep telling yourself your mantras and remind yourself why you are running the TCS NYC Marathon.

There is one gradual hill down Fifth Avenue where you will need your last energy and where the save it mantra comes in.

If you pace yourself correctly in the marathon this will be the time where it really pays off. Due to the incline, you might slow down a bit. Focus on your breath and effort level. I remember feeling great here.

I received text messages from my family and friends that I was able to read on my apple watch that said: Almost in the park, you got this.

When things are feeling not so well: How about dedicating the last miles to everyone that has supported you on your way to the New York City Marathon 2021.

Run a mile for your parents, one for your best friend, one for your siblings, your spouse Keep them in mind and stay positive. It helps so much.

With these positive thoughts, you will reach the final 3 miles and some rolling hills in Central Park. If youre a local, I hope you have embraced the inclines during your training and are now ready for it.

Keep your mind engaged and stay motivated by tackling the hills, run with good posture, head up, smile, and last but not least catch the runners ahead of you.

Remember that you saved your energy for that? Now its time to let the lion out of the cage. It will feel amazing when you pass them.

The Hunt For The Dunkin Donut Hats

When you enter the start village you see a number of people walking around in pink and orange hats. These are the Dunkin Donut hats and they are clearly a thing at the New York marathon because America runs on Dunkin Donuts. We entered the village at 8:25 AM, 2 hours after we had arrived at the ferry terminal. But, just enough time to seek out the famous Dunkin Donut hats before checking my bag. We asked a volunteer who directed us to the Orange Village, but when we found the Dunkin Donuts trucks we were informed they had run out. They suggested we check the blue and green villages. By the time we walked back to the blue village it was 8:36 so I had to check my bag to make the 8:40 cut-off. We continued into the village and located not only the hats, but also Kanako, who had been visiting the therapy dogs! Fortunately I was able to repurpose a safety pin to attach the hat to my belt

Iaaf And World Records

An official IAAF marathon course is 42.195 km . Course officials add a of up to one metre per kilometre to their measurements to reduce the risk of a measuring error producing a length below the minimum distance.

For events governed by IAAF rules, it is mandatory that the route be marked so that all competitors can see the distance covered in kilometres. The rules make no mention of the use of miles. The IAAF will only recognise that are established at events that are run under IAAF rules. For major events, it is customary to publish competitors’ timings at the midway mark and also at 5 km splits marathon runners can be credited with world records for lesser distances recognised by the IAAF if such records are established while the runner is running a marathon, and completes the marathon course.

Annually, more than 800 marathons are organized worldwide. Some of these belong to the which has grown since its foundation in 1982 to embrace over 300 member events in 83 countries and territories. The marathons of , , , , and form the biennial series, awarding $500,000 annually to the best overall male and female performers in the series.

The is the only marathon where participants run over two continents during the course of a single event. In the , participants cross the US/Canada border twice. The includes one international border crossing, via the from , New York, United States to , Ontario, Canada. In the , participants run through Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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What Should I Know About The Nyc Marathon Logistics

Review logistics ahead of time

The logistics for the New York Marathon get tricky, so it is worth paying attention to deadlines and details well before the week of the race. Youll need to sign up for transportation to the start line on Staten Island, plus the finish line is complex, too. Make sure you know your plan before they close sign-up deadlines. Oh, and everyone recommends you opt for the poncho option rather than the bag-check for the finish line!

Plan for a wait

There are a lot of runners at this race, which means there is a long wait between when you show up and when you start running. The Team RunRun race veterans recommend bringing warm clothing you can toss off and donate as well as water, hot food, and the right attitude.

Youll be walking after the marathon

Theres a lot of walking to get out of the race chute, meet up with family, and getting back to your lodging. Be prepared to walk, even though you just ran a marathon!

Expect crowds

In the average year, there are 50,000+ runners. The course will be crowded pretty much the whole time. Plus, the expo before and after the race is very crowded, too. This is New York City, were talking about. Be ready to be surrounded by people!

How Is The New York Marathon Celebrated

Sunday traffic advisory during the 2016 TCS New York City ...

A major annual New York City event, the marathon attracts thousands of runners and spectators from all parts of the world. The running course goes through all five boroughs of New York City, beginning in Staten Island. The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is opened up for runners and closed for vehicles. Marathoners then go through Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and then back to Central Park in Manhattan. The finishing line is near Tavern on the Green, a historical restaurant in Central Park.

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Is New York City Marathon Day A Public Holiday

The New York City Marathon is usually held on a Sunday in . Since Sunday is a nonworking day in the United States, most government offices and schools are closed. Businesses may be closed or may have reduced opening hours. Many city streets and roads may be closed or partly cordoned off to make space for marathoners and spectators. If you plan to use the public transit system, check beforehand to find out if schedules will be affected.

