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How To Become A Sex Therapist In New York

What Education Does A Sex Therapist Need

A 100-Year-Old Sex Therapist on Having Good Sex, Then and Now | TIME

The first action in becoming a sex therapist is to earn a masters or doctoral degree in psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy, or social work. However, some will begin their journeys studying sociology, biology, or anthropology before becoming a sex therapist.

The length of time it takes to earn a degree varies based on which degree you pursue. To become a sex therapist, you should obtain an advanced clinical degree that includes psychotherapy training from a regionally accredited college or university.

In addition, you are expected to hold a substantial volume of clinical expertise. A sex therapist must have a masters degree with two years of post-degree clinical experience or a doctoral degree with one year of post-degree clinical experience.

A sex therapist must also have a minimum of 90 hours in academic coursework in sexual education, including ethics, sexuality, and principles of sexuality. Sex therapy training is also required, which entails a sex therapist to possess a minimum of 60 hours to administer sex therapy with their clients effectively.

Working With Clients As A Certified Sex Therapist

Both individuals and couples seek sex counseling. Often individuals will reach out for a session before bringing in their partner. Other times the couple will seek help together. You will use your clinical skills in helping the individual and couples determine the best approach.

You may provide services outside of the typical office setting. Many trained clinicians offer online sex therapy whether through video or phone. If you have interested in alternative settings, make sure that you are practicing within your legal guidelines between states.

5. How to Become a Sex Therapist

The final thing you need to know is how to become a sex therapist. Find a program of study that works with your schedule. Since there are in-person and online programs, compare their schedules to ensure that it will work for you. The typical sex therapy training program is 12-18 months. Be sure to look at reviews of the program and speak to other clinicians who have completed the training. You will receive feedback from past students that will help you make the right decision on which program to choose.

Entering this program of study is a commitment to both course work and supervision. The supervision process is similar to what you experienced when obtaining your licensure. Your supervisor is someone who is a trained sex therapist who will work through case presentations, vignettes, and challenge you to grow.

What Is A Sex Coach

A sex coach is a trained professional who helps people with sexual, intimacy and relationship issues. Sex coaches address problems such as sexless marriage,low libido, and sexual dysfunction, but also guide their clients to fully grasp their sexual potential through education, training and communication.

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Work Environment + Sex Therapist Salary

The majority of sex therapists work through a private practice that specializes in sex therapy. Sex therapists often do so to treat specific types of clients. Sometimes, these professionals work for larger organizations, nursing homes, or outpatient facilities.

Salaries range widely across the country for sex therapists, but on average, they stand to make between approximately $84,000-$117,000 annually. This can change based on their education, credentials, geographical location, other sources of revenue, and the number of clients seen.

Therapists with a doctoral degree stand to earn considerably more. Additional revenue can be earned through teaching, consulting, writing, etc. and sex therapists are highly sought out for their expert opinions.

Benefits Of Online Therapy

Human Resources for Mental Health Professionals

Online therapy has been around almost as long as the internet, but it has, only recently, become one of the main ways that people receive therapy. If youre still on the fence about telehealth therapy services, consider some of the benefits of this option, including:

  • Convenience you can quickly and easily engage with your therapist online from your home or office. Theres no need for traveling to and from the practice or giving explanations to your boss, coworkers, or loved ones about where youre going.
  • Relaxed environment even though I try my best to create a welcoming, comfortable practice for all of my clients, not everyone feels completely at ease visiting a therapy practice. When youre in the comfort of your own home, you may feel more relaxed and ready to talk about whats going on in your life.
  • Accessibility right now, therapists are in high demand, and it can be difficult to find a local clinician who is offering the specific counseling services youre after. Through online therapy, Im able to provide the same level of expertise to clients who live around the corner or two states away.

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What Credentials Licensure Or Certifications Are Required To Become A Sex Therapist

To become a certified sex therapist, each member must be affiliated with the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists . The AASECT was established to ensure sex therapists adhere to all of the necessary requirements to conduct their practice.

While becoming a member of the AASECT, a sex therapist must consent to the code of conduct, ensuring each therapist carries out the mission to provide high-quality services to their clients in an ethical manner.

The length of an AASECT certification is only valid for three years. After three years, each member must renew their license. Also, AASECT members have to continue their yearly membership to retain their certification.

While holding an AASECT certification is required, every sex therapist must also have a valid state regulatory license or certificate from the state in which they practice sex therapy. An AASECT certification is also needed to become a certified sexuality educator or sexuality counselor.

The purpose of licensure is for sex therapists to be the most qualified clinician achievable while providing the most fitting service for their clients while following AASECT ethical guidelines. The AASECT certification will also ensure that sex therapists have the proper education, training, and supervision to succeed.

Why Are Many Residents In The State Of New York Working With A Licensed Counselor

The reasons people choose to see a psychologist vary, of course, but there are a number of reasons why starting therapy sessions on our platform can help you. Whether you live in the city of or in the Washington county, we can match you with a licensed therapist who can suit your needs.

Take a look at our extensive network of counselors and online psychologists in New York who are ready to help you get happy!

