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When Is School Over In New York

Top 5 Elementary Schools In New York

Standoff Over Reopening New York City Schools
  • On the top of the list, New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math is a public school that offers an academically challenging program, from grades KG-12, attracting bright students from all five boroughs. NEST+m is located in the school district # 1, Lower Manhattan.
  • Number 2 is the Anderson School , a K-8 gifted & talented public school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. School district zone is # 3.
  • The 3rd best school on the list is the Lower Lab School . This is a small gifted and talented public school in the Upper East Side that offers demanding academics in a calmer setting. Offering classes from grades KG-5, this school is located on district # 2.
  • Ranking number 4th is Kingsbury . This public school is located in Queens and it focuses on providing standards-driven instruction in a nurturing environment, while developing social skills. Kingsbury has grades PK-5 and it is situated on district # 26.
  • The 5th ranked school is the Special Music School – a unique public school in the district #3 for musically gifted children. The school offers grades KG-8 and runs as a public/private partnership between the New York City Department of Education and Kaufman Music Center, a not-for-profit, multi-arts organization.
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    Looking For The Nyc Independent And Private School Vacation Dates For 2021/22 See The Vacation Dates For 2021/22 Here

    Planning ahead? We are here to help you stay up to date with the NYC private and independent school calendar. The following are the recommended NYC school vacation dates for independent schools in the 2020/21 academic year, provided by the Guild of Independent Schools. Please note that these are simply suggested dates and not all schools follow the calendar exactly.

    Labor Day: Monday, September 7

    Opening Day: Thursday, September 10

    Rosh Hashanah: Saturday, Sunday, September 19, 20

    Yom Kippur: Monday, September 28

    Columbus Day: Monday, October 12

    Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27

    Winter Vacation:Friday, December 18: classes endMonday, January 4: classes resume

    Monday, January 18

    De Blasio Touts Teacher Vaccinations

    Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City, and Miguel Cardona, the U.S. education secretary, celebrated the high rates of inoculation against Covid-19 among education workers in the city on the first day that a new vaccination requirement went into effect.

    As of now, 95% of all full time D.O.E employees are vaccinated. 96% of all teachers. 99% of all principals. An amazing effort, and I want everyone to know, since the mandate was announced for our schools, Aug. 23, over 43,000 doses given to employees of our public schools. Students need to be in the classroom, they need to be safe, and we need to make sure were doing everything possible to let our staff get vaccinated and make sure that our schools are as safe as possible. Its not always popular, but its the right thing to do to protect our children. This has been now looked at by the court system over and over and over again. New York City vaccination mandate for our schools has been upheld over and over in state court, federal court. There was an appeal to the Supreme Court on Friday. The Supreme Court made clear the previous court decisions stand.

    By Eliza Shapiro

    New Yorks requirement that virtually everyone who works in the citys public schools be vaccinated against the coronavirus compelled thousands of Department of Education employees to get at least one dose of a vaccine in the past week, leading to extremely high vaccination rates among educators, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

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    Caught In The Crosshairs

    Its unclear how many families are refusing to send their children to school buildings this year. But attendance has lagged in some places, and last month the chancellor recorded a round of robocalls to families urging them to send their children to class.

    Tajh Sutton is a mom in Brooklyn who, through the advocacy group PRESS, Parents for Responsive Equitable Safe Schools, has been providing resources and support to families boycotting classrooms because of health concerns.

    The group has been advocating for a remote option as well as legislation that would require parents to be informed of their rights if theyre ever reported to ACS. Group members have also asked for an attendance code to track families who are staying home because of safety concerns.

    After receiving roughly 20 calls from parents who recently received visits from ACS caseworkers, PRESS members created toolkits to help families understand their rights when it comes to child welfare and is partnering with the advocacy group JMacForFamilies and others on a Nov. 26 workshop on the topic.

    The education department last week sent new guidance to principals with specific suggestions for how to engage with families who arent sending their children to school because of health concerns.

