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Where Can I Buy New York Seltzer

Light Refreshing And Easy Drinking There’s A Reason Why They’re So Popular

How White Claw Took Over The $1 Billion Hard Seltzer Industry
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Best for Seltzer Fans:Arctic Chill Weekender at Drizly

These blend Polars popular flavors, such as Pineapple Pomelo and Ruby Red Grapefruit, with a 100-calorie alcohol base.

Best Black Cherry:Vizzy Black Cherry Lime Hard Seltzer at Instacart

The flavor that defined a category gets an update with the addition of bright, lively lime.

Over the last five years, hard seltzer has gone from a bubbly upstart to a category juggernaut, sold at grocery stores, bars, and sports stadiums far and wide. Hard seltzers appealed to customers looking for lower-calorie alcoholic beverages that still delivered big flavor and refreshment, one slim 100-calorie can after another.

Its a tried-and-true template that can make it tough to tell hard seltzers apart, a fizzy blur of boozy water flavored with black cherry or grapefruit. However, not all hard seltzers are created equally. Some favor real fruit juice or organic ingredients, while other brands look to cocktails or exotic fruits for flavorful inspiration.

To help you make sense of the effervescent offerings, here are the best hard seltzers to drink right now.

Hals New York Seltzer Water Introduces Cola Flavor At 7

MASPETH, N.Y. Hals New York has introduced a new seltzer water flavor: Cola.

Hals New York Seltzer Water Cola is available at 7-Eleven convenience stores on Long Island and in the New York metro area until December. It can also be purchased at The drink is available on promotion for two 20-ounce bottles for $2.50.

The beverage, which has 118 milligrams of caffeine per serving, has the flavor of cola with zero calories, zero sugar and zero carbs. It is made without artificial flavors and colors and has no sweeteners, sodium or preservatives, according to the Maspeth, N.Y.-based company.

We thought it would be really fun to create a seltzer water that had the flavor of classic soda, but without the sugaror the caloriesor junk, said Hals New York Brand Manager Stephanie Reda. Weve been working hard on perfecting Hals New York Seltzer Water Cola and cant wait for everyone to try our anti-cola cola.”

Hals New York Seltzer Water comes in 10 other flavors: Original, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Black Cherry, Mango, Watermelon, Blackberry, Grapefruit and Vanilla Cream. The company, which also sells Hals New York Kettle Chips, was founded in 2014, and its seltzer water is sold at more than 13,000 locations.

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Original New York Seltzer Returns After 20

LOS ANGELES, June 23rd, 2015 Original New York Seltzer, the groundbreaking clear beverage that made its triumphant debut in the 1980s is finally back on shelves after a 20 year hiatus. Original New York Seltzer was once widely available in countless shops and eateries, and the demand for the beverage catapulted the brand to national success. Over the past 20 years, consumers have shared fond memories of the sparkling beverage, and starting today, the wait is over and America can finally sip and savor Original New York Seltzer again.

Now back exactly as America remembers it, Original New York Seltzer features the original recipes, original signature glass bottles and original labels. It maintains the uniquely clear, clean and genuinely, crisp, natural flavors. From the beginning, Original New York Seltzer was a trendsetter in using premium ingredients, and today, it continues that legacy using no preservatives, colors or artificial components in its drinks.

Original New York Seltzer is available at major retailers, shops and eateries across the country. Six of the most popular original flavors are available, including Peach, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Lemon & Lime, Root Bear and Vanilla Cream. The rest of the original signature flavors will follow. Consumers will also have the opportunity to purchase the drink directly from

About Original New York Seltzer®

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Ginger Ale And Orangeade

Serving Size: 12 fl. oz.

Amount Per Serving
Protein 0 g

Not a significant source of calories from fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron. *Percent Daily Values are based on 2,000 calorie diet.


