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How To Get Free New York Times

Get Free Access To The New York Times And The Wall Street Journal

Read The New York Times articles without an account

Did you know that the University Library provides full complimentary access to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal? With a simple registration, all ISU students, faculty, and staff get unfettered access to the complete suite of digital products offered by the two major publications through a device of your choice. Included is access to the the Times archives that goes back to 1851 and the the Journal archive going back four years on a rolling basis. Each publication has additional resources tailored for academic institutions. For example, the Student Hub in the the Journal provides a place for students to find curated content focused on job preparation, finance tips and career insights. Additionally, WSJ Context is an embedded tool allowing instructors to easily integrate content into their classrooms. Those who have existing personal subscriptions to either or both publications may want to unsubscribe to take advantage of these free offerings. Steps for registering to the Times can be found on this page while those for the the Journal are available here. For any questions, please contact the library.

How Can I Access The New York Times Onlinelast Updated: May 11 2022 Views: 9104

The New York Timessome entities in the fieldrequesting a digital subscription using their official email.

  • Access dating back to 1851-present day
  • Full multimedia offering
  • Spanish and Chinese Language Editions
  • Access to Today’s Paper Web App
  • Email newsletters, including the Morning and Evening Briefing and The Edit
  • Mobile Apps for phones and tablets
  • Cross-platform save any article you save on is easily accessible from any device.

Proquest instructions

Subscriptions are for a 6 months period. To renew your subscription after expiration:

  • Visit
  • Check your email inbox and click on the link in your confirmation message to validate your email address and claim your new Digital Pass.
  • Renewing Your Nytimescom Account

    All accounts will expire on their one year anniversary. Don’t despair, it’s easy to renew your Bentley Library group pass subscription following these steps:

  • Go to Bentley Library’s unique group pass account activation page.
  • Click on Already have an account? Log in here. Login with the same username and password that you registered with. If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot password? link.
  • You will see an on-screen confirmation that your pass has been reactivated, the new expiration date, and an option to add a calendar reminder for next year.
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    Does The Library Have Other New York Times Resources

    The Library offers a number of other ways to search and view current and historical content of the New York Times online. From the Librarys homepage , use the Quick Link to Ejournals and search for New York Times to see all of the online options. The Library also offers daily paper copies at the Rockefeller and the Sciences Libraries.

    New York Times Academic Pass

    The New York Times


    You must use your email to sign up for the Academic Pass. There are two ways to set up your account for the NYT Academic Pass:

    Method 1

  • Go to the NYT Academic Pass homepage and select Create Account.
  • Sign up with your UMass email address. Note: You can’t sign up if your UMass email already exists in the system. See fixes below.
  • Retrieve the NYT confirmation email from your UMass email account.
  • Method 2

  • Go to the Activate page for the NYT in Education.
  • Search for amherst and click on University of Massachusetts Amherst.
  • Click on Create Account.
  • Sign up with your UMass email address. Note: You can’t sign up if your UMass email already exists in the system. See fixes below.
  • Retrieve the NYT confirmation email from your UMass email account.
  • Please Note:

    Your NYT Academic Pass is good for four years. After four years, you’ll need to follow the directions below to renew your pass .


    • Follow the instructions for Method 2 above.


    • Follow the instructions for Method 2 above.
    • Cancel the account by calling NYT customer service.
    • Go to the NYT Academic Pass homepage and select Create Account.
    • Set up a new Academic Pass using your UMass email address and wait for email confirmation.

    If you used your UMass email in a defunct account:

    • URL:

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    Accessing Our New York Times Subscription Passes are available for current Ithaca College students, faculty, and staff. Once you activate a pass, you will have access to The New York Times online without needing your own subscription.

    As of Fall 2021, students that claim a pass will retain access through graduation. Students that claimed a pass prior to the Fall of 2021, as well as faculty and staff, will need to reclaim passes when they expire. While you have an active pass, you will be able to use The New York Times website and apps from anywhere, without first connecting through the library.

    Beyond The Paywall: Reading New York Times Articles For Free

    Using the magic of Google we can read New York Times articles for free. It takes about two seconds, here are the steps:

    • Find the title of the article you want to read
    • Open and type in the general title followed by and search

    The top result is pretty much guaranteed to be the article youre looking for. Lets use an example someone wants to read the full NYT book review of Physics of the Future and we know the book is written by Michale Kaku, so my Google query to skirt the NYT paywall is this: physics of future kaku the key is here to include at the end of the search time. Let Google do their magic and low and behold:

    The first result is the Times book review we wanted to read. Great huh?