    A report of suspected educational neglect is not a remedy for excessive absences, and is an option of last resort, the guidance says.

    How Big Is The Defection From Government Schools In The Country’s Largest District That’s For Politicians To Know And You To Find Out

    Outrage at New York private school over video Video

    What if New York City’s K-12 enrollment numbers for government-run schools are so embarrassingly low that the city is deliberately suppressing them to avoid criticism for how it has handled school policies during COVID-19?

    That’s the blunt question being asked this week not just by libertarian school-choice advocates or ornery local tabloids, but by the Democratic Party heavyweights heading up the City Council’s Education Committee and the largest local teachers union.

    “Respectfully,” City Council education honcho Mark Treyger asked Department of Education Deputy Chancellor Donald Conyers at a hearing Wednesday, “how many students do we have currently enrolled in our public school system?”

    Seems like such a simple question. But: “And I will respectfully say to you,” Conyers replied, “that I don’t have that number to give you at this moment.”

    NYC Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter promised reporters at the press conference that, “As soon as we get to the point where we have full attendance taken across our system, we’ll share those numbers.” Three-plus weeks later, that point has been put off to October 31, and only then because that’s the deadline for reporting enrollment to the state.

    New York City K-12 enrollment declined at least 4 percent in 202021, even while charter schools increased by more than 7 percent. The nationwide enrollment decline, apparent in all 50 states, was 3 percent. Homeschooling in the meantime has doubled.

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    No More Snow Days In 2021

    NYC schools: No more snow days for 2021-2022 calendar

    If you’re suffering from spring allergies you are not alone. The first week in May is historically the worst time of the year for pollen levels in New York City.

    A vibrant burst of rich hues in the form of more than 7,000 flowers is now on display on NYC’s famed Fifth Avenue.

    Families Probed For Child Neglect After Keeping Kids Out Of School Over Covid Concerns

    Thisstory was originally published by Chalkbeat, a nonprofit news organization covering public education. Sign up for their newsletters here:

    There was no warning, just a knock on the door of Melissa Keatons Flatbush, Brooklyn, apartment.

    She opened it to find a caseworker with the Administration for Childrens Services, or ACS, the New York City agency tasked with investigating suspected child neglect and abuse.

    Still shaken by the sudden death of her father to COVID-19, Keaton hadnt sent her 9-year-old daughter to school since classes started mid-September. It was now the end of October, and the caseworker explained to Keaton, a former PTA president at her daughters school, that someone had reported the family for educational neglect.

    When New York City opened its schools this fall for in-person learning, with no option for virtual instruction, families across the five boroughs opted to keep their children home. They worried about the health of their children and vulnerable loved ones, and remained unconvinced it was safe to return to full buildings.

    The citys Department of Education promised at the beginning of the school year to be patient with families who remained scared of returning to in-person learning in what was once the U.S. epicenter of the health crisis.

    Experts have stressed that children learn best in school. The American Academy of Pediatrics has warned about the dire consequences of keeping students home.

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    New York City Department Of Education

    New York City Department of Education

    Department overview
    Preceding department
    • Linda P. Chen, Chief Academic Officer
    • Karin Goldmark, Deputy Chancellor of School Planning and Development
    • LaShawn Robinson, Deputy Chancellor of School Climate and Wellness
    • Josh Wallack, Deputy Chancellor of Early Childhood and Enrollment
    • Hydra Mendoza, Deputy Chancellor of Community Empowerment, Partnerships, and Communications
    • Edie Sharp, Chief Strategy Officer
    Child agencies
    • Citywide Council on High Schools
    • Citywide Council on Special Education
    • Citywide Council on English Language Learners
    • Citywide Council for District 75
    • Manhattan Borough Citywide Office
    • Staten Island Borough Citywide Office
    • Queens North Borough Citywide Office
    • Queens South Borough Citywide Office
    • Brooklyn North Borough Citywide Office
    • Brooklyn South Borough Citywide Office
    Key document
    City School District of the City of New York
    This article is part of a series on

    All of the city is assigned to the NYCDOE school district except for a small section of the Bronx, which is instead assigned to the Pelham Public Schools .