Best Ros: Decoy Premium Seltzer Ros With Black Cherry


courtesy of

While some brands market “rosé” seltzers made from alcohols based on sugar or malted barley, we think a rosé seltzer ought to have some wine in the can. Made from Decoy premium wines, sparkling water, and natural cherry flavor, this rosé seltzer is technically a wine spritzera simple cocktail, popular in central Europe, comprising wine, sparkling water, and optional fruit flavor. With its northern Italian cousin the spritz catching fire stateside in 2018, followed by the hard seltzer boom of the subsequent summer, it was only a matter of time before canned spritzes like the Decoy rosé began to make their mark.

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Bud Light Seltzer Adds 2 New Variety Packs

NEW YORK Bud Light Seltzer is launching two new variety packs: Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda and Bud Light Seltzer Sour.

The hard soda pack offers four flavors: Classic Cola, Cherry Cola, Orange Soda and Citrus Soda. It will be available starting Jan. 3. The sour pack includes Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Lemon and Green Apple and will be available for a limited time starting on Dec. 27.

Both packs will be available for purchase in 12-ounce slim can variety 12-packs.

For the past several years, Bud Light Seltzer has continued to innovate and bring 21 and up seltzer fans bold flavors, and now were starting the New Year off with our Loudest Flavors Ever, said Andy Goeler, vice president of marketing for Bud Light. As we continue to disrupt the seltzer category, our two new variety packs feature unique, fun and delicious flavors, which we know seltzer drinkers are going to love.

The hard soda and sours packs are made with pure cane sugar, natural flavors and each have 100 calories and 5% ABV. The Bud Light Seltzer Hard Sodas have zero sugar while the sours have less than 1 gram of sugar per can.

Anheuser-Busch, New York, makes Bud Light beer, Bud Light Seltzer, Bud Light Chelada and more

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The Groundbreaking Brand Known For Its Signature Rounded Bottles And Crisp Clear Flavors Is Finally Here

ounded in 1981 by the father and son team Alan and Randy Miller in Walnut, California, the brands popularity soared in the 1980s, focusing on a natural approach to soft drinks using a preservative-free formula in an era when such a practice was largely unheralded. Bubbly, fizzy and sold in charming siphon-style glass bottles embellished with a New York City motif, ONYS was omnipresent, with flavors ranging from Vanilla Cream to Orange.

One of the companys biggest points of differentiation became the complete foregoing of artificial color, meaning that while Raspberry tasted like Raspberry, no unnecessary magenta hue bogged it down.

The Choice is Clear became its motto.

During its original run, ONYS took the market by storm, even forcing such stalwart brands as to come out with lighter options. Randy Miller, known for his insane publicity stunts became the embodiment of 80s cool. He was only 24, but already he owned a 100 million dollar company. Even the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous came calling.

But in the 90s, ONYS ceased to exist. Vanished. Randy became an animal trainer for Hollywood. Fans everywhere wondered if their favorite soda would just end up a childhood memory, only living on 80s throwback sites.

One fan wanted more.

Production began in May 2015 starting with the six original flavors: Black Cherry, Vanilla Cream, Raspberry, Root Beer, Peach, and Lemon Lime. Blueberry, Orange, Cola and Berry, soon followed suit.

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St John Brewers To Launch Love City Premium Hard Seltzer In February

ST. JOHN, U.S. Virgin Islands What does a well-established craft brewery in the Virgin Islands do during a global pandemic? Well, if youre St. John Brewers, you go ahead and dive into the highly competitive hard seltzer market.

Launching in February, Love City Hard Seltzer delivers a Tropical Kind of Tipsy in four mouthwatering flavors: Watermelon Dragonfruit, Mango Mandarin, Hibiscus Pomegranate, and Passion Fruit. The new product is scheduled to hit resorts, bars, and restaurants across the Virgin Islands in the coming weeks, including the St. John Brewers Tap Room in Mongoose Junction, Cruz Bay. Mix 12-packs will be available in grocery and convenience stores throughout the islands.

St. John Brewers cofounders Kevin Chipman and Chirag Vyas have spent over fifteen years building the companys reputation for great craft beers, friendly vibes, and a strong commitment to the island they call home. Their new hard seltzer line complements the brands broad portfolio of craft beers and sodas created and released in the Virgin Islands and mainland market over the years. Moving into the hard seltzer category has been an exciting challenge for us, says Chipman. Weve poured our heart and soul into the whole process, from flavor profiling and ingredients to branding and packaging, not to mention navigating the logistics in these unpredictable times. Who knew aluminum cans would be such a hot commodity?

