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Prospect Park In Brooklyn Ny

Wealth And Income Disparity

BETTER Than Central Park! 15 THINGS To Do in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

New York City, like other large cities, has a high degree of , as indicated by its of 0.55 as of 2017. In the first quarter of 2014, the average weekly wage in New York County was $2,749, representing the highest total among large counties in the United States. As of 2017, New York City was home to the highest number of of any city in the world at 103, including former . New York also had the highest density of millionaires per capita among major U.S. cities in 2014, at 4.6% of residents. New York City is one of the relatively few American cities levying an on its residents. As of 2018, there were 78,676 in New York City.

Park Slope: Charming Prospect Park Brooklyn Neighborhood

  • Median Rent: $2,600
  • Median Sale Price: $1.6 million
  • Subway Info: While the commute to Midtown Manhattan can be as long as 45 minutes, several subway lines run to the neighborhood. The N, R, Q, B, D, F, G, and 2, 3, 4, 5 trains are all in Park Slope.
  • Notable Attractions & Amenities: The neighborhoods main commercial areas are 7th and 5th Avenue. Here the offerings are a mix of locally-owned shops and restaurants. These include the beloved home goods emporium Tarzian West, the Park Slope Food Co-op, and Bogota Latin Bistro. Youll also find chains like Blue Bottle Coffee and Paper Source. On Saturdays, the Grand Army Plaza farmers market on the northwest corner of Prospect Park, Brooklyn is packed with families, dogs, and buskers.

Overall, Park Slope is one of the boroughs best bets for access to green space. Along its eastern edge runs Prospect Park West, a nearly mile-long residential stretch facing the park. Extending downhill from Prospect Park West are rows of shady streets with some of the citys finest brownstones with ornate woodwork. And the diverse community is home to A-list celebs. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Emily Blunt both have owned Park Slope brownstones.

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Parks And Other Attractions

Brooklyn’s major professional sports team is the ‘s . The Nets moved into the borough in 2012, and play their home games at in Prospect Heights. Previously, the Nets had played in and in . In April 2020, the of the were sold to the Nets’ owners and moved their home venue from to the Barclays Center.

Barclays Center was also the home arena for the ‘s full-time from 2015 to 2018, then part-time from 2018 to 2020 . The Islanders had originally played at Nassau Coliseum full-time since their inception until 2015 when their lease at the venue expired and the team moved to Barclays Center. In 2020, the team returned to Nassau Coliseum full-time for one season before moving to the in Elmont, New York in 2021.

Brooklyn also has a storied sports history. It has been home to many famous sports figures such as , , , , , and . Basketball legend was born in Brooklyn though he grew up in .

Brooklyn’s most famous historical team, the , named for “trolley dodgers” played at . In 1947 was hired by the Dodgers as the first African-American player in Major League Baseball in the modern era. In 1955, the Dodgers, perennial National League pennant winners, won the only for Brooklyn against their rival . The event was marked by mass euphoria and celebrations. Just two years later, the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles. , the team’s owner at the time, is still vilified, even by Brooklynites too young to remember the Dodgers as Brooklyn’s ball club.

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Prospect Park South: Affordable Rentals & Historic Homes

  • Median Rent: $1,900
  • Median Sale Price: $640K
  • Subway Info: Its about a 30-minute ride on the Q and the B trains to downtown Manhattan.
  • Notable Attractions & Amenities: Prospect Park South wraps around the southern corner of the park and the Parade Ground. Technically a separate park from Prospect Park in Brooklyn, the Parade Ground offers some 40 acres of public ballfields, including tennis courts, astroturf soccer fields, and baseball diamonds. The busy commercial stretch is along Church Avenue. There youll find discount stores, hair salons, and food chains, as well as several newer additions. Cafe and community space Lark is a local go-to along with Austrian-inspired beer house Werkstatt and upscale pizzeria and whiskey bar Wheated.

Beyond Prospect Park in Brooklyn lies the residential blocks of Prospect Park South. Closer to the Parade Ground, the housing stock is primarily large prewar apartment buildings, a common housing type in NYC. Beyond Church Avenue, apartment buildings give way to expansive Victorian single-family homes. The homes, complete with wraparound porches, well-maintained lawns, and garages, are unlike anything youll find elsewhere in Brooklyn. Another reason to love this area is the affordable rents. There are more affordable Brooklyn neighborhoods for renters.

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Windsor Terrace: Intimate Enclave With Lots Of Character

Prospect Park Zoo (Brooklyn)
  • Median Rent: $2,700
  • Median Sale Price: $810K
  • Subway Info: The smaller neighborhood is serviced by the F and G trains.
  • Notable Attractions & Amenities: One of the neighborhoods biggest landmarks is Bartel-Pritchard Square. It serves as an entrance to the park, a traffic circle, and the site of a farmers market on Sundays. Then, youll find old neighborhood standbys like Farrells Bar & Grill and Giovannis Brooklyn Eats along Prospect Avenue and Prospect Park West. Brooklyn-based bakery chain Connecticut Muffin is a local destination for cyclists. And interspersed throughout the neighborhood are newer places like the popular bar, the Double Windsor, and Krupa Grocery, a lively gastropub. The Quaker Cemetery, a little-known historic landmark, is tucked in the woods behind the ballfields and easily accessible from Windsor Terrace.