Hilton Garden Inn Times Square South

Opened NOV 2017, experience the new Hilton Garden in. perfectly located in the heart of New York Citys Fashion District.

This stylish hotel provides gues rooms with complimentary WiFi and worksations with ergonomic chairs. take advantage of the complimentary morning coffee and the modern fitness centre. The 24 hour Garden Market has snacks for late night cravings.

Located within walking distance of Times Square, Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Jacob Javits Center , Fifth Avenue and Broadway Theatre District.

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Tcs New York City Marathon Pmv Shutter Speed Jacket

  • WIND DEFY heat-conserving, wind-resistant technology is ready to help you battle the storm
  • Highly reflective woven iridescent fabric for added visibility
  • Lucent Touch fabric in front chest pocket lets you control your phone without removing it
  • Athletic fit built to skim your chest, waist and hip perfect for active movement with a fit thats not too tight
  • Long sleeves
  • Official TCS New York City Marathon® branding for the 50th running collection
  • 100% polyester
  • WIND DEFY heat-conserving, wind-resistant technology is ready to help you battle the storm
  • Highly reflective woven iridescent fabric for added visibility
  • Lucent Touch fabric in front chest pocket lets you control your phone without removing it
  • Athletic fit built to skim your chest, waist and hip perfect for active movement with a fit thats not too tight
  • Long sleeves
  • Official TCS New York City Marathon® branding for the 50th running collection
  • 100% polyester

History Of The New York City Marathon

2019 TCS New York City Marathon Race Week & Race Day Highlights

The NYC Marathon had humble beginnings. First organized in 1970 by Fred Lebow and Vincent Chiappetta, the founders and presidents of NYRR, a New York City running club, the marathon was run entirely within Central Park. 127 entrants began the race, and only 55 finished it.

In 2012, the marathon was canceled for the first time in history in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. In 2020, the marathon was also canceled, this time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Other Ways To Enter The Nyc Marathon

The good news is that qualifying by time isnt the only way into the New York City Marathon. The New York Road Runners, the marathons organizer, holds its drawing every year. The application for the NYC Marathon opens in January, and you can enter the race through any of the following options depending on your circumstances.

  • Drawing: The drawing procedure is a non-guaranteed entry, but according to the NYC Marathon, this helps “preserve the geographic diversity of the race.” The competition is very tough for spots in the drawing, but there are still other ways to get into the race.
  • Charity partnerships: Runners can also gain entry through one of the races participating charities. Those spots are offered in exchange for a commitment to fundraising for that particular charity. You can get a list of participating charities to see if theres one for which you’d like to raise funds.
  • International travel partners: There is also an International Travel Partners program in which travelers book flights and/or hotel stays and are guaranteed entry to the race.
  • 15+ Legacy program: This option is most feasible for those in the New York tri-state area, as all of the NYRRs races take place in the five boroughs of New York City. The 15+ Legacy Program guarantees entry for life for those who have completed 15 New York City Marathons.

Tcs New York City Marathon Guaranteed Entry And Accommodation Packages

The information below relates to our 2021 packages and will be updated once 2022 details have been received.

Travel with us to New York on our fully hosted trip to the marathon that excites New York City! Run through the five boroughs to the cheers of more than a million locals.

As an Official International Travel Partner of the TCS New York City Marathon we can guarantee your entry and ensure you run the time of your life in New York with RunFun Travel.

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How To Get There


There are three airports in New York. JFK, Newark and La Guardia. Las Guardia is the closest in distance to the city center, however international flights usually land in JFK or Newark.


The Citys fleet of yellow taxicabs and green Boro Taxis are licensed and regulated by the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission. Grabbing a cab can be ideal when tired feet, heavy luggage or shopping bags weigh you down.


Public buses are a scenic way to see the City and reach destinations not convenient to a subway stop. It’s also worth noting that mass transit is central to New York City’s efforts to become more environmentally friendly, and a growing number of NYC’s buses are hybrid-electric models


The easiest and quickest way to travel around NYC is by public subway train. Riding the subway is also a fantastic way to feel like a local during your stay in New York.

Nyc Marathon Route Map

Guaranteed Entry: New York City Marathon 2019

The NYC Marathon route is challenging and has an elevation that you should not underestimate. The NYC Marathon 2021 course difficulty is definitely moderate.

If youre not used to running hills or bridges the NYC Marathon route will be even more challenging for you.

Here is an overview from the NYC Marathon start in Staten Island to the NYC Marathon finish line in Central Park.

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Tcs New York City Marathon

Please note that NYRR have imposed new terms in relation to the 2021 New York Marathon. If the 2021 New York Marathon is cancelled, the entry fee of £450 is non refundable, no exceptions will be made .