About St. John Brewers

Travis Scott Seltzer Discontinued Says Report

Girl Meets Fork: Summer fancy food show in New York

NEW YORK, NEW YORK SEPTEMBER 12: Travis Scott attends the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards at Barclays Center on September 12, 2021 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.

Travis Scotts hard seltzer has reportedly been discontinued just over a month after a crowd surge killed 10 people and injured many others at his performance during the Astroworld Festival in Houston.

Scott announced his hard seltzer line, CACTI, in December, 2020, according to Forbes. The agave spiked seltzers were created in partnership with Anheuser-Busch and began hitting the shelves in early 2021.

Anheuser-Busch announced Friday that production and brand development of the CACTI seltzer will be stopped following careful evaluation,TMZ reports. We believe brand fans will understand and respect this decision, a statement from the beverage company reads. A source tells TMZ the decision to discontinue CACTI was mutual.

Anheuser-Busch did not immediately respond to Nexstars request for comment.

While the website for CACTI remains online as of Friday evening, , , and accounts for the spiked seltzer no longer exist.

In September, the Houston Chronicle reported CACTI had been accused of misleading consumers in a class-action complaint filed against Anheuser-Busch. The woman filing the complaint alleged CACTI had been advertised as being made with 100% blue agave, but instead contained agave sweetener.

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Best Black Cherry: Vizzy Black Cherry Lime Hard Seltzer

courtesy of

If there’s a definitional flavor of hard seltzer, it has to be black cherryit is, after all, the most popular flavor offered by the most popular brand. The nascent seltzer category is ever-evolving, though, and producers are fast coming up with intriguing riffs on the stalwart flavor. The black cherry entry from Vizzy includes a touch of lime in its flavor profile, applying the principle demonstrated by the bramble cocktail that a drink defined by dark berry character will benefit from a dose of bright citrus. The result is a flavorful and well-balanced seltzer that can also boast the additional benefit of infusion with vitamin C.

Original New York Seltzer


Original New York Seltzer is a carbonatedsoft drink. It was produced from about 1981 until 1994 by father and son Alan and Randy Miller as a non-caffeinated line of sodas featuring natural flavors with no preservatives or artificial colors. The brand was revived in mid-2015, featuring eight flavors: Root Beer, Vanilla Cream, Raspberry, Peach, Lemon & Lime, BlueBerry, Black Cherry, and Concord Grape. Cola & Berry was added in 2016. The original Original New York Seltzer flavors also included Orange and Strawberry, in addition to all of the above .

In 2017, Original New York Seltzer expanded into creating a new line of eight flavors of sparkling water, which include Grapefruit, Lime, Original, Orange, Watermelon, Lemon, Coconut and 6 Berry.

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Best Low Carb: Flying Embers Hard Seltzer

courtesy of

A company originally known for their kombucha, Flying Embers is a recent entry to the seltzer game and has distinguished itself through the use of natural ingredients and processes, such as fermenting their seltzers with champagne yeasts. Their dry fermentation method results in a finished product with zero sugar and zero carbsabout as Keto-friendly as a hard seltzer can get. The unique lineup boasts flavorful entries like guava/jalepeño and pineapple/cayenne, and 1 percent of all profits are donated to causes supporting first responders and their communities.

Best With Vodka: High Noon Sun Sips Seltzer

Got this in a New York seltzer cap : NotMyJob

Courtesy of minibar

Forget fermented sugarthe 100-calorie High Noon Sun Sips are made with vodka blended with sparkling water and fruit juice. This gives it a very different flavor from the majority of products on the market, says Kate Levenstien, the CEO and founder of Cannonball Productions, which produces the first nationally touring Seltzerland festivals. The crowd-pleasing flavors include Watermelon, Peach, Pineapple, Grapefruit and Lime.