Tucked between the southwestern edge of Prospect Park Brooklyn and Green-Wood Cemetery lies Windsor Terrace. Its smaller than Park Slope and bisected by the Prospect Expressway. Surrounding Windsor Terraces commercial pockets are heavily residential blocks, which contain a mix of single-family homes and postwar apartment buildings. Ultimately, the smaller size created a tight-knit community with a ton of character.

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I Made An Appointment On Your Website But I Was Told It Was Not On Your Calendar When I Arrived

We do offer an appointment request form on our website, however, filling it out does not mean that an appointment has been confirmed and scheduled. When you fill out our form and submit it, someone from our clinic will reach out to you to confirm the time, date and information about your pet.

If you do not receive a call from us within 48-hours of your submission, please give us a call to confirm your appointment.

Prospect Heights: Vibrant Area With Quick Access To Manhattan

  • Median Rent: $2,600
  • Median Sale Price: $1.1M
  • Subway Info: It will only take about 30 minutes on the 2 and 3 trains to reach Midtown Manhattan. And just outside the neighborhood is the central hub Atlantic Avenue, Barclays Center Station. You have access to 4, 5, B, D, N, Q, R, and W trains.
  • Notable Attractions & Amenities: Vanderbilt Avenue is Prospect Heights main commercial corridor offering many restaurants and shops. Here youll find the flagship Ample Hills ice cream shop, popular restaurants like Olmsted, and the famous Toms Restaurant, a local diner. Meanwhile, the neighborhoods southern border runs along with two borough highlights: the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Museum. Plus, Prospect Heights has easy access to some of Prospect Park, Brooklyns best attractions for families and kids. These include the Prospect Park Zoo, the Prospect Park Carousel, and the Zucker Natural Exploration Area. This innovative playground uses trees and other recycled objects to encourage unstructured play.

Prospect Heights is sandwiched between Park Slope and Crown Heights. There you will find a mix of single-family townhomes, multi-family townhomes, and prewar apartment buildings. Additionally, many new developments are popping up too, including the 22-acre complex Pacific Park. That project brought 15 new buildings to Prospect Heights. Happy home hunting!

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Welcome To Prospect Park Animal Clinic

Here at Prospect Park Animal Clinic, our veterinarian has been proudly serving pet parents and their furry friends in the Brooklyn area for over 40 years. We believe in providing the very best in veterinary care, and we dont have a one-size-fits-all solution for every pet that comes through our doors. Just like with human health physicians, veterinary care should change depending on the patient, as every patient has different needs.

Whether it be your pets regular scheduled check-up, dental cleanings, or even health certificates for traveling, Prospect Park Animal Clinic has you and your pet covered.

We are proud to be a top-rated veterinarian in Brooklyn, NY

Below you can find a quick list of the many services that we offer at our clinic:

Do You Take Emergencies

â?´á´· Walking Brooklyn’s Prospect Park from Grand Army Plaza to LeFrak Center

We do! During our business hours, our team is able to take on emergencies. We understand that time is of the essence when your pet is having an emergency, so to ensure that we can provide care to your pet as soon as you arrive, please call ahead to let us know that you are coming so that we can be ready.

After hours, we refer out to a few local emergency facilities. You can find information about these locations by visiting our emergency services page. You can click the button below to be taken right there.

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A Visitors Guide To Prospect Park In Brooklyn New York

Phil Roeder/Getty Images

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, Prospect Park welcomes eight million visitors each year. The 585-acre park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, who also designed Manhattan’s famous Central Park. Prospect Park offers a wealth of activities and events throughout the year, making it a worthwhile destination for locals and visitors alike.

Prospect Park West: Overcoming Controversy To Improve Safety And Mobility In Brooklyn

3 â 2 Lane Configuration + Protected Bike Lanes

The Prospect Park West rightsizing project is notable for both its success and the controversy it generated. Prospect Park West runs in one direction for 0.9 miles alongside Prospect Park, the âCentral Parkâ of Brooklyn. The street includes a promenade-style wide sidewalk with benches and park entrances on the park side of the street, and many of Brooklynâs wealthiest and most powerful residents in historic homes on the other. In between, there were previously three one-way travel lanes, with a parking lane on each side of the road.

  • One-way moving lanes reduced from 3 to 2
  • A two-way bikeway added, protected by a parking lane, adjacent to the promenade to increase bicycling and to improve safety for all users.
  • Signal timing adjusted to new traffic goals.
  • Loading zones added to offset concerns about double-parking.
  • Warning signs created to prevent bicycle-pedestrian conflicts.
  • Pedestrian islands added on the side of the bike lanes adjacent to the moving lane and bike rumble strips after further review, in 2012.