    Even Faster: Paste the URL into GoogleIf youre sharing an exact URL with someone who hit their article limit, have them paste that directly into Google too. Then they just need to click on Im Feeling Lucky and theyll get pushed right beyond the paywall.Important Note: None of this is doing anything shady or against the NYT sharing policy, its just utilizing a clause that the Times mentioned in their announcement of the paywall:

    And about that 5 article limit yea there are even ways to get around that too , but if youre reading more than five articles a day from the New York Times, you should probably just subscribe.

    If you want the official New York Times iPad app, its a free download from the iTunes App Store.

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    Is The Nytimescom An Epic Fail

    Many are pointing at NYTimes.coms $40 million paywall system and laughing. But I think they miss the point. For anyone who is even a little bit savvy, this paywall is going to be a minor inconvenience at bestas easy as hopping an unmanned turnstile. But I really think that has their priorities straight on this one.

    Their challenge: find a way to make money from their online contentwhich gets millions of hits a day, Im surewithout plastering it with obnoxious ads or creating a subscription-only model that essentially excludes it from search engine indexes, which are likely responsible for much of NYTimes.coms new online readership.

    The folks at New York Times are not morons. They didnt think that everyone was instantly going to hand over their wallets. They didnt think that marginally clever folks in the blogosphere wouldnt devise and publish ways to skirt their paywall. I assume that they anticipated this type of activity and calculated it into their business model. I think its easy to underestimate the sheer volume of traffic that garners. If 999 out of 1,000 people see that paywall and click away or hack their way around it, that still leaves one person who decided that access to some of the finest journalism on or off the web via is worth $15 a month.

    So, to, I say Thanks! Thanks for doing what a business has to do without making your website completely suck. I just might end up subscribing.

    Use The Nytclean Bookmarklet

    How To Get A Free New York Times Subscription! – How To Read NYT For Free!

    Another way to beat the system involves utilizing the NYTClean bookmarklet. Sure, it will require an extra click for every article, but youll accomplish your ultimate goal of reading the New York Times for free online. To get started, point your browser to this page on the Blog and then click and hold on the NYTClean link located in the middle of the page and drag it to your bookmarks toolbar. Anytime you hit a page on the NY Times website asking you to cough up some cash to continue reading, simply hit the NYTClean bookmark in your toolbar. Magically, it works and youre redirected to a free version of the article.

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    How Do I Use My Pass

    After activating a pass, you need to be logged in to your account on the device you are using to read New York Times content. If you do not have an account you must create one to access content. While logged in, you can access unlimited content from any network or location for the duration of your pass.

    Can I activate a new pass before my current one expires?

    No. Each Pass grants a predefined period of access. You cannot activate a new pass before the access from your previous pass expires.

    Do I have to be on the network providing the access to activate a pass?

    For Group Passes, you must be connected to the network providing the Group Passes when activating your pass on the Group Pass page. However, after activating your pass, you can enjoy your access from any network or location.

    For Academic Passes, You must be connected to the schools network in order to activate your pass, unless the school has set up off-campus registration through their library. Locate your school on to determine which options are available. Once your pass is active, you may navigate directly to from any web-enabled device.

    Do I need a valid email address to activate a pass?

    For Group Passes, you don’t need a specific email address. However, you must be connected to the network providing the Group Passes when activating a pass on the Group Pass page.

    Los Angeles Public Library

    The library will be closed Friday, December 24 & Saturday, December 25, 2021 in observance of Christmas.

    Your library card gives you 24 hour complimentary, unlimited access to the digital edition of The New York Times*. To get started follow these three simple steps:

    1. Follow this specific link to the New York Times and enter library card number and PIN.**

    2. For remote users, click on the Create Account button and fill out the required fields on the following page, or click on log in here if you already have an account. For users on library computers, click on log in in the upper right and log in or create an account.

    3. Enjoy! Although it seems too easy, you now have unlimited access to the digital edition of The New York Times.

    *The number of daily NYT access redemptions are limited and managed by Los Angeles Public Library.**If you are using a library computer you will not need to input your library credentials and the sign-up process will take place on the regular New York Times website

    Don’t have a library card? Get an e-card to get access instantly!

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    Use Social Media Feeds

    The NY Times loves social media and makes good use of it, having more than 250 Twitter accounts that covers just about every section and blog and every writer. If you havent signed up for Twitter yet, nows probably a good time to do so. Clicking through their Twitter feed links will take you to the full article, without harassing you to pay. But its not just the NY Times official feeds that will let you click through for full access to an article any link shared on the site will put you through. The same trick will also work on Facebook. The NY Times does not want to stop people from sharing a big or interesting story with their friends and acquaintances by putting up a paywall, so for now this is an easy way to get around it.