    Welcome To A New School Of Thought

    Confusion Over Masks In New York Schools

    A student admitted to one campus is admitted to all Avenues campuses: New York, São Paulo, Shenzhen and Online. That means families with professional commitments in Brazil, China, or anywhere else in the world can provide their children with an Avenues education.

    Avenues New York is a 15-grade independent school located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

    Since opening in 2012, Avenues New York has grown its student body from 740 students to more than 1,750 and has been accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges .

    Students from Avenues first six graduating classes are studying at a distinctive array of colleges and universities around the world, including the University of Chicago, Harvard, New York University, the University of Southern California and Stanford.

    In the Avenues language immersion program, students from nursery to 5th grade study in either Mandarin or Spanish, building fluency in a world language.

    Avenues New York is part of a growing global network of campuses, including Avenues São Paulo, Avenues Shenzhen and Avenues Online. Avenues global admissions policy means that a student admitted to one Avenues campus is admitted to all.

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    Understand The Debate Over Critical Race Theory

    An expansive academic framework.Critical race theory, or C.R.T, argues that historical patterns of racism are ingrained in law and other modern institutions. The theory says that racism is a systemic problem, not only a matter of individual bigotry.

    C.R.T. is not new.Derrick Bell, a pioneering legal scholar who died in 2011, spent decades exploring what it would mean to understand racism as a permanent feature of American life. He is often called the godfather of critical race theory, but the term was coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw in the 1980s.

    The theory has gained new prominence.After the protests born from the police killing of George Floyd, critical race theory resurfaced as part of a backlash among conservatives including former President Trump who began to use the term as a political weapon.

    The current debate.Critics of C.R.T. argue that it accuses all white Americans of being racist and is being used to divide the country. But critical race theorists say they are mainly concerned with understanding the racial disparities that have persisted in institutions and systems.

    A hot-button issue in schools.The debate has turned school boards into battlegrounds as some Republicans say the theory is invading classrooms. Education leaders, including the National School Boards Association, say that C.R.T. is not being taught in K-12 schools.

    There are some institutional principles that we have to hold sacred, said David Romps, who is also a professor of climate physics.

    The Doe Officially Released The Nyc School Calendar For 2021

    The new term is set to begin mid-September and the Department of Education just released the NYC School Calendar for 2020-2021. Look no further to find parent-teacher conferences, early dismissals and more.

    If you’re wondering how to keep your kids busy after school, check out some of our curated options. If all they need is a good book to keep them busy, you’ll find our favorite reads in our list of the 101 best books for kids.

    The 2021-2022 term:

    First day of school for students

    Yom Kippur, schools closed

    Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous People’s Day, schools closed

    Election Day, fully remote, asynchronous instructional day for all students

    Evening parent teacher conferences for elementary schools and K8 schools

    Afternoon parent teacher conferences for elementary schools and K8 schools students in these schools dismissed three hours early

    Evening parent teacher conferences for high schools, K-12, and 6-12 schools

    Veterans Day, schools closed

    Afternoon parent teacher conferences for high schools, K-12, and 6-12 schools students in these schools dismissed three hours early

    Afternoon parent teacher conferences for high schools, K12 and 612 schools students in these schools dismissed three hours early

    Evening parent teacher conferences for middle schools and District 75 school programs

    Afternoon conferences for middle schools and District 75 school programs students in these schools dismissed three hours early

    Thanksgiving Recess, schools closed

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    Map Of School Closures

    The map below shows the status of school reopenings and closures at the end of the 2020-2021 academic year.