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Primary And Secondary Education

The system, managed by the , is the largest public school system in the United States, serving about 1.1 million students in more than 1,700 separate primary and secondary schools. The city’s public school system includes nine to serve academically and artistically . The city government pays the to educate a very small, detached section of the Bronx.

The New York City Charter School Center assists the setup of new . There are approximately 900 additional privately run secular and religious schools in the city.

Higher Education And Research

Prospect Park Entrance Brooklyn New York City c. 1907 Postcard

More than a million students, the highest number of any city in the United States, are enrolled in New York City’s more than 120 higher education institutions, with more than half a million in the system alone as of 2020, including both degree and professional programs. According to , New York City has, on average, the best higher education institutions of any .

The city also hosts other smaller private colleges and universities, including many religious and special-purpose institutions, such as: , , , , – Manhattan, , , , , , , , , , and .

Much of the in the city is done in medicine and the . In 2019, the New York metropolitan area ranked first on the list of cities and metropolitan areas by share of published articles in life sciences. New York City has the most postgraduate life sciences degrees awarded annually in the United States, with 127 having roots in local institutions as of 2005 while in 2012, 43,523 licensed physicians were practicing in New York City.

Major biomedical research institutions include , Rockefeller University, , , , and , being joined by the / venture on . The graduates of in the Bronx earned the highest average annual salary of any university graduates in the United States, $144,000 as of 2017.

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What Neighborhoods Are Closest To Prospect Park Brooklyn

Five neighborhoods directly border Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Starting from the north and moving counterclockwise, they are Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Prospect Park South, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, and Prospect Heights.

On two of its five sides, Prospect Park Brooklyn is bordered by separate park space. Along its southern border runs a set of public ballfields called the Parade Ground. Teeing off from the southwest corner of the Parade Ground is the neighborhood of Kensington. Due east of the park runs the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Just beyond that lies Crown Heights.

Technically, Crown Heights and Kensington are Prospect Park-adjacent neighborhoods. But they dont truly border the park. Depending on where you are in these neighborhoods, it can be quite a hike to get to green space.

But lets look in detail at the five neighborhoods that do border Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

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Morgan Monaco Appointed Prospect Park Alliance President + Prospect Park Administrator

Prospect Park Alliance and NYC Parks announced today that longtime New York City public servant Morgan Monaco will become the new President of the Alliance, the non-profit that operates the park in partnership with the City, and also the Prospect Park Administrator, a public appointment by NYC Parks.

Monaco, whose public sector career spans both government and non-profit organizations, brings extensive knowledge of park equity and community development to the position, as well as strong leadership in driving sustainable impact for civic organizations. Monaco is the first Black leader of the Alliance, further diversifying executive leadership within the open space sector, and continues the legacy of female leadership at the Alliance over the course of its 35-year history. Monaco succeeds former Prospect Park Alliance President Sue Donoghue, who was appointed New York City Parks Commissioner earlier this year.

On behalf of the Alliances Board of Directors, I am thrilled to welcome Morgan Monaco as the new President of Prospect Park Alliance, said Iris Weinshall, Chair of the Prospect Park Alliance Board of Directors. Morgans extensive parks and social service experience working at community-based nonprofits and city agencies has equipped her with exactly the right knowledge and expertise to successfully lead one of the citys most cherished green spaces. I am excited to work with Morgan as her vision for Brooklyns Backyard comes to life.

About Morgan Monaco

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Fisheries Survey And Technical Brief:

The most recent boat electrofishing survey of Prospect Park Lake was executed in May, 2021. Fish species captured and observed were largemouth bass, bluegill and pumpkinseed sunfish, brown bullhead, black crappie, golden shiner, yellow perch, American eel, and common carp. Size indices suggest a well-balanced predator-prey population although largemouth bass have declined in both size and abundance from previous surveys. Despite this, opportunities exist to catch good-sized largemouth bass and black crappie. Full findings can be found in the Prospect Park Lake Technical Brief .

Largemouth Bass Catch/Hour for Ten New York City Water Bodies


2014 Prospect Park Lake Creel Survey

Water Purity And Availability

Streets Around Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Shut Down For People To Enjoy Outdoor Space

The New York City drinking water supply is extracted from the protected . As a result of the watershed’s integrity and undisturbed natural system, New York is one of only four major cities in the United States the majority of whose drinking water is pure enough not to require purification through plants. The city’s municipal water system is the largest in the United States, moving over one billion gallons of water per day a leak in the Delaware aqueduct results in some 20 million gallons a day being lost under the Hudson River. The north of the city is undergoing construction of a $3.2 billion water purification plant to augment New York City’s water supply by an estimated 290 million gallons daily, representing a greater than 20% addition to the city’s current availability of water. The ongoing expansion of , an integral part of the New York City water supply system, is the largest capital construction project in the city’s history, with segments serving Manhattan and the Bronx completed, and with segments serving Brooklyn and Queens planned for construction in 2020. In 2018, New York City announced a $1 billion investment to protect the integrity of its water system and to maintain the purity of its unfiltered water supply.

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