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What Not To Miss In New York

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What Not to Miss: âMichael Bubleâs Christmas in New York’

For an all around guide to New York, check out my New York City travel guide.

For the most amazing graffiti and street art, check out the Bushwick street art area.

These apps are my favorite for getting around NYC.

If you need a reliable and professional car from the airport, try Blacklane cars. They provided me a complimentary ride from the airport one time when I was visiting home.

Have any questions or want any specific New York City tips? Comment below!

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For The Bravest The Edge

One of the most amazing observation decks in the world has recently opened its doors in New York: The Edge. With its glass floor you can fly over the New York skyline with your own feet. The structure of the building is designed to make you feel the wind on your skin when you lean out from the top. Ready to test your adrenaline with the views from The Edge?

Have A Good Cocktail At The Best Rooftops In Town

If the views from one of the observatories of the city have not been enough for you, you can continue contemplating them from one of the wonderful rooftops or terraces that Manhattan offers. Although the views will not be as impressive , they usually have live music and a very New York atmosphere that always seems to me a great plan to close a busy day of sightseeing in the city.

Sometimes, finding these little bars or rooftops can seem complicated, so I have compiled a list of what, for me, are the best rooftops in New York.

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Where To Stay In New York City For Sightseeing

The best way to truly experience New York is to stay in Manhattan, rather than trying to commute from the suburbs, which can be time consuming and a little tiring. The hotels mentioned below are all centrally located in Manhattan and close to many of the major attractions.

Luxury Hotels:

  • is located in a great position near the Empire State Building.

Budget Hotels:

  • Hotel rates vary considerably depending on the season, but it’s usually possible to find a few quality budget hotels offering reasonable rates. Some popular, modestly-priced hotel options include the Econo Lodge Times Square, just north of Times Square.
  • A little removed from the main attractions but still within walking distance of Bryant Park, Grand Central Terminal, and subway stops, Seton Hotel is a quaint boutique hotel.
  • Near Seaton Hotel is the more modern and affordable Pod 39 Hotel, with funky, compact rooms featuring en-suite bathrooms, and sociable common areas.

Tour Ample Hills Ice Cream Factory

Editors Picks: 11 Things Not to Miss in New Yorks Art ...

A post shared by Ample Hills Creamery on Apr 7, 2020 at 3:51pm PDT

I have a big sweet tooth, so naturally, touring an ice cream factory is almost as exciting to me as going to the theater. The best part? Ample Hills Ice Cream Factory lets you sample everything!

Almost all of their mix-ins are homemade and they have 24 flavors of ice cream.

My favorite order is The Munchies. Its a pretzel infused ice cream thats blended with potato chips, M& Ms, and Ritz crackers. I know it sounds weird but it tastes incredible.

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Dont Rely Solely On Credit Cards And Debit Cards

Theres a lot of mom and pop shops in NYC, and a lot of them still only take cash like my main boo, Saigon Shack, when I was living in Greenwich Village. Dont miss out on the good spots to eat just because you dont have cash.

Also, heres another one of my local New York City tips for you always carry a dollar or two on you because you never know when youre going to need to pull a single out for some attention grabbing, soul singing street performers.

Im serious! Cross your fingers, and hope the barbershop quarter finds its way to whatever subway youre riding on. It really makes the subway ride such a joy, and youll experience a sense of community that comes with the shared enjoyment of the music.

Dont Waste Your Money On A View Alone

Dont waste your money on a view if you can get a drink AND a view for half the price. There are so many great rooftop bars in New York City, so dont feel that you need to go to the top of the Empire State Building if youre 21+.

There are many rooftop bars in New York that vary in terms of how formal and crowded they are. I recommend looking into Pod39, which is one of the lesser-known ones, where you can also buy a taco. In general, its best to dress up if you intend to get into a rooftop bar. Its a bit easier to get in earlier in the day, especially in the afternoon.

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The Top 3841 Things To Do In Nyc

So I didnt have enough time to include everything on this list. A lineup of 12 attractions is manageable as a place to start. But this is New York City, and theres a lot more to take in here another 3,829 amazing experiences beyond the dozen listed here.

From Hudson Yards to Saint Patricks Cathedral, wed love to show you around our city. We can share some of these top attractions plus unique insights from a locals perspective. Just because youre in the big city doesnt mean you shouldnt get an insiders view of these iconic sights. See you in NYC!

