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Where To Buy New York City Pass

American Museum Of Natural History

New York City Passes: How Do They Work & Reviews
What is it?

New York Citys American Museum of Natural History is a complex consisting of 26 buildings, 45 exhibition halls, 34 million specimens, a planetarium and a library. So, quite a lot to get stuck into!

Have you seen the movie Night at the Museum? Its based on this very museum.

Why visit?

If youre visiting NYC with the kids, this is the perfect place to let them loose with so much to learn about and see.

Expect to spend around 3-5 hours in the museum if all exhibits are open.


New Yorks Natural History museum is located on Central Parks western flank in line with 79th street. You can take a relaxing walk through Central Park or

Closest subways to the American Museum of Natural History:

  • Orange Line B 81 Street
  • Blue Line C, A 81 Street
  • Red Line 1, 2 79 Street
  • Without a New York CityPASS US$ 23
  • With a New York CityPASS Free
  • One special exhibit is included with CityPASS. Without a CityPASS, special exhibits require an additional cost once you arrive at the museum.
  • These special exhibits change regularly.
  • Arriving at opening time to avoid the larger afternoon crowds.

Where To Buy A New York Citypass

The best and easiest way to purchase your New York CityPASS is doing it online. Get yours here!

After purchasing the pass, your tickets will be emailed to you. Simply have the attendants at each attraction scan them from your mobile device to enter. If you prefer, print off a paper copy of your tickets instead.

Cheapest Place To Buy New York Explorer Pass

I am keen on getting an Explorer Pass.

The cheapest I found was on Costco USA for the 4 attraction pass is $63.99 for an Adult. Wondering if this is the cheapest ?

the 5 day pass is $119

Was wondering if there are cheaper alternatives

Before you buy please note the following caveats.

These give you vouchers, not tickets, so for some attractions like the Statue of Liberty which sells out well in advance the vouchers cannot give you what you want.

Many of these passes use full price for comparison when discounted admissions are available.

Many of these passes list attractions you don’t want so you not only are running around seeing attractions you may or may not want to see, you end up not spending the time on things you really don’t want to see.

Do your sums before investing in one of these.

Hi blumebwaybaby, thanks for your response.

If I were to take up the 4 attractions here are the prices I see:

Natural History Museum 23

Total 130

I understand that the NHM is pay as you please, so even for the top 3 it comes to around $97.

Unless I am missing something here but can I do these 4 attractions for less than 63.99 USD? Would appreciate it 😀

Just wanted to add I have a 6 year old with us too

Edited: 4 years ago

Costco is the cheapest I found but you might want to check the price again. We paid $87.99 each, I think the price you are seeing is a child’s ticket.

The Costco deal has come up here before. It’s a good price.

But for my 7 yr old son it will be cheaper.

New York City

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Advantages Of The New York Pass:

More than 100 attractions included and if you love museums, this is the most complete pass. If you buy yours in NYC you also receive a free guide with 200 pages explaining the attractions included with your pass, otherwise you can just download it to your phone and use the app to read all the information. The New York Pass offers 1,2,3,5,7, or 10 day passes. The more days you buy, the cheaper it is! Its a great pass if you are planning on visiting 2-3 attractions a day. They also offer money back if your plans change before and fast track to some of the major attractions, so you skip the ticket line. You can also make reservations for most wanted attractions that require scheduling in advance. You can buy your pass HERE!

Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Buy Go City Card New York City Explorer Pass Online

The Statue of Liberty represents New York City like no other monument to any other city in the world. Seeing it up close is breathtaking, and almost even more impressive are the views of Manhattan from Liberty Island. To visit it, you’ll need to take a ferry from Battery Park and with the New York Pass you won’t have to worry about the ticket, because it’s included.

In addition, it also includes the ferry to Ellis Island, where you can visit the Immigration Museum and explore an exhibit about the times when New York became a place of welcome for immigrants from all over the world in search of a better future. Note that all passes include a ferry to Liberty Island and some to Ellis Island and the Immigration Museum, but none include access to the pedestal or crown of the Statue of Liberty.

Because of this, it is often better to buy tickets to the Statue of Liberty directly, or to book a tour of Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty. In short: this is the “weakest” experience among the New York passes.

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Per Day Cost Analysis

As you can see, the New York Pass provides a huge amount of value for sightseeing in New York. By checking out just a few attractions a day, you are sure to get your moneys worth. The longer passes build in even more value, allowing you to slow down and see the city at your own pace.