No hard seltzers taste as close to the booze-free original as Arctic Chill. The collaboration between Mass Bay, the parent company of Harpoon, and the family-run Polar Seltzer company blends Polars popular flavors, such as Pineapple Pomelo and Ruby Red Grapefruit, with a 100-calorie alcohol base. The flavors are honed in just right and the carbonation is really on point, making them taste more like an earnest effort and less like a company chasing sales figures, says Mack. Levenstien is also a fan, adding that the hard seltzers are very drinkable without being too sweet.”

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Best Spicy: Press Premium Blood Orange Chili

Courtesy of

Heat-seeking fans of hard seltzers will love Press’ properly spicy Blood Orange Chili. The 110-calorie offering does not skimp on the Scoville units, mixing fragrant citrus with nose-prickling peppery spice. Its a balance of heat and subtle sweetness, while simultaneously remaining refreshing. The flavor variant would also be terrific topped off with a splash of tequila or vodka.

Topo Chico Hard Seltzer Debuts Ranch Water And Releases Variety Pack Nationally

Topo Chico Hard Seltzer debuts its new Ranch Water flavor.

Molson Coors

Topo Chico® Hard Seltzer is kicking off the new year with the launch of Topo Chico Ranch Water hard seltzer in select regional markets and releasing its variety pack nationwide.

Inspired by the taste of the popular cocktail recipe made famous by Texas bartenders, Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer features real lime juice and a tequila flavor, reminiscent of the popular Texas cocktail. Available starting today, Topo Chico Ranch Water hard seltzer can be found in stores across Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

To develop the flavor, the brand worked with bartenders in Austin, TX to ensure that the hard seltzers flavor profile matched that of a ranch water cocktail. It was extremely important to us that we delivered an authentic expression of the classic ranch water cocktail, says Jamie Wideman, vice president of innovation at Molson Coors. We worked together with bartenders to hone in on the perfect quality tequila flavor, fresh, juicy lime and a smooth, clean finish.

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Worldwide Hard Seltzer Industry To 2026

DUBLIN, Dec. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —

The “Hard Seltzer Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2021-2026” report has been added to’s offering.

The global hard seltzer market exhibited robust growth during 2015-2020. Looking forward, the publisher expects the market to grow at a CAGR of 14.4% during 2021-2026. Keeping in mind the uncertainties of COVID-19, we are continuously tracking and evaluating the direct as well as the indirect influence of the pandemic. These insights are included in the report as a major market contributor.Hard seltzer is a carbonated or sparkling beverage similar to beer, with almost 5% alcohol by volume. It is made from brewed cane sugar or malted rice, along with soda water and flavorings. Nowadays, hard seltzer is available in various flavors such as lemon, watermelon, lime, strawberry, passionfruit, pomegranate, and tangerine. It is considered a healthy alternative to regular alcoholic drinks as it is gluten-free with a low calorie, carbohydrate and sugar content. As a result, it is gaining popularity among health-conscious consumers and people suffering from allergies, and celiac, inflammatory and auto-immune diseases. The global hard seltzer market is primarily driven by the shifting consumer preferences toward beverages with a low alcohol by volume content.

Key Topics Covered:

Best Overall: Quirk Spiked & Sparkling Seltzers

Cough syrup off limits to those under 18

Courtesy of Boulevard Brewing Co.

Its tough to stand out in a sea of similar hard seltzers, bubbles and translucent liquids as far as the eyes can see. But Neil Fisher, the head brewer and a founder of WeldWerks Brewing Co. in Greeley, Colo., has a clear winner in mind: Boulevard Brewing Company’s line of Quirk Spiked & Sparkling Seltzers, which stands out as the benchmark for everyone else to chase.

The flavor combinations are unexpected, such as Pear Yuzu and Blackberry Sage, and uncommonly delicious due to the use of real fruit. The clincher is the carbonation level. Its the only hard seltzer Ive tried that gets anywhere close to the carb of traditional seltzers, which is my biggest critique of nearly everything else on the shelf,” says Fisher. “My only gripe with Quirk is that it hasnt made its way to Colorado yet.

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