Discover The Stories Of Central Parks Benches

Do Not Miss The Best Doughnuts In New York City

Central Park is, of course, a tourist destination. Everybodys heard of Central Park. But how many visitors have noticed and appreciated the quotes written on the parks thousands of benches? Tourists certainly do sit down on the benches, but they really need to enjoy and take in the beautiful love stories that these benches tell. If you are willing to pay $10,000, you too can get a quote engraved on a bench in Central Park.

Many people do it in memory of a loved one. Thats why you cant miss discovering the stories that lie within these benches. Stories make the world go around, after all and New York too.

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The Tourist Traps You Mean

Well, yes and no. Many of the places we cover will be the best known attractions but there may be also be a few that were originally lower down your list which we think should be given a higher priority. For the more unusual things to see and do especially for cities youve visited before refer to our very cool Been there, havent done that series.

Sales Tax And Customs Regulations

All prices indicated on goods in New York do not include the sales taxes. You need to add an 8.875% sales tax to the total of all purchases. This number is comprised of the sales tax of the city of New York and the sales tax of the state of New York . Several outlet malls, for example, the Jersey Gardens Outlets, are located outside of the city for this very reason, here there are reduced tax rates on most goods and no sales tax on clothing items!

Please be mindful of the customs regulations when you return to your country, as you are only allowed to bring in a certain amount of goods tax-free.

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The Woodbury Common Premium Outlet

The Woodbury Common Premium Outlet, which has over 220 designer stores, is less than 1 hour from Manhattan and gives you savings of up to 65%. The expansive outlet mall includes shops like Dolce & Gabbana, Gap Outlet, Nike Factory Store, Polo Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Timberland, and many, many more!

A roundtrip outing to the mall is not a hardship with regular bus connections from the Port Authority Bus Terminal . If you are the owner of a New York Sightseeing Pass you can also reserve a bus to the outlets and take advantage of the included discount booklet valued at several hundred dollars.

Here you can find our complete review of the Woodbury Common Premium Outlet.

Nyc Attractions Not To Miss

What not to miss in New York City

Weve compiled a list of our top 8 NYC attractions that you wont want to miss in this incredible city. Even better, because its so easy to make friends while staying at The Webster Apartments, you can explore together.

If youve dreamt of living in New York City, then youve envisioned yourself visiting some of our big attractions. And if youre here for a shortened summer internship, then youll want to make sure you prioritize that list!

And now that we are in the wake of COVID-19, many of our destinations for visitors are reopening. Check out our list below of New York hot spot staples to visit when you have limited weekends to explore the city.

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Take Out Travel Insurance

Although at first it may seem like an extra expense, I assure you that having travel insurance is essential when you travel to New York . The medical costs there are very high and it never hurts to have a good insurance that covers any unforeseen event. If you don’t know which one to take, what you need to cover and how to do it, I leave you here an article with all the details about Health insurance to travel to New York.

And Face The Cold In Winter

If on the other hand you decide to visit the city in winter, besides the great attraction that is Christmas, I assure you that the cold will not prevent you from enjoying the city, as it is more than prepared for low temperatures. If you’re lucky, it may even snow and you’ll be left with some postcard Christmas photos.

Besides being able to enjoy the NBA games, you will appreciate having a warm drink in the coziest cafes in the city. My advice is to combine indoor activities in the afternoons with outdoor activities in the middle hours of the day when the sun tempers the temperatures a bit.

If you are cold, do not worry because I have prepared a guide with everything you can see and do in New York in winter and what to bring, what to wear, etc. to make your stay there more than pleasant: what to do and what to see in winter in New York.

Anyway, when you travel to New York you will find a thousand things to do. However, if you have not yet booked your tickets, you can take a look at this article with all the information about the best time to travel to New York.

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Lol Times Square Magic

With the Sightseeing Pass in NYC, you can get admission to LOL Times Square Magic for free. This family-friendly magic show takes place at LOL Times Square Comedy Club. It features magicians from Americas Got Talent and Last Comic Standing.Youll witness mind reading, juggling, modern magic and traditional illusions. Plus, youll get a chance to sit down and relax after a long day of touring the city.Guests must purchase at least two food or drink items during their visit to qualify for the free entry. Shows are at 7 p.m. on Monday through Friday, 6:30 p.m. on Saturday and 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Head To Holographic Studios


A post shared by Holographic Studios on Aug 26, 2015 at 2:26pm PDT

Thats right, Im talking holographs. I bet this is the last thing you expected to see on this list.