For example, the 4-day pass costs just $57.25 per day. The price of the pass can easily be covered by visiting 2-3 covered attractions or tours per day.

The 10-day pass costs only $33.90 per day. So, enjoying 1-2 attractions or tours per day will provide you with your moneys worth, plus some.

To extract even more value, be sure to buy the pass when it is on sale. The additional savings lowers the per day cost of the pass even more, increasing the value and saving you gobs of money! Follow the link below to find the latest sale.

Save BIG in the Big Apple Save money in NYC with the New York Pass! Visit just 2-3 attractions a day and you could easily save well over $100 per person on regular admission costs. Save more with New York Pass here.

Who Is The New York Pass Not Good For

Visitors Not Interested in Sightseeing If your New York plans dont include visiting a lot of attractions, the New York Pass isnt for you. The only way to get value from the pass is to use it frequently. So, if you only plan to visit one or two spots, skip this pass.

Those Who Need a Few Days Off Remember, once the New York Pass is activated, its good for consecutive days only. With a 3-day pass and below, you cant take day off from sightseeing and still get a good value from the pass. That said, with the 5, 7, and 10 day passes, you could potentially take a day or two off and still get your moneys worth.

Travelers on a Very Tight Budget If youre on a super tight budget, this pass may not be right for you. There are plenty of free things to do in New York. It doesnt cost a penny to wander through Times Square or Central Park. But, if you want to go into some of the sights instead of just walking by, a New York Pass could be a money saver.

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Why Buy A New York City Attractions Pass

Visiting a city like London, Paris, Tokyo or New York for the first time with a long list of things you cant miss can be overwhelming and expensive.

Theres an endless list of unique and amazing things to do in New York City. Many are free, some are cheap and then there are the top rated paid attractions we will discuss in this guide.

If youre the type of traveler who loves to get stuck into the best bits of a new city, an attractions pass is the best way to organize your visit and save money.

Heres a brief summary of why it pays to buy an attractions pass on your visit to New York City:

  • You can keep all timed reservations to each attraction in one centralized place .
  • Efficiently organize your vacation before you arrive into NYC, meaning no wasted time in the city.
  • All bookings accounted for, which means you wont have to book each attraction as you go.

Top tip: Visit New York City in Winter to see and do the best of NYC with fewer crowds.

How Much Does Each York Pass Cost

How to Buy an NYC Subway Ticket (aka MetroCard) in 2020

You now know that you save BIG money by buying the passes. On to the more important question how much are the passes themselves?

CityPASS New York

Is New York CityPASS worth it or not? Well, it depends on what you buy and your schedule prices vary, as is seen below:

  • The standard 6-attraction CityPASS costs $136 for adults and $112 for children.
  • The C3 , on the other hand, costs $87 for adults and $67 for children.

New York Pass

New York Pass is a bit pricier on average compared to CityPASS.

Prices vary depending on how many days the pass is valid, and these prices are as follows:

  • 1-day pass: $117 for adults and $90 for children
  • 2-day pass: $149 for adults and $119 for children
  • 3-day pass: $159 for adults and $124 for children
  • 4-day pass: $184 for adults and $132 for children
  • 5-day pass: $229 for adults and $159 for children
  • 7-day pass: $239 for adults and $169 for children
  • 10-day pass: $269 for adults and $179 for children

Ensure that you consider validity and your schedule to make the most out of the pass youll purchase. Bear in mind that youre only saving money if you visit as many attractions as you can.

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New York Citypass Review: How It Works

The New York CityPASS is a popular tourist pass that helps you save money on sightseeing in New York. By bundling entry fees to some of New Yorks most popular attractions, this pass can save you up to 41% off the cost of admission on the included attractions! And, when youre traveling to NYC, every penny you can save counts.

Rather than working on a consecutive day basis, the New York CityPASS includes a set number of attractions you can visit. In this case, you get to choose six out of the nine NYC attractions included with the pass. Three of these attractions are included on all passes, while the other six come in an either/or format. You have nine days to visit all six attractions, beginning with the day you first use the pass.

Upon purchasing the New York CityPASS, youll receive an email containing your tickets that can be redeemed for entry at each site. From there, you can print off a paper copy or have the tickets scanned from your mobile device at each attraction.

Although most tickets can simply be scanned at the gate, be sure to read each ticket carefully. At some spots, youll need to scan your New York CityPASS ticket before receiving a reissued printed ticket at the attraction. Again, simply read the directions on each ticket prior to arrival.