    University Of Iowa New York Times Access

    The New York Times

    What’s special about the New York Times?

    If you search through the, you will probably notice that you only get to read a few articles before you’re blocked unless you pay for a pricy subscription, but if you’re affiliated with the University of Iowa, you won’t have to worry about that any longer! As a University of Iowa student, faculty or staff member, you have unlimited access to all of the news articles on This is a savings of $17 a month, or $204 a year! Using this access is a great resource for doing research and for personal news consumption.

    Besides being one of the most prominent newspapers in the world, accessing the New York Times through the University of Iowa gives you another unique advantage. Instead of using a database interface to browse through articles, you can just go to the website once you have access and go through articles as if you were a paying customer.

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    Renewal Of The Academic Pass:

    The NYT Academic Pass is good for 12 months and is renewable you do not need to register again.

    Fortunately, its easy to renew your Academic Pass.

  • Go to and click on create account.
  • When the login is complete, you will see your new expiration date and have the opportunity to put your expiration date into your calendar.
  • You will also see Check your e-mail. Look for NYTs email message to you, Confirm Your E-Mail Address, which should arrive within 15 minutes.
  • Click on the link in the email. This will verify your email address, and grant you access to the New York Times. You are set for another 12 months.
  • How To Bypass The New York Times Paywall And Read Nytimescom Articles For Free

    Recently, launched a much ballyhooed rollout of its digital subscription in an attempt to monetize its online content without compromising the discoverability of via search engines. Essentially, the New York Times lets you access 20 articles for free via major search engines before it asks you to pony up for unlimited access. When you reach your 20 article limit, youll see this splash screen:

    You can get rid of this nagging window in one of two ways:

    1. Pay about $15 a month for access from your computer and/or smartphone or tablet.

    2. Go to your address bar and delete the numbers that come after the gwh= portion of the URL and press Enter.

    That was easy, huh?

    You can also bypass the paywall by going into Incognito Mode or Private Browsing mode, clearing your browser cookies or simply using another browser.

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    How To Support The Library

    You can support the Los Angeles Public Library in several ways:

    • Join a Friends group. There is a Friends of the Library group for most branch libraries and departments of the Central Library. Friends groups raise money for improvements to their library through memberships, used book sales and other activities. For more information or talk to your local librarian.
    • Join the Library Foundation of Los Angeles. The Library Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises funds for Library enhancement programs such as adult and early literacy, children and teen reading clubs, technology, and cultural programs. Foundation members receive a variety of benefits with their membership. For more information, see .
    • Make a donation by check to the Los Angeles Public Library and send it to:Support the Library, 630 W. Fifth St., Los Angeles CA 90071 or call 228-7555.

    For Access While At The Library

    How to read nytimes for free || New York Time newspaper
    • Go to and create your own free NYTimes account, or just log in to your account if you already have one.
    • Thats it. Once youre logged in, youll have unlimited access to NYTimes website content while at the library.
    • This works on our computers and our wifi network – if you are using our wifi, you do not need to use the offsite access link.

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    Read Any New York Times Article For Free

    The New York Times recently put up their paywall, blocking users from reading over a certain number of articles a month. Their pricing scheme is sort of a mess but I can understand charging for quality content. Thats not really the point though, their paywall implementation makes it difficult for paying users to share content with nonpaying users. For instance, if youre a paying iPad customer and you send an instant message to your friend with an article, and they already hit their monthly allowance, well, tough, they cant read the article or can they?

    How To Get A Free Covid Test In New York City

    Officials have vowed to keep tests at city-run sites free, but delays in Congress are leading a number of other providers to begin charging.

    • Send any friend a story

      As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Anyone can read what you share.

      Give this article

    • Read in app

    By Lola Fadulu

    New York City officials are working to bolster the citys testing infrastructure as coronavirus cases rise largely fueled by a highly contagious subvariant of the virus but an election-year dispute in Washington, D.C., means some New Yorkers may have to pay to get tested.

    Because federal emergency aid for testing, vaccines and therapeutics is stalled,certain providers are no longer able to provide testing to everyone free of charge, regardless of their insurance status. But New York City officials have said that tests at city-run sites will remain free for all.

    Coronavirus cases in New York City have risen 77 percent in the past two weeks, according to a New York Times tracker. The increase is driven largely by BA.2, a highly contagious subvariant of the Omicron strain, and a loosening of pandemic restrictions.

    City officials have said that testing is a crucial tool not only for tracking the spread of the virus, but also for stopping transmission. Heres what you need to know about getting tested in New York City.

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