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What Is Sex Therapy And What Do Sex Therapists Do

A sex therapist is a licensed mental health professional who has extensive education and training in sex therapy in addition to mental health, says Neil Cannon, PhD, a Colorado-based sex therapist who serves as bylaws chair for the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists .

There are many different paths people can take to becoming a sex therapist. A sex therapist might be a psychologist or psychiatrist, a clinical social worker, a family therapist, or maybe a doctor or nurse who has psychotherapy training and who has gone on to get specialized training in sexuality and sexual functioning, intimacy, and relationships.

Those are big, broad buckets, of course. But a qualified sex therapist should be adept at addressing a wide range of concerns including : issues about sexual desire, ejaculation-related problems, trouble orgasming, painful sex, and more.

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The First 4 Steps In Becoming A Sex Therapist

Modern Sex Therapy Institutes Alternative Relationships Certification
  • Earn at least a Masters Degree in psychotherapy, clinical social work, marriage and family therapy, counseling or psychiatry. These degrees generally take between two and seven years to achieve, depending on which degree you decide to pursue.
  • Meet all the requirements for licensure these requirements are different in different states so you will need to research these based on where you live.
  • Obtain a provisional license while you do your supervised work experience. The requirements generally include somewhere between 1500 and 4000 hours.
  • Pass the licensing exam in your state.
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    How Can I Start Therapy In New York

    Start your search for a great sex therapist in New York on Zencare. First, consider any logistic limitations, like how far you are willing to travel outside of New York or if you are open to online sessions with a local provider. Also consider how much your therapy budget is, and when you are available for therapy. Then, make a list of priorities for your ideal sex therapist: do they match your identity, or have expertise in a specific area like anxiety or depression? There is no one reason to start therapy many individuals in New Yorkgo see a therapist when they need help to move forward through a difficult time, cope with symptoms of a mental illness such as a mood disorder, navigate life transitions, process relationship difficulties or improve their behavioral health. Use your priorities to filter on Zencare by insurance, speciality, and availability. Look through a few provider profiles to find the sex therapist you might click with, watch their introductory videos, and book a free call to find a great personal fit!

    Snapshot Of Qualifications For Aasect Certification

    • Start accruing your hours at any time. CEs never expire. If you are a student, you are able start your hours while in school.

    • Fourteen hours of Sexuality Attitude Reassessment .

    • Ninety hours of Human Sexuality Core Knowledge .

    • Sixty hours of training specific to Sexuality Education .

    • All candidates MUST be supervised by AASECT certified professionals for the indicated number of hours. Candidates must have a certain number of hours of field experience that are supervised.

    • AASECT approved CEU courses will be accepted to fulfill content required for AASECT Certification. This program meets the requirements of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists and is approved for AASECT CE* credits.

    AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor: Potential AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselors might be working in a clinical or medical setting, giving specific suggestions and advice. Examples of sexuality counselors are Planned Parenthood counselors, nurses and other health professionals, school counselors, and clinical pastoral care and counseling providers. Sexuality counseling is generally short term and client-centered, focusing on the immediate concern or problem. Minimum degree required is a Bachelor’s degree.

    Don’t have a Bachelors Degree? Click to our Sexuality Consultant Certification training Program!

    Please see for the full list of requirements for AASECT Certification.

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    How Can I Make A Same

    On average, patients who use Zocdoc can search for a Psychotherapist in New York, NY, book an appointment, and see the Psychotherapist within 24 hours. Same-day appointments are often available, you can search for real-time availability of Psychotherapists in New York, NY who accept your insurance and make an appointment online.

    What Does A Sex Therapist Do

    10 Keys to Becoming Psychologically Savvy

    A sex therapist helps individuals or couples address their sexual conflicts, emotional issues, and intimacy. Sex therapy is an effective approach for individuals or couples looking to resolve their sexual concerns.

    In an initial visit, a sex therapist will ask the client specific questions about their sexual concerns to understand their situation completely. A sex therapist will then give an in-depth evaluation to discover a clients background and identify the challenges around their relationship. The purpose of the assessment is for the sex therapist to embrace a clients situation while overcoming obstacles and addressing ways to improve communication and intimacy in a relationship.

    A sex therapist is well versed in understanding the psychical and emotional factors that impact sexual issues. While providing sex therapy, whether in an individual or couple setting, a sex therapist can support clients to address concerns about their sexual functioning, sexual feelings, and intimacy.

    A sex therapist can also reveal new ways to verbalize concerns in a relationship while discussing a clients sexual needs, as well as their partners. The most reliable sex therapists show empathy, are sincere in their communication to their clients, and accommodate them by making them feel comfortable through their sexual explorations.

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    Sex Therapy Degree Programs

    Sex therapists serve a vital role in the therapeutic field for individuals and couples seeking to heal from sexual conflicts and reach sexual wellness. If you are suffering from a personal sexual struggle or sexual tension in a relationship, a sex therapist helps to increase your emotional, physical and sexual well-being.

    A sex therapist aims to improve your satisfaction with your sexual encounters. While understanding the physical and emotional factors that impact sexual issues, a sex therapist applies their advanced skills to provide in-depth insight to create an action plan.