    As of July 8, 2021, the status of school closures and reopenings was as follows:

    • Two states and Washington, D.C. had state-ordered regional school closures, required closures for certain grade levels, or allowed hybrid instruction only.
    • 2019-20 enrollment: 410,896 students
  • Thirteen states had state-ordered in-person instruction.
  • 2019-20 enrollment: 15,697,460 students
  • One state had state-ordered in-person instruction for certain grades.
  • 2019-20 enrollment: 1,152,586 students
  • Thirty-four states left decisions to schools or districts.
  • 2019-20 enrollment: 33,449,499 students
  • New York City Teachers Parents Voice Concerns About Changing School Covid Safety Protocols

    Scraping the $40,000 Ceiling at New York City Private ...

    NEW YORK Gov. Kathy Hochul said Tuesday time is up for parents who are still worried about getting their kids vaccinated against the coronavirus.

    Hochul believes there are no more reasons to be concerned and, if theyre eligible, the kids should get a shot as soon as possible.

    Shes deploying a fleet of helpers to make it even easier.

    We are here for one reason. One reason: To protect our children, Hochul said.

    Hochul pressured parents Tuesday, saying she doesnt comprehend why many are still reluctant to get their kids vaccinated.


    Its like putting your kid in car on a busy highway without a seatbelt, a young, inexperienced driver, and saying, Good luck,’ she said.

    So the new governor announced 120 pop-up vaccination sites with mobile vans over 12 weeks across New York, as part of its Vax To School campaign. Shes looking to increase vaccination rates among 12-17-year-olds.

    Our numbers for this age group is about 54% statewide, she said.

    This comes as Pfizer announced its vaccine is safe at lower doses for children ages 5-11. It could get emergency use authorization by the end of October, something the governor and many parents are looking forward to.

    Vaccination has saved lives, said Chandika Sanehi of East Flatbush.

    Sanehi says he will get his 9-year-old daughter vaccinated as soon as shes allowed.

    Video: NYC Teachers, Parents Concerned About School COVID Protocols

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    //english As A Second Language

    Children with limited to no understanding of English can participate in English as a Second Language programs within the schools. In this case, teachers will give the student a test to measure the level of English. Parents who do not speak English are also entitled to translations of important documents and interpreters during meetings with school staff.

    Children required to be in the ESL program will attend a few regular classes with English-speaking students and also work with an ESL teacher.

    It is common for a school in the City to have children who are learning English. There are also a number of schools designed for English Language Learner students .

    Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn currently have the largest population of ELLs. Manhattans ELL population is markedly smaller, while Staten Island is the borough with the smallest number of ELLs. Even though they are comparatively smaller, Manhattans and Staten Islands ELL populations are still sizeable.

    For more detailed information on English Language Learners in schools, read the 2013 Demographic Report.

    More Resources

    Why A Second Series Of Netflixs Squid Game Is A Dream For Kim Jong Un

    Three elementary schools in upstate New York are banning Squid Game Halloween costumes over the hit shows violent message.

    The restriction came after principals at the Syracuse-area Fayetteville-Manlius schools sent an email to parents, saying that students have been playing a version of the survival game depicted in the Korean Netflix series, CNY Central reported Tuesday.

    Due to concerns about the potential violent nature of the game, it is inappropriate for recess play or discussion at school, the letter sent to Mott Road Elementary School parents reportedly said.

    Additionally, a Halloween costume from this show does not meet our school costume guidelines due to the potential violent message aligned with the costume.

    The shows signature jumpsuits, tracksuits and masks now have to go back in the closet with Friday the 13th and Scream masks, under the suburban districts guidelines, Superintendent Dr. Craig Tice told the outlet.

    No items that can be interpreted as weapons should be brought to school, such as toy swords or guns, and that costumes should not be too gory or scary so as not to scare our younger students, he reportedly said.

    The wildly popular dystopian series is about deadbeats who are invited to play deadly childrens games for the promise of fast cash. Some 111 million viewers streamed the show in the month after its September debut, making it Netflixs most popular show ever.

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