Price: Virgin Atlantic from London Heathrow and Manchester £1299 . Regional airports on request.

Virgin Flight Options from London Heathrow

Outbound to JFK:

Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd November VS003 09:50/13:45, VS045 14:30/18:25

Wednesday 3rd, Thursday 4th & Friday 5th November VS003 09:50/13:45, VS137 12:35/16:15, VS045 14:30/18:25, VS009 15:20/19:30

Inbound from JFK:

Sunday 7th November DL003 23:00/11:00

Monday 8th November VS026 08:00/19:40, VS004 18:00/05:45 , VS046 21:00/08:50, VS010 23:05/10:50

Tuesday 9th, Wednesday 10th November VS004 18:00/05:45 , VS046 21:00/08:50, VS010 23:05/10:50

Thursday 11th, Friday 12th, Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th November VS004 18:00/05:45 , VS010 23:05/10:50

Note: flights times are subject to change, please check your e-tickets for the latest flight times.

Virgin Atlantic Flight Options from Manchester

Outbound to JFK:

Wednesday 3rd, Thursday 4th, Friday 5th November, VS127 13:20/17:20

Inbound from JFK:

Upcoming Marathons In New York

Rockaway Half and Whole Marathon26.2M, 13.1M run
Great New York State Marathon Weekend26.2M, 13.1M run
Independence Series – Day 5 – NY26.2M, 13.1M run

Rockaway Half and Whole Marathon

Mohawk Hudson River Marathon

NYCRUNS Prospect Park Marathon

Great New York State Marathon Weekend

Niagara Falls International Marathon

New York City Marathon

JAYA Pine Barrens Marathon

World AIDS Day Marathon

Indoor Marathon Team Relay

Indoor Marathon Team Relay

Indoor Marathon Team Relay

Cassadaga Lakes Running Festival

  • May 29, 2022

Independence Series – Day 5 – NY

Amish Country Running Festival

For the love of all that Is good And moisture wicking…


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Races For Qualifying Times

You garner a guaranteed entry if you finish specific races hosted by the New York Road Runners Club in the previous year below the qualifying time. For example, a qualifying time from the previous year’s TCS New York City Marathon or the SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon could qualify.

If you had a qualifying finishing time at a non-NYRR race, you could apply with that time, but slots are limited and are first-come, first-served. In this case, it is better to qualify for a race early in the preceding year. Times are verified before you get a slot, so that introduces a delay of two weeks. If you miss out on those limited slots, your entry will be placed in a drawing for slots instead.

Primary And Secondary Education

2017 TCS New York City Marathon | NYRR

The system, managed by the , is the largest public school system in the United States, serving about 1.1 million students in more than 1,700 separate primary and secondary schools. The city’s public school system includes nine to serve academically and artistically . The city government pays the to educate a very small, detached section of the Bronx.

The New York City Charter School Center assists the setup of new . There are approximately 900 additional privately run secular and religious schools in the city.

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New York City Marathon 2021 Course: Part 3

First Avenue. Right after the Queensboro Bridge. Welcome to the third part . Take your headphones off if you are listening to music during the race and enjoy the crowds.

Dial things up a little more, but still, run just right moderate. You will feel amazing and the support will come right on time because your legs might feel a little tight already. The TCS New York City Marathon is almost done.

Mile 16 to 19.5 is a straight stretch on First Avenue and its the perfect time to speed up a bit, still keeping in mind that this still isnt the time to push hard. The New York City Marathon course is tough. Still, try to save the energy for the final stretch.

Sample 3 Night Itinerary

Friday 18th March 2022 Arrival in New York

Meet your guide on checking into the Westin New York Grand Central Hotel. You can then head to the New York Half Marathon Expo to pick up your bib number. The Expo is open from 10am 8pm .

Saturday 19th March 2022 Event Expo and registration:

If you havent already picked up your bib number, you can do so today between 9am and 5pm. All runners must pick up their bib number, timing device, technical shirt and baggage bag themselves. This is especially important as absolutely no race numbers will be issued on the day of the event. You must bring photo ID when you pick up your race number.

Sunday 20th March 2022 The 2022 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon :

The NYC Half Marathon starts at 07:30 am. Your Sports Travel guide will lead the group to the half marathon start by public transport and will look forward to greeting you back at the hotel on your return from the race.

Monday 21st March 2022:

If you are travelling home today, store your bags at the hotel and head off to take in some more sightseeing in this great city, before heading to the airport for your flight home.

Extra Day Pre Main Package Thursday 17th March 2022:

Today is the St Patricks Day Parade. The best viewing spots are towards the end of the parade route at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can catch a good view of the procession before the parade ends on 86th Street. Why not extend your stay to take in this memorable and famous day!

tbc per person

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