How To Choose Between New York Pass And Other Passes

It is true that in addition to the New York Pass, there are other New York tourist cards that are similar. Before we go into whether the New York Pass is the best option for you, the first thing you need to know is that there are two main types of passes:

Day Passes: these are passes whose price varies according to the number of days of validity. You can choose if you want to hire it for 2, 3, 4 days, etc. and during that time you can visit any attraction included in its list, without limit. They are ideal if you want to go from one attraction to another and experience your trip to New York without wasting a minute. The New York Pass is one of them.

Attraction Passes: these are passes whose price varies depending on the number of attractions you want to visit. If you already know which places, museums, etc. you want to see, you will pay only for them and you will have more time to visit them. It is ideal if you want to enjoy New York quietly and get lost at your leisure.

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New York Citypass Attractions Guide

With the New York CityPASS, youll receive free admission to six of the best attractions in New York. Of the six included attractions, three of them come standard on every pass. From there, you get to choose three more sites from a list of six. Heres a description of each spot so you know what youre getting!

Overview Of The Main New York City Passes

New York Surprise Trip Ticket, Editable Ticket, Printable ...

There are a number of attraction passes available for visitors to New York City. They each offer different things and are available at different prices.

Below, youll find an overview of the main passes you can choose from, and what they offer. There are two main types of pass those which include a larger number of attractions over a shorter time period , and those which offer a limited number of attractions over a longer period .

Which will work for you will very much vary on your trip and travel style, and what you hope to see. If you are visiting for only a couple of days and want to fit as much in as possible, then a pass that lets you visit a lot of attractions can be a good idea. Many New York attractions are open fairly late, so you really can see a lot if you have the stamina for it.

On the other hand, if you want to go a bit slower and just see a few attractions, or you plan to sightsee over a longer period of time, then a pass that offers fewer attractions over a longer time period might be best.

Weve included both types of pass in this round-up so you can get an idea of whats available.

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So Which New York City Pass Is Best

The bottom line is that most visitors will save money with an attraction pass if they plan on visiting a number of attractions in New York city.

However, there is no one size fits all answer. As this post has hopefully shown, it depends on the type of trip and how much sightseeing you want to do.

If you are visiting New York for 2 or 3 days, and plan on seeing 3 4 paid attractions each day, then I would recommend either the New York Pass or the New York Sightseeing Pass. These are very similar in what they offer, and are also priced very similarly.

You will just want to check to be sure that what you want to see is included. Id also add that both passes regularly run special offers, so just see which has the best offer for your trip.

If you plan on visiting fewer paid attractions each day, or are visiting the city for longer and want to spread out your sightseeing, then you will probably find that the New York Explorer Pass or New York CityPASS is a better choice. You may have to pay for some additional attractions, but the total cost saving will probably be better.

Statue Of Liberty & Ellis Island

Located in New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty has stood as a symbol of American freedom for generations. With the New York CityPASS, spend some time enjoying the audio tour of this historic island. Then, make your way to Ellis Island for another audio tour and learn about the struggles of over 12 million immigrants who passed through these halls on their way to America.

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Tips For Buying And Using The New York Citypass

Buying a New York CityPASS: Here is where you can buy a New York CityPASS online.

  • You can choose to have your tickets emailed or shipped to you. Shipping is available in the US, to Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Shipping charges apply.
  • You can also buy a pass at the participating attractions.

Get the Most From Your Pass: To maximize your savings, choose to visit the most expensive attraction available on each of the option tickets. You can then make use of the included coupons to visit some of the remaining options, if you wish.

Information was updated November 2021, but can change without notice. Please confirm directly with service providers.

Should You Buy The New York Citypass

New York CityPass

Since we had such a great experience using the New York CityPASS, we have no hesitation recommending it. It was a stress-free, easy way to save money visiting New Yorks most popular attractions.

While the New York CityPASS may not be right for everyone, we think its worth considering for the following types of travellers:

  • people on their first trip to New York City who want to visit all the main attractions
  • budget travellers who dont want to sacrifice their sightseeing options but still want to save money
  • people who need to make the most of a short trip by not wasting time in ticket lines
  • people visiting during high season when ticket lines are longer and some admission prices are higher

If any of the above scenarios describe you, then it might be worth buying the New York CityPASS.

Before you buy the New York CityPASS, make sure the included attractions are of interest to you. If you have no desire to visit a few of the places included, then theres no point in buying the pass. However, in our experience we still saved money even though we didnt use one of the included tickets.

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