    Breakout School

    Widener Universitys online Hybrid Dual Master of Social Work /Master of Education in Human Sexuality Studies is the only dual-degree program offering Clinical Social Work and a Human Sexuality focus, allowing you to pursue graduate education in both areas. This program prepares social workers who are comfortable discussing sexuality in their social work practice, to also be qualified to work in areas that focus explicitly on sexuality.

    Before becoming a successful sex therapist, you must ensure you follow the proper path to thoroughly understand your role as a sex therapist to recognize how beneficial you can be for ones sexual relationship. This route consists of receiving the needed education and obtaining the proper licenses required to thrive as a sex therapist. Its also essential to follow these steps because they can affect your salary and career outlook as a sex therapist.

    How Can I Find A Top

    You can use Zocdoc to find Psychotherapists in New York, NY who are highly rated by other patients. These ratings are based on verified reviews submitted by real patients. Every time a patient completes an appointment booked on Zocdoc, theyre invited to review their experience. Each review must comply with Zocdocs guidelines.

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    Why Work With A Sex Coach

    Society tells us that we are supposed to naturally know how to have sex. The desire to have sex is natural, but the skills to be a great lover or to engage fully in sex arent. The truth is that people need to learn how to have great sex. Social animals learn skills through modeling and explicit instruction.

    Since sex is something that is shamed in our culture, talking about it or giving explicit instruction still remains rare. People have very few good ways to learn how to have satisfying sex. A few will be lucky enough to have a partner that can teach them.

    Unfortunately, most people dont give good feedback, so many people end up not knowing what makes for great sex. This is where working with a good sex coach can be very helpful. Sex is learnable and teachable. The best way to learn about it is to get feedback from an experienced, non-judgmental and cheer-leading person.

    For most people, hiring a sex coach will be one of the few ways they can get real-time and accurate instruction on how to be a better and more receptive lover. Its most helpful if they also understand both the physiology and psychology of sex.

    Best For Christian Practitioners: Institute For Sexual Wholeness

    counselor psychotherapist new york city (nyc)

    Institute for Sexual Wholeness

    Why We Chose It: We chose theInstitute for Sexual Wholeness because it overlaps with mainstream sex therapy, but draws from a biblical framework.

    • Affirming option for people who want to center Christianity in their practice

    • Does not require a graduate degree

    • Intro classes are available in GA, KY, MI, and TX

    • Classes can be taken as part of a graduate degree

    • Focus on biblical Christianity and may not be LGBTQ affirming

    • Does not satisfy AASECT requirements for certification

    • Advanced classes only available in Atlanta

    • Students must apply to Richmont Graduate University

    There are not many programs that cater to Christian therapists seeking sex therapy certification, and aspiring sex therapists who are religious Christians may find that many AASECT-based certification programs are not a good fit for them. Christian sex therapists are board-certified through a different organization: The American Board of Christian Sex Therapists. While many of the techniques they use are the same as for secular sex therapists, the goals and philosophies can differ.

    Christian sex therapy and Christian marriage and family therapy tend to focus strongly on maintaining heterosexual marriages. They also explicitly include biblical teachings. This can be invaluable to Christian therapists working with Christian clients, who may find more socially liberal training incompatible with their religious ethics.

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    How Can I Find A Sex Therapist Near Me

    AASECT keeps a list of licensed sex therapists on its site, which Cannon recommends as a good starting point. If you live in an area where sex therapists arent plentiful, he says teletherapy, or virtual therapy, may be an option.

    Other healthcare providers may also be able to help, like your primary care physician or a more generalized therapist who may refer you to a sexual health specialist.

    If you are in a position to, you should feel empowered to shop around for a good fit.

    This is not an easy topic for people to talk about, says Fleming. You need to feel that the person is open-minded, theyre not judgmental, theyre going to help you explore, and theyre really trying to help you ask the right questions but theyre not jumping in to diagnose and pathologize.

    Remember: Your sex therapist must be a good fit for you. Therapy is really about a relationship, she adds. So feeling a sense of security and safety those are really important pieces.

    Signs A Sex Therapist Might Improve Your Life

    You may have joked to friends that you dont need therapyyou have them. But sometimes working through the hard stuff requires help from a neutral party who happens to be a licensed professional. If your hard stuff is about sex, a sex therapist may be your best option. Here are eight signs a sex therapist could be a great addition to your life, and after that, advice on actually finding one.

    Its important to see a medical doctor first to rule out any physical conditions behind this, somatic psychologist and certified sex therapist Holly Richmond, Ph.D., tells SELF. Unfortunately, a ton of things can cause horribly painful sex, like cervical inflammation from a sexually transmitted infection, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids. In that kind of situation, medical treatment may help ease difficulty having sex.

    If you see a medical doctor and there is no physical issue at the core of your trouble with sex, that doesnt make what youre dealing with any less significant. Seeing a sex therapist to discuss any psychological components at play can be helpful, Richmond explains.

    For instance, vaginismus, which causes painful vaginal muscle spasms during penetration, can stem from anxiety about having sex, according to the Cleveland Clinic. It can also happen due to issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder from a sexual assault. Stress is one of many possible psychological causes behind erectile dysfunction, too.


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