Avoid boring tourist locations and schedule a tour with Dr. Laser. He has rave reviews for his passionate discussions of Holographs.

Holographic Studios is the oldest gallery of holographs around. You can take classes and even get a custom holographic portrait.

You wont believe all the effort that goes into how theyre made.

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Book A Tour To Woolworth Building

Grand Central Terminal is worth a visit to admire the spectacular Beaux Arts architecture but if you are looking for a less touristy alternative to this attraction, try Woolworth Building.

First opened in 1913, at the time it was the tallest structure in the world.

This neo-gothic building is equally as impressive as Grand Central Terminal, its just a shame tourists arent made more aware of its presence.

However, if you want to see its grand marble arcade, you will need to book a guided tour. But it will be worth it when you get to discover its exterior and interior magnificence.

Do Not Eat At A Chain Restaurant Or In Times Square

New Yorkers dont do chain restaurants, besides Starbucks, McDonalds, and Dunkin Donuts. There is so much good, low cost food around that there is really no need to eat at a place like Applebees or TGI Fridays. Therefore, if you are eating at one of these places, we generally assume that you are a tourist.

Also avoid eating in Times Square or going there altogether because New Yorkers hate it there. It is crowded, overpriced, and filled with stereotypical tourists who have no idea where they are going. So generally speaking, we avoid anything and everything related to Times Square, it is not one of the best places to eat in NYC.

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Uniquely New York Experiences That Shouldnt Be Missed

& Jessie Festa

Uniquely New York isnt just a famous tongue twister. Its also the best way to describe the City That Never Sleeps.

From the skyscrapers of Manhattan to the shores of Queens, there are few places on earth quite like New York City.

The citys diversity makes it the perfect place to seek out new experiences of all kinds.

Moreover, the five boroughs are full of unique shops, parks, attractions, restaurants, and more that both visitors and locals will have to see to believe.

So, where do you start?

Weve compiled a list of 31 uniquely New York experiences everyone should try.

The next time you think youve done everything there is to do in NYC, see if youve checked off some of the items on this list!

Note: This post on unique places in NYC features affiliate links to trusted partners we think youll love!

Need help capturing your uniquely New York experiences with you in the photos? Book one of our Private Photo Journeys, a walking tour that includes photos of your group to keep. Or step your game up even further with an NYC Influencer Shoot. Email with inquiries.

Then you wont want to miss my !

Just a few highlights from the guide include:

  • Where to get creative java drinks in beautiful , too!
  • How to discover unique opportunities for exploring nature in New York City!
  • Ways to get off-the-beaten-track to explore a side of the city many tourists miss!

Once youve grabbed the guide, keep reading to discover truly fun experiences and unique places in NYC!

Do Avoid Eating In Little Italy

Places not to miss in New York (With images)

Real New Yorkers dont get their Italian food in Little Italy. It is overpriced tourist trap that serves mediocre food. If you want your Italian food fix, head over to Arthur Avenue. This area of the Bronx is filled with a bunch of locally owned restaurants that are not only delicious but are priced so that locals can actually afford to eat there.

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Visit The Central Park

The lush green oasis of Manhattan turns to white when snowfall blankets the entire Central Park. The open fields and gardens, spread across 843 acres of land, gives you enough opportunity to indulge in activities like snowman-building and snow-fights.

Explore the Arthur Ross Pinetum at Central Park to discover different species of pine trees draped in snow or visit the Central Park Zoo to witness sea lions, penguins, seals, and snow leopards. Perhaps, you can take a self-guided walking tour to countless scenic routes, stretching from North to South.

As and when the temperatures keep dropping, the snow depth hit six inches deep at Central Park making a perfect turnaround for sledding. You can visit the parks most famous sledding spot Pilgrim Hill for an adventurous outcome. Additionally, you should also visit the Great Hill and Cedar Hill for a more quaint experience.

Moreover, you also try out snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing at Central Park.

New York Weather In December

Before we deep dive into all the amazing things & experiences, lets clear up some facts about New Yorks weather conditions during winter.

The most important thing to remember is the fact that it isnt always cold & certainly doesnt always snow. I am sure most of the visitors often have concerns considering the chilly weather, but thats not quite the case.

Instead in December, youll find less snowy days when compared to the late winter months. The harsh winter hits New York in January when the temperature almost drops below freezing point.

You can avoid late months, if you dont prefer super-snowy days but other than that December should be fine for most travelers.

Check out this website, to find more details on accommodation, vacationideas, and tips on getting around New York City.

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